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Hurry, Chef. Rather Is that is that the? Is that what you were looking for? Brother? Does that answer your question?

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Any other questions? No worries. Just in terms of making up, Mr. Foss, what are the conditions for a person that's allowed to break their fast so you mentioned wanting to menstrual.

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So there are certain situations where if a person doesn't fast, then they will be required to make up those days after Ramadan. And they if they want to delay it to the winter time, whether it is a little shorter than that says absolutely fine. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to in the Quran, those who are

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ill, or that they are a traveler, that they are permitted to break their fast, and they will make up the fasts after Ramadan. Now, with regards to the sick person, there's a little bit more discussion on that. Now as for an illness, which is a temporary illness, ie that they're sick for a while, and there's hope too, that they will recover, then in this situation, this is when they will make up the days in the future because it is hoped that they will recover in Charlottetown. As for a sick person who is permanently ill. And it is, you know, there's medical evidence to say that the person will have this situation permanently. And they can't fast because of that, then obviously, they don't

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have to make up any days, they're exempt from fasting. And here in this situation, they pay Vidya, then they pay an expiation for the days that they don't fast. In here in the UK, it's approximately what five or six pounds you can go to, you know, work out with a charity. And they will be able to determine and tell you how that is going to be paid and help be distributed for you in Charlottetown Kalasa. And in terms of people were saying, the pregnant woman doesn't have to fight? Can you give some clarity on that issue? Okay, good. So again,

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with regards to a woman who is pregnant, or who is nursing her child. Now what is the situation with sisters like this, there are times when it's difficult, yes. And there are other times when it's not so difficult. So the origin is and the starting point is that if there is no machaca, there is no difficulty for the pregnant or nursing woman,

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then they are required to fast, there's no difficulty on them. There's no difficulty in them. The nursing child, for example, has no difficulty in them. Having enough milk for the for their baby, they can quite quite easily nurse their child throughout the day while they're fasting. In that situation, they are required to fast. However, if they have medical advice, and it's important to give medical advice if you're pregnant, and you're going too fast, especially in these long days. If there is

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a medical issue, which may be towards you or towards your unborn child, then you don't fast and you make up those days later on in the year. Similarly for the woman who is nursing, that if by fasting that she can't produce enough milk and it causes distress to the child, then she doesn't fast for that day. And she makes up that day that she missed on this day later in the year. Okay, Zach, Allah has said, so we have another question. From one of the coolest salaam alaikum.

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Alaikum. Brother, what's your question today for the chef?

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Okay, yeah, my question is,

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basically someone is working nights due to the corona if you can speak up a little bit for me just Accola hit

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me now. Yeah, football chef. Yeah, I was gonna say that. If someone's working at nights he predominantly works nights outside and due to the Coronavirus

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if someone is, say, for example, it's time for prayer. And there's nowhere else for him for him to pray except in like, say a van or car. Is that permissible for him still pray? Or does he have to pray on like on the main road?

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Zack Allaha Baba. So you're saying he can't find a space to pray. So he has to pray in his van or in his car?

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Know what it is? Is that basically, you know, due to the Coronavirus, because, you know, right at the moment, there's quite restrictions on people really going now. So my my question was, was that if someone predominantly works nice and basically they have space to pray so they could they could they could pray on the pavement or they could pray in the road. But would it be permissible for that person to pray in the van due to the current state or the Coronavirus? Or does he still have to pay price on the main road? Or like a sidewalk? Zach Allah Hi, brother. Okay.

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So may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for if it's your brother, may Allah make it easy for the situation that you're in and all those who are facing some form of difficulty with regards to the Coronavirus and one of the pillars of the prayer is, is that you are we are required to pray standing unless a person has an ailment or is sick and that they can't do that so therefore they can pray sitting or lying down depending on the situation.

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Now the situation that you've described is that you are able to pray outside and if it is the case

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that you can find a place outside and you with regards to the Coronavirus, you have a legitimate reason to work through a key worker then you can't be you know be questioned as to why you're out you have legitimate reason to work. What I would suggest to you is that if you maybe you can take with you some form of prayer mat or some form of material or mat that you can pray on it, no one's expecting you to make the salah on the bare pavement okay, if you want to take something with you, and and hamdulillah Abdullah he was here last month that is earth is spacious and we know that the Prophet additional made order send a sound Hadith to a jeweler to lay out the masjid and Motorola

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that the whole earth has been made a masjid and a place of purification. So maybe you can find a quiet place you can take out your mat, you can offer your Salah

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maybe I don't know if it's just one prayer or maybe two prayers, you're not required to pray them too long. So you know if you feel there's an issue with that, but take something with you but you wouldn't be required to pray outside and not in the car or la vida that Allah said. Does that answer your question brother

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now I come

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to look, combat that. Does that answer your question? Yeah, exactly. Okay. I appreciate that. That was a big

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article off which is Aquila head brother. So one of our YouTube comments is, is uh, he seems like he's in education and he's asking to make dua for him for good qualification and a job. May Allah make it easy for you. I mean, we've actually got another caller on the line salaam aleikum.

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Wa alaykum Kula

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Imani only

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a second shift in content. Like Alex, in our law, what?

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What's your question? Yes.

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First clarification about the previous question I asked. When

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women cyclists thought

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it basically validated. Is it permissible for

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printing, rather than waiting to the time that we'll first qualification?

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And the second question is,

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in being part of

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fabric, when I asked, Why is it commonly recited loudly during the salon?

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Is that

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what is the example from the

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practices of Rasulullah selasa.

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Zack, Allah said,

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there's two questions that Felicia Yeah, so the first question with regards to if a woman is, you know, she starts her menses in the day, or she begins praying in the middle of the day. So let's say for example, there's four or five hours before Salatin Margaret, that day doesn't count for her. Is it permitted for her to eat and drink? Yes, it is permitted for her to eat and drink on that day. The day doesn't count for her. Okay, regardless of whether the menses started or finished, she can eat and drink. On that particular day in Toronto Tyler. I know that there was another view thing out of respect for the day that she should refrain from eating and drinking however, because the day

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doesn't count for her, she has metadata. So therefore, the application of the rule that she doesn't have to drink on the days is not to her in China Taylor. Second question with regards to Surah Fatiha and the best Mela. The aroma have differed as to is Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim is this the first AR or not Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Allah, for example, views that the best mela is the first verse of salt in Fatiha where the other other element they view that the best mela is not the first verse. There's a legitimate legitimate difference of opinion with regards to that. As for the recitation, now we do find that the majority of Hadith the majority practice of the Prophet

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salallahu Salam in the loud prayers is to say the best mela to say it quietly. However, there are a number of narrations from them and diplomatic Radi Allahu Anhu that he said that from time to time I heard that a Prophet salallahu Salam as well as Abu Bakr as well as or Marathi, Allah and Houma that they would say the best Mala out loudly. So this shows that it is permissible to say the best Mala out loud or loudly when you're required to do so. However, the majority of the view that you say it quietly and that you would start with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu zakat Lush? Does that answer your question, brother? Yes. 100 In Legend, salam,

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Salam Alikum brachetto Oh, yes, yes, in the topic of prayer. We know that in the prayers of the nowhere fill prayers, we should make Doha we should increase in blah. I just wanted to ask this hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa salam and you could

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Correct me if I got this wrong, he says in whereby you should make dua just before the salam and after the Tisha hood, can you give some clarity on that? Yeah, so there are a number of places where the Prophet alayhi salam encouraged us to make dua in law salah, and you mentioned one of the places and as we know, hadith of Aisha Radi Allahu anhu, in which she stated that an abuse all of a sudden Kearney is there, either woman or Tibet, that he leaves his home would seek refuge from for and that would be at the end of the Salah. Okay, whether it's ultimately able to become another beloved woman either be Jahannam, alum and elder becoming fit and yet it will emerge along in the elderly come in

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with an intimacy had the journey to seek refuge from for that is the punishment of the grave, the punishment, the hellfire, the fitna of the life and trials of life and death and also the antichrist that the job these recommended highly recommended for you to make the supplication for against, seek refuge in Allah Allah Allah from these four things. You can also make your own right after that as well. What whatever matters you wish, so this is one very good place to make dua as well as Institute as we know that the prophets Allah Assam said Accra, Ghana, Mala Quran, Abdullah Bebo, Sajid, that the closest that a servant will be to their Lord is when they are prostrating

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effectively. So therefore be proficient and say lots and lots of while you are in servitude, and I would say is that for brothers and sisters to really concentrate making dua in your Salah and not necessarily have to save it after Salah so sometimes they pray, they pray normal, and then they spend 15 minutes after the Salah with dura Okay, that's fine, make dua Why didn't use the opportunity in your Salah to make that?

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And it does this apply for the word of for prayers and the no earthly prayers or which one? Yeah, so with regards to the DUA and the prayer then for the person who doesn't know the Arabic language, and I was having prayer privileges taken opinions before that it is in the nephila prayer permitted but in Arabic sorry, in the form of prayer, you should stick to the Arabic however, there are a number of fatawa of them shareholders live with my team era malata al amongst other great rollers that will permit if the person does not know the Arabic language, and this is a condition if you don't know Arabic, then you would be required to

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you see that in Arabic, but if you don't and you want to make dua in the Salah Institute in your own language, it is permissible permissible for you whether it isn't funded on every level now Anna Zack Allah said yes, yes. So we have our next caller. He's actually from Italy, masha Allah Tabata kola. So when international Kula Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Brother

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my question is

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during the month of Ramadan, when, when is the best to pay those attacks?

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Is that

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and then the second one is?

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How do you pay your

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brother? Just where you calling from Italy? Yes, Italy, masha Allah, may Allah make it easy for you. So he so the question was, when is the best time to pay the cat in the month of Ramadan? Okay, so with regards to Zika

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the one will work out when One year has passed

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with the threshold the nisab with you?

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It depends really, I mean, you know,

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it might be it could be you need to find out yourself, when one year has passed on your wealth. That the you've you know, your savings have reached that nisab. And it might be you know, it could be the beginning or it could be the middle or the end of Ramadan, you need to find that when that out when that is shown. And when you find that date, then don't delay inshallah to make sure that you discharge

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there's a carrot to those recipients as soon as possible.

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And the second question was, whom can you pay as occur? Okay, very good question. And a very important question. So, this is not an issue for that has been left to us actually, where we give out Zika. In fact, Allah subhanaw taala mentions eight different categories in Surah tilbyr Night, chapter number nine in verse number 60, Allah subhanaw taala mentions those whom you can give you as a care to Okay, so from the poor and the destitute, those who are the care workers, those are working in the path of Allah subhanaw taala, those who are travelers in the left and

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don't have anything with them or those who are also close to Islam, those who have debts. It's very strict that there's a care goes to these categories only. And I would assume that if you are not sure how to do that, speak to the ultimate the scholars of Italy and maybe speak to some charities whom you can give your Xikar to, and then they can dispose of it in or discharge it in a way which is according to the Shetty, Charles Taylor Xactly law. What does that answer your question brother?

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Zach Allah here. So we have another caller on the line Salaam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Where are you calling from? I'm calling from London, London and how they

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can use

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mashallah, Tamara Calif Have you got permission from your parents to ask the question? Yes, masha Allah so please do ask the chef.

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When it comes to learn what I'm all about a kettle.

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My question is that when you're in the middle of doing your will do

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you see a dry place in your body? Are you allowed to wipe it with water? Or do you have can you go and pray? Okay, very good question.

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if I can mention during the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he sees a companion would meet and then on the back of his heel, there was a dry spot the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned him he said be careful your heels from the fire.

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So here we understand from this hadith is very, very important to ensure those parts that need to be washed, or that the water reaches those parts, it is a must, we can't leave dry spots, okay? And if we do the window correctly, not rushing it inshallah to Allah, we will, you know, ensure that the water reaches all of those body parts. So, doing it three times which is fun the sun really shall ensure that those places like your face and like your arms, okay? And also your feet which all have to be washed. If you do that three times in Charlotte Taylor, then you don't have to have you won't have any worries. If you find that there is a dry spot, you will need to go back to that spot. Okay,

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make sure it's wet. And then complete the woodwork from that position until the end in sha Allah Allah Zack Allah head does that answer your question?

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Baraka Luffy exactly Mala head. So in terms of the will do we know was the ruling in terms of the socks wearing the socks and doing will do and wiping over the socks in Kamesh comm so

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if we can categorize the socks into three different types of socks, okay, so the first one is the leather sock which all scholars agree you're allowed to wipe over as long as you put that sock on in a state of Baja as long as you made a fresh mobile washing your feet and then you put the sock on immediately okay, no you didn't break your door you put the sock on you can wipe over it no problem. Then there's a second type of sock which is at the bottom is leather and at the top is some material okay here as as along with the other sock which is completely made of the socks that we buy from the shops you know like but it's made from wool or cotton or polyester mix whatever the case may be.

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Here the ultimate have different Are you allowed to wipe over this there is one view that says you can only wipe over the leather sock. The other view is that you're allowed to wipe over a sock which is made up of a leather and they put some conditions to that IE that it covers your whole foot okay and that it's not see through some scholars they add some other conditions like you're you're able to walk walk a certain distance in that okay. What seems to be

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the strong view and this isn't missing, not dismissing of course the other views is that we have clear

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practices from the companions that they would wipe over socks that are other than never

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been the condition is not see through the if they see through shouldn't wipe over it okay. But if it's like a black sock, doesn't have to be you know from wool, if it's like a polyester mix with cut or something like that inshallah you're allowed to wipe over that. Even if the water it the person says it will in a second it goes through to my skin underneath. You say labrets is allows you to do that. Bearing in mind that there's a difference of opinion on that button Charlottesville is allowed for you to wipe over as long as it is fixed to your foot. It goes above your ankle, it's not there's ankle socks that go below your ankle, you can't wipe over this has to be above your ankle, and it's

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not see through then you can wipe over it as long as you put it on in a state of Bihar HR. Zack Mala hadiah chef, so we have another caller on the line. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Salam Alikum. Muslim.

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Brother, what's your question? If you could speak a little bit louder? Brother Phillip for us.

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My question is regarding therapy and also

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voluntary prayers. When reciting a rock man. Are we required to reply to the verse for the Adi aerobic aerobic capacity band? And if so, how do we reply to this when reciting

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that California Bella? Yep. The brothers saying that when you recite Surah Rahman. And there was a verse For be a ye you're a big ummah. Toka Diva and are you required to respond to that?

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Then answer no. And your Salah you don't respond to it you just recite through your Salah you finished the surah and there's nothing for you to do Allah, Zack Lockett, And in another verse that just came to my mind. It says in Surah O you who believe yeah Lydia terminal Salah Ali who was selling moto Sleeman? Do we then send follow up on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam now we do we set that verse. So yes, the verse and sort of where Allah subhanaw taala commands us.

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In the Lahore Mala eco saloon and maybe a un leadin Mundo solo Allah He was a limiter Salima is this.

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We do this in Salah.

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We don't we continue with the recitation. So there are times where we will when you hear the command

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or you hear the Prophet Allison's name then you say sal Allahu Allah wa salam, but in your Salah, you don't in your Salah. You don't do that. There is a if I mentioned

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that when the Prophet salallahu Salam used to recite the night prayer, and that there were certain verses talking about the Rama of Elijah, Lulu, and some verses talking about the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala that the newbie Salallahu Salam would ask for Allah jailors mercy under his breath, and seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala Okay, Zach Alasania. Does that answer your question brother?

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next quarter, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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What's your way you calling from? London, London and how old are you?

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Masha Allah, do you have your parents permission to ask the chef the question? Yes. I've been asked to share

00:21:58--> 00:22:01

how long to have a pet if you're Muslim?

00:22:02--> 00:22:05

You're blind and you can't see anything. I like to have a dog.

00:22:07--> 00:22:17

Zach Allaha Okay, so, the question was, so obviously we know we can't have dogs as pets, however, are you allowed to have a guide dog if you're blind?

00:22:18--> 00:22:19

Right so

00:22:20--> 00:22:54

on this issue, we'll start from the beginning and that is that having dogs in our homes as pets is not permissible for us. There's only certain reasons that we can keep dogs can own dogs. Now, let's say for example, a young child is blind. Notice that no doubt no doubt that's a great test we have a lost pet and make it easy for them for their family then their family will be there to support them in a situation like this wouldn't this wouldn't necessarily be a broader in general terms would necessarily be an absolute necessary necessary necessity to have a dog or child so young. But for for example, a person who's maybe living on their own

00:22:55--> 00:23:13

who needs to get out and about and has absolutely zero support. Maybe there can be some dispensation for the individual to have a guide dog okay. So it's really on a case by case kind of a situation where the ruling can be given whether that person can have a dog as a guide dog, a guide dog rather.

00:23:14--> 00:23:23

So I would do this I will take this approach. Does my situation qualify for guide dogs are not are not just a blanket answer yes or no? Is that color head? Does that answer your question?

00:23:27--> 00:23:33

Zack Lockett so we have one time for one last caller Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who better care to Kula

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00:23:37--> 00:23:38

he speak a bit louder so as I

00:23:40--> 00:23:43

said, I want you to listen our lava kettle

00:23:46--> 00:23:47

please go ahead

00:23:51--> 00:24:08

Zack Mala head so just share for the for your time today Allah, Allah accept it from all of us. I mean it may Allah reward you immensely. I mean, Monica Loafie. It was always a pleasure to have you on the show. I hope that we can have a few more shows together inshallah Tada I have some very big questions

00:24:09--> 00:24:16

that I've got, I've still got a list for maybe next time in sha Allah. We could meet on the show and on ask after the show you can do as your

00:24:18--> 00:24:20

thank you, Zack Allah bless you.

00:24:21--> 00:24:30

Is that Kamala head for tuning in with ASCII man, may Allah accept it from all of us take care as salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato