Mufti Menk – Be Lenient With Others

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a strong hearted attitude when facing others. They stress that those who call others towards Allah are considered meaners and should not be harmed. The speaker also emphasizes the need for forgiveness and asks for others to lay their trust on Allah.
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One of the signs of the mercy of Allah is that you lead.

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So those who call out to others, those who call others towards Allah, think about it. Think about this. Allah says,

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while I will come up one volley will be done for boom in Howlett. If you are harsh, hard hearted, they would have dispersed from around you know, listening to you know, taking heed, you wouldn't have been able to get across to them. This was the way Allah chose for you. You want to help people you want to reach out to them, you want to let them listen to what you have to say, be lenient, show them that you care. You care for people, there is no point in standing on a pulpit for you and I, and to start shoving things down people's throats when we've never shown them. We care for them. What have you done for them? Do you speak to them with respect? Do you respect them? Do you treat

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them? Well? When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to speak to one of the West whose name was Abu Jehan, he spoke to him respectfully, even though Abu Jan was disrespectful. When the prophet SAW Selim spoke to an associate and the others who may have been held up and a few others, he always spoke with a lot of respect. So remember, Allah says to the prophets are seldom for unharmed, forgive them for stuff you love them and seek forgiveness for them? What shall we do one thing and the believers from among them.

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seek their opinions in certain matters of importance, see what they have to say, seek their opinions. And once you lay your trust on Allah, once you've made a decision, lay your trust on Allah. And don't worry, Allah loves those who lay their trust and lay your trust. It is important for us to take heed my brothers and sisters, forgive people and seek forgiveness for them. Those are two different things. One is I forgive you and two is I asked Allah to forgive you as well. May Allah forgive all of us.

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