Muhammad West – The Barzag – Part 02

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the physical squeezing of the human body and the importance of understanding one's religion and personal preference. The punishment of animals and people who do not pass the test, including being punished, is discussed, along with the importance of avoiding silly behavior and reciting the story of a deceased family member. The importance of making a statement about one's actions to avoid punishment and recap the memory of a deceased family member is also emphasized. The segment concludes with a reminder of the importance of forgiveness and a lecture on Islam.
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You will end up in the copper alone, even your loved ones will leave you, even your wealth will leave you and all you will now have is a list of needs. So once you reach the copper, this is a very, very very skinny moment

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that abyssal Solomon says, when the person is buried, the earth will squeeze you.

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The constituent will be pulled tight around you and he sees this very scary thing. The squeezing in the grave is for everyone. And if anyone were to be saved from it sad even more either of your lungs would have been saved.

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Even while this is great Sahabi he died in the Battle of the trench, Shahid grits a hobby

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pious hobby, one of the leaders of unsolved when he died, the throne of Allah shook, that's how great he was. And even him, you got squeezed once, meaning most of us are going to be squeezed.

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If the single person, good or bad will be squeezed, the good person, the earth will hold you for one or two moments and let you go. For the bad person that squeezing will be mean for Allah knows how long

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everyone like this, you must taste it will be easy. Everyone has experienced the squeezing of the carbon. for that moment, if seen on all of us.

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All of us are gonna feel it. Some will feel it for a moment, that's the base. Others will feel it for Allah knows how long the entire steam club will be squeezed.

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Now, when you're in the grave, and you will hear the sand being put on you, you'll hear the footsteps you'll be away. And when you're finally in the cabin, and the last person leaves, and it's pitch black in

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two angels into the graveman current Nike,

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black and blue and stern idea even if you're a good person, they will come into your club and they will sit you up this will be the test. This is the fitness of October when you get a liquid under fitness covered. Fitness means the trial the test is this exam, the three questions you will need to answer now these three questions you cannot memorize them. Your life, your body, your heart will answer these questions will ask the three simple things. What

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did you worship? Who did who was important in your life? Was it Allah? Or your money? your children, your business, your looks? Social media Who was your Lord in this life? for the believer, he will say she will say Allah is my was my Lord. For the this feeling person or the person who was forgetful. They will say, I don't know. I don't know. Who was my daughter?

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And then this, this, these angels will carry a hammer. Allah protect this and this person will release when they're unable to answer. And this is the screen the personal preference is that every creature is that screen except the inside and the gene of this striking of this hammer. And they will ask you what is your religion? What did you live by? What was your muddles? What did you live by? Why don't you have your deen the believer will say my Deen was gone. And you'll pass

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the speed even though a person who didn't live according to pulse I don't know. And then strike him again. And then what about was your? What do you say about this man that came to you? Did you follow him to obey you follow me to believe will say Madison is the Prophet some of

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the one doesn't know won't be able to answer.

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English ask you What have you done? And they will read I read the book of Allah and when i when i will you will answer what I did. You will mention to you with confidence say that he read from the Quran. He lived his life according to Allah and you will answer to the angels correctly and you will be saved from that. And Allah says in the Quran, Allah mentions in the Quran that he will that he will strengthen the people with a good word. What is the meaning in that moment? When you're being questioned? Allah will be with you to answer those questions. He will give you the good word in as you so put in the dunya he will support you in that cupboard. As for the believer,

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even mentions that he'll be protected from his from all corners. He scholar will stand at his head and his charity will stand on one side and he's fasting will stand on the other side and his good deeds will stand behind him. And when the angels these angels want to come near you they'll say stop you can't come to me. Your good deeds will protect you from the questioning. So they'll have to ask from behind those who sit up we need to ask the sky some questions and then you answer easy and when his grave will be illuminated to be made with lights. Depending on how you live your life is how much light will be in the cover.

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There's a beautiful Hadith that says,

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there'll be a person in the grave, and their life will be either very dumb, or no one likes and all of a sudden a light will appear.

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sweetness might come from, they'll say to your children and making to offer you

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just one minute just make to offer someone that has passed away. Because we'll lay there, right now the cover of law, God, my grandparents, it'd be like in the upper right now, we increase your loved ones, right everyone's at this moment they feel a breeze. Because at

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that moment, that light depends on your good thesis you've done in the dunya, and the doors of those outside, and your copper will be made wide. So the squeezing stops and now it's made white because you pass the exam. And all of a sudden you find someone appear in your cupboard. Who's not alone in this old ancient

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Mashallah beautiful, the most beautiful person I've seen, what are you doing? Yeah, and the person will say, I am your deeds, as you carried me in the dunya. I'm going to keep you company out in the public so you won't be alone. The Quran that you recited will be a person that will talk to you in a competition alone, the sooner that you made, the charity that you made, will actually be a human being that will sit with you, and you probably will be so wide that you can see the individual, as the spiritual person who the person was failed,

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he will be pulled, as we said, constructed and his cupboard will be made not tight and it will be made tight, it won't very dark, and then it can chew into his cupboard, smelling terribly scary,

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are you But who are you, what are you and this creature will say, I am the deeds, human form and body form, this is what you did. And as you love that, like I will be with you here to punish each other, this creature will have to make this person now the one is resting at peace filled with light with new happiness, the other one is being tormented by this creature. Then all of a sudden, the angels will open up a door a window for the good person, they will open up a window into Jannah they will say Look at this. And he will see john he will be terrified and he will he will say this would have been your place if you if you fail this exam. But you're saying to me close it. And then they

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open up a window with the agenda. And the breeze of Jana will enter

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never smelled something amazing. And he will see the trees and the palaces and the joys of Jana will look inside.

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And they'll say this is waiting for you.

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The bad person is in this grave. It's completely dark, it's cold, being squeezed, being tortured by this creature. Then a door will be open and you will see them and they will say this is where you would have gone as an added punishment. He will see what he lost out. Look at all the beauties of gentlemen you're not going to get closed. When they go to jail Jan's opened in the fires of Jana will actually intense copper, and he will see himself being punished. This is where you go in and these two souls will start making the one being rewarded will make your YALI to become as great as the grave is Gemini is even better, I want to get d I'm excited for that. The one being punished in

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the cupboard, even though he's being squeezed, even though he's being tortured by this creature when he sees Jana

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will be punished for not waiting in Jannah. That's even worse.

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So they're making 201 for piano so you can get these gentlemen, because the good believer, every seat just gets better and better and better. Bad one, it just gets worse and worse and worse.

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There are some people

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that will be saved

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from the thickness of the cover.

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Right there some people will will pass the question very easily. They'll pass you mentioned some of them. The shade, the one who fights you'll be saved from the questioning. And the person who died the person who the stomach disease the person who died on the Thursday night automatically the question someone who died in the first example, all of us to have that kind of deep, they will be exempted from the question. What a wonderful thing. I think of my grandmother rahimullah she died no fly to how lucky she must have been. Because it will come in the grave and maybe those angels will say because you passed that's a good sign for you. You won't be questioned automatically.

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something wonderful that some people just lost because of how they live immediately even past the questioning,

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they will be protected from the terrors of of the grave. Now

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the person as we see your position in the cover, even if it's a bad one, even for the one who's being punished, even so we still hope

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there's still hope for the one who's punished the eyes of others, nothing needs to depend on those people that live behind, they need to make you offer him or her he must hope now that his good deeds he lifts some of it will still benefit him and it can happen, but also that the reverse can happen. Somebody can have a bad ending, and he sins even continue. We know of some people for example, maybe the picture online for example, the heat something a lie and the sheets on rumor. After they die, that rumor still continues. His sin continues in the cupboard Never before had it been so easy now, for us for our citizens to be multiplied even after we die. We as someone for example, you share

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some knowledge you do one good thing it continues even after you die people benefit from it, your public beta and beta your cover gets upgraded because of that.

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So what else in terms of the rewards and the torments of the grave

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signos Mangle your line used to make you out a lot about the safe the punishment of the grave and he saves it that's so strange. We constantly hear you say Oh Allah save me from the punishment of the great salesman particularly isn't Johanna most of you and he said yes Jana was was so why don't you ask me to hang up? So he says I heard the profit on saying the greed is the first stage of the after evil passes through sci fi we will come through the grave safe and sound. Whatever comes after that will be easy. Minichiello questioning will be easy. Okay, gentlemen. So if you pause that Next station, it just gets better and evil begins his punishment can actually get worse and worse. But if

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he does not pass through it safely, whatever comes after that will be even harder. And the prophet SAW wasn't it? I've ever seen anything more disturbing than the punishments I saw in the cover the topic of the cover.

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Now some people and I, in the past, this was a debate, and I thought no one yet will debate this. But I even heard that someone mentioned, some people said we don't believe that this punishment is covered.

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And the argument is the specific a Why will over punish you before you want to go try the court case. If you're good or bad, you must first be judged before you can be punished this so the city doesn't make sense that you should be punished in the green before pm, understand the argument. I don't think anyone here has that view. But even if you had that view, this is a very clear if the Quran, Allah says and you are Buddha, Buddha, one Ashiya that the final they are exposed to in the morning in the afternoon, meaning the people surrounding these people. And on the day of gamma we will establish of your own a shadow that they will go to the worst of punishment. So when are they

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being punished in the morning in the evening? Now? Yes. Are you following the ayah Allah says during the morning and the evening, Allah punishes for your own was something of Jana, and even though he's not in the cupboard, he's actually in the museum. He feels Jana in the morning in the evening. And then when kiama comes, you'll go to the worst place agenda, meaning he is currently being punished. And this shouldn't be a debate. Do we not see that the people have moved or punished in this dunya odd that there are people who are really punished in the dunya let alone in the copper liquid only after Allah has the right to punish whenever he wills before often, some people will be admitted

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into gentlemen before kiama even other the other Allah's mercy, because although supremely just does not harm anyone. So the punishment of the grave is real. What we spoke about the questioning is the fitna, not the punishment. Understand this way is the thickness of the trial, the questioning and the eyes of the grave is still punishments of the grave specific punishments

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right of the punishments.

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The profitable setup is a dream. Gentleman some rock solid, a long happy about this hobby says that the profits or setup would ask as a regular departure time, anyone have a dream, and you would interpret it. So this one morning of the Pfizer approximant said I had a dream. Last night I had a dream and I got to see some strange things. And he mentioned of the things of the cover that he saw. So the process of this is last night two agents came to me

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In a dream, and they woke me up and said, Come proceed. So we went out. And we came across a man lying down mobile particulars. And there was another man standing over his head with a rock. And this man crushed the person's head with a rock, and the rock roll down, the other man will feature, the time he came back that other person's head was made normal. And he took chrome again and crushed it all and came back. And he did it again and again. And again. What is this, what's happening here, and the agency proceed, move. So the processor walked on. And then they found a man

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who was lying down, and another person standing over his head with a hook. And he put it in the side of this man's mouth and to the one side of his face, then you put the hook in the other side, and to that side, and when he returned to the right, the face was normal, any toys again, the processing what is happening here, who is this, the agency proceed, move on.

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Then he came to like a river of blood. And he found people like drowning in it. And as they were swimming, trying to survive, there were people on the bank, throwing stones, and then making them swallow filling them up with these stones is what's happening here.

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And this is I came to an oven

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and they want people hanging with hooks.

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And the oven would

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battle and the fire would rise up and burn them and they would scream, they were naked, and then it would subside and stop again. And again and again and again. isn't what's happening here. And the angel said, he said there was so much noise in the screen so much in this oven. So that the promises they explained to him.

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They said, As for the person whose head was being crushed, this was someone who had studied the Quran, knew how to read the Quran, but never recycled. And in fact, they even overslept for 5g is the punishment of oversea professional practice. How many of us have done that?

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To protect us, it's the person who had knowledge is inaccurate the person only or any one of us that they can read the Quran and myself included myself more than any of you Yep, we leave the Quran and only next Ramadan, we take it out again. So this person knew how to recite the Quran, never recycle it, and even overstepped the budget. So this is

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wrong. As for the person whose face got pulled apart, this was someone who was triggered rumors and lies, and it spread all around. And again today it's so easy you can see one in the past you told one person that was it. Now you can put it on the internet 1000s of people can fake news panel Think about that. If returns speak bad about someone think about that scene for the person was swallowing those stones and drowning in a river of blood. This was someone that used the Riba interest,

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house loans, car loans, moving away from moving, moving us Islamic Finance, do something else. Don't put yourself in debt, whether you took it when you didn't take it with your pay to keep out of the city back away from it one of the major sins for the person, the people that were hanging upside down and they were burning. These are people committed Zina, and this was they were naked, there'll be foiled and kept alive, or in the cupboard. Now, whatever since we did, some of us may be guilty of the other sins. You are alive. You have the chance to be Stefan.

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I make Toba, you make Toba, Allah will forgive these no sin so big that alone will not forgive. But you have that moment now that I will not go there. So some of those sins, I might think I'm guilty of them. Yeah, I've done those things. Particularly Forgive me, no matter how big that sin is. What you've done in the past is in the past, you can fix it with a stuffer.

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So these are the things that he saw in the cupboard that we punished. The professors on once passed by a grave and he said, we have two people here being punished, he heard the punishment. And he said they're not being punished for things which people take seriously. We think it likely the one who's being punished for spreading rumors, backbiting, he spread malicious rumors, he's being punished for that. The other one, this is being punished for not using the toilet politically.

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This is more for the main

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student. And he splashed and got on his clothes. They didn't clean himself properly. We left the bathroom in a bad state, or he exposed himself but he didn't use the toilet correctly. So he's being punished for that. In fact, he says, the punishment of the grave the number one reason why people are punishing the grave is because of urinating incorrectly.

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That using the toilet correctly, is the reason why majority of the people who have been punished take care of that aspect of our lives. Take care of that.

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It's one of the reasons why a person not only being punished for the good person who had this, he is detained from reaching his agenda. He said, this is your agenda. But you must stop here because you have this thing. So, once a hobby said, you know, the Prophet says this man that had died is being detained because of the debts he owed. So these family members stood up, and they say these deeds to the prophet and said, You have to see how this guy he was released, you know, he was held back, but now he was he was gone. He was let go because he's digital paid. So if you want to help somebody,

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pay the debts or forgive those dates. forgive that person because Allah will forgive you afterwards. As for the rewards those the punishments as for the rewards, his grave is furnished with trees and plants of gentlemen. Now, I know we can't understand this in a grave, but he's grateful we made why you will be worth the ornaments of generous, generous things we brought to you, and he won't be you will be clothing from Jana. And you'll have the breeze of gentlemen inside your cupboard, you'll get to see like a TV in general watching it and you will have the companionship of, of your good deeds

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of the rewards. There are some even some of some of us now this is where the Hadith is mentioned a number of things some people alone will say of the influencing that person Now see, every thought you have and you will have the best sleep. Think of the best you ever had. Maybe because of the difficulty fallacy now to be sleep like a person on the wedding night. So after they add enjoyment to sleeping excu beloved sleep like that like that some people sleep by the others very would like to Shaheed and very pious people, they will for them, they don't stay in the cupboard, the soul is taken out of the cupboard, and it's placed in like little birds, they will have bodies of birds and

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they'll fly around the ocean. That will be the that's the great reward. But even before you get to the cupboard, before you get to gender, you get to fly around the throne of Allah. That's the word of some of the best of the best looking shade.

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So yeah, some of us at hamdulillah will get asleep or at least some will even get to explore and fly around gender fly around Allah subhanho wa Taala as part of the rewards.

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This is a very beautiful part something that I also found interesting. Two souls meet one another yesterday.

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And this gives some comfort for the good doers. They get to meet each other.

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The bad one is locked up in his cupboard being punished. That's what happens all the time. They stay in the cupboard, being punished in torment and being squeezed for the good ones they can actually explore. They can't come back to the dunya but they can explore the bursa. So this is beautiful Heidi and I love the study Why? Because the results is when one when the soul is thinking when someone dies and he's a good person, he hits the buzzer and he's family members, maybe his parents maybe his friends they will come to greet him and then it will be like someone who you know you haven't seen for years and they come down from a journey everyone wants to greet and when that

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happens now all the relatives are squeezing this person hugging him one on teammate will say well the granules

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died no

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counting him and now they will stop talking. They will ask what what's happening here they'll tell you the buzzer is nice. This is like you know you get so wonderful here and they will ask you about the dounia and what's Ahmed and Fatima doing what's happening in the dunya milltek in the to the living the Why don't just die will update them as what's happening in that area. Then he will say I don't see uncle so and so and so on so they're not yeah we have a so the dead souls will say but we thought they still alive he says not they died during long time ago.

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Here is another place in the US in January was being punished.

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Right? So one of the good rewards is you won't be alone only you'll be with your payments you campaigns the pies will be together. The bazaar is a place of enjoyment as well.

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And that's why the problem is is that you will actually weigh your coffin when you visit each other so we the promises, shroud yo people well cover someone well when they when they die because they will be visiting the people in that cover. And of course the covering agenda. Questions on this? Do the souls travel to us? Can they come to our world? No. So basically Allah says is a bizarre liability between these two worlds is no crossing over. So while the souls travel and they meet each other, some souls can even travel to Jenna some souls even reach the Arusha law depending on how good you are the soul can they

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Come back to this world. So how did you come back to us and the fact that they asked what's happening in the dunya? They're not really aware of what's going on here. They don't know what's going on in our world. Do they hear us? Allah says in the Quran, you will not make those who are in the grief to you. Now only for certain moments there's a lot allow the date to like when the data is being buried. Sometimes somebody the person made them here he spoke to the people in the public like in the back No but but in general, the date do not hear the living so you can't go and speak to the person in the public and say so and so when this happens we can't do the only thing they can do is

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they can feel if you make to offer them that the condition increases and they will ask what's going on? Why is my copper you know, being upgraded? Why am I coming from an angel will say this is your son looking to offer you that good feeling? Can we enter our dreams? No, not really. They can't process his dreams of the types one is from a lot and he always shows you a dead person for a reason is very very like if you see the prophets of Salaam then it is him. So he said it was passed away. He's coming in your dream and that's it. But most of the times when we deal with the person it's just our imagination or memories so that they are coming and Stoneleigh sometimes you find people

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you know they they say you know I didn't have mommy and listen they told me about my job I should make a life that did come back they will tell you make more make motion just for you to do they won't tell you anything else besides worshiping a lot more so dreams they people don't eat our dreams and don't you know dwell on that. So getting ready let's get ready for this moment. We've spoken about this journey that is where we're going to end up look at the cover you and me we're going to end up in

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the rewards are real the punishments are the all the stakes are high. If it comes down to that will be placed in this box here will be washed

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our clothes will be taken off the only thing we will wait to sign them for no This will be our coffin. So let's get ready. How can we get ready some things to do of course we reform our life begin to worship Allah start is differ and Toba. But some things we can do. The proximal says there is a surah in the Quran with 50 verses meaning

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that if you recite it, it will intercede for you it will be your shield will defend you. Another Hadith says Surah will be your defender in the public.

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And the prophet SAW Selim says that he cites it every single night before he sleeps. This will be like the number one

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defender in the cupboard. This little book is a powerful tool for protecting you in the public. So myself, I mean, I don't we don't do this regularly, we should be doing it. part of your daily routine will take us maybe two three minutes, recites what I'm looking for your sleep

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before you go to sleep. And that's beginning to prepare yourself What do you need in the cupboard?

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There was a great scholar and when he was asked, you know she's such a great SCADA about you know can't be upgraded you living in such a shabby house can't be upgraded to a nice house Susanna Murray moving, moving, we didn't know you're gonna go, why don't you tell us you leaving? So he said, Okay, if you want to know my new address, he gave the address, go visit my new house and building. So when they came to this town, it's the grave a cemetery. So he says yes, just like you build a house and you search for a property. Why don't we do that for the property, we can move to that that's going to be our house. So build it up, Build it up with good deeds, building up with setup and charity,

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building up with with things have already occur. With Quran recitation, with with with honesty with whatever it is, it's like furnishing your cupboard. Think about it like that. I'm placing my comforts of my cupboard in the certain to us that the professor would make it very similar. Now of all people assume the losses are the one who's getting tea, he would make two hours every single day,

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five times a day, at least at least five times a day. But rather every Tasha would fall down sooner and would make this hour long. You can think again your phone's off and take a picture

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of Allah, I seek protection in you from the punishment of the grave. And I seek protection you from the fitna of the judge, and I seek protection with you from the tiles of life and death in our law, I seek refuge in You from sin and loss. So when you make this to our reciting Arabic before that I said before you say I said I'm wanting for myself why

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That's the time you make this go a long way to becoming a dabbler Jana, the prayer journal with Adobe auditable law protect me from the punishment of a cupboard will fit with my mouth and the thickness of life and it will be free to share the secrets in the secret the job and the thickness of the gel particularly for things, the cupboard, the punishment of a cupboard, the punishment of the grave of Chanda, the jar and of sin life indeed, if we time before you say a Solomonic my Santa Monica, it's like this, this is repeating yourself in your cupboard for that moment that you think it is along the two are witches includes our law, protect me from dates, particularly from sin,

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distance me from my sin, like the east and the west. So there's a lot more detail as well, we could include that.

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We prepare ourselves for our cover, we prepare ourselves for our date. And we also remember those who have passed away. This is something that gives us great hope. As I say all of us have people have relatives have died. Think of someone that you love that's in the cupboard now, a lady came and went and says, Yeah, my mom died. What can I do for her? So promises give charity on her behalf. So he says what charities Can you tell me what I can do for her. So the promise is the best you can give water if someone water and she will see that you wrote in the cupboard, that you can make dua for someone. And the basic goal is, of course to do have a child for the parents or the

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grandparents, you can give charity on behalf of someone passed away near Mineola, they don't need this one that enter the message on behalf of my mother, she will see that every time someone makes a law in the country, every time his child comes and learns could they get rewarded recovered. You can make you can assess if you can even make a job or if your parents or your loved one at all stating that they owe a lot you can do it on the behalf. So now you can benefit those that have passed away. And also remember, just as you benefit those who have died, think of your own cover.

00:32:09 --> 00:32:40

As the professor says, when you die when we die, our deeds come to an end except three things. There are three types of deeds that continue 70 to jharia. One is if you live behind some knowledge, you told someone what to make Sala, you taught someone not only Islamic knowledge, you might be to the child, if you're a teacher, we teaching kids maths, science, English, and they benefit from that. Every time the child opens that book and reads, you will get rewarded for them. After you die, the child is eating that child to their children, you get rewarded for that.

00:32:41 --> 00:33:30

Another form of charity that will last forever, is if you build a structure or you plant a tree will do well. Now Subhan Allah I always mentioned this in the book of this America in this place, because the mosques have about 101 or 200 years ago, some uncle might just have put a big these did hundreds of years ago, but that measure is still v. Every Friday is five times a day they saw that in the Ramadan people are breaking the fast electrical away, he's getting that reward in his cupboard. So invest, invest in your hero. Invest in your cupboard, make some charity that will last forever. quantity. Quantity deagle Why don't they even if you can only give one man it's possibly charity.

00:33:30 --> 00:34:06

And of course the base of that is if you have a child that remembers you and makes to offer you have the sponsoring all of us, most likely our opinions will be for us. And most likely those of you whose parents have passed away, you are there waiting for you to make the offer. They're waiting every day only when my son when my daughter remember me we forget them so easily we can I can't really pass away. But after two or three days, bullying can be paid things need to be done before we do our regularly for your parents and make to other our kids will remember us when we pass away as well. They'll make to offer us in our public

00:34:10 --> 00:34:54

is very sincere advice from this greatest scholar advocate. He says who ever remembers data will be honored with three things. If you keep this in mind. You will hasten to paint after tonight I guess myself if this was successful inshallah, we'll think of the sun's we haven't yet asked for forgiveness. We need to go ask them of forgiveness. Before we could sleep because different provinces will ever see Subhanallah 133 times before he sleeps. The people wash away their sins even if it's like a full on the ocean. So he came to you think of this clear that account of sin with Allah. He will be contented now you today when you think of your poker in you know that money. What

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

is it? You have to realize this one big one is really, really Yes, you agree with me that extinction

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

holiday that extra bit isn't a big worry for light small compared to the big leagues, whatever you think of the grave, you will realize what you have is sufficient enough. And you will now be encouraged to do more if either, of course is the one who forgets to make think of the day you don't think of death regularly, you won't, you will delay anything I have time if time and you will forget to repent for your sins, you will want more of the dunya you will try to mess as much you'll focus on the wrong things. And you'll be lazy to worship Allah. So keep this in mind all the time. Keep in mind all the time. So my brothers and sisters, we conclude with these beautiful words that we

00:35:41 --> 00:35:46

recycle what they shouldn't. Again, paper we decide this idea all the time when someone dies. Yeah.

00:35:48 --> 00:36:29

That'll be good all the time of the year for the holy faith value or the Holy Trinity. What is what are we saying? Ultimately, in an invaluable project, we will see a lot so we don't yet know what's gonna take us back. We're gonna come back to a law all of the scrolls, as I see is just temporary when we come back to Allah and the best reward the best success not the agenda, not the palaces not the eating or not that's not the base. The base that you want is to know that your ob is pleased with you. The best thing that we can hope for is that Allah is satisfied we did our job in a nice piece with us so overseas to those of us who die in Allah goddess Yeah, yet

00:36:30 --> 00:37:13

Oh, believing Oh, so who is contented, solid now he's happy, have you died, you are now happy, it is in satisfaction. Come back to your Lord come back to allow us to meet you come back to your load model D and well please always happy with you. And you are pleased with Allah now into among other slaves for the police. He joined the honorable slaves whether you can make it and now in two gentlemen passed the exam. That's the great success. Now mother of all of us, this our ground our death to be a good day. May Allah grant our meeting with him to be a meeting of happiness. May Allah protect us from the punishments of the cobbler? Now let's make a steadfast the question of a common

00:37:14 --> 00:37:57

problem make our graves wide, filled with peace and happiness. May we have a conference B roll with Jean and a garden from the gardens of gender? May we may I'll probably be at least from the sadness, the worries of the dounia may I'll probably be the first station of the rewards of the earth. May Allah when we need to Yama it has to be pleased that meeting and may you be pleased with us. And may we be in general filters after that mean? That Allah forgive those who have committed sins. Now why should we have 70? Allah don't take us in a state of sinfulness. Yeah, although those who have passed away, forgive them for the sins no matter what sin they have done. Yeah. Oh my your Rama is

00:37:57 --> 00:38:19

bigger than that. Yeah, Allah forgive our loved ones make easy for him in the cover, distance away from in the center, Washington of the suns and when we meet them in the good in the life of the army, we sit like this one day, I will end up in a loveless, we will meet as we know the processes, you will we will congregate like this agenda. And we will say remember that lecture.

00:38:23 --> 00:38:29

He spoke about the oven we talked about escape. If only we knew the reality for the handler, we made it.

00:38:30 --> 00:38:36

We are in China now. Only happiness that's up to us. We meet like that.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:40

Any questions? Before we?

00:38:42 --> 00:38:44

Any questions to ask

00:38:48 --> 00:38:50

anyone on also Chris, you know,

00:38:51 --> 00:38:52

these are questions we ask you.

00:38:55 --> 00:38:56

So I want to go over the

00:38:58 --> 00:39:02

shift, I just want to ask with regards to shape and to be able to the time of the day.

00:39:03 --> 00:39:24

So these are the nations that that shape on, he tries to mislead you at the moment of day. Because if you especially I mean, obviously if you're a good person, and now you're about to die, and he knows that you're going to pass this exam, he tries to trick you and right at the end. There's a very scary prospect. And there are many innovations from the highest like even

00:39:25 --> 00:40:00

when he was dying, and he was even out of consciousness. He said, No, no, no, no, no. And his friends asked him when he woke up, what would you say? And he said, when I was no shake on came to me. Someone actually called and said, If passed, now you can relax. And he said no, not yet. Not yet. So this is a very scary thing. The chip on my throat to mislead us the right amount of data online doesn't stop. He will continue but of course don't worry about shape. Don't fear shape, one rather fear forgetting because if you remember Allah says he will be with you that hopefully

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00


00:40:01 --> 00:40:34

said if you are a good person at your desk, just as audition for service leave you alone will be with you to keep you safe Foster, you will make that difficult for you. And easy for you. Because you remember, the Hollywood principle is whoever remembers a lot of these good times along with him a nice difficult times, whatever it is align his youth, a lot will be with him. He's old age, we're very members following he's wealthy a level keeping in mind be with him when he's poor. So keep in mind a level protects you in that moment of you did this chiffon does come that moment. Any other questions?

00:40:36 --> 00:40:37


00:40:43 --> 00:40:48

All right. So brothers asking, Is there any significance between when someone dies and we have this culture, we have a

00:40:50 --> 00:41:07

fever and seven nights, 40 nights? So nothing specific about this. There's no sooner about this, this summer? Do you find certain people who would say at the seventh day this happens and then the fourth day, this happens? No, none of that is authentic.

00:41:08 --> 00:41:51

It's all talk about the bottom line is people did these things so that they can remember the data crisis. Look, somebody dies, it's been a week. Let's make let's make it harder for them. Whether you do the seven nights, three nights, the putting parties, don't forget your date. Don't forget your parents. And if you don't have to wait 40 days or seven days, every single day, if you have a loved one if rantings have passed away, my parents might know my kids might go before me every day part of your routine sort of make to our for those who have passed away, especially for reference, and then this is a means how you will be remembered when you die by those. So the point is just keep making

00:41:51 --> 00:41:51

the offer there.

00:41:53 --> 00:41:54

Any other questions?

00:41:56 --> 00:41:57


00:42:01 --> 00:42:01

What about

00:42:07 --> 00:42:29

it? So this is the author of those who this medieval believers, yes, unfortunately, and we don't have to, you know, it's a difficult thing to say. But even the uncle of the Prophet, the prophet love very, very much. When he died, he died he died, this medieval Prophet was a very subtle and very sad and he continued to make the avocado forgivable, sorry, forgiving, forgiving, a lesson versus if

00:42:31 --> 00:43:00

you don't give a dire you don't give belief or disbelief to anyone, you it's not in your hands, that person made the choice. And now that they've died on this belief, you can't even make to offer him anymore. So we're not even allowed to ask Allah forgive this person, the date of this video, all the same things are the same things. They've the exams, done, count, close fish, won't even do it. Let's see anything. So unfortunately, and that's why I'm the dounia is someone that you truly love.

00:43:01 --> 00:43:03

You need to give them this information

00:43:04 --> 00:43:20

about you, I love you, before that moment comes and you can make to offer them now. So if it's someone that's alive, suck, believe, make this person that person, you can do that now while they're alive. Don't wait for them to die, and then see how they do the choice.

00:43:21 --> 00:43:22


00:43:23 --> 00:43:41

yes. So GM certified that as buttering them for the benefit him or okay. So the question is if you decide to put it on, so this isn't what people you know, we'll see on the side is our Whoo, Sally. It's

00:43:42 --> 00:44:18

like you know your thrones for a time you can transfer the woods. Right? So the area allows us to transfer the woods to someone who has passed away. Now there are certain things which we know very clearly you can you can do a hedge on behalf of someone if you if you make hedge, and your parents didn't make much because they weren't able to get the former hedge with him so that he would have hedged to give it to them. If someone had there is scope fasting, and they passed away, and that's why brothers sisters, if you have days that you didn't ask your own, keep note of that. So someone can fast for you. If you pass away, so that fella goes to them. You can do charity very clearly. You

00:44:18 --> 00:44:55

can give charity and say I need this warranty. So and so as recycling could run this is debatable. One, some have seen this it's fine. You can recycle and say I give the money. Although there's no there's no Hadith about this. Some have said yes, others have said well the best thing to do and make a heart and in fact, this is what we do. After they make the Hata what do they do they make it to a roof. So So what we can do is once we make the the by the Yala through the Baraka of the arm that he recited now we make into our forgive uncle so and so on and so and so even if they don't get the reward of the hot tub that you are that you've made will be

00:44:56 --> 00:44:59

and the Quran reciting bumped up the power

00:45:00 --> 00:45:00

have that.

00:45:01 --> 00:45:47

So that's the best thing to do when you're done reciting make dua through that visitation. Okay. One last two questions. So I want you to consider when a person dies at sea by drowning in a fire, what is number one the condition and also what becomes the cover? Okay, so as we mentioned that the person, the Hadith said the person who dies from drowning, and there's another week Hadith about burning, then through that type of thing, like dying of a stomach disease, the questioning of the cover is made easy for him, there'll be leave, of course, and even the punishment will be lightened. And that's a principle of law. If you go through a hardship in the dunya, it takes away your

00:45:47 --> 00:46:24

hardship in the author. And if you go through all children, the cover it makes easy for you on piano, that some people they will face the difficulty happens in the dunya. So when they meet Allah hos you've paid, you've done. So there's nothing more for you in the copper piano, some people have said, so they need to be pretty fight in the public, they'll be squeezed a little bit, and then the copper is done. And now they have any words, as for the video, for someone who's drowning, this will be that person, if the body is still intact, we believe the person as for the person who's been a loss, a loss of ohana with that will bring that person's body in the buzzer together. And the soul

00:46:24 --> 00:47:02

of course, that means and the punishment and reward will continue. It's a very beautiful Hadith where men will come up with a lot of sin, and he's about to die. So he told the sentence he skips Can you make me burn me and scatter my ashes around the world so that I can avoid the punishment? So what was the winds to bring these ashes together? Allah says to this guy, what did you do? So he says, You know, I only did this because I feel your punishment. I feel your punishment. Now even though what he did was was was wrong. He thought Allah couldn't bring him backwards like that because he was scared of Allah. He said Allah I did this out of fear of you out of Allah's mercy

00:47:02 --> 00:47:13

Allah forgiveness man, so we can't escape the cover even if you're not buried in the cupboard the bursar you're going to be in the bowels of so you will be caught the I think that sounds

00:47:17 --> 00:47:17

like a

00:47:19 --> 00:47:25

* mostly but his body he got some urine Jay some tech to see what happens

00:47:26 --> 00:47:29

if someone has he passed on, if he if

00:47:30 --> 00:47:59

if that person repainted to accomplish a lot more forgiving. So repeat. So I know some people have seen if you if you have tattoos and you will continue to punish you because that was forgiveness Pinilla. Whatever sins we did. It's like the tattoos on our account, that stain is on the account on the lift account, make Toblerone stick, a logo forgive forgive that someone might not have known any better. They might have tattoos you can remove it, make it stiffer, a little forgive you. forgive you for that.

00:48:00 --> 00:48:08

You regret and you're sincere. I wasn't gonna punish you for something Sharla is something that you can when you make a mistake. Last question.

00:48:10 --> 00:48:10


00:48:18 --> 00:48:58

Absolutely. So brother is someone that's in a bad situation that's committed suddenly died? And now his kids like to offer him Can that batch make good? Absolutely. Yes. And not just the kids the booster so we that's why we never speak ill of the data, no matter how bad she was. He was negligent. They were if they will believe me, they died and we made an ulcer on them. We we still continue making to offer them we don't judge them. Because our do us benefit or harm. That if you speak ill of the dead. And it's like the deal either harms you on harms that person. And also we make that's where we go out generally, a local minima will mean obviously not all the believes that

00:48:58 --> 00:49:16

have died. Forgive them yet Allah forgive me Allah, because I would do as benefits all of them. So someone might have been a bad life. But through the eyes of people that live behind, all he did was he had good things they may do all for him. That might be his excuse. You see, as the scholars say,

00:49:17 --> 00:49:34

you don't need a perfect life to get to Jenna, what you need is one excuse to be too gentle. Oh, I just want one that isn't to put you to gender. You just have to have one thing going for you. That's what Allah wants from us. Just don't make him and have one say this. I didn't do everything but this thing I did.

00:49:36 --> 00:49:45

That's your agenda. So have one excuse make that if your excuses YAHWAH. I had good companionship, I didn't do the benefit, but they need to offer me

00:49:46 --> 00:49:47


00:49:49 --> 00:49:56

So in Sharla, with those few words as to what to expect, and I hope that it was benefiting young,

00:49:57 --> 00:49:59

hungry wants us to as we said

00:50:00 --> 00:50:10

We invite those who are willing would like to just experience a comment if you'd like to, we will go down for a minute or two

00:50:11 --> 00:50:11


00:50:13 --> 00:50:23

think about it we can do even now for a minute or less we'll be getting into that. So just google you can lower yourself my down in the we do we have a covering or something.

00:50:25 --> 00:50:38

We have a company will set you up to that to experience it. And we we welcome you. If not, if you're too scared to do it now. Just remember the use of hover with your name on it's creepy.

00:50:42 --> 00:50:50

I hope inshallah, you know, drive safe, be home safely, last. Okay, that Oh, if you have any questions,

00:50:51 --> 00:51:16

anything that you wanted to ask, but you couldn't ask you try, you can mail us could handle [email protected]. We also have a series of lectures once Islam on the wives of the Prophet and other matters, you can join us you can get this audio so this audio is being recorded. If you wanted to be emailed what's up to you, please send a message to that number, or send an email this email and we will send you this lecture as well.

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