Yusha Evans – 90 Day Challenge! MGL to the Moon

Yusha Evans
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Sir Mr de como rahmatullahi wa barakatuh brothers and sisters, all of our NGO family, the viewers, followers, etc. Welcome back to the channel, and I am issuing a 90 day challenge. This 90 Day Challenge is for people who believe in NGO people who believe in the idea of the Hello Space gaming community that we've created to allow Muslim gamers brothers and sisters to collaborate,

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communicate, congregate in a highly moderated environment. also help us take our message of Dean our message of the hour to the streaming industry, which is one of the largest growing and fastest growing niches of entertainment and the world in the planet today, and help our content creators really take mgL to the moon. That is what we mean when we say empty on the moon, we mean taking it mainstream to this big space. Now this 90 Day Challenge is mainly for our discord community. So if you're not following us on discord, please click on the link right below discord GG slash Mg O but this also applies to anyone who is watching who's not part of the the twitch sphere who's following

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me on Twitter. Because I always tweet when I go live. Who's following you on Instagram as following any of our content creators, all of their links are going to be posted below. This is a challenge to you to help us take mgL to the moon and to put visibility on what we have created in Sharma. Now this 90 Day Challenge is for anyone who gets the notification who is able to see our streams for all of our content creators to come in and join us. That means come in when you see that the the stream is live. Come in even if you're not able to watch it at the moment, even if you know you're doing some work in the background, just click on the stream, turn the volume slider all the way to the

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bottom and then put it in the background we get the view don't mute it because muting it doesn't count as a view if you hit mute. But take this the volume bar slide it all the way to the left for our discord community. For those of you who are on discord with us, I'm going to give you a challenge. And if you're not on discord, you shouldn't be 4000 strong almost today in sha Allah, this is what you need to do. This is how your discord will look.

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So now you see you have your discord here. Now all I need you to do is make sure that you go over here to self rules, click on self rules.

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Down here, there's this little thing that you can turn off for you will not be pinged. And you'll not be notified when one of our content creators official content creators all them listed below. Go live or post a video, you can double click this and you will not be notified. What I am challenging everyone in our discord community to do is to uncheck this role to make sure that you're getting those pings. And when you get those pings, try to join those pings will always show up right here in our Main Lounge, whereas mine will look different than yours on the left here. Because I am the server owner. Therefore I will see a lot more Here you go. As you can see, everything will pop up

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here in the lounge when someone goes live, it will post it right here in our lounge. So if someone for instance, one of the content creators post a video, it will say add social followers and it will click on there. Or it will say add social followers so and so is live. So you'll be able to see all of that right here and it will send a ping within this channel. And when you get that plane, when you get that plane, when you get that ping, just click on it when you get that ping just click on it and make sure that you have the social roles turned on right here under self roles. If you don't know how discord works and those of you want to be a part of a discord community. I have another

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video right here on the channel talking about our discord and how discord works. If you are watching this, and you have no idea what mgL is, there's another video that says what is MGM because our goal is to take our identity as Muslims as gamers

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into the streaming sphere we have people who are extremely talented in the games they play that are going to be pushing for professional eSports have validity or professional team validity which will help ngl greatly with its viability and visibility. But this 90 day challenge is to help one of our content creators on the twitch platform reach partner status, how do they reach partner status, they have to have 75 average viewers over a 30 day period 75 average viewers over a 30 day period, as well as stream for I think it's 12 days and 25 hours. But once they take those three boxes, they can apply for partnership. If one of our content creators becomes an official partner with twitch that

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gives us amazing visible visibility. That content creator is able then to create an official team within twitch that mgL team. Then they create a page for that where everybody can go and see all the content creators, then the content creators can squad stream we

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stream together, we can stream our stream cast together, we can stream our gameplay together, it makes visibility for us so much more relevant, that will help us take mgL to that next professional level. And that's what I mean when I say to the more named, we're not stopping in sha Allah, we're gonna keep pushing this platform if you disagree with if you don't like it, just keep on scrolling. This is for people who believe in this project the way we over an NGO, believe in this project. So what do I need you to do? Make sure that you are following all of our content creators, they're linked below, go on their pages, click on them. Make sure that when you see their notification that

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you hit the button to jump on. Even if you can't listen, move that volume slider all the way down, click on each and every single one of the content creators below. And all you need to do then is right here, you'll see a little button once you click on this is mine, for instance, and the other ones are linked down here below. Click on this little Follow button right here. Once you click on this Follow button, you'll be notified if you have the Twitch App downloaded. If you don't have it, download it, you'll be notified through the app, you'll get a push notification to your phone. If you don't have the app, you'll get an email notification that one of us has gone live, just click on

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it and support with those views over the next 90 days I believe with the 4000 people we have in our server currently, as well as everyone who will watch this video I believe we can make that happen in sha Allah.

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So guys, make sure you turn on those post notifications, make sure you turn on your social followers role on discord and help us take mgL to the moon help us take our identity as Muslim gamers as professionals as serious streamers who are creating halaal family friendly content to that next level. And again, this is not just for Muslim gamers we are open to anyone we have non Muslims in our discord we have non Muslim come to our stream all the time. Because we're creating a vibe we're creating an inviting environment a family friendly environment, a clean environment where the entertainment space can happen. Because streaming is becoming one of the largest entertainment

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sections on planet earth and is going to go into continue to grow past a multi billion dollar business. There is so much that can be had ad revenue for for charities ad revenue for Muslim products, ad revenue for all kinds of things are there within the sponsorship program within sponsoring our streams, all of that is open and available. And this is a sector that we have not touched as a sector that has not been given the attention that I think it should has, that should have. So we're going to do that for you guys over here to mgL we are making progress at hamdulillah. But with your help, we can reach that next plateau with this 90 Day Challenge. For the next 90 days

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help one of our content creators reach those 75 average viewers apply for partnership inshallah get approved and create an official team for mgL to be able to help all of us grow to help all of us grow. This is also for our youth who want to take streaming seriously, professional streaming is a

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is an occupation these days that pays well. And our youth can create that identity for themselves they can be proud of their their their their identity as a Muslim because of mgL. And they can go out and become affiliated on Twitch and make income they can become partner on Twitch make more income. This is something that I want to offer to our youth who really have this identity and have this passion for streaming for their Deen for gaming, etc. Now,

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I'm going to reiterate all you need to do if you're not with us on discord, click on the link, turn on the social followers role, it automatically gets added to you when you come to the server but don't turn it off. And when you see the pings, don't get annoyed, just click on them for the next 90 days after those 90 days if we reach our goal in sha Allah, then you can turn them all off and you can go on about your merry way. The same with you on on on social media. Follow all the social media I'm sure all of our content creators have their social media linked under different twitches and YouTube's etc. If you follow me on social media, I tweet every time I go live. I don't tweet a whole

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lot but I tweet when I feel like it's important Turn, turn on post notifications for my Twitter so you know when I'm live every single time it gets tweeted boom, the moment I go live and help one of us reach that partnership status so we can lead this movement realistically to the morning show online. With your help we can do it your support your backbone, we are creating this space for our youth to have this environment moderated Hello.

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So in it is ran by youth 100%. I'm just a guy in the background trying to push things along. So we look forward to in 90 days coming back. The goal is in 90 days from this video to be able to come back and show the success of what we were able to accomplish as a unit as a community as a family over at mgL and has always mgL to the moon. I will see you on my next stream. A stream Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and I have a lot of unscheduled streams. So make sure you follow me on to

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Follow me on social media turn on all the post notifications. So you know when I'm live and you can hop in chat, interact with us, we talk, we have discussions, it's not just gaming's, we talk about so many things on our stream as well as all the other content creators, and we'll see on the next one, and in 90 days, inshallah, we'll see you with NGO, having landed on the surface of the moon, in Shama, medical ofI comm Jimmy was set on what adhikam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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