The Final Painful Regret Before Your Death!

Zahir Mahmood


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Because time once a elapses, he doesn't come back.

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Allah will ask you regarding your way you spent your life and then he will you spend your youth.

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Youth goes and time goes and life goes very quickly. Ask us

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we were in primary school yesterday seems like yesterday

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and today we are burying our uncles and Auntie's the next is us. Today you look at us as old tomorrow. Tomorrow, not far away. Tomorrow you will be old. And this is the thing. You will look over your shoulder and I no exaggeration. The day it dawns on you that you're gonna die.

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And it will dawn on you the day that you will dawn on you that you are gonna die. Although you see people dying around you don't really think you're gonna die. The day that he will dawn on you that you are going to die you will look over your shoulder

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and you will look in the vast majority you will look and you will see how you dissipated and how you wasted your life.

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How you made the dunya this your purpose.

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This was your purpose morning to evening rat race, rat race, follow the crowd. No time for your Salah.

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No time to do any good actions.

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Much of the day was filled with haram namaz time first thing the purpose Allah Salam said on the day of judgment you will be asked regarding

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is your Salah. First thing regarding the hukou Kook of Allah. The first thing Allah will ask you is regarding your salah and the province of Allah Allah wa salam said if you pass your Salah

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you have a very good chance of passing everything else. You fail your Salah, you fail everything else. All of you know that Namaaz is fun, not just Juma.

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All of us know the Hajj is follow. All of us knows the cost is foreign. All of us know that it is good. It's fun for us to be good to our parents. It's in front of upon us to be rightful to our children and just to our wives, all of us know.

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Nobody's blind to it. The major things in the deen we all know Allah will ask.

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You know that Ilam that you had What did you do? You knew namaz was for Did you pray MAs?

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You knew hij was further upon you didn't you go Hold on? I was already for it.

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I wasn't ready for it. What do you mean you're ready for it? Ready for everything else related to the dunya

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but you're not ready for Hajj because Gibreel is going to come down and tell Haji Sam

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you're ready to go for Hajj. Maybe Maybe he will come before Jabra in and tell us your time to go.

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Allah will ask us regarding the knowledge that we have. How do we put our knowledge into action