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AI: Summary © The importance of preparing for death and pursuing deeds of righteousness and hope is highlighted in the aftermath of death. The host of a deity show encourages viewers to stay patient and not give up, sending a special message to those who lost loved ones. The importance of praying for those who have lost loved ones is also emphasized, along with the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad's announcement of the "weirdly bodies of the heart" and "weirdly bodies of the mind" that he wants to teach.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be on TV Welcome to another episode of the deen Show. Today, we're doing a special episode, reminding you about death. And also on part two, we're going to get into helping you cope with losing a loved one losing that special apple of your eye. While many of us are indulging in our passions, chasing our whims and desires, we are forgetting that death is catching up to us at any time. def can sneak up just around a corner and * our soul souls out of our bodies. So we have to be prepared. When you take one step forward. Death takes two to catch up to you. So it's very important that we're prepared and Islam gives us this ability to

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prepare for the next life been narrated in authentic tradition of the last and final messenger to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them, that the Archangel Gabriel came to him and said, Oh, Muhammad, live as long as you wish for you shall eventually die. love who you desire for you shall eventually depart, do what you please, for you shall pay. This narration reminds us that everything we love in this life will eventually be gone.

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And we will be accountable for our actions in this life. Nobody's dying, or paying the price for our sins. You'll be responsible for yourself as I will be responsible for myself. If there is only one thing certain about life, it is that it ends. This truism instinctively raises the question which preoccupies most people at least once in their life. What lies beyond death, reality which many seem to ignore and continue on indulging in their passions and letting their desires dictate their life, as if they won't be held accountable. Death, there are many ways that one can die, being murdered drugs, car crash, cancer, AIDS and freak accident. Death has many ways that it catches up to you.

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Remember, you take one step that takes two to catch up to

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those folks sooner or later. In one way or another, deaths a reality. But there's good and bad.

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When a believer is about to depart, this world angels with white faces come down from the heavens and say, Oh peaceful, so come out to the forgiveness from your Lord and His pleasure.

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And the last and final revelation to mankind and the verbatim Word of God the Quran, God speaks and says, But whoever comes to God as a believer, and has done righteous good deeds, for such are the high rings in the hereafter. This is the good earning the pleasure of your Lord, that You live the righteous life and you've done good deeds. You've strived to submit your will to his world. Now the bad news. As the deaf approaches the disbeliever, he is made to feel something of the heat of the hellfire. This taste of what is to come causes him to plead for a second chance on earth to do good. He knew he should have done and to believe in his law, his pleading will be in vain. It has been

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married in an authentic tradition of the last and final messenger to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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as saying when the death when the time of death of a disbeliever approaches, he receives the evil news of God's torment in his liquido whereupon Nothing is more hateful to him than what is before him. Therefore he hates the meeting with God and got to hates the meeting with him. So to avoid this, remember, there is always hope. The last and final messenger to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, Whoever loves to meet God. God loves to meet him. And whoever hates to me God. God hates to meet him. So it's never too late until the time of death. Turn to your Creator as him to guide you repent from all your wrong actions and do deeds of righteousness.

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All those people that you just saw, at one point or another, they were living on the earth as we are today. But now they're in the earth. So this is a very important reminder that we should all prepare for death. And in the last and final revelation to mankind the Quran, it tells us how to do this by worshiping our Creator and submitting our will to his will doing deeds of righteousness. And this is how we can be in the best state. So when we die being in full submission at the time of death, which brings us to the second part of the Dean's show is dealing with losing that special someone the apple of your eye. These are difficult times what encouraged me to do this and put this show

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together is that I lost a very dear friend of mine

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Just recently, him and his wife went on vacation, and they ended up getting in a car accident.

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They left behind a son, who was also like a younger brother to me. He went to HUD with me, him and his father. And now he's going through some hard times. It's difficult. We're human beings. So I wanted to put this together, to help encourage him to stay strong, we're going to bring us some shakes, also, some learning men in Islam, they're going to help give us some advice for us to help us to continue being patient, knowing that a reward for our patients is coming from God Almighty Allah. So let's see what the shakes have to say.

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To encourage us to keep moving forward, and to not give up. So I'll make one piece me on to you. Welcome to the deen show. We'd like to spend send out a special message to one person in particular, it's it's one of my brothers of dear friend of mine. Yes, me who and this is for anyone who's actually I've gotten some emails for people who have lost loved ones. And it's kind of hard for them to continue. And I have a shaker with me today, Shay use of St. Louis. And we're going to give some support from the crime from the center, you know, to help these people yes, mean in particular in anyone else to just to keep going through the test of life, this encouragement to help you push it

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forward and not give up faith? You have some advice for our brother. Yes, me and anyone else after that? Thank you for being with us. First of all, I would like to mention this for all of you who have lost the loved one, or you have curiosity to know about death,

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death is inevitable, all of us will die. And what a law tells us in the Quran is true. He says Gulu nacinda, Ecuador mode, that every single soul shall taste death, none of us are going to escape the inevitable. Some of us will live and show a lot longer than others. But eventually everybody will die.

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And so the thing for the one who is living is to prepare for that death everyday as though it could be any minute. Consider the things of this life that we look around at everyday, consider the GP dev that anytime you want it, but at the same time, consider that any moment you could done. So this means you need to prepare for their next life more so even than this slide. Because none of us knows when the moment will come. Now, for those of us who have lost loved ones in one of the hardest things is to lose your children, it's very difficult for a parent to see their children die, even more so than somebody who loses the parent.

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But it's still the same thing. The difference, perhaps though, is for those of you who have lost children, something very beautiful in Islam, we know in Islam is our Prophet peace be upon him, told us that all children die in a state of Islam or submission to God. Therefore, regardless of the religion of the parents, whether they be Hindu, or Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, it doesn't matter. Because the Lord doesn't look at the parents religion, he's only looking at the heart of the human being. And these children are innocent, they're born innocent, innocent is a newborn baby, and they will go to Paradise, regardless of the parents religion. So

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this should put a big, good feeling in your heart right away. I know my child is not in paradise. The other thing he told us is that the child is in paradise asking God, oh, let my parents be with me. So you have somebody right now sticking up for you, next, your children, they're in Paradise, and they're saying, oh, let my parents be with me, let my parents be with me. So this is also a beautiful thing. Another thing for us to understand, too, is that when a person dies, that that's it, there is no more second chance it's over, there's no way that you're going to get another chance to anything. So it means to that we're not going to go to the grave site and ask the person that's

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dead for anything because there's nothing they can do. They can hear you, but they can't do anything about what they hear. So you want to keep that in mind as well. Now, as far as our parents dying, one of the things you can do for your parents, when they pass away, is to pray for them. And there is something that's mentioned by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him about the death of the parents. And he says there's nothing that continues after your life, except three things. And one of them is knowledge that you get for the sake of Allah and you share it. Another is a type of wealth that you share. And that's called sadhika jharia. And it goes on even after your did this charity keeps on

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working for you, and that's good. But the other one is that when you're dead, but you have children praying for you, so be sure to pray for your parents as much as you can. And I do know what it's like my father came to Islam, God rest his soul and delay became Muslim. And he passed away some years ago. And for the first year, there was no day except that I thought about it, but as soon as I did, I would start praying for him and asking a lot, and it helped me immediately I felt good because I knew I was reconfirming that yes, his soul. His soul is still there.

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I can't see him. But I know that he is going to be with God inshallah, God willing. So I want to do that I want to pray now for my dad, and I want to pray for your dad and mom and for anyone that you've lost. And as Oh God, please your mercy and your blessings on all the believers, whether they'd be dead or alive, and I asked a lot, please make peace in our souls so that we can deal with these things as they happen. And to remind us that this is really a test and we're being tested in this. And we know it's all in the Lord's will. And we don't give up on Allah. We don't blame God. We don't blame him. We say, Lord, this is your will. And we accept that we hear and we obey, make us of

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those who serve you, and I'll make copies to you. We're here with our special guests, Roger Hodge. And we're gonna let the shake, go ahead and give some encouragement, some motivation. to him. Yes, me. And to anyone else who's lost a loved one in their life.

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I want to say this, about about death of a loved one. I think it's, I think it's a legitimate question.

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I mentioned earlier, a virtual record. And I'm gonna say it again, two verses. And I think it's important for us to always think about these two questions. Number one, I told you before that you're going to die. You remember that? Right? Yes. coolness dichotomy, and the social taste of death. So as a Muslim, we realized that sooner or later, definitely talk to all of us, ourselves, our parents. Number one, Second thing, the second verses are mechelen innocent and to motor in his neck, it's more Angela, no, so can die except by the permission of Allah has already written the book. So my mother and father die, my wife die, my my children died. And I noticed like to have

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people die. My my daughter has, she died a young girl. She, she had just she had she'd been married for a year, just had a child, and she died a week later. And my my beloved, so I know what it's like, personally, to have someone close to you die, my father died in 1975.

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So, as a Muslim, as a faithful Muslim, we talked about the cover of Allah and His to accept whatever allowance destiny is for us, we have to accept it humbly. Now, having said that, I want to leave you with with the tradition of our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon.

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Before I do, I want to remind you about

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four months ago, in in New York City, in a place called the Bronx, there was a fire. And there was a Muslim family from Mali,

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who nine children in the fire died nine or 10 children, and one month.

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So I want you to imagine coming home,

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not just your mother and father died.

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But all children. Imagine nine children dying, and the mother died.

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Now, that's, that's a lot. Sometimes we think that, you know, we have the whole world on our shoulders, and the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. He said, Look to those who are less than you, not those more than you. So that it will help you not to diminish, allows blessings on you. So you may say, Well, my mother, father died. What was with me? What about that person that nine of the children died, and the wife died? Now, this is the tradition. I'm also part of what the law he acts as angels, whenever an angel, because we have the angel of death. We believe the Angel of Death takes the souls of people when they die by loss permission.

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Allah acts the angel of death.

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Did you take the soul of one of the children or one of the believers,

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even though Allah knows the answer, but he wants to teach a lesson and they said, These angels, they said, You're colonna. Now. Yes, we did.

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He said, Did you take the app of the of the heart? The favorite one? Yeah. kulula. Now they said yes.

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And they listen to what the law says.

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Men of Color of the

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mind my surgeon say the one you took his son, you took his daughter, what did he say? You know, they say,

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for storica hamidah.

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They said Praise be to Allah, in LA or in LA or the only come from God. And so God will return color. He said, God said,

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even though the update waiting for gender, build for my servant, a power house in Paradise, was a man who painted him a name of the house of praise. You see, so there's a reward. Because we are patient with Allah the Almighty, Allah knows best. Allah could have prevented the death of my mother and my father.

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And therefore I humbly

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accept a loss decision.

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