Mohamad Baajour – Jar #99 How To Earn The Protection Of Allah Daily (3 Ways!)

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various topics related to Islam, including a woman named Subhan Allah who was killed by a baraka and given reward for her work. The speaker also emphasizes that Subhan conversions are not just a means to obtain a living status, but rather a means to obtain a living status. The transcript describes three hadiths that state that Islam is a promise and individual will receive reward if they do their job, with the fourth hadith being that individuals will receive reward if they do their job.
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that catered for in

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the Quran.

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Pharaoh, meaning well now, I'm going to login now in

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, alumna alumina main fauna on Fana Bhima limped Anna was an ailment. Dr. hamre. I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers will benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase as a knowledge. Amin Amin, my beloved, respect to the brothers and sisters I ask Allah azza wa jal to make me a new from the people who listen and apply Subhan Allah, it feels like we just started this series and now we are on our 99th episode. And this is all from the help of Allah azza wa jal and the dedication of the team I have around me May Allah bless them all. I mean, your blood I mean, so in sha Allah Tala,

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you're planning to have a very special 100th episode next time in sha Allah. And

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please keep myself my family and all the team here in your in your DUA and ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us all with with sincerity, and keep forwarding these messages. So we could all benefit the hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen. Many of you have contacted me through email or phone or through the masjid and have conveyed how much these

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classes or how much these lessons have changed many things in their life. And I'm so happy to hear that, that Allah subhanaw taala is using me for that for that purpose. May Allah subhanaw taala bless you and me and everybody who has participated in making this series very successful on Amin herbal alchemy. Tonight, I came across a very beautiful Hadith that I really wanted to share with you.

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The hadith is in a Buddhahood and even huband and in the edible Morford of the Bukhari and the Hadith of course, as usual, is authentic. Also la Salam said Salah Thubten Kula whom bomb you know, Allah, Allah and that and that's what attracted me to the Hadith three kinds of people that Allah will have them under his protection.

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In Anisha, Kofi our in Mata the halal Jana, if they live, Allah will provide for them and if they die, they will go to Jana. So I want to be from these people. I want you to be from these people. So let's continue the Hadith and find out who are these three kinds of people.

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a person who enters his house and says salam

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This is the easiest task you could ever do.

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Manda beta who be Salem,

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whosoever enter his house that has to meaning either a person who enters his house and says salaam or some scholars said that he have seen so much fitna a trials and tribulations outside and he cannot handle this fitna anymore. He came and stayed in his house or she Okay, now

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Subhan Allah in another narration Rasulullah sallallahu Salah all In another Hadith la sala say salam told Anasazi Allah Han ye buena yet either the heltah Allah Alec facil Lim fer Khun baraka and La Kawada elevated Subhanallah what a simple method to bring the baraka into our household. Surah Surah Sasaram told us when you enter the house, say salaam, say salaam, to your family, or just say salaam openly even if there's nobody in the house that will bring you baraka and bring to everyone in the house Baraka blessings for just saying when he opened the door Bismillah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah whether there's someone in the house or not. So my brothers and sisters, how easy is

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this task that, you know, if you do it, you will get the Azure which is promised here that you will have Baraka in your household. And we all know that the baraka is, is increase from the blessings of Allah azza wa jal. And if you died Subhan Allah you will enter Jannah whether that's the husband and the wife, the father, the mother, the child coming back from school, from college from work Bismillah Salam alaykum warahmatullahi overcut

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is the first one, the second one woman Harada l messages for who adore Meenan Allah and whomsoever goes to the masjid, of course with the intention to pray the fourth Salaat he is under the protection of Allah azza wa jal Subhan Subhanallah

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if he goes and perform the salad and come comes back home alive, he will get all the rewards promised by rasool Allah Islam for everybody who goes to the masjid and pray and Jamar that 27 times more if you work at night, it will be completed on the day of judgment or like Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said, Shall I not tell you about something by means of which Allah erases the sins and

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raisin status? They said yes era so Allah He said, doing goo properly when the time is difficult, taking many steps to the massage and waiting for the salad after you finish the salad Subhanallah and many many more Hadith. So as I said, I'm said whoever make will do at home and walks to the masjid with every step, it will be a Hassan written and say erased, a good deed is written and an evil deed is erased and one status elevated. So, if the person goes to the masjid, he is under the protection of Allah azza wa jal if he comes back alive, he will get this reward and if he died in the masjid, he will enter Jannah

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if he died in that process, he will enter Jannah This is what the promise of the Hadith in Arusha. Coffea were in metadata Jana Allahu Akbar. So the third one, the third one is

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a person Rasul Allah says Allah said,

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Women Hara Jaffe sabe Allah follow Allah, Allah Allah and I'm sure other leave FISA beat Allah in general, anytime we see the statement feasable Allah, whether in the Quran or in the Sunnah, it means someone who went for jihad to perform the greatest a badass ever in our deen, which is the jihad he submitted ALLAH. So he is under the protection of Allah. If he lived, he will get all that reward of jihad. And if he died, he will go to Jana. Now, I want to I read another Hadith that explains feasable Allah because some people might hear, okay, she had the first one. Every one of us does. And the second one many of us do. Now the third one where we're gonna go for jihad, listen to

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the explanation of the word CCBT Allah, we take it from another Hadith Rasul Allah, I'm gonna read the Hadith, and then pass by Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, and his companions were impressed with how strong and energetic he appeared. They said, You're a surah Allah, if only this was feasable Allah, and he this guy, all his strength and all his energy has been used visa vie Allah, and if he is severe in jihad, so what did our solar system say, and listen carefully, my brothers and sisters just gives us all hope. He said, If he is going out to earn a living for his young children, then that is feasible Allah.

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If he's going out of his house, someone who is leaving the house to provide for his children, then all his day is feasable Allah, so he will be from the people who are promised in that hadith that we are talking about. SubhanAllah. And then he said, and if he goes out to take care of his old parents, then that is feasible, Allah, you have parents that are old, and you always check up on them, or they living with you, and you take taking care of them, and you're always making sure they are pleased with you, that is feasible, Allah Subhanallah that is also feasible Allah and you will be from the category in that hadith, that you are under the protection of Allah, if you live, you

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will get the pleasure. And if you die, you will go to Jannah. And the third one, he said, and if he's going out

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for to earn his own living, so he can keep himself from begging others that is feasable, Allah SubhanAllah. And that is includes all of us, we all go and seek work and seek help and going to go to our jobs in order not to need others not to beg for for support. That was so much I said and said call that person who leaves his house to support his family, a person who leaves his house to support his parents and take care of his parents and a person who leaves his house to make sure that he is and he has sufficient funds in order not to beg others. All of that he called it feasable Allah and then he finds out that he said, But if he's going out to boast and show off, then that is

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V Sebelius shaytaan and that is for the sake of the show

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I'm so going to boast going out of the house to to boast about your job or about yourself or about anything else Subhanallah that is not feasible ALLAH. So he named what is feasible and what is feasible shaitan. So Subhanallah three people guarantee they will be under the protection of Allah. And I want you to ponder upon the statement under the protection of Allah. Imagine that you have

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you leave your house and you have 20 GMCs surrounding your helicopter on top 500 bodyguards, you feel so good, because you have you're under the protection of these people. No, no, no forget about easily, you are under the protection of Allah Azzawajal Subhanallah if you go and fulfill those three things, you will get the reward of everything that was promised.

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If you do these things, and if you died, you will go to Jana Allahu Akbar. So this hadith, it's very good to live it. i Yesterday I was in a class and I told my brothers, one of the habits that I do every single day, and I would like everybody to

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to practice that is that every time I go to Fisher, every morning when I come to the Fisher, I say to Allah, Ya Allah, grant me every promise, every reward that Rasulullah Selim has promised for the people who pray treasure in Jamal, me and everybody who prayed with me Subhanallah so we handle a lot of datamine maybe some Hadith I did not know about Subhanallah so with that intention in sha Allah Tada and with Allah's Kadam with Allah generosity, we will get all of this Azure May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who practice what they preach and we Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who apply when they listen to I mean, I mean, I love you all for the sake of

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Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah Allah Allah and the stuff Utica on October like

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flooded he got out I

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mean, holy told

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the lobby was he on meaning

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