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Purpose of Life

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Out of the blue Lumina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala mursaleen seda. Now Mohammed in while early he was so happy he married a beloved brothers This is an Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord created sustainer babies in the earth.

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Either law, I testify that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa Taala to him do we come and to him when we return we send our We ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us in this world of Juma to forgive us for our sins and our mistakes. Yeah, Allah forgive us for what we have done in this past week. Yeah, Allah bless us in the week to come. Yeah, Allah except from us all the bad that we do on this Blissett day of Juma and let this joy be a light a guidance for the week that is ahead of us. And we ask Allah to send our greetings and salutations our love to our Nabhi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best of our last creations to his family, to his

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companions, and to all those who follow he shouldn't until the end of time May Allah grant us to be from amongst his own mind this dunya and akhira. And meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Last week, we began our series on the essence of Islam, what Islam really is all about. And we said the series is called the series of tawheed. And really, last week, we sort of jumped the gun,

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we discussed, we discussed is before we talk about the things that nullify the Hadith, so in the CDs, in this series, we'll talk about CIC and the things that nullify and destroy your tauheed. As we all know, ultimately on kiama there are two lines there are two queues the one to Jana, and the one to Jenna, and the division, the one that puts you in the line to Jenna is to hit

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it everything depends on this concept of the heat on monotheism. And so therefore in the series, we will discuss what are the things that take you outside of the heat? What are the things that make you fall into *can? Allah protect us. So we spoke last week about superstition, we amulets and bracelets, winging things full time to get prediction through something other than a law or ascribing danger to something as an ally Remember, our belief, our belief, is that all good and all bad is in the hands of a law, that there is none that can benefit you, none that can harm you besides Allah subhanaw taala and therefore all the payments which we put on him, but before we

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should have gotten into that discussion, we need to take a step back and discuss the heat before we talk about Chile. So inshallah, in the series next week, in the weeks to come, we'll talk about aspects of shinnick that we might not think about normally. So when we thought when we talk about shake people usually imagine she's worshipping an idol, and none of us worship idols. We don't bow to a statue, or we think what the Christians do with Nebuchadnezzar, that is chic. But there are aspects of schilke that we might fall into unknowingly, we might weigh bracelets and amulets for prediction. It's a form of shake, we might go through pious intercessors, to be to Allah, we might

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make dua, to saints and graves, even to the lava lamp, we might even ask them uses a lamp for things. And these are areas in which we might fall into shade. We might go to graves, or gene or ancestors, or believe that their spiritual links between us and Allah, these are all aspects of shield, which we'll discuss in the in the course of the series in sha Allah. But before we get to that, we need to talk about the heat. Now we need to talk about the purpose of our life, why we are here, and why Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed us here, why are we created? This is one of the biggest questions that mankind you know, we are going through, we are able we have mastered this

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world. There is nothing on this earth and nothing in the universe that we have found superior to us. We know that we are a unique creation, we have seen the depths of the ocean and the depths of space. And we have not found anything that matches us as a creation. The most powerful, you know, instrument in the universe is this mind that we've been given. But we don't know. I mean, from if we didn't have a dean, if we didn't have an Islam, if we didn't have a revelation, we would not know why we are here will be an accident a freak of nature. Was it by chance that we came here? Are we here for a purpose, with all the power and all the ability that we've been given? Is this meant for

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something more? Or do we simply live our life until the day we die? And that's it? Do we just continue as we are? What is the purpose we are here? Why are we

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as Muslims we obviously believe in an answer to that question that we are here for a reason. And if we go all the way back to the beginning of creation, to the beginning of not our not the beginning of if we say the beginning of all creation. I asked this to my students many times when did Islam begin somewhere

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Islam began when Neville Salah brought the Quran. Islam didn't begin with the visa Salaam, where the MBR before him Nabi Musa and Ibiza were the Muslims. Yes, they were Muslims. So some would say Islam began when nebby Adam was created, right because he was the first maybe we asked when we're is gibreel, a Muslim, so this is a Muslim. So, Islam began with the angels. And what about before the angels? We said Islam, the word Islam means to submit, to submit to the one and Supreme Being Allah subhanaw taala. To put everything subservient to Allah, that is what a Muslim is. And we know from this universe, that everything submits to Allah, the sun rises and sits as it was programmed to do.

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The moon follows its portions as it was meant to do. So the Muslim is, the moon is a Muslim, the sun is a Muslim, the mountains are Muslim in every single creation in the universe, are Muslims by default, and only to have the choice to believe or not to submit or not managin everything else is a Muslim. So when did Islam begin? This religion of the universe, the religion of creation, when did it begin? It began the day Allah created something and basic theological discussion, a very contentious debate and you won't be asked this question in the cover, so don't worry about it. What was the first creation of a law? Some scholars mentioned it was the pin because as Haddad sees the

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allocated the pin, and the pin, asked the policy to the painter, right, and the pin Osceola What should I write? So obviously the right everything of creation, the painter wrote and things from the became created, I would say no, the throne of Allah because we know about the throne, there is nothing above it, besides a lot in a manner which befits His Majesty, and what is not the case. But Allah created a throne out of His Majesty and His greatness. So I've mentioned it's either the arch or the pin, don't worry about it. The point is, the first time Allah created something, that thing was a Muslim, and that thing submitted and everything submits to Allah. Then Allah created a unique

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creation in the form of nebby. Adam, a very unique, different kind of creation. And given Adam Elisa, that was Sam something he had not given any creation before him. And we know from the Hadith, and I've said this before, that a lot of there's a hadith that mentions Nevelson says there are four things Allah created with his hands. Our hands are not like our hands. But Allah confirms in the Quran that he has, that he does have hands. And Allah does not need hands to create things and make things that are that Allah creates. With Kuhn, he commands it to exist, and it comes into being, but out of honor to that creation, Allah uses his hands to create it. And there are only four things

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that are located not through Kuhn, but he created with his own personal hands, and what are those four things? And we don't we don't make a distinction. So we don't make analogies between Allah and creation. But even today, we say this thing is handmade is not factory mass produced, right? So everything else was mass produced. But these four things are made. Personally as we could see directly, one of those four things the ash, the pin, gender to Latin, the highest of gentleness, which we'll talk about inshallah, at the end of this lecture, the highest Jana, Allah Himself, interior decorated the agenda, all the other levels of gender, the other floors of gender, were

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created through other means, maybe there's an angel that does the interior decorating of janella. But as for the highest gender, Allah Himself selected, what will go in the and in the full thing, and that should make us understand why we are here nebby Adam Elisa to Sam, and it's mentioned in the Quran, Allah asks, he believes, why do you not bow to that which I created? A day with? My two hands isn't liquid and so when we think of that, we need to ask ourselves, are we not here for a higher purpose? And are we fulfilling that purpose? If Allah has put us on the top of the food chain, Allah has given all these creations something to do, the sun does his job, the moon does its

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job. Allah has put us on this dunya for that reason, am I doing my job, I am the greatest of our last creations. VX Anita, almost created imagining the creator of all my creations inside is we actually we in the highest and the best of fashions I made insan the very best. Furthermore, we know the story of niobium we allow me gibreel suju. To be Adam. We know in this area in this believes in our religion, the highest form of the heat, or the highest manifestation of Islam is to make sure Jews and if we're not allowed to bow or make a prostate to anything besides Allah, not going to be not the king we don't make sudo to anyone or anything except this is purely for Allah. Only Allah

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has the right of sujood yet Allah made his angels and the jinn and whoever was the to bow to Adam says amazing thing. This is a massive

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thing that Allah created nebby Adam, and when the angels question Allah, Allah, why do you create that which will allow us? Why will you put on the earth, those who will shed blood, they will cause mischief. When suddenly when the sulak when we the angels are perfect worshipers of you, you don't need any other creation besides us. The angels are perfect in the worship. Allah says in the giant of the halifa, I'm going to put my halifa what is the halifa, we usually mean the hottie for the man in charge, like the ultimate president. halifa means the representative, the one who is put in charge as a representative, Allah says, I'm going to put on Earth, my halifa, the one I will put in

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charge of this dunya, meaning Adam and his offspring, we are here to represent a law. And Allah says, In the animal that I know of this creation, which you angels don't know that there's something special about them, and something superior about them other potential they have within them, the potential to be superior, even above the angels, but also to model that now, as far as fit, they also have the potential to be the lowest of the low. So within us, we have this great potential, and therefore,

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what is our purpose? And before I answer that, and we know the answer from the Quran, let's look at the reality. Each person must look at his life and ask, am I doing what I mean to do? But first, let's talk What are you doing? What are we doing? So ask yourself, what are the things you devote your time to if you have to split, the most precious resource you have is your time. If you give up your time, you can't get it back. Someone wastes your time, you're never going to get it back? What do you spend that 24 hours in the day that you have to whom to what you know, it's limited. When you spend it on?

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Your purpose should be your time spent must be aligned to your purpose? Correct. If you're in a job, and you're supposed to do a certain function, most of the time at work, you should be doing that job, otherwise, you're not fulfilling your purpose. So what am I doing with most of my time? What are the things that are important to me? If Allah Subhana, Allah says, I'm going to take two three things away from you, what are the things that you would miss the most in your life? Those things that are important to you should be aligned to your goals if they're not aligned to your goals, and there's a problem.

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What are you working towards? What are you striving for a brother we ask you wake up every morning, you go to work every morning, you sacrifice you struggle you study? For what? What go? Why are you studying? I want to get a job, why? To get money? Why to get wealth and you know, prosperous? Like why to live a comfortable life? Is that the goal of your life? Is that the end of the road for you? is there's something behind that? Or do we say we don't know. We just in a motion in a loop. And we follow that loop. Because this is what we were programmed to do. Because what society has made us do

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to know your value in this dunya. Ask yourself if we die in my life savers, and grant all of us a long, long life. If we were gone today, we will take it out of our businesses, our families, what would be missing in this dunya?

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What would be lost if you were gone? What would the dunya lose? If you said that dunia wouldn't lose anything at all? Had you not been the some people we know if they weren't here, the dunya would be a much better place. And other people if they weren't here, the dunya would be a lot worse place. And some people if they weren't here, the dunia wouldn't have noticed that they're missing. So therefore, what are you really doing on this? dunya? What purpose? Are you fulfilling? What is your function in this world? And if you looked at all those things, and you answered it, and then you ask yourself, Am I happy? where I'm going? I've spent half my life already. I've got another half lift?

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Am I happy with that? Answer? my destination? Does it if I continue on this path that I'm following? Does do I feel comfortable that I'm fulfilling my potential and my purpose? So why are we further Quran? Allah Subhana Allah says Mahalo to general insanely Abu, I have not created a lot. I have not created the jinn and mankind except that they should worship me alone. So there's a reason we are here. You and I, we are here. Allah says, You must worship me. And to be frank and honest, this is a bit of a letdown. Yeah, Allah You created us, given us the base of the base, given us this powerful mind and intellect, the ability to conquer the universe is only one from a systemic sujood in the

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magic, to make us be whole time. Is this really why we are here? I had a discussion with a non Muslim. And he had the same question and he said, you know, what's the purpose of life? And he said, really, is that all it sees in Islam, that you're just supposed to be in the mosque? 24 hours worshipping Allah? Is that the only reason why you are here? Is that the only reason why we are here

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because our understanding of worship is limited to the masjid

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When we broaden our understanding of evader, it makes us understand our true potential. That really in this universe, when everything else submits out of compulsion, when you have the power, the ability to rebel, you have the power to conquer the universe, you have the power to be above every other creation, you still submit. And this is what it means to be a true Muslim. This is through submission. The submission of jabril is not equal to the submission of the believer, because he can't go against the law. He has to worship Allah, you have the choice, and therefore will you choose ibadah it goes against everything in your knifes to put Allah Akbar, you are the true

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manifestation of Allahu Akbar. You show it in your life when you make that choice every time you make that choice. in Ramadan I force instead of eating because I put Allah first. I leave my work to come to Juba I've made a lot but so in these moments, we are fully fulfilling our potential. But is that all that the is the outward divider? The false thing, the hedge the solder? What about the rest of our life we know 90% 95 99% of our life is not spent in the masjid is not spent fasting is not spent in Victrola and sada. Does that mean all that time is wasted? Does that mean all that time is going against Allah. If we look at the hadith of gibreel, and we all should know this Hadith, we the

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Sahaba was sitting in the masjid over 70 of them. And they say the strange man beautiful in features long, you know, beautiful black hair and sparkling white clothes. None of us knew who he was. He walks into the masjid. And everyone's thinking Who is this man? We haven't seen him before. So he's not from Medina yet. He's not a traveler either. And he walks straight through the Sahaba. And he sits in front of Naveen Mohammed Al Salaam. And he asked the prophet to send them some very important questions. He asks me, you know, yeah, Mohammed, tell me about Islam, and the Prophet senses. To be a Muslim, you need to do the five outward actions of Islam. You do those things

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externally, when you're a Muslim? What is a man there are six things you need to believe correctly and not go against those things. Internally, you and you if you're a believer, you do those things. You are a basic entry level Muslim. Now you're part of the Ummah of Islam. But it doesn't end with that. Meaning coming to the masjid is the basic dishonor five times a day makes you a Muslim, but makes you the lowest model Muslim, the

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lowest level Muslim, anything less than that, and you no longer Muslim.

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But that is not what we should aspire for. So in Ibiza, Selim tells us the basics that you must do are your five pillars and believing your six pillars of Eman. Don't consider the close things with false beliefs. But what do you aspire for? is

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when God asks, What is the highest level basically, and the sun is the thing that we should all aspire for, and what is his son, his son, as was mentioned, is to worship Allah. And when I say worship, I mean, live your life as if though you can see a lot. And this changes our understanding of our purpose of creation. You can work, you can get married, we also have when it came to Ephesus and said, I don't want to get married, I don't want to eat, I just want to fast I don't want to sleep, I just want to make that good. This is what they understood as Elijah, that everything else is a waste of time. Marriage is a waste of time work is a waste of time, sleep is a waste of time.

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Now this is no, I have the most taqwa of all of you here, I marry, and I eat and I sleep and I do business. And I you know, laugh with my wives. All of this is about home life is a bother, but it's a life with a son in mind. It's a life as if though Allah is sitting in front of you. Now you ask yourself about your life. If Allah was the and I could see him, not only how would I mixologist, myself, that would be very different. But how would I conduct my business? What things would I buy and sell? How would I use my money? How would I spend my money? What which woman would I marry? How would I raise my children? What school would I put my kids in? Everything of your life must be

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judged with a son, and perfect believer and you will never need your son we know we cannot reach a son in the dunya because no one will see a line the dunya but to be a way that Allah sees you to live your life with that in mind, that is the purpose of your life. Not radical change. monastery, to live like a monk in a monastery away from people we know this goes against the student of knobbies asylum, but it's about being that businessman, with a son in mind. Being the doctor with your son in mind being a student in the class with their son in mind. What would I do if a law was the How would I spend my time How would I spend my money? How would I what decisions would I make if

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my objective wasn't alone

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Is before me is in front of me. And each and every one of us needs to make that assessment in your life because this is why we are here. Allah has put us here with all this ability and all the choice in the world, but he wants to see if we will make the choices for him. What we choose for him rather than for us.

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Will we choose and puts up and that is submission. That is Islam. You know the linguistic meaning I have a choice between two jobs. But I choose the one that is better for my Islam for better for my email beta for my relationship with Allah. Then his whole work that eight, eight to five is evader, he's being rewarded for the 85 he will go to Jenna because of that. 85 Yeah, Allah I could choose between spending my money on this or that I have chosen the halaal option. The for that spending of that money is you get that reward that is provided. It's just as good as the man in the masjid. Jana has a dose. In general they are a dose.

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And why a dose because each door we know for example is a nickel that ion which is the dough for fasting we're this we're going to use a lot in Ramadan. That is adored specifically for the ones who forced me to do for those who make SATA based udolpho. Meaning there are different ways to enter into Jenna. There are people who are easy they find themselves in the masjid five times a day easily. They are able to fast you know Mondays and Thursdays easily.

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But the some lacking in the character. They're not great in terms of Allah with people. They're not the best boss, the best husband. So a level of reward them for the good that they do. And Allah will forgive them and maybe they intergender through the solder.

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There's another brother You don't see him in the masjid.

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He doesn't force Mondays and Thursdays are just quickly in the works. Not out the walk. There's no excuse for that. No such thing as started. We had night in the walk. But he quickly goes back to his business. So you said this man is you know addicted to his business, but will lie when the machine needs something or there's a project he's the first to donate, that will enter into Jenna. That's his son. That's his Ivanka. Now you ask yourself, what is my access to gender, and the results are MCs, the biggest of those those of gender, the easiest way to gender is through the biggest doors of gender are your mother and your father, your parents. That being good children, and respectful to

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your parents. This is your entry into general.

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When you sit your objectives in life objective is Jenna, how am I going to get the Salah is difficult for me, I'm not going to be the guy who wakes up with fasting is difficult for me. But I can be the guy that helps them as I can maybe you know, charity is easy for me agreeing a good person running my business in the hallway. Allah has opened the doors to Jenna, and he's tried to make it easy for us. That is the purpose of your life. every relationship you have, must be with that in mind. One scholar said even the friends you choose think of the Indian mind, think about who do I want to have selaginella made me when I die.

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If you ask well, you know, I would love to have the greatest of the most pious of people coming to my janazah I don't want bad people to magenta salami. But those are the people are going to come you choose your decisions in life or based on that concept of exam. That is why we are created not to give up our freewill not to avoid the dounia and put our head in the sand. No the to believe that's the easy way out. That's the easy way out. The difficulty is to live in this dunya be part of this dunya make this dunya better preserve your Eman and choose every choice that is thrown at you every fitna that is thrown at you, I choose because I know this and Allah He sees me. And had I seen him I

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would have made this choice. That is the purpose of life. And it's so much more difficult than manageability. But it's so much more difficult than being the sun and the moon which this does what it's supposed to do that is through Islam. And if you make this choice one, it's might sound like a life of sacrifice, and it is a life of sacrifice. And every time I make a decision, I make the conscious decision. If Allah was here, what would I do? How would I act? Someone abused me, I can respond with a good word or a bad word. What would Allah say? What would what would I do if Allah was the Allah says if you live a life like this man, Amina saw the ham in Decker in a winter.

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Whoever lives a righteous life, a good life, but a perfect life. A good life. You do the basics in terms of your Islam. Your business is halal. Your food is halal. You choose as best you can the good choices and you make a stick fight and tober continues with a sin. Whatever loves a life like this male or female. Well, we'll move in and he preserves his email. He doesn't come a chick and what we'll talk about in the weeks to come. The things that nullify everything is that one thing of * and he avoids that

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For Nokia, Nokia, Tata Eva, I will give him an easy good, comfortable, happy life, he will be happy.

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This is not talking about the hero talking about a year, year your life will be easy. You will find happiness. There are people that have put a sign on one side and they said I don't submit to Allah, I submit to my knifes, yet they have not found the agenda they thought they would. You would think that if you live for your knifes, in the dunya, you'd find pleasure and joy. We have people in the century with people that have more wealth, popularity, fame power than anybody anytime before. those same people on antidepressants, they commit suicide more suicides in the century than any time before with all the luxuries and joys. Why? Because what knows what you need. So let's see if you

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live a life for him.

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You eat what he has made, how you spend your time in how you assist the masjid where you can you make your Salah, not all the Salah as much as you can, then I will give you a happy life when alessian known as urine bX cinemacon Ramadan and in the Akira will give him the rewards in accordance to the best of his deeds, the best of his intentions, he will get more than he more than what he did. Allah will obviously the word more than what you actually deserve. He will give you more than that.

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This is life. And to conclude with this hadith

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there has to be an incentive. So Allah you put me here, you allow you want from me to deny my enough's to deny the choices I make for myself for you. And yes, you tell me in life, it will be better for me that if I avoid Hammad in the long run, it'll be better for me. We put our email in you it will be so that it will make we choose the spouse. That is best for my Eman. I will be happier with her than with a supermodel. I believe that so I make that choice. The job doesn't pay that much. But because it's better for my email, it's away from her on things. It will be better for me I believe that but what LCR Allah. Then Allah says obviously in the dunya I'll make your life

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happy and easy. I'll put Baraka in your earnings and your family. But that's not the real reward, the real reward and we go back to the Heidi's I began with the four things Allah created with these hand

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are the pin Adam and Jana to gladden the highest of gentleness and this is what I want us to imagine in your mind you're working towards this the purpose in your life is this. If you want to put a goal in your life, some people say I want to make so much money so I can earn I can have a house in this area. I want to aspire to work my life with this car. When you have a an objective, it's easy to sacrifice. What is my What is my objective, this is your objective and resource analysis. At the highest placing Jenna is gentle

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on that place, this channel to this highest place in gender. It is directly beneath the throne of Allah beyond that there is nothing This is the pink House of Jenna.

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We might feel we'll never get the that this is only for the best of the best. But he tells us that he seldom says that on Fridays in general. All the people of Jenna will be gathered at this valley. No matter where you are in general, even the guy who came to general last he will get to go into the on the last on the Friday of every week is a Friday, he will come and you will gather and when we enter this genda and we see what is the agenda and we had an Allah we will sit in a valley beneath our tshabalala we will sit on little heels made of musk and appreciate yourself in this. This inshaAllah is where you want to be we I want to be video Allah as we're sitting in jumar like this,

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a day will come we will sit in a jumar like that. Just imagine this for a minute. You are sitting Lee in this valley of musk all the believers they and you will see this Masjid made of lights with the NBL will be sitting on the highest levels. And then Allah will descend to these people, the people of gentleness and he will ask you and me and all of us how have you found my agenda? Are there any complaints that you might have? And the people of general will say I have nothing to complain? I have forgotten all my worries, I only stayed in the dunya for five minutes. I have you know everything that my heart could desire I have it when Allah will say what more can I give you a

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people agenda and the people of General cllr What more can we ask everything we've asked? You have given when Allah will show us things that we don't even know Allah will say in general in the you only know that you know you get an iPhone to seven that this iPhone 70 Don't you want this new things you never thought about new versions of the line whatever it is, and yeah, Allah will give you and give you and give you until we say Allah you've given me or unless they ask what would you want to say Allah is nothing more I can ask. When Allah will say I want to give you something that no creation I gave before this, something above all of that something that not even given you

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experienced before.

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can be Allah. And Allah will say, I will remove the veil between me and you so that you can see me directly. So you live in this life, as if you could see Allah, if you do it like that you will see a line kiama look at the link between the two. You live your life, as if unlikely, so he will show you himself in the agenda. Live your life for that purpose. I want to see you Yeah, I want to see Allah, you forget all that you had an agenda. Nothing can be above that. So Allah says in the Quran will give them Jenna and move What can be more than gender, the seeing of a lot is more than gender. And that is waiting for each and every one of us to live hoping to get a son, you only reach it in the

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dunya. But walk that path you will achieve your son in gender. I mean, may we sit like this in that valley, in

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May we say to one another. We spoke about this idea. And here it is. We are the we got it. You can get it. I can get it. Your family can get it. It's not just for the MBA is for all of us. Allah protect us and preserve us, forgive us and grant us to be the mean Alhamdulillah we started our senior class last week. It's open to all of us, free of charge. Seven o'clock until mercury been shown the life and the biography of the prophet SAW Selim. Any questions or comments, please send an email to meet with [email protected] the slides and the audio is available of this lecture. So let's say no Mohammed Ali was Abu Salam salam,

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Salam Alaikum