Is there no guilt when you sin?

Mufti Menk


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mudman a person who is addicted to intoxicants of any nature and they don't even have a plan to actually quit it or to seek the forgiveness of allah and you're coming in for example on an auspicious occasion people are all being forgiven but you're not being forgiven why there is a problem there's a barrier subhanallah what is that barrier you don't have an intention to quit the bad that you are addicted to in terms of that which is intoxicating or sinful you don't have an intention that's why my beloved brothers and sisters remember one thing when you are doing something wrong habitually

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as a movement at least feel in your heart what i'm doing is wrong allah he that feeling will save you you see what i'm saying because the first time you committed the sin you feel guilty the second time the guilt is less the third time the gift is even less the fourth and fifth and sixth time guess what happens you don't even feel it's a sin anymore it's just becomes nature so allah says when you feel bad with your sin it's a sign that you're a believer why would i feel bad because i love allah i have a weakness but i love allah i want him to forgive me strengthen me and don't just make do

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a brother had a very bad habit of going to the clubs every weekend so we met him monday we started talking and i said brother just quit this habit he says make dua fatima you insulting yourself or me oh are you insulting allah do i is very important i agree but you can't just say make dua make dua and two years have passed and you still telling people make dua and you still keep on going they making dua and you keep going to the clubs may allah subhanho wa taala grant us an understanding make an effort learn to improve if you haven't been for a whole month thank allah don't go and if you end up dropping and going after a month make sure the next time it's not just a month is way

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beyond the month that you don't go and i'm not saying keep going at longer intervals but i'm saying you need to see an improvement and then you say make do i'm trying i haven't been for so long like my buddies stopzilla who smoke smoking is a bad habit you're still my buddy but it's a bad habit quit it quit it so if you were smoking 20 and you suddenly dropped to 10 and then you smoke every alternate day and then you smoke one a week i'll tell you my brother you are there just cut the one a week and the uncle will tell you now if i don't have this one here i will get so close i'm going to beat up my wife what an excuse what an excuse you down to one the one uncle says i need a cigar

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otherwise these people are in trouble i said uncle you know what with that cigar you're in trouble