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The importance of staying optimistic and being present in public is emphasized, along with the difficulty of feeling loss and grief in public. The loss of wealth and negative impact on society, particularly on Muslims, are also discussed. The importance of finding a balance between happiness and sadness is emphasized, along with listening to music to stay alive. The podcast is being produced by an aliens and is available on the double it media team's website.

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For the Islamic State of Toronto, this is my one hustle and you are listening to Friday decoded.

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This Friday, Chicago locking quick delivers an astounding speech at the Institute, urging all despite hardships, losses and the many trials of life to stay optimistic, he draws some relevant parallels of how we see hardships versus how we should see hardships, a lot begins this mighty chapter,

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reminding us all humanity and not just Muslims, the whole of humanity,

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be conscious of your Lord.

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For surely the quaking of the hour, will be a terrible thing. When you prepare your publishes, you often go back to specific events are happening to you.

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Yes, it is reported the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, when he would give his quick bus, it would be very relevant. And sometimes you and his eyes would get read and sometimes even raised his voice, he spoke as though there was an army just behind the mountain, you know, near Medina. In other words, you know, very relevant very real. And so, normally when I prepare my footage, I do try to attach it to something that is actually happening right now in the community. And of course, if I can use myself as an example, then that even has more meaning, you know, to the to the people who are listening, because, you know, you in a sense, you know, become an example of what you're talking

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We are feeling fear,

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fear being created by a media, or fear in the streets, Islamophobia.

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And now Muslims, even in our beloved land in Toronto, in Canada, even under attack, just for the fact that they are Muslim.

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Women, feeling pressure and being under attack just because they are covering their head, as the women of the righteous. We are also feel feeling in the Muslim world hunger.

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Hunger is widespread, all of humanity, but we as Muslims are seriously feeling this. In the heartlands of Islam.

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There is a loss of wealth, many of the countries that were

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rich countries have been turned into poverty stricken zones,

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the loss of life. And personally, most of us have lost somebody even within the past year tshabalala. Your hope today was about hardship, loss, and almost kind of about griefing, like the Islamic way of griefing.

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Talk to me a little bit about why, why you've selected such a hope of today. Well, today coincides

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with a number of Satterfield, you know happening in the Muslim community right here in Scarborough.

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And that is that our own check out Matt quickie. His brother,

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who was also a scholar, has just passed away on the fifth of August. And also one of our brothers angrily Yes, Muhammad was from Jamaica, was a publisher and, you know, active Muslim for years, 40 years, you know, here in Toronto, he just passed away

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four days ago. And, you know, coupled with the general situation in the world, I thought that it was interesting, you know, to note that this is part of the predictions of the coming of the Day of Judgment, you know, that there would be a lot of quitting and a lot of

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terrible things happening and a lot of trials and tests, you know, for, for the world, and especially for the most

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certainly a difficult topic to talk about. Talk about loss and grief

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and difficulties that, you know, people are going through, tell me why this is an important thing to, for Muslims to understand, especially nowadays.

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Well, it is crucial, because we are literally going through state of loss. I mean, if you look at the world right now, you'll see that we are the most embattled community, probably in the whole world. We have more refugees than any other religion or group. We have more failed states. You know, and Yemen. It's, you know, one of the biggest disasters in terms of disease, cholera, Central African Republic, Syria, you know, the losses of people I mean, the Uighur Muslims in China and you know, you can just go on and list

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Know the things that are happening to Muslim. So it's important for us to be able to channel that energy, that negative energy into something positive. So so this is really what you know, we're dealing with our reality, and trying to make something positive come out of it. So our response to the hardships, our response to the fear that is around us, or suppose it fear,

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our response to the hunger,

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our response to the loss of wealth or loss of lives, has to be the response of a sabihin.

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The patient people and part of Saba is being steadfast,

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persistent, to persevere, and that steadfastness is couched in optimism, positivity. Because if we were pessimists, if we thought negative about things,

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then we would be literally destroying ourselves. The word husband or husband, you know, the concept of sadness or grief, or sorrow,

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you know, as a noun, or as a concept is not really used in the court and to describe believers that they should be sad that they are in a state of sadness.

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It's the opposite, you know, because this word itself does not appear on the Quran. And the only time that forms of it appear,

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is when it's being forbidden. So in other words, the Quran is saying Don't be grieved, don't be sorrow. Don't be sad. Because sadness and sorrow. It can lead to depression and you know what I mean? I have felt this myself. We all feel this. You feel sad. You just feel negative, you feel in grief. And if that continues in your life, it has an impact on your mind and on your body.

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Check even okay am Rahim Allah, you know who's actually saying you know, don't ruin your happiness with worry. Don't ruin your mind with pessimism. In other words, being negative. And he said don't ruin your success with deception and don't ruin the optimism of others by destroying it. And don't ruin your day by looking negatively back at yesterday,

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which is a very good advice. By the way, don't be negative about things

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you know, because you're actually destroying yourself and you can be affecting other people you know, who are around you

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try to look at things in a positive way because you know, there are positive things happening. And the process of them used to tell us you know, you should always look at people who are you know, not as well off as you. So, trusting in Allah, depending upon Allah and, you know, trying to find, you know, peace and acceptance of all situations, you know, can keep the heart of the believer

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happy, in other words, optimistic and positive.

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