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Personally, I was looking for something to protect me while I was on my travels with the government by like the amulets and the person put it in the pocket in the back. So to cope with that, he was in Africa and he saw them doing witchcraft, tying the knots, we call them those amulets here.

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Actually, what they use they use Ambulance, ambulance, we see the beautiful nature and you know lions and whatnot. Did you ever get to you know, walk around and see a lion walking, walking around somewhere can a man

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become a woman did the malaria and grow

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aleikum wa rahmatullah

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah. Wa Salam, Aleikum, greetings of peace. Now, my next guest, Dr. Cirino. Omar Berry is the Vice Chancellor, president of the Islamic International Open University he has served as permanent secretary Minister of Higher Education research science and technology Minister of Health and Social Welfare Minister of Youth and Sports Minister fence and at the office of the president of Gambia and the list goes on. Now, he was born in a Muslim family in Sub Saharan Africa, where there were and still are many on Islamic the ideologies and practices that he was exposed to now how to he navigate through all of them, and get to the position to where he is today as the vice

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president of the IO u. Now, this is a very important episode, because you might be confused, trying to identify what is Islam from all of these on Islamic practices. And from all the weird things that you might have seen that some people associate with Islam that actually have nothing to do with Islam? So let's bring them on out. How are you? Dr. Omar? very,

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I'm very fine. I'm okay. And thank you very much. I'm also sending my greetings to all those who are listening and watching. So you had quite an experience growing up? Was this growing up in Sub Saharan Africa?

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Yes, well, let me say that Sub Saharan Africa has really been a hub of Islamic evolution in many, many ways. And we, before we get to all that, because we think Africa and we think, you know, we see the beautiful nature and, you know, lions and whatnot, did you ever get to, you know, walk around and see a lion walking, walking around somewhere? Well, I might be much luckier than you have not seen a lion per se, you know, in the nature itself, but I've seen it in a zoo, but also that I've seen a lot of other animals in the nature, ones that you might not often find in very developed countries today. They will find find most of the cave, but yeah, I mean, Africa has also gone a long

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way in that evolution. Now you don't find most most of the wild animals very easily. Yeah. But you can you can take don't do they have trips that like tour guides that you go, you could jump in the jeep and go to certain areas there and you can actually be close and we see a lot of video footage.

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Yes, you know, a part of Africa is difficult to find the kinds of animals that you might probably want to see. But if you go to the eastern part of Africa, in Kenya for more precisely in Tanzania and other places, they have got very huge nature reserves. So therefore, they've still got the wild animals in their own natural habitats. And you can find them in Congo for example, you can find the chimpanzees in Kenya you can find still the zebras and the lions, but you know, part of Africa now the development and a lot of agricultural activities have really thrown center

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Many animals wander away. So we hardly find them easily now, maybe ourselves, we also have to see them cage to be able to appreciate them. Yeah. So go ahead. What were you saying?

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Yes, I will say that we live in, in the Sahara. Okay, let's more precisely in West Africa, we've got a very interested in evolution of Islam. And most of us who are born we are born inside that Deen, you know, inside the we are born as Muslims, as we call it. And therefore we grow up, you know, practicing the, you know, the Islam that we have on the ground. And we time we've had the opportunity now with exposure of knowledge through all media, schools flouting Islamic schools and all, we are now conscious of a lot of other things that we might have probably neglected or might have not been taken into serious consideration in our practice of the deen. And therefore, it has

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brought some new emerging thoughts and imagined practices, or let's say, it has brought some kind of a revival of some of the things that we might have lost might have been lost with time, which have probably been influenced by our culture, cultural practices, you know, because of the way we live and Islam has not naturally easily I mean, not condemned most of it at the beginning, and therefore, it has kind of influenced the way we practice until at some point, we might have forgotten some of the basis basic. So, today, we have we have seen some emergence of a lot of these things. And therefore, we will see, probably in the course of this discussion, what are those, and how it has

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influenced the new thoughts, particularly among the youths like us? So are you considered like a real African?

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or Yes, yes, I'm cultural, African from generation many, many generations back and I'm from a family that is very much attached to Islam also, in almost eight or nine generations up. So yes, how can how, as a real African, how, how big is how prominent is Islam? What percentage of Africa is actually Muslim?

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Oh, okay. Maybe Africa would be too light for me to say because I'm not check the statistics. But let me look at West Africa. West Africa is very, very Islamist, you know, we have Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Molly, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, so we have a light population of Muslims in these countries. If you go to certain other countries, Nigeria, for example, is divided into the north and the south. And you find that in the south, they are more Christianized. Because when when the colonialism colonial colonialist came and wanted really, to convert their states, you know, into Christians, so we're able to better rule them so they can read and write and understand

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what they're saying. So they succeeded in Nigeria, by dividing the place into two because they already had the North. That was very well, Islam is as a result of the of the works of a certain small non folio, who converted most of the houses into Islam, and therefore, it was difficult to convert them to Christianity, but those in the South who were enemies were easily converted. And therefore you have this kind of two religions side by side. In fact, if you look at their political system, they always encourage a president with a Muslim having a vice president who is a Christian, or a president who is a Christian having a vice president Muslim, just to be able to make sure that

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the both the north and the south do not go in conflict even at that level. But then in most of the countries like Guinea Conakry, in Senegal, Gambia, as I mentioned, you find that the percentage of Muslims are almost at 90%. So the number of Christians are very, very minimal, even though there is this call tolerance and cohabitation, that, that doesn't create any tension between the two religions.

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Tell me we you navigating through all of this, things that have nothing to do with Islam. You talk about in your early years. One thing that comes to my mind is previous guests that I had on the program.

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Brother John, and he talked about he was studying Islam, and he read this Surah Al falak, NASS, these, towards the end of the Quran, have a greater Word of God Almighty. And then he was in Africa and he saw them doing witchcraft tying the knots. Right? So did is this really prevalent there that they have this witchcraft and they have people dealing with the jinn and stuff like this.

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Okay, maybe to clarify that further. We call those amulets here, actually, is what they use, they use

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amulets, that's yeah, they use the name of God and then they write it in kind of very stringy boxes, you know, you have this you know, in Europe, you have this kind of a box where you have the nine nines choirs in which you have five in the middle and if you add it

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Whenever you get a certain amount if you add horizontally and vertically, you know that kind of string kind of numerical, so they believe some of them have really studied this kind of mistake ways of translating the name of God into that kind of into this kind of letters. So, what they do is they create a hole in an a4 paper, for example, they write very stringy figures from them, and then they will now tie this up into a kind of a skin, you know, and even the skin the skin of a goat, for example, that has been dried and then scrape until all the hair is off, and then they will type in that kind of a skin and then they will have it now properly sewn also with skin not retread. And

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then once it is done, then they will put a hole across it, and then they will tie some IBAN around it, it could either be put around your waist, or around your arm, or around your neck, or even your on your head sometimes if some people want to exploit it. And they will make you believe it has some magical elements in it. It can for example, protect you from a bullet to get into your body. You if somebody should set you up to not get in. Some people will make you believe that if you were in you can even disappear, you will not be seen by mortal eyes. So yes, we have had these And ironically, they use the Quran, they use scripture to use that to be able to write these kinds of strange stuff.

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And a lot of people do believe it. And by the way, Islam considers a sick, because it is a way of believing something being more powerful in protecting you more powerful in saving you or whatever. And therefore you equated with God and in some points, you even take that to be the sole possible source of your protection, forgetting that, you know, your Creator is actually the main source. And it has led a lot of people in you know, in serious conditions of getting out of the deal because you know, silk is one of the highest, you know, sins in Islam. So once you're into that, and we're trying to emulate around your waist and, and your arms and everywhere, if sometimes across your

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chest and everything. So basically you feel that without those who are not normal part of you, I mean, you're not protected, you are not safe. So you forget completely that there are other ways of protecting yourself that has been established by Islam to Prophet Muhammad Salah salah, but you did not you will not study those because you believe and trust that these amulets will save you. Now others also have a way of giving you these kinds of things. And they ask you to soak it in water, to give it to your husband so that he will love you more to give it to an enemy so that the person will go mad or crazy, or put it in their food or in their drinks. So we have been having these going on.

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And you know, the strange thing is that these beliefs sometimes turn out to come true. I mean, it's you know, evil has a way of coming, becoming real in our lives, the more you believe it, the more you can tolerate. So some people really go mad when they're given this, this nice concoctions or some people, you know, go barren, or others are really affected. So as a result, people believe that it works. Because that's the way Satan works. You know, it makes them believe that it actually works. So yeah, it is something very prevalent, you know, a part of the world. And it has been, unfortunately, so mixed up with our religion, that some people still believe that it is all part of

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our religion.

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So how did you come up as a young man, and then getting to where you are today? I mean, navigate through all of the different sects that are out there and some of these things that you had mentioned, to them to the position where you're at someone now who's living by the Quran and the Sunnah. But you had to go through a journey and being exposed to all this. so other people can relate when they see certain weird things. And they think like, Oh, my God, what does this have to do with Islam? Doesn't it and people mix it together with Islam? So there's the confusion, how did you get through this, and navigate through all of this?

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Thank you very much. I think the whole thing, unfortunately, is that we neglect a lot, discovering our religion or finding out more about our religion. And that's what has been a problem most of us, because we've been comfortably born within an Islamic society, we tend to follow leaders. Most of them unfortunately, also haven't got probably adequate knowledge of the deal itself and their own practice is not the correct practice of the team. And unfortunately, then, we go astray. So yeah, we growing up young, we have also been wearing a Molex, you know, we have been

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we've gone through the whole the whole practice that I've just described, and at the time, nobody would have made me believe that it's not true. In fact, I will fight with anyone who tells me that what I'm what I'm doing is not Islamic, Islamic, you yourself, you you yourself, were so convinced of it at one point that you were you would find somebody who told you otherwise, huh? Oh, yes, yes, yes. I mean, most of I mean, I have a lot of people who will who will associate to that, especially from this part of Africa. You know, what they will make you believe is that you will

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Read this emulator on your waist, you know, you have a way of protecting yourself against bad guys, you know, and you believe it. And then you are given this, you pay huge amount of money to Mr. Boo, they will call them here, these these guys who prepare these things, and they will ask you to wear them. And they will probably ask you even sacrifice alarm and things like that. Sometimes maybe even the blood or something will all be mixed up in kind of a ritual to make sure that you are all protected and everything. So naturally, you believe it. And then you tie this around your waist, they tell you, when you're going to the toilet, you don't put it taken in the toilet because it's

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got the name of God and all these things. So they have their own whole story around. So you keep wearing it and you keep protecting yourself believing it is protecting you. And naturally you will not do what the Sunnah requires you to do to protect yourself. And then you know so because you don't know because you have not studied it. So what happened really is that most of us decided, therefore to embrace education, you know, and this is what the internet Open University has always been about, is to make sure that people discover their own team through the through through the books, you know, you have to read. It's not only meant for Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, actually

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it is meant for mankind. The fact that you must read means that you must discover your deen throughout the cost of your life. So the more you discover, the more you realize that there are many, many ways you can live a much simpler life without having to depend on all these gadgets around your body. Can you imagine if I were to go to the airport and have about three of them tied around my waist, airport security check. And I have five of them around my waist and some of them around my neck. I mean, they will probably take me straight to the psychiatry units believing that I might be going crazy, but people believe it and I have we have seen this happening until today. And

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we've been trying our best also to educate other people to inform them that to the knowledge that they will gain by reading the Quran by reading the Sunnah. What the Sunnah requires for your protection with additional requests for your association with other people. Gradually people are trying to shun it away and throwing it away. And today I'm really free you don't you don't I mean when I go to when I practice my Deen I know what I can read you know during salad after salad I know what I should do in Zika protect myself when I'm going to bed I'm getting to a place talking to a crowd etc. And these things are the practice of the Prophet most of us are no we do not know them we

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do not practice them. So Dr. Chu Reno I want to get your reaction now to something that here in America is a topic that is becoming more talked about and the person who made this documentary it reminded me of of showing you this because this was actually in an Africa maybe you can identify where in Africa if you know this tribe I don't think they're Muslim but hear what they have to say and get your reaction to this and is this a is this a topic that is discussed over in your area as it is by us your thoughts on it? What if a man decides that his his gender identity is his woman?

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You got to order mine the land now your nana encouraged

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or mercy woman has its own duty and a man has its own duty and the lady cannot do it the duty of a man and the man cannot do a duty of a woman can a man

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become a woman did the malaria and grow

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No no no.

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What about a transgender

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transgender that again demand not up by like annually mirroring Europe

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no no it look like to if you want to become a lady but your man you have something wrong something wrong in your family from the wrong in the EU.

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What about if someone was non binary

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non binary

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like someone is is you're not a woman? You're not a man. Yeah, someone's like someone is neither there's something else is that? They will Amanda ye Kingdom Maya your lab area went up is

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he saying we have never seen things like this. For a man. He has a penis for a woman has a vagina. So we know this is a lady. This is a man. What if it's a woman with what if it's a woman with a penis?

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get and grow and

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people are laughing is that a dumb question?

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Did you understand the language they were speaking?

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Actually I do not but I know the the Messiah from Kenya. I've been to Kenya myself so I know them to be the Messiah.

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These are basically people who live in isolation in the wilderness. They mostly take care of cattle,

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mostly cattle. And, in fact, these Maasai are much shorter than the normal Maasai. They can be tolerated. They solely live within the Swasey where we call Eswatini. Today, Kenya, around in

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your thoughts to what the conversation was about, are they having this kind of conversation in Africa, like they are having over here? Trying to distinguish a man who's a woman?

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It's a very, it's a conversation that is not very easily openly discussed, you know, because people don't feel that that kind of question. I mean, that kind of issue is really a big subject to discuss. For two reasons, probably on one, it is disconcerting to talk about people's privacy, you know, that when you talking about people, private life or private sex, you know, it's a kind of a privacy. The other thing is that it can be very shocking, when you bring up issues that people are not used to hear.

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And they're more used to seeing it overly, overly on TV, or in movies, or maybe had it spoken about in the West.

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The issue of, for example,

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a mantra, transforming himself into a woman wasn't even a call within the communities here.

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It's, we've we've seen men who have been behaving very manly,

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to make it to just blindly say very nicely, you know, but they have always been seen to be people with problems, they have never been seen to be almost excellence, for example. So they are seen in the society as people have some psychological issues. And therefore they are treated as such as people are not correct.

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And then we've not be in fact, in some cases, like on in cultural dances, some certain cultural practices, you have men wearing women's clothes and women wearing men's clothes, what they do that just a way of teasing the other sex is a way of mocking a mockery to the order to the opposite sex. So it's not done as a way of life. It's done on a particular event, you know, just to say that say that the woman say into the mind, you see, I can wear your clothes and look like you. And the man said, Yes, I can also wear your clothes and look like you. So it is more often than done really aware of life. So if you look at the questions that have been asking, it's, you know, there have

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been, if you look at the guys to answer they a little bit on easy, it's not that it looks stupid, but they are not comfortable discussing these topics openly. They might talk speak about it amongst themselves in privacy and all that but openly like, especially with strangers, it's very, very difficult. And it's the same around this and too. So it's not a taboo topic openly discussing.

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So you can imagine adults feeling feeling uncomfortable to talk about this, but now they're pushing on this. They're pushing this in the school system on three four year olds. Yes, that's, that's what's going on. So this has opens us up in the last

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few minutes that we have to talk more about why education is so important. And this is where you're the vice president of the institution IOU so talk to us about the importance because like we started navigating through all the confusion, you got the proper education is going to help you not to fall into hopefully God willing these traps by shaytaan.

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Yes, indeed, indeed, I'm happy that you mention it. Because myself as a as an education consultant, in fact, I have had the opportunity to sweep around some of the curriculum that we have been subjected to recommend in the schools, including the exposure that most of our children have, through the social media, through the new TVs, you know, because now with television, you have a lot of movies and series that are coming out. And it can attract a lot of

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attention in some families. And unfortunately, most of the families are not well educated to know how to protect their children from you know that that exposure they have with the TV, I think it's normal for them to keep watching anything they watch, it's normal for them to read anything they read, it's normal to have a phone, a smartphone, and then go online and then go to the social media.

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All the kinds of platforms that we have now, what they do don't know, unfortunately, is that the exposure is also changing the mindset. It's also exposing them to another culture that is alien to the kind of culture we're talking about. You know, I mean, if somebody like me, who has not had, let's say, that strong religious background, but we are within an Islamic religious family, and you are not practicing Islam, as it's required from childhood because, you know, it's just because you're a Muslim you believe that you should pray five times a day but you're not praying five times a day when occasion arises. You don't have any fear in you before.

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

If you don't know much about your religion, if you're exposed to that kind of thing, then you can easily be influenced naturally. And then the then you find that kind of culture come in now, creeping into your, into your society, eventually, you know, mold in your society in a different way. And that fear, I think should be in every parent, it should be in every policymaker, in the Head of Education. Very recently, there has been a lot of structural adjustments happening in our countries, unfortunately, some of the international universities that I had, for example, we've been reaching out across continents, what we are doing, in fact, we have, in fact, appealed to donors to

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help support children who might problem afford it, and provide what we call education, which is an Islamic form of education. It brings the virtues of Islam not only teaches us the values that we need to, to not just Muslims, but it also helps through the books that we have, and to the education that stem that we provide, even Islam as some of the subjects like if you're doing biology now, in chemistry, in physics, you can do chemistry, biology and physics, where you don't have to do it in the same curricula that is being exposed to the west, you can read from an Islamic perspective, and study it knowing that what you are studying has some relevance into your life, both in the dunya,

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probably in the hereafter. It has a relevance of ensuring that you have a you know, a passion for science and a passion for art and a question for anything, but knowing also what is the religion of Islam in order to study and also bring in some audit Islamic knowledge, like Islamic psychology brings you a different concept of perception of what psychology is all about, instead of having to learn psychology from the western perspective, because the western perspective, as you know, just to give an example, understand psychology from the mind, from the mind, while the Islamic perspective can understand psychology from the soul, because the soul is not understood by the Western concept

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of psychology, you don't see the soul they only see the mind. So is the physical, palpable thing that they use to study psychology, while Islam uses all the Islamic requirements, you know, in order for you to understand Islamic psychology. So yes, we have an Islamic perception of our education system. And we are trying to encourage some of the governments to also embrace that because if you have a large community of Muslims, and what they are doing now, they just have a curriculum that has been dropped from the, from the west and imposed on your people. And naturally, then they will be exposed to a lot of other practices that are in your to your game. And if you're not careful, they

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become something normal for you to do something normal for you to believe. And when you don't believe it, they they make you believe that if you don't believe it, then you are not you are not cultured, you are not. You are not wise you cannot live in that kind of society. If they can easily make you believe that homosexuality is insane, right? Naturally, then if you are not strong in your deen, if you don't understand what is the basis of your belief, you believe that homosexuality is right and naturally you will carry it along as a kind of a culture. So yes, there's a lot to do, unfortunately, around this answer is a kind of a battle between those who are providing our support

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for our education system. And therefore what as they call it, who are pulling the strings, they said if you are the one who feeds you will make you dance to the music to the tune right. So naturally, if you if we do not review our own educational system ourselves, if you do not do a kind of a complete overhaul of the type of education we define our children, naturally what we do is we give them the education that we are forced to give them because of the support we receive. And then we expose them therefore to the kind of cultures that we know our religion do not accept we know our cultures do not accept and we know it's not our way of life, and then we will lose eventually

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endurance so this is why international university stands firm, to ensure that the kind of education we provide is the Islamic concept of our of learning and hoping that people who come through our system and then believe in what we do will also come out as skillful people who will understand how life is across all subjects, but at the same time understanding from the Islamic perspective inshallah. So now for people who are serious about their deen and want to get well grounded in the deen, they want tools to be able to navigate through all of the confusion and all of the things that are out there, you know, that can take them away from the deen. They are ready. They have some

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questions they can go and learn more at the website. Also, one question that might come to mind is this accredited is the IOU accredited?

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Yes, yeah, the internet Open University is accredited by the national accreditation and quality assurance authority of the Gambia. We also have accreditation in Malawi with the National Council for Higher Education in Malawi. And we have also reached out to many countries where most of our students have graduated and have been having difficulties in

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Getting their certificates recognized, we've entered into agreements through their governments and institutions that are now accepting students, you know, in Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan and other places. So yes, the IOU is reaching out everywhere we have in the States. A lot of students, I know, it's not very easy, for example, in the states to get a condition that is required, but we have a lot of students who have had the opportunity to study with us, and most of them probably are doing it just for the love of knowing more about their deal. But those who are doing some of our professional programs have also succeeded in on very rare occasions, also have universities that

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accept them. Because our condition in the Gambia means a lot to because in Gambia, the accreditation process is very stiff, and it also follows the same norms and standards and guidelines that are recommended internationally. So it is not new that if you're accredited in the Gambia, then you cannot have access in other places, just that when you're a private institution, now, there are a lot more legal, that you have to go through to be able to have the recognition all over because we don't have we have most of your virtual, except for the headquarters that we have in the Gambia and if you composite that we have built in some areas of Africa, because we are entirely virtual, it is

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also one challenge we have on before the before the COVID-19 Many people will not believe that online education is a possibility, they will think that there is still a lot of gaps in ensuring quality and standard in that kind of education, they have now been proven wrong, you know COVID has come to prove them wrong that there is a way of ensuring you can get a full course online and yet still maintain the same standards, you know, in body content knowledge and the and the delivery method. So, we are trying to encourage also other governments we have reached out to Rwanda, some universities have invited us to support them in the online education. A lot of other universities

00:31:54--> 00:32:20

are interested to test with us. I'm just from Nigeria last week, and we've talked to the accreditation body there, they're interested they have not embraced a full online education yet, they're still on open and distance learning and e learning but we are going to get there you're going to get there and I'm hoping that very soon a lot of other people who have probably deprived of education deprived of opportunities would have university education without having to travel distances and at a very affordable cost.

00:32:21--> 00:33:07

So I myself if I remember correctly if you have to two avenues there and I've benefited tremendously from both so you have the one where you can go get the diplomas you go there and you complete this certain modules and certain subjects and you have the modules the PDF you have the videos and then you you graduate from those I've I've taken many of those I've benefited myself tremendously then you have the other one that you have the other one where you're going for your ba I've also then you get the credit hours get those I've also taken many of those I was I was doing that for many years so I've I saw myself a humbler benefited tremendously so if somebody's ready to get started and get

00:33:07--> 00:33:13

out of the confusion and get serious with their Deen get well grounded in the deen tell them where they can go

00:33:15--> 00:33:18

into much open university if you if you get to the website

00:33:19--> 00:34:02

WWF The GM you will find a lot of information on that website about how you can join us and I'm happy you mentioned that I'm happy you mentioned it because we have also what we call free diplomas now. Now we probably because of the nature of the free course a lot of people probably do not be committed but we have very token fee of $10 for example sometimes $20 for you to do a course for example on fee, you know to understand some of the basics of your of your game. And you know as you have rightly said The platforms are very interactive. You have a video that would allow you you can download it you can even have it on your on your mobile phone you can be driving from your home

00:34:02--> 00:34:37

to your workplace and you can you can look through it on your phone while you're you're in the bus instead of having to waste your time watching across the window. You will be having something to occupy yourself for you to to reach your destination if you are in the in the in the in the tram. You know as they say in the US if you're in the metro, you know in the underground train going to home, you might have to spend about half an hour 45 minutes why not use that also exactly. You haven't downloaded internet internet is difficult so you can follow our courses and they are very, very convenient and easily you know adaptable to all the system can even have it as an audio so only

00:34:37--> 00:35:00

because we have the audio version also on the platform. And then you can download the course if you wish to Komodo you know you don't have to download the whole book. You download your module only it could be about four or five things that you can carry in your pocket. And anytime we want to make reference to you bring it out and do an inventory and then you know add to an order. So we are very flexible. The flexibility is really

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

there, when it comes to learning, for those people, particularly in the developed countries is very, very easy. And then we have the diploma, we have a certificate and the diploma and the bachelor programs and even the post post graduate programs are on we have already developed master's programs in all the other areas Islamic Studies, Arabic, you know, banking and finance, Islamic banking and finance, business administration it so we bring in all of them up now on The Bachelor master's programs are just about two years and flexible to you, you don't have to even pay the full year if you want you can pay per semester is just an enrollment, it's not even a question. You enroll

00:35:39--> 00:36:20

yourself with a very minimal fee. If you're in the US, for example, with about $300, or $350. Now, you can have a full form on course, something you will hardly find in any university. In a year, you pay less than $1,000. And you have a full year program, your certificate program. And I have to tell you this, and I'm proud to say this, we've done an assessment. And it's if you don't buy an American Research Institute, that all those who are studying online, because of the nature of the platform, because of the nature of the delivery mode of delivery, you have the advantage of retaining more of the knowledge than if you were to go into conventional for brick and mortar for corner classroom.

00:36:20--> 00:36:57

Because before a classroom has a lot of other, you know, what we call distractions. And basically when the lecture happens, that's the end of it. But for you the lecture is available multiple times in a video format, your audio format, you can read and listen. And listen. You can have your book fully lecture, you can do your assignments, you review the lecture, go and get into your assignment, something you cannot get from Elektra, Elektra will give you a Magister course, and you take your notes you have you book and that's the end of it. Um, so yes, so it means that the retention percentage is much higher when you do an online course. So the I O is proud to say that the platform

00:36:57--> 00:37:37

we have built so far has been proven to be of high quality, very interactive, very installed, you don't even have to need that high it knowledge of just basic it how to link in I mean, login to your program, get that into your platform. And then you know, you can get access to programs or courses. And that's the end of it. And you know, the advantage also is that you do every model. And every model, or every two models, you have the opportunity to do a test. And once you do the assignments, if you pass it, you know, get the past month, let's say 50% or 60%, then you open some of your second two models and you do them. So it allows you also to force you to keep revising those module

00:37:37--> 00:38:08

models until you are sure you understand them well before you can do the assignment. And once you do the assignment or the online online test, you get the minimum mark, then the other ones will automatically unlock themselves, and then allow you not to do the next one. So it has a very interesting method that I'm sure anybody who practices once or twice will find it very, very easy. Just have to manage yourself. Time management is important in this case. And also, you know, make sure that you spend more time on your learning than wasting your time on TVs. And

00:38:11--> 00:38:36

you also I O U 's institutes are really where you can even study from there and study in another university. So people have been doing in the Gambia, they register with us, they register with National University, and they excel. We were surprised that they excel. You know, they just had to manage their time well, and they were able to study in both universities and came out, you know, with flying cars. Talk to show you know Marbury, thank you very much for spending some time with us here on the deen show.

00:38:38--> 00:38:50

Thank you my respected brother, and thank you so much for this great opportunity. And I hope that what we have said here will be of benefit to our listeners and also ugliness to insha Allah may Allah bless you this applies Salam aleikum Topcat

00:38:51--> 00:38:53

Alikum Salam wa Rahmatullah.

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