Do All Non Muslims Go to Hell

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The speakers discuss the importance of not believing in God and the misunderstandings of " belief in God" and " belief in oneself". They explain that some non-M-th consecutive Muslims may go to hell without their parents' presence in the gods' presence, while those who have had a chance to grow are likely to go to hell. The speakers also touch on the idea that some non-M-th consecutive Muslims may go to hell without their parents' presence in the gods' presence, but not all non-M-th consecutive Muslims are going to hell.

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It's about the afterlife.

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And what happens to a non believer in the afterlife?

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What is the verbal question?

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Okay, well Okay, let me answer this question, right. So generally the I mean, if you read the Quran Chapter Four, verse four, chapter four, verse 10, was fantastic in the law layer for us.

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So Dallas pantalla does not forgive that some of the shift with him or Association partners, when he forgives whoever else to whoever, whoever he wants. Yep. This is the general rule. However, there are exceptions that are. And the major exception is was mentioned in chapter number 17.

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McAlinden was given a hat and a bathrobe, that we want someone who was going to punish people until they will send a message. So generally what we believe as Muslims is that the act of association partners, Association associate partners of God, as would be the case we believe from a Christian perspective or Indian perspective, or even an atheistic perspective, because atheists we believe, the people

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that have some sort of Goddess, actually, it could be their own desires, it could be societal expectation, but from our angle, they're not just people who don't believe in God, because God isn't just someone who statue that enclosure is something you're dedicating your life to. So all of these individuals, if they have not, and this is a really interesting point, which not many people have grasped, if they have not been exposed to the message of Islam,

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then cannot say that these individuals are definitely going to help as per the idea that these are the parameters. And I'm saying that those individuals who,

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who have not been received the message who have not received the message, they will be given an independent, tailored message on the Day of Judgment. So it's not the case that we believe every single non Muslim is going to help, because that's something which is kind of like a misconception,

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which is promulgated by people that want to promote Islam as a tribalistic type, religion,

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or kind of religion, which promotes we're the chosen people, we don't believe that we're the chosen people will just because by virtue of the fact that we are born, as you know, Pakistanis, or Egyptians or whatever it may be, that we are going to have and everyone else is going to help fact we believe that those who have gone through a discovery process and recognize themselves recognize God, which is their wishes, their instinctive nature anyways, those are the individuals who go to heaven. As for those who have corrupted themselves, and this is the point here, because there's a distinction between those who have, and this is the most important point who have received the

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message and those who have not received the message. So Muslims in that perspective, have no advantage. Because a lot of people say, Okay, if you're born in a Muslim family, then you have an advantage. Well, not really, because if you if you're born in a Muslim family, you have all the evidence is usually given to you, you have all the message given to you wholesale. So it doesn't mean to say that you have an advantage, since if someone else living in the Amazon rainforest or something like that. Didn't hear about Islam, it's not to say that they're going to be treated in the same way as you're going to be treated, you'll be you'll be treated in a more critical way.

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You'll be assessed and judged by our last panel dialogue in a more critical way. Now, who are the people who will go to hell, basically, is the question. Yeah, in a nutshell, the people who will go to hell are those individuals who number one, after having because we believe as a matter of natural predisposition, that people have belief in God, they have the mission to grow as we said in the front, chapter number seven, was recently to Allah. Allah says that he told the people that are what the role of the souls when they were in God's presence in his divine presence. He told them as to build up become Karbala. shangela said dude, he said, You take me as your master, this suggests we

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do. So in other words, there is an intrinsic inbuilt belief that all of us are meant to have within our souls, that we are meant to be inclined to go. What the message does what Islam does, what the Quran does, what the prophets do is reinvigorate revitalize reawaken, that which is already necessarily within the human being. We had before there's evidence for that it's not just an empty statement that we're making as a theological point. fact, as we said, The Oxford anthropological society in 2011, have come to similar conclusions that children are actually born with belief in God. So this is actually evidence that strengthens our thesis. As for that, the point that those

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individuals now who have been exposed to the message of Islam decently in a non corrupted, non distorted way, those individuals who then reject the message, which should resonate with them automatically as a matter of natural predisposition, are the people who will render

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this belief

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Because that will go to hell, or policies who will go to hell because they have intentionally corrupted that default state. That's what we believe. But it's not necessarily the case that all non Muslims are going to hell, it could be the case that an atheist goes to heaven, and then Muslim goes to hell. And that sounds very controversial. But if an atheist has not been has not been exposed to the Islamic tradition, I'm a Muslim. And I put that in. Obviously, not real, not true Muslim, but a Muslim by name, has been exposed to this tradition, but rejects it. The atheists might be traveling independently on the Day of Judgment, to which you might succeed and go to heaven. And the Muslim

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who has been exposed to this type of customers rejects it, born in the Muslim family, he might go to hell. But generally speaking, as for rulings regarding non believers, and what to do, you're not allowed to cool. Generally, as many of you may know, as a matter of procedure, not as a matter of reality of what's in that person's heart where that person's going. Knowledge is where that person is going. And as a matter of procedure, we're not allowed to make plans for them after they die, we can make as much supplication for non believers as their life. You know, you can do as much of as as possible, but when they die, you're not allowed to interact, and other such procedural things that

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you're not allowed to do for disbelievers. As a matter of procedure, not as a matter of, okay, we know what's in that person's heart. And we know that person is going to help for sure that the individual, we only know that the people that don't have those dimensional issue. Yeah.

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No, no. So if a non Muslim dies, you're not allowed to make any time for them. A non Muslim generally. But that's not to say that if that was the dice, that we know that that person is going to help you get it. It's a procedural thing, not necessarily to suggest that we know what's in that person, or that person in faith. We don't know that for saying is, that's a that's an injunction or Quranic injunction which we have to follow, but that encourages and incentivizes people like me and you to make more do I make most application for disbelievers or non Muslims generally, in this world, so that they can be guided to the right path because we're allowed to do as much as possible.

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And we are encouraged to do that. When an unbeliever sneezes, sneeze, you know, this knees, were encouraged to say you

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may Allah guide you to the right path and make your FM good. So we were encouraged actually sooner to make doctors believe this in this world, but in the next when they die, then that's the cutoff period.

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