Do you belittle others?

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You realize that these generations, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who created us. Everyone I was saying has a story. You are unique, you are amazing. You are awesome. Allah knows your lineage going all the way back to know how Allah is Salam, and you don't know it. So so what would happen? It's Allah Almighty, Who will take care of you. He will.

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The only thing I am allowed to say to you is words that would encourage you to get closer to Allah, but I'm not allowed to belittle you no matter what I shouldn't. No prophet has belittled his people look at the Prophet lat when he called his people he told them, oh my people, why are you doing what you're doing? For example? He didn't swear them and shout them and belittle them and, and so no, look at the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him addressing Mushrikeen

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and what did he say? Oh my people.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala had sent the angels to listen to the instruction in PIF.

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When they were throwing stones at him, you know what he said?

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Allahumma de comida inom Lai, Ala Moana? Oh Allah guide our guide my people they don't know. Guide them, Oh Allah guide them. Subhan Allah.

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So these are the words that we should be using. And that's why I say not just myself even amongst ourselves. We use beautiful empowering words, Masha, Allah, Allah will bring you sometimes we struggle because Allah Almighty wants us to find him.

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Sometimes he wants us to find him to shed a tear. Do you know that there are people in your midst, in your lives in your communities, perhaps maybe even in your families, outwardly, you wouldn't imagine that they are perhaps closer to Allah than you would have thought.

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And I'm in no way encouraging people to discard the goodness of their appearance. But I am saying don't judge. You don't know what's going on. How many of the opposite where you see them. They appear so saintly, and you find them engaging in behavior that is totally unacceptable.