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Al-Hashr 1-17 Translation 1-17

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una sala de soleil Kareem amerit for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish rashly Saudi were silly mg washlet appdata melissani of Coco Lee poppin se dinner in Lesson number 282 suits and hash number one to 17

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sub Baha glorify Nanda he for Allah, ma whatever Systema work in the heavens, warmer and whatever fell out in the earth, whatever and he is an Aziz the always Almighty Allah Hakeem they always always horror he is a lovey The one who legit he drove out. And Medina those who care for all day disbelieved men from people Al Kitab off the book, men from dare him their homes, Leo Wally for first and hush the gathering. Man, not one and don't you all thought and that Yahoo do they will go? Well, one No. And they thought unknown that indeed they managed to home one that protects them hosono home their fortresses. Main Allah from Allah, for whom when he came to them, Allahu Allah,

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men from Hazel where lamb did not yet the Cebu, they expect waka and he cast fee in Gulu be him their hearts of verba the terror yo Cree buena de destroy Buta home their homes, be ID him with their hands with ad and hands, and many of the believers are terrible. Then you all take a lesson. Yeah. Or bully possessors of the sort of the site's well earlier and if not on that database, he wrote, Allahu Allah or lay him upon them. Angela the exile la devere home surely he would have punished them fee in a dunya the world while at home and for them so accurate in the hereafter are their boo punishment and now of the Hellfire

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vaniqa that be unknown because indeed they share coup they opposed Allah Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger Orman and whoever you share the he opposes Allah Allah for in then Indeed, Allah Allah Shetty do his most severe aleria Cobb in the retribution, ma whatever.

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You all cut down men from Lina tin pantry, oh or Dr. Moo ha you are left it for Imogen standing. Allah upon will slowly her its roots forbade me so with permission, Allah of Allah Walia Xia and so he humiliates and ferocity in those who cross limits, warmer and whatever

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he bestowed as booty. Allahu Allah, Allah upon Rasulullah he upon His Messenger, main home from them from us or not, I will just come. You all made expedition. I lay upon it, men from Highland horses Wella and nor rica been riding camels, when I came, but Allah Allah you sell you to, he gives power Rasul Allah who do his messengers, Allah upon men whoever is shot he wills will now who and Allah, Allah upon Kali, every che insane garderen always all able, man, whatever

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he bestowed as booty, Allah who Allah Allah upon Rasul Li His Messenger, men from other people, Alcala of the towns, for Lila, he, so for Allah wondered was soon and for the messenger LED and for possessor of the near relations, while he aterna and the orphans wildness are keen, and those who are needy, Orban is Seville and the traveller K so that they're not Yokozuna. It is, though Latin, a rotation bainer between Albania, those who are rich men come from you, while Ma and whatever better come He gave you have a Zulu, the messenger for who do who saw take it warmer and whatever mahakumbh he forbade you and who from

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center who so you all stop what the call and you all fear Allah Allah in Allah Indeed Allah Shetty do is more severe and the report in the retribution. Lil for Cora for those who are por el mohajir in the immigrants and Latina those who read you they were expelled men from deity him their homes what I'm wanting him and they're well yeah but the hoonah they see fabuland bounty min Allah from Allah what Implanon and pleasure why on sorona and they help Allah Allah wa Sula who and His Messenger Allah aka those whom they saw deikun those who are truthful one Latina and those who double well they settled Adela at the home when he man and the men from probably him before then you

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should Boone they love man who has he immigrated la him to them wanna and not yet you do know they find fi in Soto to him they're just harder than any need member from what they were given where you don't and they prefer Allah upon and forcing him themselves wallow even if Ghana it was the him with them hustle Splatoon destitution woman and whoever you are, he is saved, sure, selfishness nuptse he of his soul fula aka than those who they have mostly shown those who are successful one levina and those who are who they came men from bardi him after them, Yoko Luna they say Ravana our app is it forgive Lennar for us? Wiley, Juana and for our brothers and Latina those who serve acuna. They

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preceded us bill Eman with the fake Wallah and do not federal you make fi in polu Bina our hearts really lend any hatred lilla Vina for those who are new they believed for a banner hour up in Mecca. Indeed you are often one who is most kind regime or always All Merciful. Allen did not thorough you see a lot towards a Latina, those who left Oracle. They were hypocrites Jaco Luna they say they want him to their brothers and Medina those who cafaro they disbelieved men from an Al Qaeda People of the Book, like in Surely if encourage them you were expelled. lenor regenda surely we shall definitely go out Marco with you. Why law and not nuclear? We shall obey

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in you. I hadn't anyone aboda ever what in and if

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you were fought with Lenin surah Nicole, surely we shall definitely help you one law who and Allah Yeshua do he bears witness in the home indeed de la cara de Beaune surely liars? Let in Surely if they do they were expelled Let not Yahoo June they will go out Mara home with them. While in and surely if coup de leeuw they were fought with less not yen sorona home they will help them whether in and surely if NASA when they help them, let you win Luna surely they will definitely turn about on the backs so much, then let's not use our own they will be helped learn to surely you or I shall do are more intense Roberton in fear. Fi in so duty him their chests. May Allah then Allah velyka

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that the unknown because indeed The Omen a people learn not f cohoon they understand. Let's not you call it Luna comb, they will fight you Jimmy run together Illa except fee in poorer towns will have fun at in, fortified and or main from what are behind Judo worlds. But so home there might there enmity buying a home between them Shadi don't severe, there are several home you think then German altogether? What Kaluga home while their hearts shut the are divided. Then they can that be unknown because indeed the common people learn not yark alone. They understand karma Sally, like example, and levina of those who mean from probably him before them, or even near their coup they tested why

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Bella consequence Embrey him of their matter when a home and for them. Are there been a punishment and even painful karma Sally like example, a shape on off the shape on

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When Allah He said, Lil insan for the human being, look for disbelief, sallam, then when cafaro he disbelieved? Allah He said in me indeed I very own this associated Minka from you in me indeed I a half I fear Allah Allah. Allah Allah mean of the words for Ghana so it was October the humor end of them to another woman that indeed they do for now in the Hellfire holiday nice as to who abide eternally see her in it. What Danica and that jezza is recommends avoid the mean of those who do wrong.

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Jamie Oh boo boo.

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