Abu Bakr Zoud – Read the Quran with the the intention of protection

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Islam's protection from evil and evil practices, citing the use of the Quran to protect against evil actions. They also mention the importance of reading the Quran in hopes of protecting one's ear from evil and harms, and encourage listeners to use their time and attention to the concept to read the Quran in a positive way.
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We read the Quran with the intention that Allah subhanahu wa taala protects us from every fitna and every harm and evil that is out there in society. Yes intent that when you read the intent in your recitation that Allah so shall be elita Allah, He will protect you from an fitten from the damaging feet and out there that are damaging the people's he man, how much fitten is outside in society today, one law, one law today

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you walk and that are of 100 meters, 200 meters, and you've already passed almost 70% of the minus signs of the Day of Judgment. I'm talking if you were to walk 200 meters in a street in the business district, you would have passed by at least 70% of the minus signs. The banks of a river if there are brothels, Zina, alcohol and massage that are abandoned in where no one is reading the Quran in them. No one is making Vicar of Allah in them. No one is praying sooner in these massages. This is a sign of the hour when the budget is abandoned and there's no liquid and there's no solid of Suna in it whatsoever. Luck about so can you see how much fit on there is today? You see how much we

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experiencing? So when you read the plan, you read it with the intention that Allah subhanho wa Taala preserves you and protects you from the fifth and that is out there. Where do I get this intention from? From the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he said mancora Ashura is in mineral caffi. Also in them in fitna did the JAL Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, anyone who reads 10 eight from autoconf of generations would mentioned the bees are the first 10 acres of salted calf, and some narrations suggest that they are the last 10 or so little calf. whoever reads these 10 eight or memorizes, these 10 eight of swallowtail calf, Allah would protect him from the

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grievous on Earth, which is the fifth note of a dogen per year if 10 eight are enough to protect you from the greatest fitness on Earth, which is fitness the gel, imagine then reading the entire plan, what protection is going to give you a lot like what what ultimate protection is it going to give you a lot you're going to walk out in society, as though you have a huge metal shield holding and it is protecting you from all evils and harms and fit them that are out there. Imagine the one who reads the entire Quran continuously. And better than that memorizes the entire Quran or commits to apply and to memorize the entire Quran.

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How much prediction is this person going to be given? If 10 eight from sort of thing kind of are enough to protect you from the greatest trip? No which is a degette then surely surely, the entire plan is enough to protect you from every single fitness that is less than fitness that the share the fitness of woman. If you find that women are a fitna for you and you cannot control your gaze and lower your gaze, read the aura in hope and intention that allows zosia will protect your eyesight and that he will protect your site from looking at that which is how long if music is a fitna to read the Quran and listen to the Quran in the intention that allows so vision protect your hearing

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from ever listening to something that displeases Allah so version of music or backbiting or slandering and whatever it is, use your time wisely and read this Quran with the intention as we said that Allah subhanho wa Taala protects you from the evil and the harm and protect your heart from heedlessness

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