The Jumu’ah Mubarak Debate

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Jorah is a blessed day. Like people say, Ramadan Mubarak Juma Mubarak and eat mobarak they all from the Mubarak family, right? You need to understand one thing. The Islamic greeting is a Salaam Alaikum even on a day, don't abandon the sooner what is the sooner? The sooner greeting mentioned in the Quran, the one Allah will use to greet us when we enter Jannah What is it

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as salaam alaikum and as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. No matter what day it is, no matter what occasion it is, do not replace this. Don't replace it. Once you've said it, Salaam Alaikum. My brother, he will answer you on a coup salam, then I can say eat mobarak you see what I did? I greeted for him but only after the Salaam because the Salaam is an ibadah. It's an act of worship. Don't kill it on the day of eat. Don't kill it on a Friday. Don't kill it just because Ramadan has started. Some people don't know this. That's why we're talking about it today. There's no harm in saying eat Mubarak for as long as you don't consider it the initial Islamic greeting

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because that is only a Salaam Alaikum. You follow the point and inshallah we can educate and we can concentrate and we can remember Be it a Friday. I've come across people on a Friday they think with a good heart that on a Friday you don't say Salaam Alaikum you just say jumma Mubarak. That's it. And on a on an E day you don't say a Salaam Alaikum you say imambara it replaces the seller not at all say it by all means but only after the Salaam because that's the DA Peace be upon you. In fact you need greater peace on the day of it.

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May Allah bless all of us.