Majed Mahmoud – The Rights of Women in Islam

Majed Mahmoud
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In the largest gathering of men, during the last few months have the greatest man that ever walked on Earth. Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam is about to deliver a speech. The speech is concise, the time is tight, the crowd is large hedge is exhausting, and of all the topics, he chooses very few to address, one of them being the rights of women, where he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for tabula rasa, he said Be aware of the rights of women. It duckula finisar be scared to your core from Allah punishment that you oppress any one of them. Whether that woman is a daughter is a sister is a wife or a mother. All categories be where Islam honored every one of them. Listen to this. When it comes

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to a daughter Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men nearly whoever was blessed given decreed to have girls and he took care of them for us and Elaine Canella who sit around Mina. Now, these girls you took care of you sheltered because of them. Allah will shelter you from *, Allah as little as little girls, when back in the day, they would bury them alive. And not too long ago. Even in this country, they had hardly any rights. No, no, no, it got really bad. They did not just not inherit, they used to be part of the inheritance. The father dies has multiple wives. He would give one son in the right in the wheel, you take a horse, you take this house, it takes three women

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part of the inheritance in the delay, we're in a garage you own and you come today you go to Mecca, Mecca, the house of Allah, people making millions suffer and Marois savvy. People drinking exams and people about to pray. But all of a sudden what happens? To the most part, tawaf comes to a pass, so far and more Welcome to a pass. People don't even sometimes finish the drink of Zamzam. When they lay their prayer. Why?

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There is a funeral prayer on a little girl.

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So that tawaf around the house of the King of all kings comes to a pause, to pray jenessa funeral prayer on a little girl.

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And don't you try your best don't ever ever be shaken. When someone criticizes Islam and how they treat women? The more educated you are, the more confident and stronger you may be. Allah He no one honored women the way Allah honor them. No one Don't let anyone no book no class on campus, no eloquent speaker, no program on TV to brainwash you and tell you Islam is backwards, outdated and no longer practical, it abuses women doesn't give them the rights. Well, I tell him, well lie, it's a lie. A slam is applicable to every time to every person in any location. We speak about daughters then you go to the sisters Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, What genetti Salah. There

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are three types of people that go to Jenna. One of them were children. A man is makin mythological Miss dakara male a man Raja Rahim merciful, Rocky, soft hearted towards whom the equally the Korba Muslim to every relative to your blood brother and your blood sister. When she calls you she has a problem. v sebelah answer that call and this is a bad that insha Allah you will be guaranteed in sha Allah agenda because of that assistance, your sister Williamson every Muslim whether man or woman, then you go to the wife. When you go to the wife Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he say? He says hi, Rocco. hirooki.

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The best one in this gathering is the one who's best to his wife. What Anna hydrocone Lee and I am the best husband to my wife. Allahu Akbar. Why would he tell us about him? Why did he not just tell us the best of you or the best to their wives? Why did he say about himself? Because Don't be fooled and think that manhood means you're tough on women.

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He says I am the greatest man, the most one that fears Allah. If you want manhood, it doesn't get any better. And I'm the kindest and the best to my wife. So if you want to be the greatest follow my footsteps. Want to hire me

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One lie he is not a true man, a true man. He's not a true man, in which the wife begs bangs, for a nice word to come from his mouth. He's not a true man who follows Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in which the wife begs for him just to smile. He's not a true man. He's not a true man, the one who is so kind to the whole world. outside the house is the most generous, the kindest, most understanding. But once he comes back home, like a wild beast, no one wants to give eye contact and they avoid him because oh, if he gets angry, oh, he gets wild. He becomes verbally abusive and even physically abusive. May Allah protect us. That's not a true real man. When you listen to Rasulullah

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Ali Salatu was Salam. Do you know that frequently? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not call our Isha. I Isha. I'm confused. What do you mean? Her name is Aisha rhodiola. But he doesn't always call her by her first name like that. He used to call her Yeah.

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That was a sweet nickname. That would he mentioned to her she loves it he loves it grows the love between them. This is

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so you and I should attempt to be like Rasul Allah is Allah Allah wa sallam give a sweet nickname to your wife to your daughter to your sister, especially here in the wife. Whatever the example may be faulty may want to call her for two mahadeo hood Hello, hello. You name it, you become creative. And we are blessed with technology. You use emojis? Yes, we use the flower use the kiss use the heartbeat, serene Illa and follow the footsteps of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is our Deen and I'm not ashamed to mention it in a gathering of pretty much men. Because Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for duckula finisar to the biggest gathering of men enhance

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this hope but is more to the brothers than anyone else. And I'm the first one that should apply what I'm saying May Allah make it easy for me and all of us era. And May Allah forgive me forgive all of us. Yara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his wife Aisha rhodiola Anna she was asked kfa coonan maybe you saw Allah Allah He was sending Phil bait. How does the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam behave while he is at home? He's done his work. He comes back home. What does he do? She says can Effie hit Matteoli? Oh Finn energy. He used to serve his family. What does what do you need me this I got you this. I'm here and I'm there. He's servicing his family 100% attention as much as he

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possibly can. May Allah allow us to follow the footsteps of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Then you go on to the mother. We spoke about the daughter the sister and the wife and then you go to the mother and where do we start?

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Where do we start?

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For so lice Allahu alayhi wa sallam so hair becomes dead. It is Rasul Allah Allah Rasool Jihad feasable illa. When he says HELOC, a HELOC, I mean on is your mom alive is your mom around he says Nam era so Allah for Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah said he told him felt them for in a genetic

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authentic narration. He says then go to your mom and stick to her Jen is under her feet. As a dean, we become creative sometimes May Allah grant us wisdom we go there we go here we travel the world to get Jana we trying to please Allah but jenaya miskeen me and others who may be in similar situation your agenda is in the living room under the respected lady's feet your mom

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right there. What do you

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all want to do this day? Where's your mom? She's angry at me know where what benefit is my hope by Excuse me. If my mom is angry at me right now what benefit is hope?

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What benefit is my Salah? That's the big statements you're saying have to watch up now. Rasul Allah salallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that the one who angers their mom and dad for no justification. Complete wrongdoing from your end. Fela Yakubu Sato fan wala Adler, what does that mean? Allah does not accept your obligatory or your voluntary prayers, or your fasting or your charity or yours.

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How can we face Allah?

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You want more? I want more. will give you one more. Do you know on your monkey on that woman who's oppressed? Do you know who will be next to

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getting the rights that she deserved? But she didn't take it in dunya because that man or pastor or that individual, the one next to her? will be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Can you handle the opposing team being Muhammad against you?

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Give me the Hadith also will lie sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a hurry do I warn you of that do I warn you,

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I threaten you reacted by saying when it comes to not fulfilling the rights of the too vulnerable and your team will model the orphan and the woman can how can we handle that? How can we face the loss of a laser center near Allah forgive us for our shortcomings amenable I mean, then a man comes to us or lice Allah, Allah, Allah said I'm talking about the mother. He says, Yeah, also Allah men are nasty. The first needs to hire Betty who deserves my best treatment. If I have one gift to give, if I have one hug to embrace, if I have one minute to spare with someone who deserves the best version of me, he said omac your mom

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some moment then who we are also Allah the best version of me that one gift to give Who else? Who's next? from omak. Then moment from omak then your mom from a book than your father. This is what Islam teaches us. May Allah forgive me and all of us yeah, Robin alameen. And remember, Allah may not hold you accountable for why people did not fulfill your rights. But Allah will hold every one of us accountable if we did not fulfill other people's rights. So I prayed to Allah to allow us to return to Him today. And the Prophet told us if you ever wronged someone rude The young man cannot and he muslima if you wronged anyone, failure to handle human Julio Myanmar today, fix the problem

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return the right back he took care of money unjustly Give it back. You harmed her physically and emotionally fix it in any way possible. While you're also Allah, Minh cuddly and yet to moon ledger hamachi wala dinar before a day comes where you give her the whole world and Allah will not accept your Mongolian, then what's the currency out of Allah? It's not the dollars that the yen is none of that stuff. It's a sanity we'll say yet good deeds and bad deeds. And we don't want to go there to fix the problem. May Allah grant us a sincere Toba sincere forgiveness from Allah followed by action from us to give people the rights back, amenable Allah May Allah allow us to treat our women in a

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way that may Allah Allah was to treat women, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we all be fine in sha Allah.

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