Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 034A Translation Al-Baqarah 253-260

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various topics including the origin of the word "bruzna" and its meaning in various cultures. It also includes discussions on various people's personal and political names, as well as the origin of various popular songs and their origins. The segment concludes with a reference to a woman named Hope and her relationship with Jesus, as well as various people's personal and political names.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here.

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We will have Sunday on our studio Karim another ad for all the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for Beshara li Saudi were Sidley Emery. Why don't the rock better mill discerning of CO who can be properness even in

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lesson number 34, Scruton. Bacara. I remember 253 to 260

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DeLuca that was Sulu the messengers for banana we favored we preferred Baba whom some of them Allah upon Berlin, some others men whom from them, man home Kalama he spoke, Allahu Allah. Wa and Rafa. He raised Barbra home some of them, though Jatin in degrees in ranks. Were at Dana and we give Risa restarting Scylla IDNA son, Maria Maria, of Maria Alba unity, the clear proofs were and a year dinner who we strengthened him, we supported him Bureau he withdrew spirit, a goddess, the goddess or the pure

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Willow, and if SHA he willed, Allahu Allah, Ma, not your quartet, and he fought with each other. And levena Those who mean from body him after them, men from body after ma that ger to whom it came to them, and beginner to the clear proofs were lacking, but instead of full, they differed from in home so from them, men who are men, he believed were men home and from them, man who kefir he disbelieved.

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Well, no and if share he will, Allahu Allah, ma not a Kotetsu they fought with each other when our kin, but Allah Allah yes are you he does ma whatever URI do, he wants

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Yeah, are you have oh, you and Medina those who renew they believed and feel cool, you all spend mimma, from whatever, Rosa Conoco, we provided you all men from Corbally before that, yet here, it comes yeomen a de la not by any bargaining or any transactions, any trading

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by your own bargaining, trading transactions, fee in it, water and nor whole Latin, any friendship, water and nor shefa or any intercession. When Kathy Runa and the disbelievers home they are avoidable. Those who are unjust. Allahu Allah. They're not in any god. Illa except who were he?

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Okay, you the Ever Living Elka Yom the sustainer of all.

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They're not the who. It seizes him. Sin attune any drowsiness Wella and nor no mon any sleep

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Lahu for him, ma whatever. fee in a summer we're at the skies. Warmer and whatever. Fill in a lovely the Earth.

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Man who there is that? A lady who yesh firm He intercedes in the WHO near him. Illa except B is navy with his permission.

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Yeah, Allah mu he knows ma whatever. The inner is between AD him there two hands. My Boehner add him in front of them

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warmer and whatever Hall for whom is behind them.

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While they're

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I'm not you Halona they encompass, be che in with anything, men from real me he his knowledge Illa except Bhima with whatever share he will

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What's your extended it spread could see you who his good see or his footstool was your extended could see you who is could see a summer where at the heavens went up and the earth

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Wallah and not year old who attires him it fatigues him he will humor guarding of them to preserving of them to

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Wahiawa and he is and I lead you the most exalted or when the Supreme the Most Great

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lair, not a crow her any compulsion fee in a Dini, the dean, the religion

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but in fact, the Bayona it became clear, a rush to the right way, men from a lie he the error, the string

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FURMAN So whoever you work for, he denies better Hootie with the tar hood, the false gods the false deities,

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what you mean and he believes Billahi in Allah for God, then in fact, is stem second, he grasped he held firmly. Bill Irma with the handhold and Wasco the firm, the strong

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law, not in fusarium any breaking any cracking in for sama any breaking or any cracking

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Lucha for it

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will Allah Who and Allah Samir on always on hearing or the moon always all knowing

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Allahu Allah, while the EU is Guardian is close protecting friend

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and levena of those who know they believed you read your home. He takes them out. Men firm of Illuminati, the darknesses ILA to annuity the light, while Lavina and those who care for rue de disbelieved Olia or home their guardians, their claws projecting friends of Tahu to the door who performed the duties Ukri Jr, whom they take them out. Men from a newly the light ILA to a volume at the darknesses Hola, Iike. Those of us who are companions or inmates and Mary of the fire, whom they fee her in it, Holly don't want to abide eternally.

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Allah did not. Do you see? Ila do and maybe the one who had he disputed. He argued, Ibrahima to Ibrahim fee concerning Rob Biggie his luck on that matter who he gave him. Allahu Allah and monka the kingdom kingship.

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It when Carla he said Ibrahim Ibrahim Roby Myra, Elodie is who or the one who

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ye he gives life work and you me too he gives that color he said, No, I

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I give life work. And only do I give that Allah He said Ibrahim Ibrahim, for in So indeed, Allah, Allah, yet de he brings the Shamcey the sun. So Allah brings the sun meaning he causes it to rise, men from a machete at the East 30 So you bring beer with it, meaning you cause the sun to rise, men from a mockery of the West Furbo heater. So he was dumbfounded. He was astonished and maybe who care for he disbelieved.

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Well Allahu and Allah La Notte yesterday he guides and coma the people of

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only mean those were unjust.

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Oh, can levy like who? Or like the one who Marva he passed Allah upon Korea in a town.

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We're here while it how we are done, one overturned, one fallen down either upon Arushi here, it's rooftops.

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Father, he said and now how your ye he will bring life? How the he do this? Allahu Allah BARDA after Moti her it's the

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fermata who, so he gave him that so he caused him to die. Allahu Allah may utter 100 I mean, yeah, some then Barcia who he raised him.

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Color he said, Come how long? How much Lavista you remained you stayed?

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Color. He said. Let me still I stayed. I remained Yeoman a day. Owl or Baba part Yeoman of a day.

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Caller he said Ben rather Lavista you remained me 100 year fundraiser so you look either too far weaker your food, or an SRE beaker, your drink. Lamb not yet as

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it ages. It spoils.

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Wonderful. And you look either, too. Hey, Marika, your donkey wah and Lina jelica. So that we make you I attend assign lunacy for the people. One and you look, Isla to reward me, the bones kafer how non chizu her? We raise it some then next to her, we close it Lahemaa with flesh firmer, so when Deborah Yena it became clear Lahu for him on he said, our Aloma I know and that indeed, Allah, Allah, Allah upon could be every shaitan thing, but you don't always on Abel. What if and when? Allah He said Ibrahim, Abu Ibrahim, Robbie, oh my Rob areni You show me kafer How do you you give life you will give life a moto, the dead ones

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Allah He said

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do work and learn not to when you believe Allah He said better, why not? Of course or yes when I can, but Lea toma in so that it is satisfied so that it definitely becomes satisfied. kalbi my heart

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Allah He said for hood, then you take a robot for men from a priority the birds for Sun Hoonah then you incline them or for sore Hoon. Then you cut them up for sort of two meanings first of all, you incline them Secondly, cut them in Acre to you.

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So make them a gerbil, you put either upon, could lead every Javelin mountain, men Hoonah from them, just a portion. Some then other one, you call them, yet the NACA, they will come to you. Surya running

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or alone and you know, and that indeed, Allah Allah as Eason always Almighty hacky would always always

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we listen to the recitation

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do you go one

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minute mean

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do you want a dinner will be a little

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The manager

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While achiness center for

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all OSHA

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law have you read

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body Moon

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hola hola Ilana

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Are you home

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who seems to

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love this

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man the lady she fell

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in love with me yeah

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eight add him

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while I was here to

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really be Masha

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was your good see you must

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have one

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you love the

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claw her the

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the bush Domina and then he follows you

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the stem section below what you look for are these 10 seconds below what you lose all you saw

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was me or naughty

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Allah who

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will free mean of modernity

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or lady in

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your free Jonah

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I'm Tara Elan Eddie

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EVO haemophilia b

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If Paula Igor he will be a lady Yoshi when you meet Paula and asked me what we'll need for

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TV Shinji Meenal Asurion Vita TV

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TV Amina lovely be taboo Heaton levy wala hula do

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you mean

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a woken lady not

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you to he or

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she he

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or she had

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me at

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all and

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Paul and this woman

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Isla abanico Shalabi girl and me

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Whoa, Isla he Maddie Gardena Jr

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Whoa look at me Kay she's

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but I'm

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Mala Felicia are the

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wave order Ebro he may be any case he knows order to mean all

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all of

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the above gonna

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be all

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by at home

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Long hours easily Frankie

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