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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming release of Nisa's Log, which emphasizes finding inner peace and one-on-one connections with spiritual teachers. They also touch on the rise of suicide and drug abuse among youth, which is a safety issue. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding inner peace and one-on-one connections with spiritual teachers, as well as learning to deal with various challenges and obstacles in life. They also mention a website called New Muslim Academy and encourage people to take time to learn and benefit from the experience.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam aleikum. How're you guys doing? We're here in Pompano Beach, Florida. And I was a little bit late, but you had some going on today

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in the law

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and then we'll have another

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and Nisa, and Mandisa, Abdullah Abdullah, also

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the Korean

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I bear witness, I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, there is no god that Muhammad peace be upon him. That Muhammad the peace upon is a spiral basically. Is this final time? Alright

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yeah, it's a very special day. I came after the fact. He did you Did I converted to Islam today. You did? Yeah. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So for our audience, tell us what's your name again? My name is Neil. Where are you from? I'm from New York. My parents are from Dominican Republic.

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That's pretty much it. Yeah. How you pretty young now? Yeah, yeah, just law 18 Turning 18 Yeah. Okay, so how, what made you come to that decision that you actually ended up taking your shahada today. So I pretty much just like, I never really been been a big fan of religion, but I always wanted to find like, an inner peace. And I looked into the other religions, and I saw that Islam is like the way for me, I just love everything about it, you know, the praying and all that stuff. devoting your life to Allah and stuff like that. So just pretty much just finding inner peace in my life. What religion did you grow up on? When you grew up? Was it? What were your family from

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Dominican? So Catholic background? Catholic? Yeah. How did that fit into your life at that time? Did that?

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What What? What made you drift away from the Catholic religion? So it was never like, my family was never religious. They were just Catholic by name, but they never went to the church never pray the number really, like mentioned God too much in my household. So at some point, I'd even thought that we were just atheists, you know, we didn't even think wow, but my mom was like, Yeah, we're Catholic, but we never practiced the Catholic religion. So then, so you were never into religion? Yeah, you were searching for inner peace. Very important. That's like what we see around nowadays, a lot of people just not into religion. You know, there's a lot of manmade religions, and they kind

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of, you know, associate religions, all these weird things. Did you see any weird things like when you were investigating Islam?

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Not that I saw nothing. Weird. I loved every part of it. Like I saw the five pillars and all that stuff. Really thought like, Yeah, this is me right here. This is what I, this is my path. This is where I need to go down. What at your age, we're usually, you know, you think of 19 year old nowadays, stuck somewhere in the basement playing Xbox, you know what I mean? All day just, you know, minds on so many other things, but you're searching for inner peace. You know, I mean, your search, we see also a rise in suicide, we see a rise in drug abuse amongst the youth. So, I mean, that's kind of scary. Like, if you're searching for purpose in life for meaning going in this

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direction? Or what are you seeing with a lot of your friends, you know, the lifestyles that they're choosing? And what are you exposed to at this young age? I can imagine.

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It's so basically just for me, you know, yeah, I play video games, I go home, I do this.

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You know, I was, I didn't like the way how unhealthy my lifestyle was, with the, you know, dirty room, always laid. Now waking up in time, you know, what I mean? Talking back to my parents and stuff, and I just thought, Man, I, I can't continue this lifestyle. You know, I needed to be more healthier as a person, like, have a better, you know, just a better mindset when it comes to life. This is very important for other youth, your age, to see that to see somebody that's dedicated to looking to enhance their life to become a better human being. And now tell us, like what so you talked about the five pillars? We'll stick with one of them this thing that you did today, the

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testimony that there's nothing worthy of worship is of the Creator of the heavens on earth, God Almighty, Allah, and that Muhammad is his messenger. Yes, you know, this, this is something that I've seen interviewing so many hundreds of different people, you know, they go through all around the world, all the different world religions and you know, they get turned off from worshipping a human being, you know, stick stone, a bone, all the different things that are out there that people you know, go towards, but

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when people come to Islam, what they really love is this

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a one on one connection with the Creator or no intermediary this towhee this pure monotheism? How did that connect with you?

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It first connected to me because even though it wasn't Islamic yet, I still practice the religion just a little bit. And a lot of really does answer your, your prayers gives you advice and stuff like that. So I'll pray at night, you know, my wishes will come true. It'll just be you know, just like the simple things. Hey, wish me good luck tomorrow and make sure nothing goes bad for me. You know, put me on the right path tomorrow. Make sure my life just goes straight and no bumps and little things. Even if there were bumps. I know that he would fix it and he would help me guide me through. Yeah, so it was just pretty much that just like, just a lot just answering my prayers and

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stuff like that from when is the first time we had exposure to a Muslim? But you actually came across How did you end up coming across Islam? Did you have a friend that somebody expose you to it?

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It was my own? Your uncle? Yeah, he he, his wife was actually Islamic. So Muslim. Yeah, she was

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a Muslim, but then he converted he he converted you decided to shut out and then from there, he you know he'll text me things. Have a good day of all wishes well, and stuff like that. And then one time he came down in Florida and taught me a couple things and taught me how to pray and and then that's when I really got exposed and really decided to dive into it that stuck with you. Hmm, yeah. Beautiful, beautiful. Well, we just wanted to get a little some highlights, you know, from your, from your journey, the journey has just begun. You know, life. As you know it now. You learn Islam, you get the tools, so you can go ahead and deal with many of the challenges in life, but it's

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beautiful that you found out you know, what the purpose of life is that to submit to the creator, you know, to be a good human being by observing and living by the Quran and the authentics is a lot to absorb. But what else can you before we conclude? So, you were looking for a way of life that brought you peace of contentment? How do you deal with the backlash by some your friends or your family? Now that you've accepted Islam? How are they been? They've been supportive? Yeah, they've been 100% Is there been any teasing from from friends or anything? Like so with some negative comments? No, I mean, the only thing I've gotten were like, Hey, I don't believe we're really gonna

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do it. And I'm like, Yeah, because like no one really thinks you're gonna go Convert, you know, you can say something and never really do it. But I was deeply serious but my family that supported me 100% Everybody my family you know, they just showed me the love and support even my sisters came with me today you know, they're not Islamic but they decided to you know, get a job and you know, come to the mosque support me, you know, I mean, beautiful. Well, thank you very much for sharing a little bit good. Thank you your story with us. And that's the beautiful thing now you did the shahada Inshallah, you learn how to make the salon to prayer five times a day. So important to get

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really grounded, really grounded in your in your deen we say this way of life. So then you're able to deal with all the challenges and all of the obstacles in life gonna make you a better son, a better brother, a better human being a better all around person, you know, but that's takes some commitment to putting aside time to learn so you grow when you grow, you start to benefit from all the beautiful treasures that Islam has. Yeah, so we're here also for you. There's a there's a beautiful website, usually we recommend is called new Muslim Academy. is like the day after Shahada. So then people go online and they start to take the courses there. Learn how to make

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wudu how to pray and all the other pillars of Islam and Your journey begins.

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So, thank you, thank you. Take care slowly.