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Haifaa Younis
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Welcome back.

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Today in sha Allah will continue with the life story of the legendary Sade, Aisha. She said when I arrived, I became ill.

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I wasn't feeling well. I only noticed that Allah Swati Salatu Salam is not treating me the same way. Usually when I am sick, he usually ask about me. This time he is asking about me, but it's not the same way he is different. And the wife usually knows. And then she said, maybe there is something else is going on. So I asked him Can I go and stay with my mother and father till I feel better. And he said go. Meanwhile, there was no revelation of the Quran in Medina.

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And everyone is talking about it. And there are Swati salatu salam you can imagine. And as Allah subhanho wa Taala have taught us is to ask, so he went, and he asked her servant, what do you know about her? And she said, I don't know anything but all higher. The only fault she has, is if I have baked, if I have prepared the door, and I will tell her keep an eye on that door. She will go on Play and leave the door. And then the sheep would come and eat it. Otherwise, this woman has no faults. He asked. So you'd nadie and say Nayeli said Yara so Allah, we don't know anything but good about her. But if that's so much bothering you, there are other woman also. Then she's still in her

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parents house. She went one day hitting little bit better, went outside to relieve herself in with her was a relative of hers and her father, the mother of Muslims. And as she was helping her, say da Isha tripped.

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But she didn't fall. And that the mother of the relative said die samosa. Whoa, and mustard seed, I said, why you're saying this. This is a man who attended better. This is a companion. And this is a very righteous man. And the woman told her, You don't know what he said about you. And she told her

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and then she said,

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Everyone is saying this. People are talking like that about me. Does Rasul Allah salatu. Salam knows.

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And the woman said, Yes. And she said From that moment, for the next three days, there was not a single, dry eye, for me, stayed in her parents house, or Sally who salatu salam entered,

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sat in front of her, she was crying. And he said yeah, Aisha. If what they are saying is true, say it and ask Allah for forgiveness, and he will forgive you. She said, the moment I heard this, there was no more tears comes out. She described it as my eyes were dry. She said I didn't say anything. I looked at my father and I said Dad, your answer, Rasul. Allah said networker, didn't say a word. You can imagine the feelings in that house at that moment. She looked at her mother, and says, Mom, you answered Rasulullah. She didn't say a word. She looked at all of them. And she said, I am not gonna say anything. But what's the father of use of? Then she commented, I didn't even remember his name.

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said to his sons, sovereign Jamil, beautiful patient, and I turned my back to everybody. What a woman

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at that moment, she said, I noticed that something changed in Australia sort of tour Sarah and the Quran was revealed. Then he looked at her and says, yeah Isha, your innocence came, and you can imagine the joy.

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And the father and the mother looked at her. And Allah revealed in the ledger or belief chaos moto min con, la tassa. Whoo hoo, Sharon. Those who came with the false accusations. Group of you don't think this is bad for you. It is good for you. And the whole, it's about six to seven verses in Surah to no chapter of light. So you can imagine the joy and Satan Abu Bakr looked at her and says come and how good Roswaal is salatu salam and thank him. And her mother said the same. She said no,

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I am not going to thank but the one who knew I was innocent, and who he send my innocence.

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and then she said, I knew I was innocent. And I know Allah will show my innocence. But I never thought, I am worthy and the sight of Allah, that a whole Quran, a whole verses of the Quran will be revealed that will be read till the end of the days to prove and to show my innocent one of her uniqueness or swallow a salt or Sudan died in her room, and actually on her on her chest. And the last thing he tasted was actually her saliva. She said,

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somebody as he was very ill Addie salatu salam, almost in the last breath. She was so smart and she said that I noticed someone was using a miswak

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and I felt it was swollen salatu salam wanted it. So I took it from the companion. And I actually moist it it with my saliva and put it in his mouth. And she said the last thing he tasted was my saliva and he passed away. He saw it or Sarah in her house. She lived years after him.

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And she was the most knowledgeable woman in Medina Kivar Oh Sahaba major companions. They used to come and ask her opinion, and what she thinks of this ruling and that she passed away in the Ramadan 17 of Ramadan at age 66. May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with her. May Allah subhanaw taala make us all learn from this story and all her life and the legacy she left behind?

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