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Khalid Yasin
AI: Summary © A host and guest discuss a festival in the Netherlands that is being celebrated for a period of time. They discuss the depiction of black people as being perceived as deserved and deserved, and how it is perceived as a depiction of the culture of the Dutch people. They also mention the use of black people as a way of depcribing one's own culture.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah cattle viewers.

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I'm here this afternoon

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with share the scene

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from the purpose of life,

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presentation and media. And I'm your host, Mufti.

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Welcome to The Netherlands molecule.

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This afternoon, I had to have the pleasure to meet you. And

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to ask you a question that triggers and that worries me and worse, people like me who are

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serious, to bring peace to the world. And you will be the voice of the people, and who have more influence in

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trying to bring the change to the world. And this question comes to my realization concerning a festival here in the Netherlands, that is being celebrated for a period of time. And it always creates

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chaos kills around it's surrounding that festivity. And it's called sweater Pete's sweater beads in the Netherlands technology means black pizza, which is a tradition that's the Netherlands or the Dutch uses, is kind of a fun,

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too, to the other race to black people,

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as a Muslim, and as a

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normal human being, what is your perception

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concerning this tradition that arouses the anger about others? I just want you

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all to be very frank with you.

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I think that we Americans,

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having come through

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a very provocative

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learning experience called the civil rights movement,

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and we Americans,

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who are the descendants of the

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the institution of slavery.

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We have a special sensitivity about this that perhaps,

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maybe the Dutch people

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could appreciate.

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I did a little reading on this watch, Pete or Black Pete. And as I understand it, this is about some

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Cinder class

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some European

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character playing Santa Claus,

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arriving in

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the Netherlands, and along with him, he has a group of black baboons, buffoons.

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And he's traveling and talking with them. And they being depicted as fairly ignorant comical

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characters, following this white center class, and, as understood, understand it, the dumbest people in the festivities, meaning no harm,

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sort of have adapted to this Menagerie

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in a very comical

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festival type of way. And so to most people who have grown up with this in the Netherlands, they probably feel it harmless, comical, entertaining,

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but I think they should probably try to switch seats and have some empathy.

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And to be very frank, I am a bit

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taken back, surprised,

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in fact, a bit sad and disappointed the country with the reputation of the anti racist and being sensitive to other ethnic groups and be multi religious and tolerant and their behavior towards other people's religion and ethnic backgrounds. But they would even tolerate something such as this that is senseless and demeaning.

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In fact, if I would want to give a characterization, a social political

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moral character

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As to what I understand this festival to be about, I think it is a protraction of

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racial degradation,

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which is both immoral and unethical.

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And I think that anyone in Holland that really takes a good look at this and sits down with people who themselves are

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Afro European, Afro Dutch, black people

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and see how they feel about this kind of depiction.

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I think that afterwards, in all fairness, and human

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empathy and feeling,

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I think it should be abolished.

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I mean, why would we continue to have a festivity like that, and why would somebody even argue to sustain a festivity like that, if they knew that it was harmful and insulting and demeaning to other human beings, who have as much human status as those who are enjoying it?

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For instance,

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suppose we were to just create another scenario like that, and some German center class, you see, came to Holland, and he had with him some

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some Jewish

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buffoons, clowns, who will be depicted as being silly and uneducated, and, and he was interacting with them in the same way and, and the people was to make a festival around that around the time of Yom Kippur War. You see how a German Jewish people feel about that.

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Let's take another scenario. Suppose some kind of Superfly you know, pimp type character

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was depicted as Sinterklaas. And he came to Holland. And he had a bunch of white women acting like buffoons dressed in bikinis.

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And he was interacting with him in such a way to make them demeaning. So here's a black pimp type guy

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characterizing white women as prostitutes, and he was whipping them. And they were following him and dancing. And how would white people in Holland, how would you feel about that? And let's take another scenario. How about if we were to take some Morrish black guy,

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or some some Arab guy looking like he was like, sort of like turbaned, and he was a Sultan or something like that. And he had a group of women with him that look like the queen of Holland. But it was dressed like that. And of course, it's not the queen, but like, it's like the Queen's children or something. And he was demeaning them and they were looking like the same way. How would the people of Holland feel about that they would be insulted.

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Because the Queen's should be respected.

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These Jewish people should be respected.

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You see, these white women of Holland should be respected. But then I think that the black people in this country and black people in Europe and black people around the world should be respected. And this kind of depiction of scenario was done in America, they would burn him.

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Somebody would hold a public gathering, and they would burn him, they would stone him they would run him out of town. And no one would tolerate that in America. In fact, in America, if somebody did that, they'd be locked up. So Holland being a very complex, sensitive, sophisticated country, when it comes to human rights. In fact, here in Holland, we give to animals, rights, that are guaranteed and sophisticated. So how in the world can people take a day and enjoy themselves and have festivities when they know that this is demeaning to African? European, Afro Holland, Holland people. And if you just ask, just take the time to walk through Holland, and ask black people from

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anywhere in the world, how they would feel about that. I think that would be enough. We should probably make a move to have a public discussion about that. And subsequently, we should abolish it. That's what I think.

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