Abdul Nasir Jangda – Tafseer Of Surah Yaseen Ayahs 41-44

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The loss of power tele on the earth has been the third time the book title of the loss of power tele on the earth is used, and the book is a modern writing and travel industry's successors. The book's use of animals and other forms of transportation has created similar methods for other modes of transportation, including boats, cars, and planes. The "monster" mode of transportation is centered around protecting people's health and family, and the "immaterial benefit" of a limited time is designed to remind people of the danger of loss of power and the importance of protecting their health and family. The book's use of blessings from the culture of the United States, including a special mercy, and the "immaterial benefit" of a limited time is designed to encourage people to use it to achieve a bigger impact.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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Tommy Raji

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with Lima Yakubu,

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sorry, Holly, I haven't felt sorry for a while.

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In a

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salatu salam Odyssey

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is number 41 through 44 is 41 through 44. Today inshallah, this is the third

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thing that a lost power tele here is pointing out as a major sign of reflection for these people. First in the last hour, Todd and I are number 33. He said, Well, I had to put up the leader, the dead Earth, we talked about the reviving of the earth. Then, number 37, the last time which I said, Well, I will lay in another miraculous, apparent obvious sign for that

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is the night and then it talks about some of the interchanging of the night and day in the sun and the moon. And the reflections that were there in this is the third time this title the beginning of the third time, and is starting in the same fashion Same way, which is what I got from the home. This is I under 41. So loss is another great, miraculous obvious sign for them is that and

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that most definitely we have carried their progeny, their proximity over 30 years in the Arabic language means progeny offspring, the generations that come for them. So we have carried their progeny fill fukien mesh loan full, of course, I talked about that yesterday, as well, we ship like a huge boat ship, and mushroom Shan, the root of this word, it means to fill up something. And it's specifically used for when you fill up a boat, or you fill up some mode of transportation, but more specifically a boat. So and fully can mesh loan means a boat that's been filled all the way, a boat that's been completely packed, filled to capacity. So the law says a miraculous and amazing sign for

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them, is the fact that we have carried their progeny in the boat that was completely filled to the max. So what is this talking about? So first of all, lost power data is now he talked about the earth. And he talked about some of the reflections that we can look up. And so first, we talked about the ground, look at the ground and reflect on the on the greenness of the lava looking at the ground, and that which goes out of the ground and comes out of the ground. Then he said look up at the sky

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and reflect on the greatness of Allah by looking at the sky. Now Allah was calling our attention to the water,

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and other different facilities that are provided to us. So not only is it going to talk about the water, but this is also going to focus on transportation, how will is facilitated travel for us how we can move around in this earth. And of course, the more difficult mode of transportation is obviously to see the ocean moving around in the water that is a majority of the earth. And that is also the more difficult distance to traverse. So let's head on to the closer attention to that. And he says the miraculous sign is that allies carried their progeny. What does it mean by their project equals project? I mean the project of mankind, human beings, that human beings allies carried them,

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allowed them to travel, facilitated travel for them, food can be shown in the ship in the boat that was filled all the way to its capacity. Now, what is this exactly talking about? So there's two interpretations. The first one is that the majority of scholars, the classical professing the Sahaba to get on or the majority of people who have commented on this idea, or are of the opinion that this is referring to the ark, to the ship of new hottie who set up the ark of Noah, that this is referring to the ship of noi.

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And there's actually something very specific, you know, one very important area of Tafseer that is neglected, like we've been doing a lot of paying attention to the words and the construction of words and the language of the IRS. And that's something that's been neglected in more recent times when we talk about discussing the fraud instead

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For another area of the field, which is a core area of the year, who was the first,

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it was the first thing that classical scholars have returned to. But once again, in later times, it's been something that's been neglected and hasn't been given in school doing its full attention. And that's the program to do that this year that we're on to study that we're on, based on other iottie and other passages in other parts of the world. Because a lot of the secrets of the poor are unlocked with other parts of the world. Because it's a whole comprehensive discourse and discussion in its entirety. And it's very, it's very comprehensive, and it's also very cohesive. And so when you look when sometimes you take an item, or you look in another part of the forum, it sometimes

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helps you to understand this particular lecture setting. And this is similar to that situation. So to show our eye number 119, Allah says, When talking about new Prophet, Allah, Allah, Allah says, For nj novel, so we saved him, woman,

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and those who are within fill food can mushroom in that ship that was completely filled up. So you see that Allah subhanaw taala, is using the same exact word, the fourth and masculine to describe the ark of Noah, the ship of New Orleans. So therefore, it's a very clear understanding here that a loss of power done is referring to the ship of new Harley's are based on another reference within the pod itself. But some minority installers have still said that you can also and there's no harm in this, because of their honor, so deep It has many layers and layers of understanding. So, another reflects us that alleges talking about traveling and ships and in boats in general. So, either way,

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our gun is talking about this, that how he carried the progeny of mankind in that ship that was filled to inspect the ship of doing

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well, because that that allowed the survival of the human of human beings, Well, hello.

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And similarly, we have also made for them, we and we have made for them we have created for them, we missed the just like it, my young couple, that which they also are able to move around or they're able to use for transportation. So, what up another one we have made, we have created for them similar to that similar to that boat, other modes of transportation that which they can use as transportation

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so that they can ride on. So once again, what did what is this referring to, so if that first is talking about the ship of new holiday setup, specifically, this will also be talking about all other modes, all other ships and boats and canoes and whatever else we use to move around in the water. But if the first is also talking about boats in general, then this is talking about other modes of transportation that we use on the earth. Because like similarly, in another place that was found with Zuko is number 12. Allah says vijayakumar and funaki when an argument and we have made for you from boats, and other animals you have made for you from boats and animals by Al Capone, Marta come

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from that which you can use as transportation in just a war Allah.

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Subhana, Allah the sufferer, I'm not gonna hopefully mean.

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And this is where loss piloti educates us on the do offer transportation, that whenever you board anything, you get on top of an animal or you get in your car, you get on a boat, you board anything, even an airplane as a mode of transportation, then this is an application that you should receive. And we're all familiar with that application. So unless we're all done in the process, boats, and animals that he has allowed you to use as transportation. So this can also be talking about all those other modes of transportation, whether they be cars, or the over the first. So first and foremost, they be animals, but even other things that we later on have been able to use as

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transportation, the resources that we've been able to harvest from the earth, and create or innovate other forms of transportation for ourselves, whether they be carts or their cars, vehicles, automobiles, or they're even planes that fly around in the air. Either way, whatever form of transportation has facilitated for us. He's the one who created it. He's owned, facilitated, and he's the one who allowed it for us. So this is a great blessing of a lot and it's a huge sign. And it's a huge moment of reflection for this human being. Because think about our lives and how easy and facilitated they are through these means of transportation and how our lives

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Without these modes of transportation, we're in the shop. And then I was trying to tie in number 30 and 43. He says, we're in the shop. And if we would have willed, no,

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we could have drowned them

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that they could be holding this book could have drowned. I mean, how often have you seen that sometimes it's such an unbelievable, huge, amazing, like, just historically speaking the Titanic, such amazing modes of transportation, but what happens? They drop there. And when they do drown, and you kind of take a look at the bigger picture, it amounts to nothing.

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I mean, if it hits, if it hits a glacier in the water, you have to realize that that glacier is like 100 times the size of that boat that we thought was unbelievably huge, and colossal and amazing. Just really nothing cars too fast, are beautiful. They're their luxury is amazing.

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But how much? What does it really take for a car to crash,

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a little bump in the road, a little,

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little bit of wetness on the street, a

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little bit of ice on the road.

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So how Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says, if we would have will, we wish, we could have dropped the nuclear philosophy.

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But then in that situation, lastly, the word study comes from the root of the word which means the screen

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when you scream for help.

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And so sorry, me not only means the one who screams for help, but it also is the one who hear someone screaming, or the one who comes to the aid to the rescue of somebody who hears screaming for help.

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there would be nobody to come to their aid, there'd be nobody to help them out of that situation. Nobody would hear their screams, somebody drowning out there in the middle of the ocean, in the darkness of night, in the depths of the ocean, nobody be around the university, just kind of gives you that perspective. Once again, it's zooming in. And so when you look at these boats that you have, look at these modes of transportation that you have. And then there's zoomed right out. But look at the bigger picture.

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Look at the bigger picture. And how we can insignificant we are whatever, and nor could they be saved. And I explained this word before, because it's coming to Sudan studying for that involved, it needs to save somebody from some very, very great danger, like somebody falling off a cliff, or somebody is falling in the water, you grab them and pull them out to save them.

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So nobody would say that nobody could come to the rescue, and it appears Ulises What are you alone, and they would not be saved. There'll be nobody to say that a lot adds emphasis by adding the domain the pronoun of war. And not only that, but a lot of places in in the present tense or future tense form the melodic form, which means nobody could have

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it, nobody would have the capacity, the ability now,

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in a minute,

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all of this is possible.

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Or people are not dying, or people that are using these forms of transportation, and are not drowning and dying and perishing. And all of this facilitation, whether it be boats in the water, or animals on land, or the cars or even the planes flying through the sky Illa this is only a lesson.

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This is a mercy from Us. And so how to lower the last power guy says he says

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it's in its common form the natural form, a mercy, love, the mercy, the ultimate mercy. This is just a mercy.

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Realizing that this is just one display of ours.

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Now just imagine for a second, if all the transportation that we have, and the fact that we survive. We drive our cars every day, without dying without earning a buck keeps us safe. We fly on planes beadboard ships and boats. Everybody saw at this moment, there's just people, billions and hundreds of millions of people are moving around at this moment using some form of transportation. And everybody's okay. And everybody's using everybody's moving around. Lessons. This is just one drop of the mercy.

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This is one drop of Mercy from Us. There are so many other things you don't even realize when we met I remember yesterday we said the insane things they don't even know they don't even realize for this one drop off the mercy of Allah ilaha illallah wa mata

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and this is a facilitation. This is allowing us to benefit from it. Use it ILA hanging in till a fixed time. Once again, the word hated is again in its common form. Why? Because that time is fixed.

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The time is fixed and we have to leave this world or

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When you know we're meant to die, or we're meant to pass away, or some some adversity is meant to come upon us.

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That time is fixed. But does anybody know that time?

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Some people go 40 years driving a car without them getting a parking ticket.

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And they might die in a horrible car.

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You just don't know. Nobody knows. So that time is fixed.

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But nobody knows it's almost hidden in a fixed time. Nobody knows what the time is fixed. So last time, I said this is facilitated through the mercy of Allah. And why is it facilitated, so people can benefit for a fixed time. And it's also sending a very strong reminder, a very strong message that somebody because primarily, this discourses discussion has been about people who aren't believing who don't believe in a lost power. It's reprimanding them. It's trying to remind them and trying to wake them up, snap them away. What are you doing? What Why don't you realize. So similarly, a missing look, allows them to travel, let's say, all those people in that boat have

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normally said on the ship of new headaches. And he's allowed these people to travel all over the earth all over the water losing all forms of transportation, if someone wanted, they would have drowned, they would have died, they would have perished, they would have had horrible accident, nobody would be able to say that nobody would hear their screams. Nobody could help them and eat them. But unless as as a mercy from Allah, Allah allows them to continue to use all of this and benefit from all of this. But this is a benefit for a very limited amount of time. Meaning Don't get so absorbed. Don't become so engaged, don't get so lost. In this temporary benefit facilitation that

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you have, that you lose sight of the bigger picture. This is limited for a very limited time.

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But rather realize, use some of these facilities in order to realize and in order to do some good because if you're able to do that,

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this is just a preview just a small little glimpse of what awaits from the blessings of Allah, you think this is a huge Mercy of Allah, you will see the real mercy of a lot of judgment and in the gardens of Paradise. But if you don't realize

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you have nothing to show for it at the end of the day, it was a limited benefit for a limited amount of time. You know, like a little they give you like a free trial a

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one week free trial. What happens on

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the second day one weekends, you get that email.

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They don't give you one minute extra similar similarly that limited time is there. If you make something of 100 if you don't make anything of it that time will come Angel of Death will arrive everything will be done all the benefit will be done. And then the year after you have to pay the price for is a very strong and a firm reminder. The last thing I want to point out is something very beautiful, interesting.

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Here last Ramadan minga a mercy from Us a mercy from Us. Some places in the Quran instead of the word Ramadan Mina, Allah says ramadan

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ramadan in Angola, for example.

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I am number 65 in the story Who said I don't even sell on Amazon autolysis for which I will definitely buy dinner and they both found a slave from our slaves. They know who we had granted to him Ramadan Mina Indira merci min at night, especially from us. Rama, Dominican Mercy from Us, or augmenter minhang. Lena means mercy, especially from us a mercy as a gift from us as the favor from us, specially from us. And tsunami as I was talking about au, the prophet au,

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Allah says we're attina

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and we granted him his family or myth level and equal amount of them along with them. Right?

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As a special mercy exclusively from us as a gift from us, when they call in and this is a powerful reminder for those who enslaved themselves to a loss and they worship Allah, Allah vi Annamarie before so what's the difference? You notice just from the word of environmental never seen from us, or any Lena it's a bigger

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it's a bigger construction and therefore the meaning of it is greater as well a mercy that is a special gift from us. Whenever lost power Donna talks about believers, prophets, pious people good people like the Prophet that you like. And the believers that are lost hundreds Allah uses a construction Ramadan mini India is special mercy

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is a gift from us. But when a lot talks about the mercy that he has had the blessings that he has bestowed upon

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regular people, even if they be disbelievers, just people in general, which obviously includes disbelievers in law, then I'm like this is a smaller construction rock with a mercy from Us. And we see the same thing happening with the word mean. Some places in the farmer last minute, a blessing from us, a blessing from us, like intuitive, Zoomer allows us, for example, one, when a human being is afflicted or touched by some difficulty that he brings to us he calls out to us.

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Then when our blessing, we give our blessing to him, we bestow our blessing upon him. Konami, Allah Jimena.

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He says, Oh, I was given this, because of my knowledge, because of our intelligence, how talented I am. That's why I was given this, is this a good person or a bad person or like

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a good person here? This is a bad person. Difficulty comes out of what is your data?

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sources? Okay, here's the question.

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Allah says, here's the question, what does he turn to see? See amazing talent to bounce right back? Can nobody open them?

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Right. So he, he has his arrogance about him, takes all the credit for the good difficulty.

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So this is not a good person. So when talks about blessing on this person, he says we have a minimum of blessing from us. But when Allah talks about a different type of a person, when he talks about Elisa, who's a messenger of Allah, and the people who believed in Elisa, and I want you to understand, you know, we live in a very people are Muslims, especially Muslims that are trying to practice Islam, live a more Islamic lifestyle, are finding a lot of difficulty living today in today's environment, and today's culture, is become very, very

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shameless in Burma, for lack of a better word. It's very,

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you know, the environment, the culture is very promiscuous. It's very shameless. And it's very difficult to protect one team, and especially raising children is like a nightmare. For a lot of people, it's very, very difficult. It's a struggle. And we're finding it more and more difficult than amongst the difficulty that we're finding is even sexual perversion. We're finding this this, this growing trend of homosexuality and all these other evils and vices spreading throughout our society and in becoming socially acceptable, completely acceptable, a natural part of just life. And everybody's okay with it all of a sudden. And we find that very difficult. I want you to imagine the

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followers of

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the believers are

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living in a society that was not just didn't just have this evil didn't just have this wrong, but it was dominated by

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how difficult it must have been for them to survive, how difficult that must have been for them to protect their humanity, their faith, and live in that environment. So when the law talks about ruled on insular and believers that lived through that type of a difficulty staying steadfast, not only that, but we're dealing with threats and violence from the majority that was around and those living that evil lifestyle, but they stayed firm and they stood by the size of their messenger and their profit on a Sarah alone he talks about them to come he talks about them he says in the Oksana Allah impossible Illa Allah, Allah says that he sent down upon them like a shower, a thunderstorm of

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rocks, of stones, is

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exactly the family of lupus associates, the people that were affiliated with Luzon in Santa Ana Jain Abu Musa, how we save them in the early hours of the morning, Nia, Indeed, Allah says, as a blessing, especially as a blessing, that was a special blessing. That was a gift from us. Once again, he uses those special construction, because he's talking about special people, because it can actually machaca lessons. This is how we reward we recompense The one who is grateful for lost power. So just a little something I wanted to point out about the language of the rod. And it's important to appreciate the fraud and dislike as well. But when I was in a minute of Mercy from Us a

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blessing from us, I was just talking about general people. When he says, Indiana, near retirement ended up a special mercy as a gift from us a special blessing as a gift from us. They're always talking about a very special group of people as well may have lost

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the understanding and the reality of everything that we've said hurt somehow

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Hi, I'm Nick the shadow

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