Quran says Allah will Protect Quran then why did Usman (ra) Burnt the Variant Copies of the Quran

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a confusion over the title of the book "Abhair" and how it relates to a person named Jesus Christ. They also mention a woman named Heather who claims to have been born in different dialects and that her English accent is different. The speaker suggests that people should not be misled by the title of the book and that it is "verbal" and "verbal" in terms of its meaning.
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Good morning. I have one question before that My name is Mr. Ram Ramesh Kumar. And from my apple, my provision is Pastor. So brother

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in this occasion you are told the finalist Quran okay, but I have one question.

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In a bottle of Mamma mia people died. This who by had read the Quran there was a few that Quran can be lost during the Abubakar time. And second site al Bukhari, volume six, how this number fight and says, but when three qualified, third califa came, he was fighting with army people. And that time this found all the way reading a different Qurans. So postman written. And another thing is, Allah says in Quran 15 nine, says, we, we have religion, and we got it. But here the Quran was born, and at the time, what was the corrupted? why it was the corrupted where it was a character who is what the corrupted when it was the corrupted? Please answer me the question. He says when the Quran says

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in Surah chapter 15 verse number nine which I quoted in my talk, that we have revealed the Quran and we shall guard from corruption so in the Quran says the Quran is uncorrupted. Allah says is unadulterated How comes I Bukhari says that the Quran while last time and third calabaza this man came and he found different readings and then How's it possible? Brother? What you said or say bucarest correct? what others was man mela rupees within found is very intriguing. For example, an English language there are different dialects, same English language, a South Indian speak different. What is your name?

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in English? What is your name? So Heather about a different accent? I can admit it.

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Hindi style is different. My wife was telling me why don't this be her body style yesterday, Naco

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in Bombay videos in a row in Bombay with the Ganga Ganga hang up. So one of my Bombay brother said, I am dying I was this yesterday.

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Do you realize that every area is a different dialect. So same at the time of this man in Arabic mela up to them? They were different dialects. What the Prophet gave permission was seven dialects. So in pronunciation, they made mistakes. So when they made mistakes, he said, Okay, let's finalize it.

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And we have to follow the correct pronunciation. So one of the reasons he did was he corrected the dialect. If some of it what is your name? English memories of what type of English is this? What is your name? What's your name, American accent is different. British accent is different, neutral accent is different. Some accepted, some are not. This was one of the reasons he corrected the dialect. Number two, when prophet members Allah Salaam, when the Quran was revealed, he had special scribes and he told the special sabas whatever was revealed to him, he repeated it. And the Sabbath wrote down he rejected in that there had been Sabbath mela up with him. He was the main person and

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other scribes. Now many of the Sabbath when prophet mumbles has the Quran, they went home and wrote it through memory. So now someone hears my speech and goes home and makes points it may be that may be wrong, it will not be verbatim, but if it is someone and checkup Okay, I'm giving notes right this, read it again. It's a mistake corrected. So the copy that was kept with masala Salam was verified by him when he was alive. It was given to us by fathers hafsa Mela visitor who was the daughter of Mr. Allah visit him. So it was kept in that custody. Now, when people wrote on my own from the memory, there are bound to be mistakes. So the Quran is not wrong, even though there were

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notes of some people, however, this man said now people should not get misled that that is the real Quran. So he said okay now and make copies of this and spread it throughout different parts of the world. So that they will know this is the authentic, the Quran was unchanged. people when they had their own notes written down, people did not know whether that was 100% verbatim correct or not. So others this man the third Khalifa mela, BP, then he saw to it that he made a committee of the Sabbath and copied it from the original copy and spread it in different parts of the world. And one of them is even president Tashkent and Kentucky museum today and if you analyze it

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It is verbatim same. And today the who first. Even if you burn all the copies today, there are millions of roofers who know the Quran by heart. Even if you burn all the copies, hypothetically, yet if these people get together, they can again, make the true verbatim Quran. Hope that answers the question.