The Quranic Story of Ibrahim & the 4 Birds

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The importance of learning about Islam is discussed, including the use of words to describe individuals and the historical success of Islam. The speaker emphasizes the need for privacy and happiness in life, and gives a roadblock to a bird to stimulate inner being. The history and success of Islam is also discussed, including the implementation of Islam as a law and the use of social media to communicate. The loss of life and the need for people to learn about Islam are also mentioned. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book on Islam.

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To Ebrahim alayhis salam, when you look at Ibrahim alayhi salam, as a prophet of Allah, what did he do to learn about Allah? What did he do? Because we said

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that the highest aspiration you have in life is to be in the company of Allah, because being in the company of Emaar results in these benefits that allows oil is with you wherever you are. But for you to be in a large company, and to gain these benefits, you have to know what money is. How does it make sense to worship a lot, you don't know who he is, you see, most of the demotivation we have in worship is because we don't know who Allah is. If we knew who allows origin was a sonnet would be 100%. And every bed and every worship in life would be 100%. And you wouldn't have questions like what questions we eat today after Ramadan? shower? Can you give us a talk after Ramadan? How do we

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keep going in our worship? How do we remain steadfast our form of art and that these questions are so heavy I never used to ask her that these are these are new questions. After after that time them today we asked these questions are lost motivation to pre advise me How do I continue to pray? These are all these matters were assumed in the past, no one fell into something like this. He these are the problems and the questions of today. The people did not know who he is. You say how do I remain steadfast?

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The answer is go learn about the law. Because when you know him, you will begin you'll find the strength to worship him letting you know who you're worshiping for him and he said how smooth Allahu Annette Molokini saved him to particular Hindu to learn about Allah, Allah azza wa jal records a story for him in the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah. What if called Ibrahim or biagini Mota, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam got to a point in life where he asked Allah Show me how you revive the dead. And he gave a talk.

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Show me getting the ideas Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is not asking or not do you revive the dead? He believes in that he knows that. He's saying Show me how you do it. Show me how you revive the dead. Avoid a few before when they buy him I'll let you sell them was was with the king and the mood. Remember the mood, the story of the mood, the king, when he came into a number of sets to meet? I give life and I take life. And then Ibrahim said I'd be alive you're here you meet my lord is the one who gives life and takes life. Ibrahim believes this if he knows this already.

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But what's he doing here? When he says to show me how you revive the dead and all about what a mahoma they said oh the annual Ducky mean the hell Amelia clean Eli Lilly Hakim, he wanted to advance from the knowledge of certainty to the eye of certainty. He has the knowledge that a lot revives the dead. But now he wants to see how Allah revives the dead upgrade. He wants to update his knowledge about the law. So shall we speaking about Ibrahim alayhis salaam, the one who took him as a friend of Allahu Ibrahim alila he was in the company of Allah because of his dedication to learn about Allah had an EP for him.

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He wants to see philosophy he said to him, I want him to mean do you believe? Do you believe that I revived the debt. snowball Himalaya Sallam said better of course I believe when I can live my inner kalbi. However, I want to feel satisfaction and contentment in my heart via my inner being. This is what he wants for him. And he said, in other words, the more you see, and you pursue have the knowledge and to learn. What's its result, Leon even though

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it gives peace and satisfaction in the heart,

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the more eager you are about learning about Allah azza wa jal, the more satisfaction is in the heart, when actually applying Appleby for most of how to who

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he wants to show him that no Ibrahim Ali, he said M is honest. Ibrahim alayhis salam is sincere. He wants to learn about Allah philosophy is going to give him some knowledge. But look at this now. It's not going to come easy. Yeah, and you first have to prove your dedication and commitment that you want to learn about Allah. And then the road is not easy. Show your effort. Prove your effort. so far. So as you all know, he says stable hemara you set up for about a minute for Salt Lake, go and collect for goods for birds.

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Learn about my mother have a long discussion what kind of birds did he have? Some said one of them was a goose, a pigeon, a chicken, whatever it is, it was four birds out about the metal plate fossil ruhuna like step one, in this experiment, grab the birds, four birds. Next step for one day like so one minute,

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chop them up, chop them up, grab him, and he began to grab their feathers off, break the bones, dislocate their bones and rip them apart. The flesh, the skin, the blood, the veins, everything is all over the place a fall birds for sooner Lake, chop them up really well. Because they have to buy the nama, he's going to show you how he's going to revive the dead. So kill them. Now if you totally blow him to put them back, you wouldn't be able to. No one in the world would be able to bring it back together. It's got it died in front of him. The bird is gone motionless. And on top of that, it's all scattered all over the place for one day like that. He said to him next step at step one,

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stage two

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from Michigan Mashallah collegia burly men who

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go to the peak of a number of mountains and divide this pile of dead birds divided up into small parts and take apart and go to a mountain and put it on top of a mountain. Come back down, take another part, go on top of a mountain and put it on top. somewhere that said, you have to go and put place parts of the bird over four mountains. Some said no over seven mountains. Some said more than that. The idea is this. Do you know how long it takes to go up a mountain? That Everest, Mount Everest, we just did quick research. It takes two months to get to the peak of a mountain Mount Everest. We hit this is not like an expedition and a holiday anyone does. People die as they go up

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Mount Everest. Some people don't make it. For him. Either you Sam is ready. He's ready to tackle tackle this hardship and difficulty to learn about a lot of social,

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who he already knows a love revives the dead. But he wants to see it. He wants more knowledge of a lot. So I'm going to come in easy. You're literally going to climb a mountain to know that knowledge about Allah is going to require sacrifice and dedication. And you're going to get tired. By going up a mountain, you end up about how long the mountain is to go up. You know, today, the mountains are shorter in size because of erosion and so on. Back then mountains were high.

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And every few centuries, mountains decrease in size. Until eventually on the Day of Judgment, the all the mountains are plucked from the earth and nothing remains. All of it is gone home and we'll see

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the whole garden finished.

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Hi, Sam goes and puts a part of a bird on the mountain. Come back down, go back up. The idea is Allahu Allah and this would have taken months Geez.

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And at that time, his people are suffering, his community are in need of power.

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So it's not like Ibrahim said,

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I need quick access to knowledge of yours because I gotta go back and look after my people and give them down and see their needs and delana there's no there's no rush when you seek knowledge of a law, but you want less protection. You have to know who the law is. You have to learn about law.

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So that when you say how smooth the law even if you're in a fire to work,

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people are human like you set up a law says to him too much leachable measures

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after he finished what a huge project it was until this fall. We're going to see we're about to see what he's going to learn. He pulled all that and he came down last Zoysia now gives him the next step for murder one COVID COVID burns, did we call them call them you're going to see now on most ability over all things. Allah is going to teach you something you're going to see how Allah would revive the dead. So he said to the birds come with their own horn one alasa team yet Dena casaya He will come running to you. Just call him for he called them

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will move a sumo hammer home on Monday said and as he called them.

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He saw the parts of the birds began to assemble in the air.

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A feather from this mountain would go to this mountain and connect to this bird. A bone from this one will go to this mountain to connect with the

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A vein from hearing a vein from their skin cells and blood cells. Things you can't even see with the naked eye

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is bringing it all up together and he's seeing it. For birds are formed in front of his eye, in no time. Gone.

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This is a law. This is the one you want to be in the protection of. You need to learn about Allah subhanho wa Taala these birds began to assemble in the air from under one

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law social in the same manner. he resists us on the Day of Judgment. A lot of soil he says

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to me, no wine dinner keytab unhappy a lot. So shall he says we surely know what the earth eats away from us. What the earth eats away from you cut aluminum, metal, aluminium. When you're buried, the earth eats upon you. You're gone. But when Allah azza wa jal resurrects us on the Day of Judgment, completion to this, Allah says,

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Allah hunted norito just like he greeted you first time he brings you time, the second time round.

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The skin cell that is here, when in the pill.

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And the blood that's in your heart won't end up in your liver. Everything goes back to where it came from.

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Keep ability have a lot of social over all things. For Matterhorn COVID.

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We bought him Allah, He said MCs, this incredible site.

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And they come down. And it's mentioned in the narrations that they came down without a head. They flew down we brought him on he said I've had the foreheads in his hand even more to show you the miraculous nature

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that they're flying without a head how

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to ask a fair motor during your ask Allah how to revive the dead along so he wants to show him something incredible.

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Birds after being chopped up have come back and they're flying without a head.

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And when they came to him, he would offer the head and if it was to the wrong birdie would refuse until he hands over the right head like a Lego connects back in and the birds are gone. And at the end of the story, what happens a lot of Zoysia says look at this loss history blocking all of this for

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all of this sacrifice and effort up the mountain down the mountain for birds, seven mountains, Allah Juana more than that less than that doesn't matter. All of this he's people need these people under him. He left his family, his wife, whatever it is in the back. At the end what happened.

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City now you should know and aloha season Hakeem two names of Allah, the entire experiment to come out with two names of Allah, as it is a lifetime. A lifetime to learn two names of Allah.

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What effort have you done to learn one name of a lot of people they only think 99 names of a law. memorize them and you're all good. Well done. How many? How many of those names Do you know? How many of them loves names? Did you put effort to learn

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so that when you call him yachties, you don't understand what it is.

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Ibrahim Allah who said I'm very quick. When he was thrown in the fire, he did not panic. Why? Because he has already seen how Allah is able and capable of all things. He saw it in his own eye. He saw it.

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Why would he panic in the time of difficulty. He wouldn't panic. Just a small alarm when you're going to Akilah law, save them with it. So power law. This is the benefit when you're in the company of Allah subhanho wa Taala laws origins protection encompasses such people. Allahu Akbar to Pamela two names of Allah, all of the sacrifice and effort