Mohammed Hijab – Ayaan ‘Hirsi Ali’ Gives it Her Best Shot Against Islam

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misogyny of Islam, stating that it is misogynistic and that women are expected to cover their bodies. They also mention the label of support and loyalty, which may be inspired by a third wave of feminist movement. The speaker suggests that men must establish truthfulness and objective second wave feministic principles to avoid confusion and misogyny. The speaker also addresses the struggles of men in their roles and the misogyny of their system, highlighting the importance of men being equal to women in terms of values and roles.
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Okay, thank you, in your experience had is is Islam innately misogynistic?

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The answer to that, unfortunately is a clear cut. Yes. Okay. Islam is misogynistic in its approach to women. I know that by saying this, I offend a lot of people, I know that people's feelings get hurt the feelings of Muslims, I know that that is the case. But setting feelings aside, and just looking objectively at what it is

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that Islam says about women and where it positions us. The answer is yes, it is misogynistic.

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And I'll give you a few examples. That would be good. Yeah. And I think the best example, because it's so factual, is the law, Sharia law, Islamic law.

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Islamic law declares that a woman has to have a male guardian at all times. That's not required of males. In Sharia law, a man is permitted to have four wives, she is not permitted to have four husbands. In Islamic law, it should be a law, a woman's testimony in court is worth half of that of a man. It's not the other way around.

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A sister inherits half of what her brother inherits.

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Wow. And this goes on and on. And I think too, because these basic tenets of law,

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Sharia law, when they're implemented, and where they're implemented, you see a huge difference between the way men and women are cheated, girls and boys are treated. And I would say that is misogynist.

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And because I'm not, I'm not that familiar with Islam, is Sharia law, something that's in the Quran directly?

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We are not is derived from the Quran and from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad is the founder of Islam. And his legacy is a body of law and norms that are implemented where there is a theocracy like Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or any of the other societies that try to establish

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legal systems that are based on Islam.

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So another example on the misogyny side is, women are expected to cover their bodies. And there is some kind of discussion on how much of that in some cases they let you show the face and the hands. And in extreme cases, you have to be covered from head to toe

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and confined to the house. Your male guardian chooses, or at least you need his endorsements to marry someone else. And all of this is in based in Sharia law. If you are a woman, and you're not happy in a marriage, it's almost difficult, almost impossible to divorce your husband. And the other way around for a man to divorce his wife, all he has to say is declare in front of two witnesses three times that he divorces his wife, and that's done so on the question is Islam misogynistic? I think these facts speak for themselves.

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is Islam inherently misogynistic? Well, first and foremost, of course, the misogyny needs to be defined, because if it's defined definitionally, as it isn't the kind of dictionary the hatred of women, then the answer is very clearly no, because the Quran very clearly states in more than one verse, you know, in chapter three, verse 195, in the Lair, drama lamrim income in Zakat, and also by Lumumba, God does not let to waste any action of any Doer among you, men or women, and that both of you are from one another. That in chapter 33, verse 35, the believing men and the believing women and you know, and so on, I mentioned a list of attributes, mentioning men and women specifically,

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and then says that God has prepared for them a reward. And in fact, the Quran explicitly mentions that we cannot have hatred towards any believer, because it's mentioned in chapter 59 of the Quran, a Bannerghatta. Gylfi, Kulu, Bina Hill Lally letting me know, God do not put any hatred to the believers in our hearts. And that, of course, includes women as well. So from that perspective, it's impossible to postulate it is impossible to postulate that Islam is misogynistic from that definitional perspective. But what we will say is, of course, misogyny is a label that is used haphazardly and arbitrarily between people in the West in discourses to mean different things. So of

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course, neoconservatives

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People that are more right wing or alt right excute accused themselves of being misogynistic, too, by a third wave feminists and so on. And so really depends on who is the one making the claim. And what the robust definition that they have of misogyny is sometimes that can be ideologically,

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kind of inspired in the case of third wave feminists, I would say it certainly is. That's why unfortunately, even your father has been accused of misogyny I mean, people in in the West, credible intellectuals and academics have been accused of misogyny, just because they believe in a traditional value of traditional values of family system, a complementarian. Family system. For this reason, the accused of misogyny, but one has to say this, and I think this is very important, Makayla,

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that we believe that there is an equality of value between men and women. We do believe that there's an equality of value between men and women, the Prophet himself Muhammad, he said in them and Associate Clinical ritual that certainly men are equal to women in front of the law that is the general rule that is a statement of the Prophet Muhammad. However, we do believe in exceptions and we don't believe that equality of value means identic ality and roles and so of course, people that are detractors from the other side. Like the academic charlatan, I am, McGann actually means refugee in the Somali language of course, and ironic reminded herself, she would say that Islam is

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misogynistic because of practices such as polygyny, which means that a man can marry more than one wife. And that is a practice that Muslims believe in, or practices such as that Muslim men can marry Christian and Jewish women. Of course, that is something that Western women cannot do in Islam as well. And various other inheritance things or aspects where there was a differential there between how men are treated to women. But we will say that equality of value does not mean identic ality and roles let me say that one more time, equality of value, we believe does not mean identic ality and roles. And therefore, just like Aristotle said, that, like things should be treated like likewise,

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and that different things should be treated the same. We do believe that women have a collective female temperament on certain aspects, which need to be tailored for and legislation, which needs to be tailored for in social and political life. And so therefore, if someone wants to use second wave feminist collectivistic discourses to try and attack the Islamic narrative, then they must first establish the truthfulness and the objective, the objectiveness of second wave feministic, discourses imse. The feminists, we all post feminism and we say that feminism has now almost certainly being cracked open as a false ideology. Of course, I think what I think I should add to

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this, in addition to all that was aforementioned, the iron maganda self was embroiled in the most embarrassing of public inquiries, if you can call that that, whereby she herself was in a polygynous relationship. She was a mistress. She was a mistress, to Niall Ferguson, her husband now, and she was doing so at the dismay of Sue Douglas, who was his ex wife, and with the destabilizing effects of goals, the steep destabilizing effects of his family to Lachlan Ferguson to Phoenix Ferguson the children of Niall Ferguson. So she attacks polygyny in her books, but she practiced it in her daily life. So this is a serious hypocrisy, not just in that what she does, McGann iron McGann, but in

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that which she states as well. So the challenge really is and I will repeat this, if someone wants to, quote, aspects of the Islamic discourse, aspects of the Islamic jurisprudential tradition and juxtapose it with the Western discourses, especially here, we're talking about second wave feminism, and expect to slam to correspond with those there'll be a zillion bitterly disappointed, because clearly, we believe our system is superior, believe the system is failing. We believe that nuclear households are being destroyed in the West. We believe that you've got it wrong. We believe that we've got it right. And so in order to defeat us an argument you must first argue from first

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principles. So yes, we do have differences with Western especially second wave or third wave feministic discourses, but that does not that does in no way. Show indicates that Islam is misogynistic to the contrary and one last thing I will say is, McGann herself is blissfully ignorant I am McGann I am Hirsi McGann blissfully ignorant of the Islamic tradition, the under qualified overconfident Ultra decrepit Darian, academic charlatan, right wing apple polish up obsequious woman that she is

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even know that it doesn't even know the basics of the Islamic tradition mentions in her book hermetic in page 77 that we worship Muhammad she doesn't even know the basics of the religion. She makes squandering mistakes one after the other, about gender in jurisprudence in Islam in her latest book, at pray, you can see it in page 151, where she went makes a series of unsubstantiated claims about Muslim women and their rights in Islam saying that their rights can be sold to strangers and all kinds of nonsense propositions which have no basis in the religion of Islam. So if you really want to know about women's rights in Islam, one has to go to the source and this ultra crapper

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Darian, academic charlatans ion is just a failure, who's who's been in brought has been let in by the most unusual types of affirmative action program to the neoconservative circles because she has no academic acumen at all.

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