Yasir Qadhi – The Parables of The Qur’an #02 – Surah Baqarah – The Hypocrites & Light

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The concept of "teen-week Islam" is discussed, with emphasis on the three categories of mankind, believers, those who reject Allah, and those who reject Allah but still believe in Islam. The historical context of the parable of light to define guidance andteenth-week Islam is also discussed, as it is used as a way to judge one's arrogance or pride. The transcript uses various parables and symbols to describe the concept of "light," and how it can be activated.
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sorbitol Baqarah begins by describing the three primary categories of mankind, the believers, those who reject Allah, the kuffaar. And then the hypocrites and as we're all aware of the first five verses, describes the believers. And then the next two verses describes the kofod, who reject Allah. And then you have 13, verses describing the hypocrites. Now, the phenomenon of hypocrisy of Norfolk is one that, frankly, most of us we don't fully understand, because we haven't dealt with that category of people. We're living in a faraway land a land of Cofer. And when somebody chooses to be a Muslim, automatically, that's a sign of quality, to be a Muslim in this land to come to the

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Messiah, to make an effort and hamdulillah from 100, I shall Allah that's a very good reality of sincerity, insha, Allah to Allah. But we need to realize when Islam is in a state of power, when Islam is politically powerful, there are those people who do not believe in Allah, but they outwardly claim to be Muslim to get the perks and benefits of Islam. And that is a phenomenon that comes at times of power of Islam. If there's any example in our times, you know, after, you know, the horrific events of 911, you know, sometimes the fox news and whatnot would get your token Muslims to interview and they would, you know, say bad things about us, our own people, our own skin

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color, our own background, but they would get these people we've never heard of, and they make him a mom or something, or this is a community spokesperson. And they would sing the tune of Fox News, right? That's the phenomenon of In fact, to be honest, that's the closest we get to this reality that we see these people are selling themselves for the sake of the dunya and they're selling the deen for the sake of the dunya. So our talk today is the first parable in the Quran Surah Baqarah, verse 17, which is about the one off your own. we've all read this parable, method of home care method estacada. Now, a lot of talks about those people, those people who profit off of Islam,

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knowing in their hearts that Islam is true, and yet their arrogance is too much to submit to Islam. They don't really want to be Muslim, but it is politically advantageous to be Muslim. So Allah says their example is like the one who asked somebody to light a fire method or home cut method that is still called an Arab, they don't have light, they don't have a fire. So they go to the believers they go to the prophecies and they want hedaya so there's a little bit of good in the beginning, they asked for a fire then for them about a tomato holder who now that the fire has been lit and they're able to see all around them. The seeing the light here is a metaphor of the guidance

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throughout the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada uses the parable of light to define guidance and darkness to define misguidance so light is the guidance of Allah so the Quran itself is called nor and Allah subhana wa tada himself Allahu Allah subhana wa T will own and the Prophet system in one verse is also called nor and Allah guides to noon so that light here is a matter for for guidance. The hypocrite does not have any guidance. He goes to the believer, he says, show me this guidance. What is this Islam? Tell me about it. So the believer explains the believer illuminates and this shows us the believer his Eman is so strong. His mind is so powerful that he always benefits the

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people around him. The believer is never selfish. The believer can help himself and others by the permission of Allah the believer is able to guide others by the permission of Allah. So the believer explains and the light is everywhere but the Mona Phil What does he do for Allah? Allah Allah, Allah who now the Mona Phil sees he sees everything he understands he was in darkness. He understands this is the truth, but then his arrogance gets the better of him. Why is their arrogance? Many reasons are there of them? Generally speaking, the hypocrite is irritated or angry that Why wasn't I chosen? Why didn't this religion come to me first? This is the main reason of the hypocrisy of the people of

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Medina that why did the Hornish Get it? Why did they get it so there's an arrogance or pride because of that they reject the faith now it is the Sunnah of Allah that once you have seen the light and you choose to reject it, once you know the truth and then you choose to reject it. It is the Sunnah of Allah that Allah subhana wa Taala will seal your heart, Allah will take your spiritual eyes away from you. If you did not benefit from the light of Allah then you don't deserve to see the light. So when they refuse to accept Islam inwardly so for them a lot mahoto the hub Allah who be naughty him, so the light is everywhere to be seen, but they refuse

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used to accept that light. And so what does Allah do? Allah takes all of their light away, not the light, the light is still there, Islam is still there. It is the hypocrites and their hypocrisy that causes them to be in the dark. The light of Islam will never be taken away. It will always be there for all to see. But when the hypocrites refuse to embrace then what will Allah do? Allah will eliminate their light. Notice, the Quran says from a bow and bow is a bright light, who already joined a sham Sakuya and Allah cause the ship's bow bow Yeah, that's the brightest light and nor generally is a lesser degree of light. So Allah is saying the light of Islam is older. Yeah, it is

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shining bright, and the hypocrites refuse to acknowledge it. And so even the little bit of light that they see Allah will take it away because they refuse to acknowledge the idea of Islam there have Allahu be naughty him, Allah will take their light away. And this is of course also literally mentioned as an actual occurrence on the Day of Judgment. This is a symbolism a parable and on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana wa tada says that the Mana mckuen will see the believers their Eman is light and they were going to be walking to Jenna and then the munafo cuando se una Nakata base me Nora come Wait let us see guidance from your light and Allah azza wa jal will say no, you will not

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be able to benefit from the light of the believers because you did not benefit from their light in this dunya so the hub Allahu venuti him what taraka home fee Hello Matt and Allah shall leave them in the plural of darkness. Darkness is not just one darkness, multiple layers of darkness Tanaka homefield odo mountain and so Allah azza wa jal will leave them and they will not be able to come back someone Bookman or omean, for whom Allah God rune someone they cannot hear, they cannot speak they cannot see now Subhan Allah This is a metaphor of the arrogance of the munafo, the light is there, anybody can do it, but anybody can see it. But when they refuse to see that light, Allah

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takes their faculties away from them, their spiritual faculties their hearts are sealed, the ears that is the spiritual ears to hear, the guidance is taken away the eyes that is to spiritual guidance becomes blind. And can you imagine a person who cannot hear a person who cannot speak a person who cannot see if he's left in the middle of the desert? How can he find any guidance? What will he do so moon book monodromy on the problem is coming from them, the light is everywhere, it's they themselves who refuse to take advantage of them to that light. So Allah zoa jen will seal their hearts, Allah will put as the Quran says wax in their ears, meaning they can't hear anything. Allah

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will make their eyes blind. This is all metaphorical meaning here, they can physically see the world but spiritually, they're too arrogant and they're never going to go back to the right path. Now, inshallah tada we see koalas refuges sha Allah, we are really we're not worried about difficult Akbar, in this land, generally speaking, coming to the Messiah being righteous and bias, inshallah it's a good sign. But what we need to be worried about is the minor Norfolk, and that is to know the truth, and not to act fully upon it to recognize the truth and yet to turn away from it. Even partially, this is a type of hypocrisy. So we need to be very careful that we recognize the truth

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and we affirm the truth and we try our best to follow it or else this verse might partially apply to us, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to allow us to see the truth as truth and to follow that truth and to allow us to recognize the truth for the truth and always be those who affirm it, and inshallah we'll continue with the next metaphor in the next verse tomorrow was saramonic muramatsu

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woca kindness.

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had and was valuable, but in wadena journey, Annie

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