Tom Facchine – If You Want To Study Islam You Need A Teacher

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a teacher when studying Islam, citing YouTube and other channels as reasons for weakened knowledge. They stress the need for exposure and personal knowledge to improve one's knowledge and make recommendations based on one's own makeup and reading in the first place. The goal is to avoid wasting time and mislead users.
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It's very important to have a teacher when it comes to studying Islam. And we see this dramatically these days, with the rise of YouTube and content on YouTube and other sorts of channels. One of the problems is a procedural problem, because with the logic of YouTube, and social media and all these sorts of things, you're in the driver's seat, you're the one who chooses, you're the one who curates the material, right? You're the one who's making your own curriculum, you're gonna make mistakes, part of the job of a good teacher is putting you on a pacing schedule, right first to do this, then you do that, after that you do this other thing, right? That takes knowledge and it takes experience

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to be able to share with somebody else, you're not going to be able to know by yourself. And this is why we see people who even go abroad for years, and they don't benefit, they come back. And their knowledge is very, very weak or very, very poor, because they didn't have a curriculum, or they didn't have anybody showed them the sequence in which they should study things, right. And then the second thing has to do with exposure, right? If you're in the driver's seat of your own education, you're you're reinventing the wheel, right? You've got this shape and that shape. They've studied this curriculum, they study that curriculum, they understand what texts are out there, they

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understand your makeup. Are you sort of somebody who's more critical and intellectual in that sort of way? Are you somebody who needs some sort of more emotional appeal or whatever it is your makeup and they're able to make recommendations based off of that you don't even know the things that are out there to be recommended in the first place. So you're at the mercy of the algorithm, right? Whatever the algorithm throws your way that you and algorithm are making your curriculum and that's not going to result at the very, very least, it's not going to be efficient, you're gonna waste a lot of time and at the worst, it's actually going to mislead you and put you in a bad place.

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