Does The Quran Say Dont Take Jews And Christians As Friends

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the word "verbal" in the context of mail, as it is common in Arabic language. They explain that the way the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is not a friend, but rather a allies, and that the way he talks about the people being treated differently by the different faith groups is a reflection of the way he talks about the people. The speaker also mentions a future mailbag show.
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Welcome to the mailbag here on the dean show I'm use Avast is going to look through some of the mail here and talk about some of the answers to what we call the harsh questions. Because very often, when we receive mail, you're dealing with questions about Islam, about the Muslims. And occasionally we get some that are pretty stiff.

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I'd like to address one right now. It's asking here, why does it say in the Koran that the Muslims cannot take the Jews and Christians as their friends? Well, first of all, let us realize that when people ask this, that they perhaps they don't really know a lot of what's going on with Islam and the Koran. So let's take it easy on them. as Muslims, we should respond by saying thank you for asking me about my religion, and then let them know and understand that in Islam, it's forbidden for us to tell any lies, whether it's about Islam or anything else, we can't lie. So what we're going to say to you is the truth based on some very clear proof and evidence that we have. So here we are,

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we're going to say the truth and the proof. And the proof is the evidence that's preserved for over 1400 years, the Quran is never been altered or changed. So what it says is what it says in Arabic language. Now, let us look at this subject. Does it actually say that, and in fact is it doesn't really say that? So let us deal with the real question. What does it say in the Quran, about Jews and Christians? In fact, the people of the book are the closest to us in belief. What we have is actually inherited the next, if you will, scenario of monotheism. It comes in the Old Testament, very clear, there's only one God, there are no Gods beside god, he's the one and only God there

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isn't any other beside him. Again, in the New Testament, we find this again say, O Israel, the Lord, your God is One Lord. So we understand that there's one God and He wants us to worship him without partners. Again, we have it with the Prophet Muhammad, calling the people back to the belief in the one God, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, is the last of the prophets of the monotheistic religion and his scripture that came with him, the Quran is preserved, and we haven't got it. Now. Let's go to the question. What does it say? It uses the word Alia, when it refers to this subject, and this is not friend. This is not the word for friend in Arabic,

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you would say kolel, this is a friend. But here it's saying real clear out Leah, and the Alia are the allies. And you don't take somebody as an ally, who could be against you, or you don't take somebody as an ally, of close can confide in on that you're going to tell everything to that's not have your particular fight, that doesn't make sense. They're not going to understand a lot of what you're talking about. Perhaps some are even listening to me now not understanding what I'm talking about. And this is exactly why you don't pull them into that close confidence until they better understand once they have a better knowledge and closeness to you as coming to you in belief.

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Makes sense. The other word that used is batana. In another verse in the Quran, it warns you not to take the Jews and Christians as batana. But what does that mean? It doesn't mean friend, not at all. As a matter of fact, it means like the inside lining of your clothes to bring somebody really tight and close up against you. And this is the one that you can find your biggest secrets to. That's what it's telling you not to do. As far as friends, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the example for Muslims. And look how many times he was doing business with the Jewish, he was befriending the Jewish and they would loan him money, and he would give them his armor as collateral till he could

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pay it back. This is not what it says it does not order the Muslims to mistreat or abuse their neighbors, because of their religion. Understand that there is a difference in our beliefs. And certainly there's a difference in the way we would handle certain things. But then would that be any different than say, for instance, the Catholic Church? And let's say the Hindus, well, they would be treated with a lot of respect, they still wouldn't go to them and take them in and say, guys, would you like to advise us on how maybe we could come up with the next council meeting and talk about originals? Not the same religions, not the same thing. I hope that helps you to better understand

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that I want to take a break. I want to come back we've got some more about Jews and Christians in their treatment, and Islam. Stay right there. We're gonna be back with more mailbag here on the deen show.

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