A Dhul Hijjah Series Day 5 – Effort & Reward are Proportional

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The speakers discuss the concept of hardships and negative experiences, including the use of animals in hedge and the importance of comfort in transporting passengers. They also touch on hedge and the use of personal clothing in modern day travel, including the struggles of people who lost their lives due to the use of luggage. The narratives also highlight the struggles of deceased family members and their families in reaching their destination, including the loss of their children and parents.

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Advice. Number five, your reward will be proportional to your effort.

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Now hardship, as Imam was Shockley and others have stated that it's not to be sought in of itself. The Sharia does not make hardship and objective that you you pursue. What this heading is referring to, is to the hardships that come about by themselves without you seeking it out.

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So Hajj according to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's a form of jihad. So whoever makes the trip of Hajj expecting it to be a holiday, has made a mistake and will be let down.

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The Pilgrim is to prepare himself or herself to be physically mentally challenged, you may at times, not find the mattress to sleep on. Sometimes food may run out, or your portion may become cold before it reaches you. You may get ill you calmly break down you may get stuck in a bus for several hours, AC breaks down with it as well. You may arrive at most delta and the space allocated for your group has been taken by someone else, rightly or wrongly.

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You could arrive at me a little bit late and all of the good spots have been taken.

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Well look, I mean, assuming you've got to sleep on a rock. It's really not about what you enjoy in hajj, it's about what you go home with. Allow that to be really the silver lining. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to our Isha in the lucky minute actually got there are no sabiki wonderful Akatsuki your reward will be directly proportionate to the effort and spending that you exert reward, effort spending, they go up and down together. So when you feel that such challenges are on the verge of getting the better of you as a pilgrim,

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here's an idea. Try to think about the burdens of those who came before you and what they endured to be where you are now.

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And I said we nomadic. He said that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performed hajj on an old sandal, wearing a cloak that was worth just for Delhomme or less. And despite that, he made a DUA and he said Allahu Maha Jetta. Nadia Rafi, how Allah Summa Oh Allah this Hajj is purely for you with no showing off in it whatsoever. Glow Aqua. He's in this basic physical state. Yet he's saying Allah, there is no showing off in this hatchery. Subhanallah in fact, no signal Malik narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hijjah Allah or Helene waka Anat Xia Minetta that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam carried out hajj on an animal that was carrying his

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belongings as well.

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In other words, he didn't choose comfort.

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In other words, there were other people who would usually dedicate an animal for for themselves to ride during Hajj, and then another animal for their luggage to follow them. And as for the Nabil Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from his humbleness, he used one animal for both himself and his luggage.

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And so he didn't know Andre he said that I was traveling once with even Omar the companion for Hajj. When we saw some fellow travelers from Yemen and their saddles on their on their camels were overloaded. And their brains were made out of hair, primitive equipment.

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And then he said that if anyone would like to see people who most resemble the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. During the Farewell Pilgrimage, he should look at those.

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So comfort, clean clothes, ease convenience, these are not objectives of hedge and then monetary he titles a chapter in his work at the rubber water heap. He says at the ribo fifth Powerbot I feel had Gee, what about Dooley? Whoopsie Dooney Mina theory at the annual NBA

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the chapter is this the encouragement of being humble in hajj, and to be disheveled, whilst wearing lesser quality clothes in imitation of the prophets? Allahu Akbar. I mean, the requests that are made to tour operators are honestly sometimes beyond belief. Can I have my own tent and out of that?

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What type of bedding you're going to provide in the hotels is American or Italian medic. Toilets or toilets fully ceramic? Do you provide swimming facilities?

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Do you have private health care? What varieties of salads will you provide in the buffet?

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Another one, do you provide gods who can accompany me during the stoning of the Jamaat now Ilaha illa Allah I mean, with the advent of modern day transport, remember the many 1000s Before you who failed to reach the destination that you've now arrived at safely?

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How many tears have been shed?

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Add how many travelers were robbed of their possessions.

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How many families were forever separated?

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How many lives were claimed by land or sea without ever getting a chance to cast a glance at the Gabba. The stories are beyond count.

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And then the narrations of those who just about made it

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and durations of those who are buried along the way. They are also beyond count.

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And one of those stories is that overwhelmed known Sheikh from West Africa, shaken off man DABU from Gambia,

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he wants

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spoke to his friends and he reminded them about how Allah had given them strength and well being health. Yet they haven't responded yet to the call of Prophet Ibrahim. Because when Ibraheem Alehissalaam finished building the cada he called upon humanity to fulfill their Hajj. He said, We haven't responded to the call of our father Ibrahim, yet we're strong men, Jeff Hoffman decided to embark on the journey with four of his friends.

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And for the majority of the journey they were walking, only riding a handful of times.

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He said that we would stop at certain cities where we would find jobs to help finance our journey. And then we would proceed, and so on.

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We left our homes with food enough for only one week, despite it being a journey that would end up lasting two excruciating years. The pains, the anguish, the horrors that they experienced, a share of man said are truly known to anyone not known to anyone but Allah. How many nights did they spend in the state of near death, starvation? How many nights he said we spent being chased by wild animals costing us much needed sleep?

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How many nights did we find ourselves running away from highway robbers?

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Chef Hoffman said on one night, I was stung by a scorpion.

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And I fevered severely because of it.

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And the pain was so intense that I was up the entire night. And I could feel the smell of death running through my veins, he sat down, my friends were my friends would go out for work, and I would remain next to a tree all day and all night till they would return in the evening. And at that moment, I became so weak and she turns was springs intensify the my doubts. And he said to me, why didn't you stay home in West Africa? Why do you put yourself in this hardship had was an even an obligation upon you. And he said my soul was heavy. And I was on the verge of breaking.

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And when my friends returned, one of them looked at my face and he saw how I was and I turned away from him

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trying to hold my feelings but he saw the tears in my eyes. He understood my pain.

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So he said to me, gotta doodle.

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Pray to units of Salah and I did that he said and I felt that Allah had renewed my strength and pleased ease and comfort in my heart.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, three of his four friends died during the journey.

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And the last of them Subhanallah drowned in the Red Sea. Shake off man said when our third friend died, I was struck with overwhelming grief.

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And I feared that I would pass away before arriving otherwise it will haram that I was counting down the days and the hours and the minutes eagerly. And we arrived at Jeddah and again I felt severely ill and I believed that this would be my end. So I read out my will to those who were with me and I instructed them that if I die, close me in my haram and bring my corpse as close as possible to Mecca perhaps Allah me increase my reward and accept me as a pilgrim.

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He said we remained in Jeddah for a few days. And then we continued our journey to Mecca. He said my excitement was mounting. And the joy from my face was unmissable and the yearning to see the GABA was shaking me till we finally arrived at the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. And at this point, she Hoffman who was narrating this incident, he goes quiet, and he breaks down into heavy crying. And after wiping away the tears, he takes an oath by the name of Allah that He in His life has never experienced a greater pleasure, like the pleasure of that moment when his eyes finally fell upon the gada. He said when I saw it, I fell on my face in frustration and thanks to Allah, and I cried in

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all, like the crying of a child.

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So, if and when the heart

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Tips of hygiene seem unbearable This is a story to bear in mind along with the principle that states your reward will be directly proportional to your effort and spending that is advice number five