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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the physical and scientific differences between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, including the line between two cultures and the potential for a miracle to happen. The Atlantic Ocean is seen as a line between two continents, while the Pacific is seen as a line between two continents. The differences in salinity and physical characteristics of the two waters make it hard to combine them into a central zone, and the relationship between the two seasons to affect worship is discussed. The importance of the Quran shaping the world and the use of the word "the organizations" is emphasized, along with the consequences of not fulfilling spiritual journey and setting up GPS agendas for rewards support.
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Did Prophet Mohammed

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have a submarine? Was he a Jacques Cousteau? The border between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans is like a line between two worlds. It's as if the two oceans meet at an invisible wall, which does not let them flow into each other and mix their waters. Why on earth does it happen? It is impossible for a man to discover and write a truth that science has discovered only in this age was he connected a cell phone with Jacques Cousteau to Jacques Cousteau, given the message they look there's a barrier here and he put it in the book. Come on, people think he has left free the two bodies of the lowing Water, water

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Assalamu alaikum. Peace. How are you guys doing? It's your first time watching the deen show. Subscribe right now. Hit that notification bell keep coming back where we got exciting programs for you, Ahmed shared this next video with me. Awesome. It's a great brother, an amazing brother loves the Dow. And he thought that this would be something great. This next video, which talks about one of the miracles in the Quran, that if we can get somebody to do a documentary on this, the same way this not yet Muslim did. He broke down the science of this miracle that's mentioned in the Quran. So there's three things that I like to accomplish here. One is the person who's already been

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investigating. He's already been asking, she's already been asking the question, what's the purpose of life? Why am I here? The last thing that they wanted to look at was Islam. But Islam just makes sense. And has all the evidence to prove that it's from the Creator, but they're like, on the fence back and forth, what he's gonna say she's gonna say, I'm gonna say, you know, my parents gonna say society, you know how it goes, all the social pressures, that maybe inshallah this can be a catalyst where they can go ahead and take that bold step, and I'll help explain what that is at the end to the person who is now first time exposure and once evidence, okay? And someone said, watch the D

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show, now you're watching the D show. And after this, here's some evidence is one point of evidence is just one, evidence and proof that's mentioned in the Quran. To prove that is from the Creator of the heavens, an earth because it couldn't come from a man living in the desert, who couldn't read or write what was known as Allah mean, the trustworthy. Now listen, one more. And the Muslim, the one who is already who's living Islam, but he's also vacillating between two worlds, the dunya and akhira. having a hard time establishing his salah and prayer, he needs to he needs an extra jolt, right in the mind boost. inshallah, this can be that. So let's go ahead and watch this. comment on

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it. And then also connect it with the ayah the verse that talks about this miracle the sign because the on the verbatim Word of God Almighty is full of them. So let's go ahead. This is an amazing video that breaks down to science of one of those signs, miracles in the Quran. So when you look at the seas and oceans on the map, you might think that they just flow into each other. It seems like there's only one big ocean and people just gave different names to which parts. Well, you'll be amazed how vivid the borders between them are. The border between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans is like a line between two worlds. It's as if the two oceans meet at an invisible wall, which does not

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let them flow into each other and mix their waters. Why on earth does it happen? We know for sure there is no invisible wall inside and water is water. What could interfere with its mixing. The thing is that water can be different to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have different density and chemical makeup, the level of salinity and other qualities, we can see by their color that they are far from being the same. The borders between the two bodies of water with different physical and biological characteristics are known as ocean clouds. helplines, borders between waters with different salinity are the most spectacular. And this is what we see when the Atlantic and Pacific

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Oceans meet. The famous explorer Jacques Cousteau found this when he was deep diving in the Straits of Gibraltar, the layers of water with different salinity looked like they were divided with a transparent film, and each layer had its own flora and fauna. Our clients appear when water in one ocean or sea is at least five times saltier than than the other. You can create a HELOC line at home if you pour some sea water or colored salty water in a glass and then add some fresh water on top of it. The only difference is that your HELOC line will be horizontal, and ocean HELOC lines are vertical. If you remember a couple of basic things from physics, you might argue that a denser

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liquid should finally end up lower and less dense higher. If that were true, the border between the two oceans would look not like a vertical line but as a horizontal line, and the difference between their salinity would become less obvious the closer they got to each other. So why doesn't it happen here? Well, first, the difference in density of water at the two oceans is not that great for one of them to get down and the other to rise up. And yet it's enough to not let them mix. Still another reason is inertia. One of the inertial forces known as the Coriolis force influences objects when they are moving in the system of axes which in its turn is moving to in simpler words, the Earth is

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moving and all the moving objects on it will be acted upon by Coriolis force deviating from their cores. As a result, the objects on the Earth's surface don't move straight on but deviate in clockwise order in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern but the earth is moving slowly. It takes a planet a whole day to make a full circle around its axis.

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Why the Coriolis Effect gets obvious only in long time intervals with cyclones and ocean flows. And this is why the direction of flows in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is different. It also doesn't let them mix. Another important difference between the two oceans water is the strength of molecules connection, or surface tensile strength. Thanks to the strength molecules of a matter hold on to each other. But two oceans have a totally different surface tensile strength, and it also doesn't let them mix. Maybe they could gradually start mixing with time. But as the flows in them have opposite directions, they just don't have time to do this. We think that it's just water in both

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oceans, but it's separate molecules meet for just a short moment and then get carried away with the ocean flow. Don't you think, though, that only the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans don't get on well with each other. There are a lot of places on the planet where water in the two seas or rivers doesn't mix. There are also thermoclines borders between water of different temperatures, like the warm water of the Gulf Stream, and much colder North Atlantic Ocean. Chemical lines are the most amazing ones. These are borders between waters having different microclimate and chemical makeup. The Sargasso Sea is the biggest and most widely known chemical on it is a sea within the Atlantic

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Ocean, which has no shores, but you've got no chance not to notice it. Let's have a look at some other spectacular clients on the planet. Did Prophet Mohammed

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have a submarine? Was he a Jacques Cousteau? Because now we're going to connect it what with what's mentioned in the Quran. Now, this is not something nebulous. It's something very lucid and clear. And it is in a book that was compiled over a span of 23 years piecemeal. And we have it today. It's a living miracle, it's assigned for those who are looking for the truth. Now, you can go ahead and be remiss in this and just brush it off. And this is not something like Nostradamus vague attempts to try to get something and then a person gets his 1001 things. And 1000 of those things are wrong completely. And one is kind of okay, no, see, whatever Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon

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him. Whatever he was told, and whatever he conveyed, was 100% accurate. Just one thing if you find of a contradiction in the Quran, it can't be from the cradle to Earth. We're specifically focusing on this sign on this in the Quran. How did now we're going to get into connecting it and let's see, for the person is their first time a being exposed to this first time being exposed to Islam, the Quran, this can be a catalyst for you to investigate further than the person who's already been vacillating back and forth. And, you know, looking into it. And it makes sense the whole concept of the Creator that he's one and alone worthy of worship. you've invested in a life of Prophet

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Mohammed, you've seen the moral teachings of the Quran you've seen many of the evidence is God willing, this kicks it off and we can take this, this next step together. And then the Muslim also vacillating back and forth between the dunya and I hit a and not establishing a lot maybe this can also be a mind booster. Now let's see what the Quran actually says. Regarding this barrier, that prevents the two from mixing, he has led free the two bodies of lowing Water Water meeting together. between them is a barrier which they do not transgress.

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The expression of the verse has a mind blowing style.

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For the verse informs us that the seas do not mingle with one another despite all storms and huge waves.

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Yes, translated from the first language, the Quran as it always has meaning and to the English, that it is the word of Allah.

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It is as follows.

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This is one just one of the proofs.

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The fringe, how would this man know that? How would he know a man in the desert who is famous for underwater research explains you.

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Think about water barriers as follows.

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We were investigating have some researchers judgments that put forth that there were some barriers that separated different masses of the Seas from each other. As a result of various studies, we saw that the Mediterranean Sea has a peculiar natural level of salinity and density. At the same time, it has specific life forms.

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Then we analyzed the mass of water in the Atlantic Ocean, and saw that it was completely different than the Mediterranean Sea.

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However, these two seas which merge at the Strait of Gibraltar in the mind were supposed to be at least near to equal in terms of salinity, density, the true life forms that they had.

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However, these two seas have different structures, even in places where they converge closely. upon our investigations, we came across an event that amazed us.

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There was a great water curtain at the merging point that did not allow these two seas to mix

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The same kind of water barrier was found by German scientists at the bottom and up were waters of Gulf of Aden and Red Sea converge in 1962.

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In our later investigations, we witnessed the existence of the same kind of barrier in all merging points of C's that have different characteristics.

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This amazing fact, which amazed Captain Cousteau, about the waters that do not mix up those seas converge is explained with the following verse in the Quran 14 centuries ago.

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He has led me to what I've got my bodies on flowing water water meeting together Together between them is a barrier your stage do not transgress.

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Another kind of water barrier on earth is seen at bays and Delta's where the freshwater rivers flow into the seas.

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rivers that have the utmost possibility of mixing into one another because of their surface and bottom currents never mix with salty water in places where they fall into seas.

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If Allah did not put the law of not mixing up between these two waters, the freshwater rivers on Earth would mix up with the salty sea water, and the living creatures within the log and their environments would be annihilated all together.

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The Quran attracts attention to the miracle of this not mixing of these fresh and salty waters in another verse as follows.

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It is a verse from the Quran has led us free that essentially it is it lowing Water, water, one pilot

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and the other of the salt, salt and bitter bitter.

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Yes, that has area the barrier prevents them from trying

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to be past the barrier.

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Yes, the fact that the seas do not mix with each other and the freshwater rivers do not mix with salty waters shows the infinite power of Allah.

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It's being expressed 1400 years ago in the Quran, proves that the Quran is the word of Allah.

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You want evidence you gotta have it, it is impossible to base this information on a man's personal discovery who lived at that age. It is also impossible to base it on all peoples discovery who lived at that age.

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It is impossible for a man to discover and write a truth that science has discovered only in this age on his own 14 centuries ago.

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Only recently.

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Therefore, the Quran cannot be the word of man. It is the pre Eternal Word of Allah cannot who is the creator of lands and skies, it's your decision. Now you got to think you got to clear your mind of any prejudices, all the negative stereotypes and all the negative things that you've been taught, because the truth is always going to be attacked. So let's get that out of our minds. If you're humble, true seeker, asking the Creator of the heavens, the earth to guide you and you're here, a this is a sign. And this is one of those signs was Prophet Mohammed who's the last and final messenger sent to mankind. And again, again, I always repeat this when you accept Prophet Muhammad

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you automatically you don't exclude Jesus, Moses, Abraham, all the preceding messengers who came with the same message that Prophet Mohammed came with worship one and only one God, they were for that time, he is till the end of time for you and me right now living, he's a mercy to all mankind. And he brought the guidance the Quran, not to worship him not to worship a stick stone, a bone, a human being or anything in creation, but to worship the one and only created the heavens and earth and to live to be a morally upright human being. simple message easy to understand. So again, before we conclude, did did Prophet Mohammed did he had a submarine was he connected cell phone with

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Jacques Cousteau, to Jacques Cousteau, give him the message, say, look, there's a barrier here and he put it in the book. Come on, people think? Did he have a drone? Maybe he went up and he looked over? Did he have a lab, a chemistry lab, that he can go ahead and take this water and put it to the test and figure these things out? Like it was broken down by this not yet Muslim, non Muslim in this video. So these are things really to ponder and think about. Now, let's go and finish it off with that person is like I've had enough Eddie, that's it. We can die tomorrow, because it's not promise. It's not promise that you'll reach tomorrow or the end of the day, and you're ready. And you know

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about the description of the Hellfire in the Quran. So you want to avoid the Hellfire you want to get to paradise, and you want to be connected to your Creator. You want to be thankful to your Creator. Go ahead and repeat after me because now is the time if you're going to pick any time, do it right now. seize the opportunity. Repeat after me. Let's do this, that you declared that there's nothing more

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worthy of worship, you've already looked into Islam, you looked at the evidence, this is just another proof on the abundance of proof compounded over and over. And now you're ready to take that step. Because why delay it any longer. And then at the same time, you now you're ready to live your purpose. So let's go ahead This is that first step that a person takes, they take the Shahada as I do, and La ilaha illallah wa eyeshadow, Nm Mohammed Abdullah, who was a solo, that you bear witness that you testify you swear that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth, that he's one and alone worthy of worship and that you testify swear that Mohammed peace

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and blessings be upon him is his prophet, His Messenger, he's the seal of the prophets. And if you are a Christian coming along, that you also testify to Jesus peace be upon him was the son of Mary, who was a slave and servant of God Almighty Allah, that's it, you taking that first step and for all those out there who are going to continue to journey continue to explore continue to seek, seek guidance from the Creator of the heavens and earth to guide you got to be sincere you got to be genuine with your prejudices to the side. Also, if you have any more questions, call us one 800 662 Islam Operators are standing by to answer your question. I want to thank Ahmed Sheikh Ahmed for

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sharing this with us May God Almighty Allah put this in your scale of good deeds. And for everybody out there now Muslims again who are on the truth, hopefully this is a boost a jolt to get your amount of start taking this Deen seriously because this is mentioned. But there are also other things mentioned the consequences of not fulfilling your responsibility in this life, the consequences of not living the true purpose of life. You don't want to take this Deen as a joke, get well grounded in it, live by it and look towards the ultimate goal and that's the hereafter. That's Jenna. That's where we want to be. Set the GPS agenda. Thank you guys for tuning in. Subscribe if

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you haven't already, hit that notification bell and share share this far and why getting an on all the rewards support us on our Patreon page. We'll see you next time here in a deep show. Thank you very much. As I said, I'm all equal.

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