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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. And we know it's tough, being young, young in today's society,

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having many of the challenges that come along with growing up trying to submit yourself to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, I'm getting all your emails. And today we have a special guest who's going to give us some advice, especially for the youth. So being that our guests are very modest, and they are people who don't like boasting about their knowledge, we're gonna take a break so you can read about our next guest. And then we'll come back with our special guests. Shift Ibrahim sedan sit tight, we'll be right back on the deen show.

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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.

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How are you?

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Thank you for being with us again, here in the studio at the deen show. It's my pleasure. We're gonna the viewers got to read up a little bit about you. So we invited you on because you can help us answer some of these important questions. I hope so. inshallah, okay, I get a lot of emails. And I wanted to kind of give a summary

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of what the youth are challenging today specifically, we're going to talk about the women here, I have some women who have have written in emailed and asking for advice, talking about that, they have decided they have come to the realization that for instance, praying five times a day is obligatory, and they want to turn to a law to the Creator of the heavens Earth establish the prayer, they've they've realized that wearing the hijab, the Islamic the covering, okay, is obligatory, and leaving off a lot of these other vices in society go against the teachings of Islam. Now, they've come this far, but now they have another obstacle, their parents, their family are making things

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difficult. How do we deal with these situations?

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Well, this is such an important question. And it's this challenges that we have in our life, we have to understand very well that our religion is so comprehensive, and Allah subhanaw taala did not leave anything for our happiness in this life and hereafter unless it's mentioned, whether it's in the Quran, or in the son of the prophet SAW settler. So we need to have two forms of power for the person to be able to face all of these challenges in the proper way. The first power is the power of knowledge to know what to do. The second thing, knowing what to do is one thing. But the second thing which is as important as knowing, is the power to have the courage to apply the truth and to

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apply what we know when it comes to challenge especially if we talk specifically about the challenges with the parents that are preventing their children, to observe the Islamic manners and the duties ordered by Allah Subhana Allah, we have to know how to deal with the situation. First we have to have principles in our life, one of which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, the Platinum look, you know say that there is no obedience to any of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala when it comes against the orders of Allah subhanaw taala and this is comes from the basics of knowing that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah Subhana Allah and the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam is the final messenger. So the absolute obedience is to Allah subhanaw taala. So, we have to know that very well. So that it does not confuse us. If the order from Allah subhanaw taala to observe the five obligatory prayer, then there is no compromising in this whatsoever. If the order from Allah subhanaw taala for the women to observe the hedger, then there is no compromise ation in that whatsoever. So we first has to know the truth. And we know the truth by asking the people of knowledge, and then the power to apply this knowledge

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to the power to apply this knowledge takes from the person's image, we have to build our image, if the man is high, that person would have the patience. And when we recite the Quran, you'd see so many verses in the Quran that talks about patience, patience and applying the orders of Allah subhanaw taala knowing the nature of the life that we live in, there's so many ways of Allah subhanaw taala on the face of Earth, that if a person says that you believe then he has to be tested or she has to be tested, as it's mentioned in the beginning of surah Lanka with a flair meme. Has he been nice when you talk with Amanda homelife denote that do people think

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They will be left alone to say we believe and they would not be tested, this is never going to happen. So the person has to prepare himself or herself for the test. So

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to go about being patient in this test is to seek the knowledge to build our Eman by reciting the Quran by turning to Allah subhanaw taala with dry and supplication by putting ourselves and this is something very important in the proper environment. Because the wolf eats from the lonely sheep. So the same thing if a person embraced Islam, or repented to Allah subhanaw taala wanted to change his or her life, they have to accompany themselves with people that reminds them of

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the friends, those who the person who is close with, even if the person at home has some hardship, he knows that he meets them companions or friends that would remind them of a loss of Hannah to Ireland so that he would have more strength in dealing with the challenges, also knowing the rights of the parents and being very kind to them. And as we know, in the verses in the Quran, when Allah subhanaw taala mentioned about parents that are disbelievers, and not just let that but they're ordering their sons or daughters to this believe in Allah subhanaw taala what to do with them. Our last panel dialysis Fela, total woman was a Hebrew Macedonian mouth, do not obey them, and have a

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good companionship with them in this life. So we cannot obey them. And this will be our last panel, Tyler with this specific order. But at the same time, we have to be very kind to them. And some people confuse the two together, they think that if they this obey their parents, when it comes to the parents saying, don't wear the hijab, they have to say this was with harshness, and they have to treat their parents with a very rude way, in all of their daily activities. This is all wrong and this is this obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. But instead, the person should this obey the parents in that specific order, and then increase their good relationship with their parents do the things

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that they didn't used to do before. Because now the religion of Islam and this is the real servant of Allah Subhana Allah he do the truth, even if it's against oneself, someone is ordering you to this will be a las panatela you don't obey them in that order. But instead, you would, you would make more and more effort to be kind to them to be patient in dealing with them with goodness, because this is another form of worship, to know the rights of the parents, and to seek help from Allah subhanaw taala and never compromise the deen of Islam. Because this is what we've been born and living to do. And learning about the ways of the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim that is

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also one of the big means of help, because they had similar situations, some of them that he believed in the religion of Islam, and his mother or his father would order them to disbelieve

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the case of certain of your cause, for example of the 11 when his mother told them, I would never eat and drink and I would die unless you go back, and runagate from the Dean of Islam, and he told her in a very simple and calm way, he said, Oh, my mother, if you have 100 soul, that one soul comes after the other, I would never leave this way. So eat or not to eat. This is something that is up to you in a very good way, in good manners. And eventually after that she ate. But the thing is steadfastness there is no going back when it comes to the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala and taking these means and being away from sins, and being sincere for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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and by the help of Allah, things can change by the word of Allah. So as we know, it's very difficult because you a lot of times growing up, you learn what's right and wrong from your parents. So now you're stuck at that border, that you're finding solace in Islam, you're finding comfort and it's changing your life is having an impact your your mind starting to grow. But now, this is the hard part. You know, let's I'm gonna put a name on a you know, this is because I get a lot of email, let's say a girl, but a particularly Amina, okay, this can be any woman or even a man. But in this particular place, Amina she, you know, when you talk to her, you know, she tears come out of her

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eyes, she's, she's, she wants to be obedient, but she has that Mother, you know, she rather support her to go to a cafe where there's alcohol and mingling with boys. And she rather support her in these actions, rather than and then when someone tries to invite her to go to the masjid. Now she wants to go but what she's scared what her mom's gonna say. So, her mother has been teaching her what's right and wrong from the beginning. And now this is that that cross? Well, how do you you really push through this and how do you

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what should the parents now be? How do you address the parents and the the the the woman at the same time? Right? Well, this is a game for that particular Amina, right. She needs to first know that this is the nature of the path that she choose to be

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On. This is the ways with profits and pious people and righteous people, they walked in the same path, she would feel lonely and strange. But when she remembers that this is the same path where the prophets and the righteous people had walked on, it would give her more comfort. So knowing this is very, very important and increasing the demand. And as the things as we mentioned before, and at the same time to be kind to the parents and knowing that we are in a test, this is not gender, this is not paradise. We are being tested in this life. And soon all the method will be all over. And that person will be judged in the Day of Judgment, according to the patients and struggling and striving

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for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. For the parents, especially for Muslim parents, it's very sad, to hear and to know that this is happening, because of the weaknesses of the men of faith in the hearts. A parent should be very happy that his son or his daughter going wanting to go to the masjid seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. I remember one time, a father, that his son was in drugs, and this son died as a result of overdose. He said after his son died, I wish that my son was in the masjid, and going to the masjid and being obedient to Allah subhanaw taala by that I never advised them to do so. Sometimes it's too late. So what do we want from our daughters, sons

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and daughters, we want for them to be obedient to Allah subhanaw taala we want them to enter gender. So we have to understand this and for the parents to be pleased that someone like that will be a continuous charity after they die for them. But for the the son or the daughter or for eminent this any Muslim woman may our last panel to Allah give them steadfastness and seeking the knowledge and seeking the steadfastness from the man and faith and tend to last panel data alone and never know that a person is alone. No Allah subhanaw taala is with those who are pious last panel data with those who are obedient to Him as it's mentioned, clearly in the company, now she's got she's the

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only one, she don't want to stick out like a sore thumb. She's the only one out of her friends that are 10 or a dozen. And she's the one that's being blessed not to see these things her other friends are so she's scared now also, what my friend is gonna say or what

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this is another dangerous temptation when a person is steadfast will try to be steadfast in the true path. Why because friends are either will take the person away, or keep them strong on the steadfastness path. So that's why when a person repent to Allah subhanaw taala, they need to make some hard decisions because gender Paradise is expensive. It's very valuable, as the prophet SAW Selim said, and that's why we have to do some sacrifice. Some of these sacrifices that we have to be careful, who are our friends are, there's difference between giving power and calling them to the right thing. But don't get too close. Because either that person will give our or their will will be

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given to him or her. So we have to choose the friends that would once the person see them just by looking at them, they remind us of our last panel time, not friends that would make our hearts hard. It might be difficult in the beginning but with patience with seeking help from Allah subhanaw taala. After some time, it becomes the No, and becomes the joy of this life is to be with the companions of those are the company of those who would remind the person of our last panel that so it's very dangerous, when someone repents to Allah subhanaw taala to keep the old friendship that would keep enticing the person to do bad and bad and evil, but instead he should be away, still

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given them down. But the company that he always with the company that reminds him of a last panel that the patient in it. And the method by the will of Allah is easy after a person would struggle and patient in the order of the last panel. So some do's and don'ts before we come to an end, if your friends are doing things that are are displeasing towards your Creator, you want to stay away from people like that, that are maybe swearing using foul language. Being in bars, nightclubs, these places you have no place to be going in there. Wherever alcohol is served. Am I correct? Right? That's correct. Okay, mixing with men now, who aren't your brothers or your husbands? And, you know,

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going double dating all this stuff is a no, no, definitely. These are all steps of Satan, Satan, the devil, he does not come all of all at once to the person. You won't come immediately until the person drink alcohol, or commit this whatever the major sins, He takes step by step and he's very patient. Yeah. So he will take the person Well, you don't want people to see that you're extreme. Just you know, go for a little bit, give them down and then challah will save you Yeah. And this is all steps of shutdown. That's where knowledge comes in place. And that's why a las panatela said to the profit so the Lord is the one that is previous and future sins has been forgiven, he said was

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bit Neff. Sekar mela, Deena Coronado, Bella, Bella vida, trc. you redo that

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Make yourself patient and this is the profit cell. Patients are sovereign Arabic has a bitter taste to it. It's not the joyful thing, or the most joyful thing in the world. That means it's difficult, it's against one's desire. But Allah subhanaw taala said to the prophet SAW Selim have this patience, to make yourself sit with those who remind you of Allah subhanaw taala in the morning, and in the evening in their prayers, and so on, and do not extend your eyes towards those who are in state of forgetfulness. Why, because they would slip, they would steal your heart stealing, without even knowing about it. And this is how a person will go back to the old habits, without knowing once

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he woke up, he find himself that he's in a faraway place. So that's why immediately all the time, we have to work on ourself and work on our amendment to build our Eman and never forget whatsoever the moment of death. Never forget whatsoever that you have to never forget that were created for the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And again, it's always a certain period of time. And this is for everyone that is watching and hearing us this is very important. It's not going to be forever, a difficult struggle. It's just in the beginning, after a period of time if the person is sincere and truthful with Allah subhanaw taala and struggle to be obedient to Allah and follow the way the

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prophet SAW Selim and follow the way of the early generations of Islam. After some time, it becomes the norm. He would hate to go back to the old habits again. But we have to pass this difficult time in the beginning, what can I say the youth when they've been hanging around with the people who are going to these places they shouldn't be going. The youth that aren't really practicing

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submission and surrender to their Creator Islam. And now they're getting the phone calls. These are people that you've been hanging around with for 10 years, 20 years, but now you've been guided. Now you see the truth. And you don't want to be a part of this. But it's a tug of war. And they're calling you on the weekends, the week, Friday night comes. And you're used to going out there calling you how do you get out of the city, this temptation is hard. And these are your friends that you've grown up with your whole life, right? It has two ways. The first way is building our email and our faith constantly. And having a set schedule in our life perfecting our Salah, being in the

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company of those who are in the masjid in the houses of Allah, building these relationships and the friendships so that we avoid having these types of other friendship. And then once this call comes, which is the second thing, we have to make our schedule busy, keep busy, keep busy with what is good. And with those who remind you of Allah subhanaw taala so that there is no time for especially at these critical times, Friday night, Saturday night, whatever there is hamdulillah most of the Islamic centers in the masjid because people this is where their break is. There are so much activities in the message Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, be part of teaching, teaching the children

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in Saturday school, Sunday school, go I mean, volunteer do these types of work. It's a continuous charity, otherwise the person might lose it without even feeling that it's happening. So keep him busy doing good things, doing righteous things being with righteous people, right? Can you give us that one Hadith I love this idea for the Prophet peace be upon him. He talked about hanging out like an analogy with a blacksmith or the one with perfume. Right? The meaning of this hadith is how the the person that companionship would affect his life. If a person hangs out with some hangs out with someone or being the company of someone that sells perfume, either he will get the perfume itself.

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Or at least he will get a good smell. Yeah, right wherever the person hangs out with with the blacksmith, either he would get burned. Or the least that would happen that the bad smell will affect him. So this is the same thing with the good companionship and the bad companionship. So even though the person is safe from the bad companionship, he won't fall into the sin, at least he would get some of the bad effects on him. And this is actually a wrong conception. If a person has a company of someone that is not obedient to Allah subhanaw taala if it doesn't affect him now, it will affect him later. So this is the son of Allah This is the way of Allah the more a person obeys,

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shaitaan the devil and he takes him to the shaitaan winds in one step is not satisfied with it he gets you weaker Yeah, he gets you weaker that means you are more easier to obey this a thought and he gets stronger and you you know it's a it's a it's a it's a relationship that you get weaker, he gets stronger, he gets stronger he get weaker. So if you don't pay attention go to the higher level. He will keep taking you down step by step till the person is in a very difficult situation and bottom line it comes down this life is the test Do you love your Creator the most? Or do you love your surroundings? Your friends? Are you going to care what your Creator thinks? Are you going to

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care what the people think? And that's why I always turn to Allah subhanaw taala you feel it's difficult feel it's so much struggle to be on the on the streets bed. Turn to a loss of panel data alone, ask Allah sincerely. Ask him to save you from such trouble than Allah subhanaw taala is the most merciful to sakala Harris

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Thank you we're gonna have to cover this topic again and shall on add to it this is the Thank you for helping us out

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and I'd like to thank you for tuning in I hope you got to benefit you heard the share, be good do good be around good company around good people and inshallah good actions will follow. Submit to your Creator he knows best he's the one that wants you to be in Jenna alright paradise don't sacrifice something that is temporary for something that's permanent. Jenna is permanent, we need to get to paradise and you're going to get there by pleasing your Creator. So until next time, we'll see you in sha Allah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you