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A Juz A Day (16th) – Trials and Tribulations, Faith and Family

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Surah Al-Kahf – Trials and Tribulations of life
Surah Maryam – Faith and Family go hand-in-hand
Surah Taha – Faith is Happiness, Not Grief

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In the light Allah, the 16 years with us today, we are going to be studying as part of our diversity program. The 16 years of the Quran is now we are past the halfway mark alone. And it is a journey that has

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its begins with the circle, I have the last part of what we have. It includes all of Surah Maryam just for 19, and then all of Soraka houses. So number 20. Okay, and we are going to try our best to do justice to the sutras because each of these sutras on each of these topics is actually extremely beautiful and fascinating in their contents. And, you know, frankly speaking, there's a lot of really amazing things there to cover that, you know, we will try our best to do justice to inshallah, but that said, let's get started inshallah, with a sort of look, I have, as we had mentioned last time that the theme of slowcooker have is that

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trials and tribulations are part of life. trials and tribulations are part and parcel of life. And so look, I have actually details, all the different types of trials and tribulations that a person would face as they are trying their best to

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live a faithful life. And then the Prophet is also mentioning, as Allah mentioning how the surah is a protection from the fitna of the gel. It's because the surah is mentioned so many types of fitna that the one who recites it and is reminded by it, they are able to inshallah withstand the trial of the gel in a much better manner, okay, because they're prepared for the trials, as mentioned in the surah. All right now, a bit mentioned yesterday about how the trial of following the true religion Allah mentioned that the bulk of the use of the cave, and that's what the surah is named after the last potluck, then also mentioned, the trial of having money and luxury, and privilege. And he

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mentioned the trial of the Day of Judgment, how to do judgment is a big trial. And then we finished off with talking about knowledge and status, how that is also a test for people a trial for people, knowledge and status. And we're going to contrast the example of a police who had status and amelogenin. He was one of the jinn. And he had risen up to the ranks to the point where he was, you know, among the angels, and he had ascended to that level, but his status and his knowledge, corrupted, his soul corrupted his mind. And then he refused to accept a lot of commands. In fact, he actually decided to blame Allah. And guess a second guess, and question the wisdom of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. And that is a very dangerous outcome. That's the trial of knowledge and status, right? That's what you know, knowledge like, religious knowledge and status worldly or otherwise, that is the toxic effect that it could have on a person, the prophet, someone said, that a, a wolf, a let loose on a sheep, right, a flock of sheep is less dangerous than a person's desire for, for earning accolades from his practice of his faith, so panela and that is, you know, demonstrated apathy by a police. Then we have the opposite example of that knowledge and status of somebody who shows how it what it means to exemplify religious knowledge, and exemplify purity of intention, despite having

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the highest status. And that is Moosa, and that is what we'll start off with today. musallam was told by Allah, that almost you have to go find this person who knows, some information that you don't so musasa immediately sets off. recall how Moses said to his servant, I shall not give up until I reach the place where both the seas meet, even if it takes me years. Then when he reached that place, when they finally came to that place, finally, the they forgot their fish, and it swiftly made its way into the sea. The fish of Musa here is

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this was what a what Allah told, Musa alayhis salam that you should take a fish with you. And this fish is taking with him and his, his servant

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is going to be his name was Joshua in the biblical tradition, and

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the fish would come back to life and swim away at the point where

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Where the two seas meet and have that's the point where musala Islam would meet this person who is searching for now as it happens in the middle of a journey. So you forget where you are, or your tiredness overtakes you, and you forget some details. And that's what happened here. They forgot about their fish, the sign that they had to watch out for. Then, as they kept, they went past the place where they have to meet and went past it.

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Now musasa has young companion, bring us our meal, we have indeed been fatigued by the journey. This young man at this point, whose name has mentioned in the books of history is Yeshua or Joshua. He says, oh, did you see that when you were resting by the rock, I forgot the fish. And Satan made me forget it. So I did not mention it. And it made its way into the sea. In a miraculous week. He must have said, that is what we were looking for Velika moku Natalie, that's the sign that we were waiting for. So they went back for that data as Halima kasasa, they went back the way they had come. And that is where they found one of our servants to whom we had granted our mercy and given in

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knowledge from ourselves. Now, before we talk a little bit more about who this person is, notice the interesting

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details that a lot tells us about in this journey that musala salaam is embarking upon, okay. musala salam is embarking upon this journey, where he alayhis salam has to meet this person, and he loses his weight and he loses his way not because of him. He loses way because of his young companion, his young servant and by the use of becomes a prophet of Bani Israel after the death of Musa Okay. Now, what's interesting is most Zionism does not lose his temper at this person. Musa Islam does not blame him, most of our lesson doesn't say, hey, because of you, we had, no it's already a long journey and not because of you, we are lost and, you know, you know, all sorts of like negative

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energy was awesome doesn't say that. So he goes back on the same path, and they find the the person that they're looking for. The thing here is to notice the amazing nature and the manners of Moosa that he wasn't despite being a dominant Prophet, a man of strength and power, he wouldn't. You know, like, he was still a gentle person, especially with those who he was mentoring like USIA. And as he was mentoring this person, he was not overly harsh with them. And this is a beautiful little subtlety that Allah leaves here in this intro to the passage, that, you know, it doesn't have much to do with the story, but it shows the quality of Musa and it shows the quality and the

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characteristics of people who truly understand Islamic knowledge, and who truly understand what it means to have a high status. You know, in in society, it doesn't should not make you like a tyrant, a like a person who just tramples on people, because you are strong and powerful, or you have a high status, it should in fact, make you humble and nurturing and forgiving, all that good stuff is so hot Allah what musala salam is exemplifying and that is very, very suddenly and very beautifully highlighted by Allah here in the intro to this passage. Now, who is this person that musasa met, his name was hidden. And most of the scholars of the year say that he is a prophet and the BU nine

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Belgium would like to be says, a healer, who have done soil a, it is said that he was a just a good person, not a prophet of a lot. But he says, Well, I attach How do we know what did he know botella de la Taku Illa. Allah, He says, the ayat actually give you evidence that he was a prophet, because

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the things he's going to do, a person cannot do it without receiving revelation, like if they had had only if they can only do this, if they had revelation from Allah, there is no other way to do this. without it being a crime without it being completely unacceptable. And this also for a profit is not the norm. The Prophet son did not do anything like that musalla sam didn't do anything like that. But this as we will see, was very specific for this particular profit and this particular instance, all right, so as it says, it seems like he is a prophet and Walla Walla, he was because he was acting upon special information that Allah had given him. We actually don't believe that there

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is like special hidden information that people have now. Right. This was something Allah had bestowed upon people before the last prophet with the last prophet.

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While solemn, the finality of divine revelation ends with him, and he did not leave anything hidden, whatever Allah told him, he expressed whatever Allah conveyed to him, he openly conveyed. And that is how like that is like the message at the end of the final messengers, life clausal. But before that last part Allah had that many messengers and the world at the same time, and some would have some information, others won't, and some would act in a way the other prophets won't. And that's perhaps one of the reasons why Allah does not mean him as a prophet, like just calls him a servant. Because the other prophets in the Quran, don't act the way Fiddler is going to act right now. Hey,

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with that introduction, let us take a look at what Moses says Moses says, Hey, can I follow you so that you may guide me by what you have been taught? Can I just follow you around? Again, humility, he's not going up and be like, Hey, you know, I'm Moosa. I'm the guy who defeated the Pharaoh and the guy who Allah speaks to all right, bring it Tell me what you know. Right? He's not doing that he is, you know, being kind and gentle. And he knows that the guy he's speaking to, he is in a more privileged position that he is, despite him being that gleam will allow the one who will last spoke to so he speaks with him with kindness and gentleness, as is appropriate. And that shows the amazing

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nature of this great prophet of Allah, who, as you will learn was a very strong dominant men, right in Surah. Number 28 will find you're so strong and dominant that he could kill a person with a punch. I mean, we think Muhammad Ali Rahim, Allah is awesome because he knocked out any less than with one punch. But Muslim Islam ended a person with a punch. So that's how dominant he was physically yet Look at the beautiful, humble manners that he had the charming nature that he had musasa now this man says you can't be do it. You can do it. You can be patient, because I'm going to do stuff that you can't bear. Okay? And he says, You can't bear that because you don't know why I'm

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doing what I'm doing. Moses says Well, can you give me a chance so that you don't mean shall low Samira. You will find me patient. He said, Well, if you're going to follow me, then don't ask me how that does. me. Don't ask me about anything until I tell you. What is it that I have done and why it is that have done that. Okay, now Busan says okay, now move on. talakad the set out. Three things will happen. Number one, they set out on a boat. As soon as they jump on the boat, Phil takes an axe and starts to chop away at the boat, it starts to destroy it. Mazel Aslan can understand this. And he explains he can hold himself. He says how have you made a a hole in the boat to drown the people

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in it? A lot of territory. You have indeed done a dreadful thing. What are you doing? These people were nice. They let us onto our boat or let us onto their boat. They were hospitable in the books of history, we find that they charge fiver anything because the new Fiddler and they respect to that. And here is the other you know, like destroying their boat is like what kind of you know person does that color says upon luck upon occurrence of Sati Amaya Sabra did not tell you that you would never be able to bear with me patiently. I told you so didn't I musasa as well give me a chance I actually forgot about what I had committed with you. Give me one more chance please. Okay, fine. Second

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Chance, second opportunity executive thing that happens. They go and now they meet a young boy SOHCAHTOA who never sleeps sleaze this void. Now, this is completely unacceptable in the Sharia, or Mussa in the Sharia of Islam in every

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you know, every legal code in the world and particularly legal codes that are divinely inspired. Okay. And like I said, as a as a preface, Hitler is going to do things that is not the norm for profits. And this is not the norm for revelation and scripture, you know, like there's hidden knowledge is like a thing of the past. The prophet SAW them, clarify it and explain everything and left us with clear information and, and the, you know, the practice of a faith that is that vibes with our fitrah our innate nature and makes sense to the to the to the mind and rationality in a rational way. Now, but this is like I said a description of history. He does so moose RSM cannot

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stand that can bear it. He says have you slain an innocent person without his having slain anyone like without any due process and like a vigilante you have killed somebody you have done something extremely terrible. Nikita Shay and nohcra. Right, like what a terrible thing you have done was al Islam is beside himself. The man says Did I not tell you I love

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Full locker in the calendar Sofia Amaya sobre. They are not telling you you can't be patient with me. Right? Now Moosa is like okay, you know, he's got a point. So he said, How about if I do this again, in South Africa and che in Banda, if I was to ask you anything again, after this, then that's it. Our time is over, you can algo my way you go, you're with them. Now they go again. Third thing that's happened, right, the first of the ship the second was the boy The third is they go to this town. And they asked the people of the town for food, which is in normal thing, you go to a new town, you don't know anybody there is no hotels you can go eat at. So you go to the people of that

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town, and the people the town are hospitable enough to provide you with basic food, even like a place to stay. They're just asking for food. But the Abode these people refused. So now this is a really like, these are really like, just wretched people, miserable people, you can't even provide food, basic hospital, hospitality, basic, you know, like advocates towards the people who are coming to your town. You can't even do that. It's a really, really wretched people. But Hitler turns around, and instead of, you know, treating them the way, you know, in a manner that is kind of appropriate, he starts to fix a wall in this town that's about to fall down. Who's Allah Salam now

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doesn't even question and why he's doing it. He's like, why don't you ask for money for this? Okay? No * at the hut, Allah He as a fiddler has had it. And he said, That's it has a fella by the name of a Nick. That's all that we are going to do. And we're going to go our separate ways. But I'll tell you why I did what I did. Okay. And then he says, the boat belonged to some poor people who made their living from the sea, I wanted to damage it, because there was a king coming behind them who was seizing every boat by force. If and because the boat was damaged, these poor people, these Messiah keen or able to keep their boat, otherwise the king would have, you know, stolen their ship

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as well, like a pirate king was coming to steal their boat. But when the pirate king came and saw this boat is about to sink, he said, Whatever, let's move on. Okay. So this is the point of the story, right? The point of the story is, when bad stuff happens, it's not necessarily always bad, in the sense that there is a long term good that may be there that we don't realize. And this is the story that demonstrates that Hitler knew this, Allah had told him about it. And he was acting by Allah's command, he was not a criminal, of course, he was a prophet. But this is something Moosa didn't know. And this is something that people of the boat didn't know. So they might have been

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like, Oh, no, our boat is sinking. And what a terrible tragedy, we have nothing else. But there's some good in that the good it is, you got the bigger tribulation of losing your boat altogether got averted by this smaller tribulation and trial. As for the boy, his parents were believers, and we feared that he would troubled them with rebellion and denial of truth. So we wanted to replace him with someone purer than him, and more compassionate, this boy was going to grow up to be a tyrant, who was going to grow up to be a defiant individual. So Allah, social, Hitler took his life. And he said, we wanted to replace for them a better child, again, losing a child is one of the most

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difficult things a person can go through, it's never going to be like, just it's sometimes even that you can never really get over it in a way because you just have to accept it, right? But the way we accept it is that we understand that there is some good in it that we cannot conceive, cannot even think, and Allah will know about that. And then he's done this to us as a test. And he will, he only tests those who he loves, and there is some crisis that he's inverted, and inshallah he will replace our loss with something better. Right? And that's the mindset of the believer not to quibble on and just die on the hill of why did it happen to me, that's not how the believer acts of believers,

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like, you know what, this was really bad. But there is something that is good, that I can see, because my vision, and my view is very restricted, and a loss is perfect and expansive, and its max, and I will trust a loss plan. And so this is the lesson from the story. If, again, please don't misunderstand this. The story here. This is a historical narrative that does not condone the actions of hidden the province and never did that never sanctioned it. No other moves. I never did anything like this. I never did anything like that. But this is a story of an historical narrative to tell you what had happened with this person. And then what do you learn from that? And this is what we

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learn from it. Okay. MLG de as for the wall, it belonged to orphans in town whose father had been a righteous man and a treasure

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There's Headley, Lee Android. So the Lord wanted to come up, wanted to come up at one of them to come of age, so they can dig up the treasure as a mercy from him. These people were extremely,

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extremely stingy, right, can even provide basic food to their guests, you think they're going to let these two orphan boys keep their treasure. So Allah says filler to protect the treasure of these two boys, because their father was a righteous man. And therein lies the lesson that when a person does good, and they live a good life, last pantalla takes the ownership of protecting, protecting his or her progeny, his kids, grandkids, etc, Allah takes the responsibility of that. And that is a, you know, that's a beautiful thing, like many of us are Muslims, because our great great great grandparents had accepted Islam, maybe some of us have accepted them. But some of us many

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generations ago, somebody accepted Islam. And that's why we're Muslims today. And that is a laws favor to that person who made the decision to choose to accept Islam, that today we are, you know, protected and well, and practicing our faith, and our legacy for that great ancestor of ours, who was back in time accepted a stamp. And this is kind of like, you know, like, we're living that out the example of this I out. And then if we were to be good and righteous a level, make sure that our kids will live it out, as well. Now, the, this is something that led us to hell, that's absolutely true. Something that you may like, there's, you know, some something, something that

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I dislike in it that you may not see, and something you may dislike, and there is something good in it that you don't see at the moment. That is one of the lessons that we learned. Now, the reason why the professor was telling these stories to the the reason why the Quran is telling us these stories is because the people of Makkah had gone to the people of the Jews of Medina, this is before the Prophet left McCargo Medina, asking them, we want to quiz this, the profit salon we want to quiz him, so tell us some things to ask him. So on the list of things that the Prophet son was quizzed by the people of Quraysh.

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By quiz by the people of Polish was the story of Musa and Heather, and the story of the people of the cave. And now finally, the story of Volker named, the Quran mentioned these stories in this place. For these beautiful like, there's a beautiful theme that's running through all of them. But the reason why they're here. And the reason why we're discussing this, and they're mentioned is because Quraysh were quizzing the prophet to see if he's a real prophet or not. And Allah supported him by sending this revelation that answered the questions of the people, the people had no idea about the stories, the prophets, some had no idea of these stories. And then there is enough hints

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in the story that lets the People of the Book, the People of the Scripture, the Jews, the Christians, who knew their Bible, that this are an cannot be from a human being, the details in it, the hints in it, the illusions in it, about these stories are there by the permission of God, not because a human being is fabricating and copying it from other sources. And that is the reason why the story of little Karna in the next story is number 83 to 98 is very ambiguous in its nature. The details of it are scars, like very scarce, it's just, it's just barely mentioned the details. It references a lot of things, because it was a response to a quiz question, response to being asked to

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see if the profit is a real profit or not. So this particular story just leaves those little hints for the audience who's listening, not the Qureshi audience, but the People of the Scripture who are listening to the prophets of response to see is is really a prophet or not, the hints are there for them. And in the books of history, and the books of the show, you have many, many details about and many, much like, you know, discussion about who will contain his little codename, according to

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majority of the scholars, he was not a prophet. He was a good righteous man and good righteous King. And he was called Volker Nana was a nickname, The one of two turns two punches, like two ends of something. It said that it was because he had conquered the east and the west, like basically the areas like where the sun would rise and sun would set like if you would imagine the earth in that way, the east and the west, he had conquered this whole tract of land. And that was how amazing and dominant a king he was. Yet, despite the fact he was so dominant and powerful. He

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was not somebody who was a, you know, he was not a tyrant king, he was a righteous King, a good king, a person generally absolute power corrupts absolutely. Like they say, right, but

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little codename actually was not one of those. He had, in a way absolute power like he controlled vast tracts of the earth, under his power under his authority, yet he was a righteous man. Right, he would say that if someone is, you know, wronged someone who's a wrongdoer, we will punish him. But the one who doesn't write a law has a good reward for them. And we will speak kindly to that person, if he was such that in this story is mentioned also the passage about the two mountains right, the two mountains here as mentioned by chef Sadie in the scene that he had gone to the east, he started by going straight to the west motherly Beacham setting of the sun. That's the West. Imagine the

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earth is reimagined, like, he's traversing a continent, like from ocean to ocean, so the West is the western part of that continent, he reaches there, and that's where he conquers and dominates, then sets out all the way to the multiple chumps to the east, the opposite side of that continent, dominates everything in the way conquers everything in the way. And that massive tract of land is his. And that's his incredible kingdom, then, unless one actually says this Gallico, how to not be mad at any Cobra, we had full knowledge of Him, the fact that it was not mentioning all the specific details here. It's not because he doesn't it's not mad Allah that Allah doesn't know. It's because

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he's leaving this ambiguous by design for the audience behind the main audience, right? The audience, like behind the first row, the first row is flourish, because they want to know the Prophet is a real prophet. The Prophet answers these questions. They're, you know, they're done. Now, they don't have anything to argue with. But the second row audience is the Jews are Medina, and the Christians of the Arabian Peninsula, were keenly listening to the Prophet telling the story of our name, and seeing what information and how did he get this information. So these ambiguous details were left for them to be convinced that truly this is a prophet of Allah. Now, he goes ahead

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Tavella, Vanessa Dane. He goes now after conquering the east and the west, this massive, you know, tract of land, ocean to ocean, he starts going north. And as he started going north, there are two mountains that were two mountains at that time, well known. And that is where he found the people that were very difficult to understand, because of the way they would speak. But they'll coordinate because he was a dominant King and very skilled was able to converse with them and able to understand them. And that's one of the things that you learn like you know, to be a person who is able to, you know, reach a large audience, he was

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able to understand the language of many people, right and acquiring languages and having mastery over languages is a one of the things that sets up people for success. So he is able to understand these people, even when they are liar Caledonia, common Nicola, there were difficult to speak with and understand. Now they say, Well, he, yeah, Julian George Goggin, Magog are causing corruptions, north of these mountains. They're causing corruptions we'll call 909 mighty king help us. Okay. So he says, All right, I'll help you. I don't want any. They're like, can you give you money to do this? It is like I don't need money. I don't need any money I have Alhamdulillah what Allah has

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given me is better and that tells us a righteous man. He wasn't looting people's wealth. And this exploiting he was a righteous King, dominant but righteous. He said, You know what, I will help you I will do this, but I need your laborers to help me and I need you to help me fill Albania qubino motema erect a barrier between you and then bring me blocks of iron and then when the iron has filled the space between the two mountains, he said blow on this on the fire with your bellows. And then it went it became a red hot the iron he said Ofra la Tara, bring me molten Brasil pour over it. So this is iron reinforced with molten brass that became a very strong and preventative wall. Now

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the question is who is Goggin Magog who is Yeah, Julian George, there is much discussion about this. These are people from these are bunny Bashar or Banu Adam. They are from the stood the children of Adam. They're not like some super humans or something like zombies or anything. They're actually human beings.

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And then as

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As the books she mentioned, their Mojo, Deena Allah out they are on the earth. And on the day of close to the end of the time of the day of judgment, they will come out as the Quran mentions in Surah number MBs or number 21, that when the judge spill out, they will be medically heavy and soon they will just completely run over the earth, but that time and they will run over the earth, that will be the time when a Silas law would have would be back, you know, in flesh and body and he would you know, him and the believers with him, what actually find would protect themselves from the difficulty in the trial of the Arjun module. These are people who are really their reality is in the

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unknown, right, it's in the unseen Sorry, excuse me, in the unseen, elevate the reality of these people and the way where they are and how they are, that is a like Allah has said,

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the Torah Baba whom Yama via Moodle for about one fifth of his soul, when the Trumpet will be blown, we shall gather them all together, this is one of those things that happens as a miraculous occurrence near the near the end of time. And there are many, many miraculous occurrences that will happen near the end of time, like the coming back over Isa, like the coming of the Antichrist, the Messiah, all of these things are miraculous, and in the unseen and alive. And one of those is the fusion module. And the details are quite a lot and we don't have obviously time to discuss them, but I wanted to at least mention them. Her name isn't mentioned in other books, as much historical

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debate of who he was low on them. But the Quran intentionally leaves these things without much specific details, as if to make the argument or make the point that the information that the initial audience of the Jews and Christians wanted to know about whether the Prophet is a prophet or not, that was already that has been provided. And as for the other things, the other things to learn from local nine is His justice, his dominance, his ability to converse with people his ability to do good even when he doesn't need the money, all those are the other lessons we can learn as a lesson of power, someone who has authority and power or Long Island right that that should be the way we

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should approach it. But then again, sort of calf has a lot of see very detail we can obviously go into too much more detail than this because we're trying to go through a bit more.

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It circles back a beautiful way the surah circles back to the beginning and this is one of the most you know elegant ways the Quran speaks about how

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an alpha has Ebola vena cava Fado, I bet even dooney Alia is number 100. To do those who deny the truth, think that they can make my servants patrons instead of me do the thing they can worship other gods besides me a less popular as that is obviously a losing proposition that is a incorrect theology, right to take other eyes, other human beings as Gods besides Allah as children of God, and that is of course what the Quran, the surah began with what and warn those who have said, who saved that God has taken in terms of a son. Right? So it's a beautiful circle back to that also. The surah began with a last part are speaking about the righteous, right, who were the believers, that

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believers who will do good deeds that they have a very good reward in with Allah waiting for them that they are going to be in forever marketing if he ever look at this reward Allah speaks about all those same people, those who believe and those who do good deeds, what is their reward, their reward is they have gardens or paradise for their aboard for the place that they live in New Zealand actually New Zealand is is like an appetizer. Okay, linguistically noozle is the appetizer to the main course. So jannatul for those is just the beginning of their pleasure so panela the enjoyment of the next life Jenna is just the beginning Jana is not like the end of their you know, happiness.

00:34:29--> 00:34:48

It's where the happiness starts. And the amazing thing about Jenna that really I think we can fully grasp in this world is when they're told these people exceed they're told in the beginning of surah yoga they will remain in it forever now there there has been a fee up there in there forever.

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

liable Hunan haha. Desiring no change. So if someone comes to them, theoretically in general saying let's go to a better place in genda they will be like you know what we're having

00:35:00--> 00:35:30

Here we're super happy with what we have hamdulillah and that extreme level of contentment, that amazing feeling of being happy with what Allah has provided me That is what Jenna is that's a piece of paradise that some of us can access even in this world. And that what that's what the Muslim would make normal for at times that a subtle guerrilla battle. I asked you a lot for contentment, right?

00:35:31--> 00:36:10

In this world, and that is one of the most beautiful things that you can experience because it's literally a piece of paradise as a beautiful way how the sewer circle backs, the sewer ends with the prophets of Salaam, the Quran being described, again, the surah began talking about the Quran ends we're talking about the Quran in the ocean were to become inked for the words My Lord showed me the ocean will be exhausted before the words of my Lord come to an end, even if he were to add another ocean to it. This is to talk about the depth of the meaning and the power of the words and then speaks about again the sutra began to talk about the Prophet, ie manly Yun Veera right, the one who

00:36:10--> 00:36:53

is warning as the Prophet Salaam ends with again speaking of the Prophet Salaam in nama Anna Bashar Al mismo, coma I am a human being like you, it has been revealed to me that your God is one God. So let him who hopes to meet his Lord, do good deeds and let him associate no one else in worship of his Lord, but I used to be either terrible he had a beautiful surah so we have lots of you know, details. Things to prefer to study. If you'd like to start further study Google Hernandez and Goggin. Magog are more information shala you can learn there, but overall a very beautiful surah its theme being trials and tribulations of life and how the Koran and following the sooner the prophets

00:36:53--> 00:37:42

Allah is the way to make it out through these difficulties, trials and tribulations keeping the prize agenda in mind that when we get there, this is the beginning for happiness, and it'll be so awesome. You will want to know change from that. Then Allah moves on to Surah Maryam Surah Maryam is named after the mother of Isa Maria alayhis. Salam, the the great, beautiful family of La imraan in Ron's wife, Iran is the dad of Miriam, the grandfather of Isa. And imraan is also the brother in law of zecharia. Zakaria and Emraan had married sisters, you know, into the same family. And then Zakaria has yahia so that's the early Emraan. That's what Allah calls early Imran, in the Quran.

00:37:42--> 00:38:27

These Buddhists Beautiful, beautiful, righteous family, an amazing example of how faith and family go hand in hand. They clora Mati Rebecca Abu Zakaria begins with this very unique, disjointed letter combo calf high in salt that Allah mentioned Zakaria, who made a dua to his Lord law towards leaner and healthier he's in pain, he wants it. He really, really wants a son, but he's making a beautiful doora that isn't a low tone, because it's a private matter that is a private matter. It shouldn't be like yelled out, it shouldn't be like a matter of like theatrical experience of showing people it really is a very private matter. And that's what we learned from this beautiful prophet. He says I

00:38:27--> 00:39:11

am old. And then a last Papa says Don't worry, I'm going to give you as a courier a child whose name will be yahia john, and we shall have not given a name to anyone before as as yahia. Of course, the Korean restaurant is shocked at that, you know a little bit you know, like it's not like he wasn't expecting the answer, but he wasn't expecting it at that moment. So he shocked so hello now I'm going to have a child how Oh Lord, but I'm so old and my wife is barren. Allah says that is Allah's decree. It will be easy for it is easy for me. Well, who are Leah Hagen I had created you before when you were nothing, you are nothing and I made you so this is also this is much easier creating

00:39:12--> 00:39:59

you know, yeah, in this situation is even easier. Okay. Yeah. Elisa Lam is described in the Quran as Oh john, we said all fast the book who they will kitabi Pooja right. Hold on to the book, because that is the way you can get through the difficulties of life, the persecution he was about to face, and he stood steadfast holding on to the book. He was Hannon and he was a tender. He was nice. He was tender of heart was that guy? He was. He was a pure in you know, Prophet. Well, Canada Pia, pious Bahram bhiwadi he dutiful to his parents. What am Yakuza Baron arsia not Jabari wasn't a tyrant and easy his parents are really old. He's a young man strong, handsome.

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

You know, powerful, easily could be like, you know, trampling over his parents. But no, he was very, very gentle. And he was not disobedient to his parents. And that is an amazing quality that we learned from yahia alayhis salaam. And Allah says about him peace or be on him on the day of his birth, on the day of his death, and peace will be on him on the day he is raised up to life. Again, this is a beautiful example of how what a righteous family looks like the righteous family, an excellent example of it. Then you have

00:40:34--> 00:41:18

the story of Maria Maria Salam and her conception of Isa, the story you have seen before, but we have to look again because there's a beautiful story recount in the book, how Mary viju from a people to an Eastern place. This is where she would worship as where her monastery went was. And as she was in seclusion, Allah sent are who are Angel and that Angel was gibreel Ali Salam who came as a human being. Maria Melissa was wondering what is a human being doing here? You know, it was something that she was concerned about. He said, she said, I seek refuge in Allah from you. Don't come near me if you fear God. He said, I am a messenger of your Lord. I am an angel. And I'm coming

00:41:18--> 00:42:02

to you with the news that you're going to have a child who is zakia, a poor child. He says, I'm Luke, how Allah describes both of the children of this family, this miraculous blessed family. Both of them are like, you know, miraculous birth. Yeah, yeah. Islam was a miracle because his parents were extremely old beyond the age of burying children, right? And here, Maria malayalam, or excuse me, yeah. He said, Islam is a miracle, because he didn't have a father. He was only he was conceived by the word of Allah in the womb of his mother, Maria Medina Salaam, who, as she says, I love how can I have a son, but no man has touched me. And I have never been unchaste meaning I have never

00:42:02--> 00:42:29

been married. I have not been immoral. I haven't had intimacy with anybody. How can I conceive? So both of these children on the family of Iran are miracles, but Allah calls them not just he doesn't describe them as miraculous. He calls them zakia or zeca. People of purity, right? And that's the fruit of your righteous family, that children are born with a sense of purity that, you know,

00:42:30--> 00:42:35

that that is a parent in their manners as a parent in their dealings.

00:42:37--> 00:43:23

She says, Look, I can't How can I have a child This is like impossible at the angels says to her Cavalli key, it shall be Cavalli key. By the way, the key there is like a special, you know, Bob a special address to her. This is your Lord's word to you, Maria, can I Leakey, all our of buki your Lord has said to you this, who are you? Hi, Ian. It is easy for me. Paulina Jalla, who is telling us we will make him a sign for mankind or Rama Amina and a blessing, a mercy for people from us. Okay, I'm Ron Mahalia, this is a matter that's a done deal. Now Subhan Allah has been told, you have no say in this matter, Miriam. This is something that's already been decreed. And then Allah through

00:43:23--> 00:44:14

gibreel created Jubilee, blue, into Miriam, and then she conceived the the baby in her womb. And that was the baby was created by the word of Allah Cole and has he is Kenny Mehta law, the word of a law. Good, okay, and the soul of Allah as the soul of a law or rule gibreel came to blow this into Maryam Anika salam, and to tell her that she's going to have this baby Isa. So this is how he is Elisa Lam an amazing miraculous baby. Now she is now conceived she's conceived him now she withdraws from her monastery because she needs to hide from the people. She's worried. Now as she is having a child, you know, she's feeling the pain of labor. She is saying, law if I had only died before this,

00:44:14--> 00:44:59

According to NASA Mercia and had passed into oblivion didn't even exist, but a little less you know what a great honor is awaiting her. She being the mother of Isa being the greatest Lady of all time number one of all time among women is Maria alayhis. Salam, right. And then as she's going through that tough time, Allah miraculously inspires through her baby that say to your mother, that pajara bukata ki Surya, don't worry, lotta Honey, don't despair. Don't lose hope Allah has the right for you. is going to make things easy for you. You know, shake the trunk of the palm tree and ripe dates will fall on it for fall from you.

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

fall on you excuse me. So eat and drink what Korea hyena and relax. All right, eat and drink and relax. An amazing little subtlety here is a lot she was going through a difficulty that was a part of a miracle. So miraculously, Allah, Allah provided her relief with her child speaking to her or a gibreel, Allah Salam speaking to her, at that point to comfort her from the difficulty that she was going through number two, she's still told despite it being a miraculous birth and a miraculous intervention from Allah, she's still told to move in as well to take the means that she can, what are the means, what was he like he we did enough like shake the palm tree. If I tried to shake a

00:45:44--> 00:45:53

palm tree or a bunch of us tried to shake the palm tree, trust me, nothing is falling from the palm tree, the palm tree is very sturdy. But this is a

00:45:54--> 00:46:38

a beautiful example that she has to put her effort and then put her trust and love her effort is to shake the palm tree and then Allah will take care of the rest, sending her dates, sending her water. And this is this beautiful lesson of this conception and birth of Isa, that even though was a miracle. Alas, mother's still teaching us that trusting in Allah means you do what you can and then you leave the rest that you can in the hands of Allah Do what you can control or work or with what you can control and what you cannot control. Leave in the hands of a lot. What Korea and then just relax, you know, just chill. A lot will take care of the rest. And now a lot of tells her that when

00:46:38--> 00:47:18

you speak see a person don't speak anything to them. Don't say anything to them for only Indian adult older money, Solman song fasting, fasting, home speaking, right. That's what the word linguistically means. Don't say anything. falando Caledonian when she comes to the people, the people are like Mary, what have you done? Right, Mary? How could you have done so your father was a good man, your mother was a good woman. You are from the descendants of Harun. You're from a noble family. You're, you know, descendent of a prophet, and you are married. You're born into this righteous family of worshipers? How can you do something so terrible? She doesn't say anything. She

00:47:18--> 00:48:03

points at the baby for a shot at La he she pointed to the child. And they said, How can we speak to a child who is in the cradle for math, this phobia or they're in the Abdullah? Isa lesson on day one was a prophet of Allah. That's an amazing miracle. The Prophet son was 40 years old and he received revelation musala son was 40 year old when he met when he went and spoke to Allah, Allah and received revelation eSATA Salaam, baby Isa on day one was a prophet of Allah. And he says in the Abdullah, I am God's servant, he gave me the book and made me a prophet Allahu Akbar, and made me blessed wherever I may be, and enjoined upon me prayer and giving Zakat meaning

00:48:04--> 00:48:49

charity, as long as I'm alive, and he's instructed me to be beautiful to my mother, and I was not not made me arrogant or wicked, and peace be upon me the day I was born. And blessed is the day I was born, and the Blessed is the day I die. And blessed is the day when I'm brought back to life. So hon Allah is Allah Salam defends the honor of his of his mother, eSATA Salam spoke in the cradle. And this is one of the amazing miracles of our Prophet Isaiah. And this is that righteous family, that miraculous righteous family. You know, this is the outcome of a good family, that children are blessed with good luck, they are blessed with, you know, taking care of their parents, they're

00:48:49--> 00:48:58

blessed with, you know, dignity and honor their stand up people. And that is what, you know, that's one of the morals of the story, the story

00:48:59--> 00:49:14

of surah that faith and family go hand in hand. And this is a beautiful demonstration of that. Keep in mind, by the way, minimalism was a single mother, right? So here she is raising this child by herself, in tough circumstances, constantly accused, constantly berated constantly,

00:49:16--> 00:49:59

you know, looked down upon her son treated ill until, you know, they tried to assassinate him, her nephew, assassinated. All these difficulties they faced just because you're a righteous family doesn't mean you're not going to face difficulties, plenty of difficulties will come right, but the the good manners, the good morals, that is the outcome of a good family. And that is what Allah describes. And he also says that Aligarh is of no money at all, and that is the Jesus the son of Mary. That is the truth about Western dispute. fee em Tarun their dispute about this. There's nothing to dispute. He was not the Son of God Makana De La Jolla, tequila me wallet, this

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

Not the fist fit the majesty of God that have a child. So ohana, who he is far above that when you decrease something he only says B and it is in a coma a Milan for in the Maya hola who couldn't find a cone. So panela this continues Allah mentions the story of faith and family gone wrong, which is now the next story. Our father Ibrahim al Islam, Moscow suka Ibrahim, we count the story of Abraham in the book, he was a man of truth and a prophet. He said to his father or Father, why do you worship something that can neither here nor can benefit you in any way? Oh, Father, I have received knowledge that you would have not so follow me. But the Barony I will guide you to the straight

00:50:44--> 00:51:05

path. My Yeah, but the my father, don't worship the devil. Because the devil is a rebel against the Most Gracious one. My father, I fear that the punishment from the Most Gracious one will come and affect you for the ownership. One you will hear and you will become a friend to the devil, Ibrahim Hassan is giving Dharma to his dad, it

00:51:06--> 00:51:55

is the son and his dad is the Father. He is in a lower position the father is in a higher position. Yet Abraham Wilson has the humility to to call his dad to love and the courage to say something to his dad with love that you are doing something wrong or father. And that's one of the most difficult things to do to have the humility to not become arrogant, and while caring for someone and have the courage to see it without without fearing the consequences. And that's what Brian Wilson shows us amazing example of that balance between courage and love. You know, not fearing consequences, because the right thing as we said, but also saying the right thing in the right way. And how

00:51:55--> 00:52:02

amazingly he says yeah, buddy, yeah, buddy. Yeah, buddy. Yeah, buddy. Yeah, I bet the four times in this

00:52:04--> 00:52:48

in this passage, huh? Yeah, but the four times he says it, which means Oh, my beloved father is speaking so beautifully to his dad, because he really really loves him and really has concern for his father. But the dad's response is very rough all around him on and on, and he had to Abraham, you reject rdts or Abraham, if you don't stop, I will stone you to death. Why junie Maria. So this is the response, physical abuse or the threat of it. And in our religion, when there's a threat of abuse, you stop now ba da da da da, you end that situation, so that the abuse and the the the physical pain ends, but I am an associate Solomonic I will appeal to you I will pray to my Lord for

00:52:48--> 00:53:16

your forgiveness. He has indeed been gracious to me. Look at the amazing a lot of Ibrahim and that's what the this the story of the theme of the sutra is faith and family go hand in hand. Even when family doesn't always work out. The people of faith in the family should demonstrate what it means to be faithful by having the flock by showing love and showing concern. While not reciprocating bad with bad

00:53:17--> 00:53:30

In fact, reciprocating bad with good Salah Muna Alec, right and one of the things we notice is that we celebrate the Salam on a lake of Ibrahim, we celebrate the amazing

00:53:31--> 00:53:45

you know, calmness and patience in the face of these threats of Ibrahim, we don't celebrate the the physical threat of his dad, we don't celebrate the person who is

00:53:48--> 00:54:29

you know, threatening physically we celebrate the one who was diffusing and the escalating our father Ibrahim alayhis salam, so Subhanallah very beautiful. Then Allah mentions musala, salaam and Harun also his nine and his Salaam, even though Abraham's father was not a good person, and he couldn't convince his father, he raised his own children. Well, he raised his half and Yahoo, and he raised his smile. And those were the leaders of, of humanity, right? That's where the the religions of the world come from. Right? Allah speaks about how Subhanallah these prophets that Allah has sent. They're the ones that Allah have favorite, like a Latina, and I'm alone in him. Mina Nabina,

00:54:29--> 00:54:59

these are the profits from the descendants of Adam, from the ones who we carried with Noah from the children of Abraham and his email. Israel is Yahoo. And those who we guided, and we chose, these are the ones again, their humility, they are always on display that not only am I a man when the revelations of the Most Merciful were recited to them, they fell down, prostrating themselves and beeping. So this is a beautiful expression of how faith

00:55:00--> 00:55:15

You know is manifests itself and how, even in turbulent times with the trial of family how that beautiful manifestation of faith never changes. The Quran speaks at this source surah speaks at the end about

00:55:17--> 00:56:03

how Allah, Allah has absolutely no need. For, in fact, not just No need. It is absolutely unfathomable, that Allah has a child of two children in the you have uttered a monstrous falsehood. It is so monstrous, that the heavens may well burst and the earth may well break asunder, and the mountains may well fall into pieces because of what the statement implies that a lot of the Most Gracious one has a son. Allah is not part of his creation. Allah is above the creation. He's not a member of the genius of the creation. He is one who has made the creation. How dare someone make a law, a part of the creation? How dare someone say Allah has had a son, and that son is chosen and

00:56:03--> 00:56:50

everybody else is second class, and that sons race is the chosen race. How dare someone say that Allah came and became one with his creation when he is above his creation, and he is the one who dominates and not isn't, you know, confined to the limits of the creation, or miembros de la rama, the tequila, it's not becoming it is completely not befitting the majesty of the most compassionate, to take him to himself a son. In fact, everything is in his ownership in His Kingdom, in coolamon, for some of the world in Latin America, everyone should come to the Most Gracious as a servant, under the command of Allah, not that Allah is one of the people a lot is the creator of the people,

00:56:50--> 00:57:43

and they will come as his job as an actress submission to him Subhan Allah, this is sort of Maria. And again, it circles back. It all began with the story of the righteous family of early Enron and it ends with the mention of the righteous of all times in the Medina hamano army lasallian the people who believe and do good, Allah, the Most Merciful would bestow affection upon them, love people. Reality Salam yahia Isa, everybody face persecution, money on us on fees, the most difficult accusations yet all of us love them today, all of us, you know, we name our kids after them, we you know are honored that we are, you know, the ones who believe in them and they are role models so

00:57:43--> 00:58:28

panela So Allah says that the effect of faith and family is on the faithful is that the love of the faithful will be around long after they are gone. And that is such an amazing thing. Allah says finding them is or not will be the sonica leadership team we have made it easy in your own language lets you make convey the glad news the righteous and give warning to a stubborn people. Okay, and a lot that remains but he wants to destroy he destroys the terrible punishment how many generations have been destroyed before them? Can you find a single one of them live now? Or as much as hear them? whisper outta Smeralda Homeric so the other part of this sort of or there's just so hard Allah

00:58:28--> 00:58:34

it's as Rhoda deserves his own like two hours

00:58:35--> 00:59:17

as I won't be able to get to it today but I just want to highlight I'll highlight three things I'm sort of I have to conclude the number one point is a last podcast as well. So Haha, that man's olalekan or analytische got Surah Taha talks about faith is happiness, not grief, for an was not sent down to you or profit to make you upset to distress you. It is not that's not what the reason or revelation was. That's not what the outcome of their religion should be. That we become distressed and saddened. It is in Latika Lima yaksha. It is only a reminder for the one who fears a lot. So that's one thing and then the large part of the swirl from AI a nine to AI a 99 all the way

00:59:17--> 00:59:59

to the end is another large story telling our historical narrative of our Prophet Musa Salah. And this time point number two is when he is at the beginning of his journey of receiving revelation. And he received revelation very uniquely and he sees a fire as he's making his way back to Egypt with his family. He says to his family wait here to be here. You know stay you know be be safe here. I am going to go and find out if I can get something. Some fire some a brand of fire so we can get some heat where I can find some directions. Okay. Oh as you do on under the hood.

01:00:00--> 01:00:08

directions what happened with is that Allah was there and alas pantalla spoke to him at that point.

01:00:09--> 01:00:51

And at that point is when he received revelation and guidance not just to find his way back to Egypt, but guidance to guide benissa here, all of them okay. And it's a beautiful passage I actually encourage you to read it, it's quite easy. Where a lot introduces this is so important for to where it introduces who he is. I am your Lord. I am a law there is no deity except me. If I wouldn't be welcome to salata, Lee Vickery, establish the prayers in my remembrance. This is something that musalla some very easily, he knew, he knew that he he understood that he lived that his whole life. So last month tells him all of these things about the day of judgment about establishing the prayer

01:00:51--> 01:01:34

about remembering him, but then I lost my job before giving him the massive task of going and freeing bunnies that are asked similar question, what is that in your right head almost automatically can be aminika yamasa. And this kind of small talk me Moosa elder more comfortable, he said, This is my staff, I lean on it. And with it, I beat leaves for my flock and I have other uses for it. And then Allah showed him the miracle that this staff of yours will become a miracle, it's going to turn into a snake, you will smack it on a rock and then water will gush forth and that will be drinking water for your people, you will use the staff and split the sea with the staff, the

01:01:34--> 01:02:19

staff is no longer going to be the staff that you lean on only homosassa I will see her and as before Allah gives him the news of that are chosen these miracles and tells him of his mission to go to the Pharaoh, huh? He Subhana Allah gives him the reassurance of like the small talk. So Busan is Sam's heart is content. Messiah Sam at this point, when he gets this task, he immediately makes the data that I make every time I begin, a bishop is otherwise silly Emery. Oh, my Lord opened up my heart, make Madhouse easy for me. Loosen the knot my tongue so that they may understand what I am saying. The point three and the last point that we will make about the story, this beautiful story

01:02:20--> 01:02:25

where Allah Allah recalls the life of Moosa.

01:02:26--> 01:03:04

This time, they are going he's gonna go and face the Pharaoh, have a conversation with a pharaoh meet the the magicians of the Pharaoh, who's gonna throw down the staff first, Moses throws it down, he he felt a little bit apprehensive when this whole thing was happening because he is standing in front of all the people, he is fighting these people with his with his miracle. But alas, Pattaya helped him prepare would not have to worry, as all this is happening at the very end of the story. A last part Allah mentions

01:03:06--> 01:03:06


01:03:11--> 01:03:58

the point of this story, right, is fosse Mirada, Maya hulan. Be patient with what they say. That's a concluding remark that alone makes and that's my last point. Be patient with anything that they may say, was sub B, glorify Your Lord with his praise before the rising of the sun. And before it's setting and glorify Him in the hours of the night and the beginning of the day. La La Casa de la so that you may find comfort, remember the surah began we're talking about the Quran and Islam are not sent to distress you to make your life miserable. They're sent to alleviate that, to to to liberate us from those feelings, and that those emotions now, Moosa story is a story full of like, ups and

01:03:58--> 01:04:45

downs and difficulties and, you know, stuff that can really really make a person very distressed. But we see from the story of Musa than the lesson, the way he was victorious at the end is he was patient phosphorelay, my afolu he was patient with what people benissa even said about him, what when he did, what the Pharaoh said, what the pharaoh did, he was patient consistently, and that's the new that's the message for us as well. And he was constantly The one who would remember a lot, right, I can miss out on a victory status to pray for my, my remembrance. Here alarm reminds us remember me in all these times before the sun rises before it sets at the time of the hours of the

01:04:45--> 01:04:59

night. And during the day. Basically the five daily prayers at those times. Remember a law connect yourself to Allah so that you may find comfort daily, while after we're done. I don't envy

01:05:00--> 01:05:46

The world the benefits that we've given to some of them for those for with these we seek only to test them enough Dena home fie zanele had to do is like a flower. Don't be tempted by its beauty, it's gonna wither away the world, a life The world is fickle, where risks are a bigger Halo upca the provision of your Lord is better and more lasting. What more Lockerbie Salah you need your family with you, to help you get you through this bid, you're free people to say their prayers, have your family together. And you all worship a lot together while staalbeer la ha and be constant in the observance of the prayer while slobbered is an extra level of sub. Right patience. That is like you

01:05:46--> 01:05:51

know, there's consistency required here and that's where Salah is consistency.

01:05:52--> 01:06:34

I'm not saying we're not asking you for anything. Learners I look at this card, who demand is made for fuel to take care of who Allah is rather not not Zuko, we are the ones who provide for you. And the best and is for the the end the best and is that of the righteous. So this is actually a summary of the story of most of the lessons of it. I felt that we should share that at the end. But I do encourage you to please read the story of Musa alayhis salam and the translation is so Taha it's a very beautiful, fascinating story, inshallah you learn a lot from it. And for the sake of brevity, we have to cover a little bit that we can and, you know, leave parts of the of the forum that we

01:06:34--> 01:06:53

can't cover in this one hour. I hope that allows parcela allows us to understand the Quran and to implement its teachings. So that was everybody for coming out and I'll see you all again tomorrow. Same time, same place, sha Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed Ganesha de la ilaha illa. Anta sophistica are the two with a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh