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Al-Muminun 1-22 Word Analysis and Tafsir 15-22

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So my inner calm, then indeed you Varda Delica. After that lemma you don't surely want to die. Meaning once you will spend your lifetime, then all of you will die.

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After first being created from nothing, you will eventually die when your life is over. And we see that a loss of generality creates the human being in such a perfect manner, Arsenal Holly thing, and what do we do? Do we take care of this Hulk that Allah has created? Do we take care of ourselves physically, spiritually, Allah has made the human being in the best form some model that the Navajo as well as everything

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and then the human being because of what he does, he becomes the lowest of the low Illallah Dena Amano,

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except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, so, so my inner convert the Dalai Lama, you tune and somewhere in a cameo multi Amity to Barsoom. And then indeed you on the Day of Resurrection, you all will be resurrected, for what purpose for the purpose of

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so that you can be given your account for what you have been doing.

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So, the one who has created you the first time he can create you again. And when he will create you again, he will ask you about what you did. So this life that we have been given, is not without a purpose. It is not so that we kill the time that we have been given. We waste our lives indulging in love. No, this life has been given to us for a reason. Just imagine all the hardship that a mother undergoes in giving birth to the child carrying the child for nine months and then giving birth to the child and then looking after the child and that child when he grows up. He's killing his time. Is it fair? So much effort was put in so many people sacrificed? An angel was dedicated. So many

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things were done and there the person does not take care of himself. He does not take care of his flock he does not take care of his actions. That is not right.

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Instead of uncouth is number 20. We learn some Allahu Yun Shu inish

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then Indeed Allah He will create a new creation the last creation the final creation meaning we will recreate you

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what are the Hakuna FOCA calm? And certainly we have created above you seberapa seven layered heavens for our Florida for the law until you guys understood in two ways First of all, that is the way the means to get somewhere to do something. So Tarik, it refers to the roots or the orbits for the heavenly bodies.

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Like for example of the stars of certain planets of certain galaxies, and not just their roots, but also the routes that the angels take to go between the heavens and the earth. And these pathways, how are they they're layered because several atara there seven layered facts.

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Secondly, it has also been understood as public art layers and it has been named such because it is said but up to Shea meaning I layered one thing over the other through Nang are the layers of the shoe of the soul.

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And we learned select new hire 15 l&r okay for Haleakala who savasana were gently welcome. Do you not consider how Ally's created seven heavens in layers?

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So what are the Huracan? fo outcome server autora? What does it mean? First of all, roots, means orbits, ways that are taken by the celestial bodies as well as the angels, and also the seven layers of the heavens. However, of the two meanings the stronger is the seven layered heaven sub or semi wet. Because of our SMRT libeco. We learned that what are called net and we are not unhealthy from the creation of affiliate ones who are unaware which Hulk,

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the Hulk of the seven heavens or the Hulk that is within the seven heavens, or the Hulk that is beneath the seven heavens, were not unaware of them, that Allah would let the seven heavens collapse on the earth, and the dwellers of the Earth would be destroyed. No one mark on their annual holiday or feeling alone was fully well as to what is going on in the seven heavens. So after creating the creation, Allah is not negligent to it. rather he knows fully about everything that is going on over there.

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And he doesn't just know but he also protects the creation that is within it. intrarater hedgeye 1665 we have learned earlier, William sequel summer and Carlyle early 11.

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And Allah knows exactly what's going on within the heavens we learned in sort

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34 year old woman eligible early when I mean her, may end Dominus me, when I see her. He knows what penetrates into the earth and what emerges from it. And what descends from the sky and what a sense in doing

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so American national holiday of our feeling, and remember that our deeds, they're raised? They're ascended up. Also punctata fully knows about Walmart corner and unhealthy awfully well under luminous Emma Emma and and we have sent down from the sky water meaning rain, because during in a measured amount,

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what does it mean by that?

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That how much ever rain falls down? That is the amount that is needed. That is the amount that is necessary.

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And a loss of panel data sends that particular amount by his will by his decision. So we are no one's to object. How come it's raining again, hasn't rained enough? How come it's not so much and it's raining so much? Isn't there enough water? No, Allah subhanaw taala knows how much is required, how much is needed, what unzila Minister met Emma and Bill powdering for us canal who then we settled it a scanner from the roof letter seen calf noon.

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And so who knows you know as to become calm to become still.

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So we make the water calm and still fill early in the earth, meaning the water that comes down from the sky. It doesn't evaporate all of it. But rather what happens at water. It stays in the earth.

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Some of it is absorbed into the earth. And some of it goes into the rivers into streams into seas into lakes. And some of it forms into puddles, reservoirs, which people benefit from animals benefit from for us canal fill up, isn't it a huge blessing? Imagine if the water came down and it evaporated immediately what could be that green? To bring no benefit. We're in the eyelid the heavy and indeed we upon taking it away. Lacan surely once we're able meaning we are fully able to take all the water away from the earth.

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Because yes, there is a water cycle. The water gets evaporated, it comes back down again it enters into the rivers and the oceans again and it evaporates. So there is a water cycle. However, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that he can also take the water away from the year he can also fully take it away. It's up to him.

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If he's able to send it he can also take it away.

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In so 222 we learn what all the sudden that Leah Halliwell her forenza lamina sama EMA and cleaner can Whoo hoo, woman doula who because in him, he sends down the water and he gives you to drink and you are not want to retain the water a lot retains it for you.

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So it is out of the grace and mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that the water that descends, it stays and we can benefit from it. Therefore, we should be grateful to him.

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And water is mentioned over here and remember that it also signifies provision. It also signifies revelation knowledge. So when Allah has given a blessing, we should be using it.

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When Allah has given us water, we drink it we eat of the fruit that grows because of that water we eat or the produce that grows because of that water. He has also sent down revelation that we must also benefit ourselves with

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for unshot Naloxone. Then we brought forth for you be he through it meaning through this water generating gardens when the heating of the farms What are an avenue and great whites. garden gardens have dead farms and grape vines. Now comfy half a working for you in these orchards is for working for work is a plural of faqir and faqir. There's such fruit that is eaten as a delicacy for fun. Like for example, you eat an apple Why?

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Why do you eat an apple?

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Few people eat it because they feel like it. Many people eat it because it's good for you. But there's some fruits that are eaten as a dessert, isn't it? As a dessert like for example mangoes or strawberries and other fruits they're considered to be like, you know something that you're supposed to eat because it's good for you. So for wacky are such fruits that are eaten, to be happy to have fun. So the comfy fly queue Kathy urato for you in these orchards are many fruit women have Cologne and from them you also eat

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into the natural I 11. We learn up to the comprehension

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I was a tuna when nephila will arena, but women could only summarize over here what is mentioned dates, and grapes. But in other places of the Quran we learn about the crops and olives and dates and grapes and also mean coli similar every type of fruit

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washes rotten and also, we cause to grow a particular tree. Which tree is this? That hold you it emerges meaning it grows mentoree Cena from the Mount Sinai. Which tree is this that grows and Mount Sinai,

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the olive tree,

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the olive tree monthly retainer and to the center center is Sinai its proper name. And as for its meaning, it has been said that it means mobile rock, bless it. And others say that say Nat means good and beautiful.

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So from that place emerges a tree, the whole region into the center. And although the street has not only grown that mountain, but rather it grows in that area, that is the origin of that area, the Mediterranean region.

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But this tree, what does it give Dumbo to it grows? Big dooney with the oil.

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It's amazing

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that generally when there's a tree and fruit grows on it, when you press that fruit, what do you get? juice? But this tree when you press it's fruit, what do you get a dune oil? That's what you get. And what is that oil? olive oil was swiveling. And it is also a dip. It is also a condiment

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for who Lil aqualine for those who eat. Sybil is from the root letter slot barely any other word from the same word.

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sleepover? What does that mean? color dye, something that a color in which you dip something so that it gets that color on it.

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So simple is used for a dip, gravy or curry, in which you dip the bread. And when you dip the bread into it. What happens to the bread? It changes its color. It changes its color.

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So the olive oil, what is it? It's a symbol a little alkylene? It's like a dye that color is the morsel that is dipped into it.

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What does it show to us that Olive Oil should be consumed how

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without cooking,

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you should that is when you get the maximum benefit out of it because once you heat it up, then it's not going to have the same benefit. In fact, it might become harmful.

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So if you have oil by for example, you use it in a dressing, you put it on your Senate, you put it on your besta instead of butter. And you drink it like that even you take it as a dip. It's extremely beneficial, extremely beneficial. So we'll simulate will actually try this.

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Next time we'll get some nice bread toasted very nicely and then dip it and extra virgin olive oil.

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Many times if you go to either a Mediterranean restaurant or something, then you will find that with the salt and pepper, there's also olive oil. Typically people will have ketchup, but you will also find olive oil. And people will actually pour it or their food and they will have it and it's extremely delicious. We think oh my god oil. How can you have it? But it's very nice. You just have to develop that taste and you will enjoy it. Try it. It's mentioned in the Quran civilly live actually in a live setting us. So we see that in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala mentions the olive tree. And remember that the olive tree, it is native to the Mediterranean region. And the olive tree

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has a history that is extremely old.

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It's been known that it was grown about 2500 bc is what 2500 years BC. That is when the olive tree was also grown. So you can imagine how ancient it is how beneficial it is.

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And the olive tree is an evergreen tree. evergreen, it stays green throughout the year. And it typically grows up to 50 feet in height. And it will spread about 30 feet in its width. And the olive tree has a life expectancy of about 500 years.

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500 years and the more ancient a tree is the more valuable its root is.

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And the trees reach bearing age in about four years, once every four years, then they can produce fruit.

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And how do you get the oil out of the olive tree by squeezing its fruit. So we see that in this ayah not just the tree but also the oil is mentioned

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Because the oil is also extremely beneficial for people, and how is that extracted by pressing or crushing the olives, and olive oil comes in various varieties depending on the amount of processing that the olives have undergone, the more they have been processed, the less original or the less virgin that oil is, and the less it has been processed, the better it is. So try to go for the one that is purest, the one that is the best. And remember that the extra light olive oil has undergone considerable amount of processing and it retains a very mild Olive flavor. So generally people prefer extra light, it's not as beneficial as compared to the extroversion.

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And remember that this olive oil is extremely beneficial for health.

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extremely beneficial, especially when it's consumed as it is without cooking. It's considered to be hypoallergenic, which means that it does not cause allergic reactions. Generally, people will be allergic to some oils, they will be allergic to certain foods. However, this oil is hypoallergenic and you will see that it does not just benefit a person when they consume it. But even when they applied on the skin. My son he had extreme eczema when he was an infant. And I remember the doctor he told me that just apply olive oil

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justify audible and I remember it was so beneficial. It was so easy. And it's a lot of penalties telling us and insert the newly we learned sheduled ottimo Baraka the blesser tree, the one that is full of high so there has to be a lot of benefits in this for us. So it's not just good for us in consuming but also in applying it on the body.

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And the olive oil is well tolerated by the stomach. It's extremely beneficial for people who suffer from constipation. It's recommended that you have it early in the morning. As one of the first things that you consume. It helps with the excretion of the body and it's extremely beneficial for health. It is also said that it lowers the incidence of gallstone formation

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so there are many benefits I'm sure there if you tried researching about it, there's no end to it. Allah subhanaw taala settings that is sufficient for us use it and reap the benefits

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were in the locker room and indeed for you Phil an army in the grazing livestock Larry Brown surely a lesson. What is that lesson? That must be commended Murphy. Tonia. We give you to drink from what is in its stomach. The animal What does it eat? grass or leaves? And what is it produce? Milk? Isn't that amazing? No speaker mimma Phoebe Tonia water confy have an afro Cathedral and for you in the grazing livestock are many benefits. woman has Cologne and from it you also eat so many benefits you find in the animals of grazing livestock as well. If you look, the human being what it was before, and what it becomes the origin of the human being and the final baby that is born. What a

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difference. Similarly you look a tree it produces fruit and from the tree What do you get oil that is so beneficial animal, you feed the grass and it produces milk. Isn't this amazing? How perfect natural factories Allah subhanaw taala has placed in this earth perfect systems so that human beings can reap the benefits

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where I lay her and abundant meaning upon the

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world full key and also upon the ship's derma loon you all are carried or lay her from among the grazing livestock which animal is used for riding? It's the camel right? You cannot ride to go to a sheep Orca. What can you write a camel?

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And remember that over here what is mentioned the camel, why are they what lol fuki and on the ships there Maloney Okay, so when you travel on land, what do you use camels? And when you travel on water, what do you use ships and remember that camels, they're known as the ship of the desert?

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ship of the desert. So you have the ship of the desert and you also have the ship of the sea? Where are they How are they working?

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So we see so many benefits that human beings reap from the creation that Allah subhana wa tada has created,

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that we're constantly on the receiving end, constantly receiving benefits from what Allah subhanaw taala has created for us. This earth that Allah has created the sky that Allah has created above us that protects us and within the earth, Allah has given us every thing that we need, every kind of sustenance that we need. The cure is there, the food is there, the nutrition is there, everything is within the ear.

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So when we are constantly benefiting, should we not be grateful

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Should we not do what a last panel data is pleased with? Should we not try to become those believers whom Allah likes whom Allah praises whom Allah says that they will definitely be successful? When he is giving us so much, it is our duty, that we ought to put in the effort to please him.

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When he has made a soul perfectly so beautifully, and he has given us everything that we need of material provision, then it's our responsibility that we also grow ourselves spiritually that we spiritually beautifier ourselves. He has done his part, we should do our part

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to the recitation

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh