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Speaking hamdulillah we were done with

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the chapter of

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Amata tattler mode

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we dealt with

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the last Hadith which is the heydays of Java LaWanda who talking about the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I used to deliver his quote.

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He says Kanda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at Aqaba, Mr. Medina wa Salatu who was the who had Taka and Oman guru Jason Yakuza como Masako? Where blueberries to Anna SATA karate, where curry nobody knows why subhabrata lostock

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were put in a federal law. Okay, well, how do you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or shallow Modi must have to have Taha akula without in Bala from a coda and Nicola momineen Minister he Formentera C'mon folio LA, Formentera katainen over there and for La la la. So we dealt with this hadith.

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So today inshallah move on to the next chapter which is about

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hastening towards righteousness to be the first person to to do something which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala.

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The chapter is

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about Manson Samaritan has a letter outside yet, call it a mama no VIERA Hola, Baba, females and so nothing has nothing outside yet. So this chapter is going to talk about the importance of being the first person to to introduce something to the people, which is good. Because whoever imitates you in that manner, you will be given the same reward Allah subhanaw taala has given him without taking from his reward, the law will grant him his reward, a complete reward. And our last motto will give you similar to that.

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The same goes to the one who brought who innovated and brought something which is drawn in Islam, or introduced something to be part of the religion of Allah smarter, which Allah did not reveal anything about it. This is what we have been talking about. And that's the reason why actually a moment in our we wrote this chapter right after the chapter that talks about albedo. And

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so it's very important to pay attention to this information. Don't you ever be part of something which is not plugged into a lost mountain.

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Always be among those people who are righteous, and almost always be among those people who are hastening towards righteousness, to be the first person to introduce a good thing in Islam, then allows our to our rewards you for that, and whoever is to imitate you, alas, Martel will reward you for that imitation

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is a very, very excellent method given to us by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that we can earn the word, I didn't call it free of charge, because he did something for them. They will be sleeping at home and somebody is there practicing that which you advise him to do. And alas monitor will give you a reward for that.

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And as I said, it is also dangerous for somebody to bring something new, which he introduced to be part of the religion of Allah. And Alas, martyr did not send anything about that. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, to Kuta Luna Suleman in Lackawanna, Alabama,

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our Caitlin and there will be no so who they killed unjustly, except that the first person who invented murder, he get it we'll get a portion of that sin

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in his soul that lost it lives on Earth. unjustly that person who is a son of either you remember the story right? What do you allow him never have any Adam bit happy Karma Karma photocopiable a minute had the Hema meet a couple of minutes after calling up

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until then, of the story. One of the children of Ireland killed the other one. Because of what dunya

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that was the first murder that exists

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in relation to humankind's because there were only those people around you can say six of them are the man Hawa and the four children or two children

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of law, but there are very few

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and nobody ever killed somebody. So he introduced that. So the province that Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Nobody will be killed in this life, unjustly out of oppression.

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And injustice, except that the first person who invented that murder, he get it in this live, we'll get a portion of that sin.

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So imagine how dangerous the situation of this is person. Because from the time Adam exists up to this moment, I mean, don't even go to var, just look at our own current situation, how many people are losing their life on a daily basis? A lot

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without any justification.

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And we are reaching somehow to a moment whereby the one who killed

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did not know why did he kill?

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And the one who was killed also he did not know what did he do?

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When he this moment, right? And this is exactly what the problem is that Allahu Allah here, Solomon said, is going to happen before the day of judgment, yet for all her personal losses, and how did they ask him what is how did he say?

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So people will be killing each other will be rampant in the society in such a way the murder didn't know why he is he murdered in that person. And the murdered person also did not know why. What did he do to deserve that?

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Somebody says there are organizations in some of some parts of the world for you to join these gangsters. You have to take your gun and kill somebody out to build up that as a registration fee.

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He doesn't know why did he kill and the one who was killed also did not know why was he killed.

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So whatever is taking place, you see those people who are killed unjustly in this life in every place, that you know, people are suffering. The first person who introduced murder in this live will get the portion of that same.

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The same goes to any evil deed, that you are the person to invent that.

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And that's why when evil is hidden in a community,

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we need to really really pay attention to this. When evil is hidden.

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In a community, nobody knows it. You are not supposed to bring it out. You cannot say no. I want to enlighten people. I want you to be aware of this no as long as data noid keep it secret

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as well as mountain says in the Latina headboard and tishie alpha heisha to fillerina Avenue lahoma Devon, Alamo City, Nevada.

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Those people who want to love to hear about Fantasia,

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promiscuity, evil deeds

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to be widely spread amongst the Muslim community. Get it to spread the news talk about that Allah doesn't like it.

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A person came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and say yeah surah Allah if a person sees his wife committed Zina with somebody, what would he do?

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The Prophet doesn't even like to hear these question. He chases the man away.

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That's Mohammed Salah, Salah.

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Sad came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said Yasuda, Locke

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if a person says is somebody

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committed dinner with his wife

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Do you mean he has to go look for witnesses for witnesses? And then bring the case?

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He said well law here so he didn't even let the browser summer talk. He said one law here as well. I will cut of his head instantly.

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Then I will submit myself to you guys to do whatever, but to look for witnesses. No, it doesn't go with me.

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I will cut up his head instantly.

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The province that Allahu Allahu semi laughed.

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He says what do you think about the jealousy of Sal?

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He said one line and

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he said well, like my jealousy is far greater than his.

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So imagine sad is like that. What kind of guy you have with the prophets, Allah, Allah,

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Allah who are here to mini and a lot smarter. His jealousy is okay euro is far greater than anything you can imagine.

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mean engineer, he can have a malformation motherhood, I'm

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not even to talk about it a lot smarter doesn't even want to talk about it. He makes all of those promiscuity and anything that can lead to that to be impermissible. You can talk about it. You can discuss it to bring it to introduce it to the community. No, you don't do in a way it will be wildly separate. Because people are saying okay, we're teaching people to know how to stay away from this evil and to learn that they exist in our community.

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But at the same time also teaching them how to do the

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ticket idea. You have some of the dramas and all of these things. And some of them, they're not even good ones.

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They are teaching what they are teaching how to stay away or how to be divided the marital life. But unfortunately, at the same time they are doing what they're also teaching how to do the plot because you do the plot also, maybe some of the people at home didn't know anything about that.

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But because of senior doing it, they know how to do it now.

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It's very dangerous when evil is hidden in the community for somebody to come and bring it out. That's very wrong. He talks about it when it comes on. It's so hidden deal with it in that manner to curb it to destroy it completely. Don't let it come up. But don't be the person who will introduce you to the people because you don't know there might be somebody who is going to imitate you that

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their last quarter guidance the truth, call me Mama nawawi Rahim Allah to Allah, Bab females and assume nothing has anything I will say. The one who introduced the chapter we'll talk about the one who introduced a good singer. Goodson that means something that is attributed to the professor Lawson, his practice his words, his approvals, things that people tend to forget. You bring it back. Whoever imitates you in the last quarter will grant you the reward of that person who is imitating you.

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Likewise, we need to enable thing

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called a logo or a banner headline I mean as virgin was the reaction occur which is which which Alden image Akina Mama,

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Mama No, he quoted this

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last mortise as was Roberta Hamlin I mean as well as was the reaction of kurata unit with Jelena or john and in the tequila.

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These are series of acts that allows for Ted discuss the issue of a by the rock man

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you know, this world had

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any Allah calling you up?

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That's one of the greatest,

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greatest respect and blessings from Allah.

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So he called Mohammed Salah Allah

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Subhana Allah dia, sarabi ab de Laila milnacipran Hara evil Muslim laksa.

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One of the scholars says, says remember that any Sheriff advisor

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will keep to the mercy of

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the holy Colicchio every once a year madalina you see one of the things that makes me so great and I feel so great. So proud of myself. Whenever I remember this, I feel like I'm so great.

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You get elevated so high, it is good to be up mostly he said because of this greatness and the feeling that I have. I am feeling that I can even climb the fryer is the farthest star

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imagine somebody is having this feeling. What is the cause of this feeling? He says the holy cow Holy cow.

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He said whenever I remember that when when you say yeah, anybody when the last one says Dr. Abadi, he said I'm one of them.

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He's so proud so great. That I'm one of these people are called that last quarter flew the word he it

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once a year madalina v. And also whenever I remember that my prophets Mohammed Salah had a solemn I feel so Okay, so excellent. So great, so proud of that.

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Now last Muhammad Allah help us to reach this love to Allah smart Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So last month, he talks about those of you who qualifies the title of a bat. He says, what about the man in Medina and shooting out of the house? What is the Fatah Mahamaya? He Luna called who said Allah? Who are they by the law? He says a lady named Sheila Allen out of the house. Those people that when they work, they work moderately. And this is exactly the way the prophets that Allahu Allah here cinema used to work.

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They said the Prophet Salah Salem is the most moderate in everything he does. When he walks, he doesn't go with high speed and he doesn't go with the lowest speed he can between

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biomedica comma

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and the same goes to the companions of the Prophet SAW someone imitating him.

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I shall when she was describing Fatima she came to the province last summer in the Hudson River. She said for jet Fatima to talk to Misha to her missionaries, Mr. Locke, but they will know the way the province allows Mr. Smith

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Work it is in fact in my game. And the way she works is exactly the way the prophets Allah Allah cinemas work.

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So that's the best way of working. He says some people when do you see them working as if they don't want to move? They mentioned that Omar hits one of the young brothers and asked him to move

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he kept the ers is not focused on

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the PT the earth, no problem, but

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you need more time. I mean, you need you need time to accomplish your mission.

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The professor also doesn't do that. Well either kartha Mohamad je Luna Carlos Ella. So the first when you see them the way they work, you can recognize that a very cold get it where either hot or humid jacket and Apollo Salama, when an ignorant person fights them.

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You get it? fight them somebody says bad word to you. Allah imagine this attitude if everyone is like that. People are saying bad words to you and you don't care.

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Then pay attention to them. Because they are johannah

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they are super hot.

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He get a server is a foolish person the protocol.

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Obama Chavez in the network of Sophie who phonetically you word is more expensive than replying as a fee.

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And the person who lost his article, lack manners and Come on, talk against you for no reason. The best is to save your words because the words are so expensive. Just move you don't have time for this. And who will be more painful for him. Then you reply.

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Allah says wait akata Mohammed, je Luna carlu Salah. They reply with Salah means we want peace. One of the best example I came across in the world of single RBD

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when one of his family members came to his measureless, the place where he is delivering his lesson to the student and he started saying whatever comes to his brain

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at the end, the man was just watching. He was talking, talking, talking, talking and then the mind says, well like if you were to say one word, I will let you hear 10 words from me. This is the time he gave him a chance to talk. He said No brother relax. What law Have you said 10 you will not get one from me. Relax. Take it easy.

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This is the life of the seller for Salah Allah says way the heart of a human Gehenna called lucilla

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you need more time in this life to accomplish your mission. He didn't have time to stay and fight others be in this energy I'm telling you.

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That is one portrait which is attributed to Mr. Chevy.

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Saint llama Otto to Willem de Allah headed

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to an FCM in Hamlet, I know what

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it says when I forgive.

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And I never hate somebody. I never hold somebody in my heart. It says I relieve myself. I believe myself from what? From the worry of enmity. Because you can sleep if you have this worry of enmity you hate this one you hate this one. You're plotting against this one you're plotting for love your life will be miserable.

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tried my brothers sisters. Make sure when you go home, you don't have nobody in your mind the enemies and others you don't have time for them. You will live a very successful life

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you will live a very successful life just try this as the seller facade I said that's the best way actually to live a very comfortable life. Don't carry this worry of enmity towards others even if they are doing the same thing to you. Allah says a different mentality he accent for even though the billionaire Cobain who can know who will you and me person Slavs you

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you just walk away and leave the place I know it's very very painful for somebody to do that but that's the best way to make it somebody curse you you have no time to waste with him just leave the place

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somebody plot against you

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just leave the place don't reply with the same thing because a lot smarter The one who knows what benefits you he says aid bill Mathias and whenever you reply, reply with the best

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but either lady by Anna Cobain who can who in any

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way the Hata mahoma Jang Luna Carlos Salama one live in a beach will have been sujeto work here

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and those people they don't sleep come a complete night. You will be one of them. Please pay attention to these attributes mentioned that last hour to qualify

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That position because it's the highest position we can reach.

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We'll let the Navy to rob beam so that

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they don't sleep the whole night. They have some power of night to worship Allah subhanaw taala alone. Allah says can oculina milele Maya Angelou we're being as Harry who Mr. Hero is leave a bit at night. And also they have some part of the night to worship a lot smarter, unless they've eaten practice that which was done by the real about the law, but take some part of the night to pray to Allah smart Allah is to look at

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if you can do that, just pray to Allah the widget, and then sleep then make the whole night

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asleep in situation. That's wrong. I'm telling you that's wrong. As human being this is wrong. As a Muslim This is wrong to think in this way.

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Abu Mohammed says, config didja wirthlin keytab our latinum in lack in Omaha in one hand, fella Obama tactile mania to Boston for two Sakuma fellowship in election.

00:21:10--> 00:21:15

Why is it so important to have some portion of the night worshiping Allah Allah to Raka it takes from you five minutes.

00:21:16--> 00:21:22

Just do that and then go back and sleep. You will not be written by last watch at home with the heedless people.

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Mohamed says be somebody at night who recite Quran and sleep a little and when he's sleeping his leaves that the sleep of somebody who is sick or in a state of fear and worry is a wider I advise you to do that. It's a lot Obama chiminea toolbar for to sarcone information in electronic you might sleep and that will be the last leap from those foolish the mattress they will take you to the graveyard is wake up and find yourself there

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to Bali alive, the blessing of the last one hotel let them be appointed person who is leaves upon righteousness. Swipe some of that card the prophets Allah someone said if you say them and you die that night, Michel fitrah you will die upon the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah Salah. That means we have a great expectation that you will pass a test in the hereafter inshallah.

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When Medina beach under a beam sugestion work Yama one levena Kowloon urbanicity fangda jahannam in other hochanda gramma, one of the attitude is to invoke Allah smart Allah to call upon Allah asking a lot smarter to take them away from them.

00:22:37--> 00:22:47

That's why it's so important to train yourself to see this dog constantly. Robin attina engineer has a have an accurate answer. Kakinada hasn't been Jeremy and Kenny.

00:22:49--> 00:23:08

Again, is it combined to everything you asked in the last quarter to grant you everything that constitutes good in this life and also anything that is called good in the hereafter. And also you ask a last mantra to protect you to the most evil plays that a person can reach in the hereafter which is the Hellfire

00:23:10--> 00:23:21

to get one lady Nicola Nora Bella sivanna Dabba Jana in other baja Canada Rama in NASA as Mr. Curran obatala because the fire Hellfire

00:23:22--> 00:23:42

at which there is a time to swim in those mentions of the province alcoholism about health, but one of its nature, it stick with the body of that person who is inside. That's why last month I call it Gara. It is like the green that remains following what following the data wherever he goes.

00:23:45--> 00:23:59

So that's how we are lost water protects us from evil in NASA and Mr. comma comma the most evil place you can see is that place imagine a thing because of it evilness it eats itself also.

00:24:00--> 00:24:03

That's what the prophets Allah Salam mentioned, this is

00:24:06--> 00:24:17

one of the da da, let me use it. If you want me to work anabaena vatika karma, one of their attitude is to spend from that axis of their wealth.

00:24:20--> 00:24:27

They don't show greed. They try to take something from that which allows one to grant them from their wealth and give it to somebody who needs it.

00:24:28--> 00:24:33

They spend on themselves, they spend on the family members, and they are very moderate in spending.

00:24:35--> 00:24:59

Allah says in their envelope, let me use it if you want me up to what kind of been inadequate karma. You don't give all that they have. And they also they'll restrict themselves without giving anything. They're moderate. They give a keep something for themselves. That's the best way of spending that's what a lot smarter wants you to do. Hug me and while he was solid cotton took a hit a woman loves what he says is it takes her

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

From that, which we granted them of the wealth, some part of it don't take the whole thing. Take some part of it.

00:25:08--> 00:25:30

Allah says well attended on the ADA Cameron Lula tenella one atom sohar Kunal bust, Fatah Kodama lumen, last hurrah. He said, Don't you ever opened your hand and let everyone to come and pick up everything? And don't you ever close in completely? What does that mean? close and open, give and keep something for you and the family members.

00:25:32--> 00:25:39

So moderation is needed in fact, but you shouldn't restrict yourself from spending because you lose it.

00:25:40--> 00:25:55

Allah says we'll live in a downfall and misery for millennia, Slovak anabaena Danica Koba one levena Amala Hara and Alka well I actually in the live selecciona la 11 Hector was one of the attitude didn't come at ship

00:25:57--> 00:26:38

right in all of its forms whether in Ruby whether it oh here whether it was if they have no Chiquita last month whatsoever they have the POS have to wait according to the speed of answer now well Gemma which is taken from where? From the book of Allah, and authentic sin now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in accordance to the understanding of the companions of the Prophet Allah. So that's it, you brought something else, you will go straight. The way Mr Allahu alayhi wa sallam is the only way to be followed. They as the prophets Allah sama in the Hadees of Pharaoh, they say the arasu Allah when he says that after komati Allah Farah thing was a Sherpa couldn't have done that in

00:26:38--> 00:26:48

Nevada. My oma is going to be divided into 73 sects and groups is it all of them will be going to hell except one. They asked him who are these one?

00:26:49--> 00:27:05

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, the one who is upon my way and the way my companion, so that's the Maria right. That's a measurement whenever you do when it comes to the arcada you have to measure it with that which was done by the comparison to perm silvassa.

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One Latina led by Allahu Allah and aka when I actually remember la 11 happening Allah is known and they don't kill any soul that allows more time make you prohibited this message to be sent to those people who are killing people nowadays. under the name of Islam

00:27:25--> 00:27:29

without any justification, the province that Allahu Allah who Somerset

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la Henri de mer in Muslim in elaborate data life

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A fabless any one natsui nuptse What are equally Dini and farrakhan Gemma

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while I accidentally end up selling harmala 11 didn't kill anyone. They don't be the cause of the death of anyone in this life, except that wish Allah commanded them.

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And I as I always mentioned, who is the one who is supposed to kill the criminal? The leaders, not you? Not me, not everyone in the community it has to be the authority because if they do there will be no consequence after that. But if I'm going to kill somebody who killed my brother, his family also will come and kill me. My family also will come on one fight and then the class will take place just like what happened happened between the house and hazards while I have to learn absolutely harmala 11 active allies know and also they then didn't commit Zina in all of it forms the big one and the small one they try to stay away from it.

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Unnecessary looking, touching.

00:28:46--> 00:28:51

Sister which is not your, your relative. I mean the one which you are the more harm to them.

00:28:53--> 00:29:06

You get a stain unnecessary staying, doing anything that can bring you closer to that Zener alarm hotel a block that means he said well I took the Zener in who can have a shuttle wasabia

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Well, I absolutely and absolutely, Allahu Allah will have to realize No, are my alcoholic Al Qaida

00:29:15--> 00:29:31

wherever does that is going to be granted a sin from Allah subhanaw taala e da da bo malkia Mercado de mohana in our Amina Mohammed Ramadan sorry Han formula AK you bet de la say yeah, Jim has an asset.

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My brother's one of the sisters one of the best one of the most excellent uniqueness of Islam is what is this dough of return? You can make a huge and at any moment. You know all of those major sins that last March I mentioned sherek, Xena killing somebody and all of those things which are wrong which we mentioned some of them in those Ayah but still last Mahabharata did not block the block the door

00:30:02--> 00:30:09

He says whoever does them will receive a sin from Allah subhanaw taala and the punishment for that will be multiply

00:30:13--> 00:30:19

Welcome to defeat him ohana in them and taboo Armando Amina except for those who repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And one of the goodness of Toba is when you repent, what will happen? First Allah smart Allah will forgive the sin, if you are sincere.

00:30:29--> 00:30:32

Secondly, you will get the reward for that.

00:30:34--> 00:30:42

He gives us what loves Martin says, In lemon taboo, Amina Amina melon sala de la hussaini, azim Hassan

00:30:43--> 00:30:45

you will get the reward for that.

00:30:46--> 00:30:48

So what happened here?

00:30:49--> 00:31:08

What happens here? Do you think that last month is going to turn the evil lead to become an A good deeds? No, it will not happen in that way. The scholar said a person will come and this the Hadith of the prophets Allah so also as criminal a sinner will come back to Allah subhanaw taala who repented in this life. And then he will be saying Manny La

00:31:09--> 00:31:10


00:31:11--> 00:31:18

la cuchara How come I can see those things that I I know them. I committed the last moral gela change in

00:31:20--> 00:31:34

the province The last time I said these are the ones that last March change the good D the bad the two good ones. But what happened is the scholar said, they said what happened is because if you make tobuy let's say somebody committed 1 billion sin

00:31:36--> 00:31:45

out the window. There are some people they don't even know how much things they commit. They live in it. They swim in it, they sleep in it, they wake up and since

00:31:47--> 00:32:03

these are the people that last month are called levena Astra who Allah unfussy I mean, it's rough is to exaggerate to go beyond the limit. There are some people when they talk about themselves there was they will tell you, there is no sin on Earth, which we do not do.

00:32:05--> 00:32:27

Of course, there are the things they do but to tell you how much that is their situation, they will tell there is no sin which they can imagine which they never did. as sort of water unforeseen. Allah says letter cannot omit it. Don't you ever be in a state of despair from the mercy of Allah sound in the law hug from Jamia ALLAH forgive all the sins.

00:32:30--> 00:33:04

So what happened is, if you have millions of sales, and then we repent to Allah subhanaw taala from all of them, to get all of those things, as call us. Every is like you're repenting. I mean, from every sin separately. So it's like you mentioned once in European tour last month that you have a reward for that. You mentioned another European tour last winter, you have a reward for that. That's how it works. So it's like you, you're going to be given the amount of those things that used to commit

00:33:05--> 00:33:11

reward for that. That's the replacement of there has been the evil they were the good ones.

00:33:12--> 00:33:33

This is actually an incentive from the Sharia, to those people who will think because there are some people who thinks that even if they come back to Islam last month, I will never accept them. No, this is not the religion of Allah, the religion of last month and no matter how much far you go, no matter how far you went, as long as you're willing to come back. If you do come back last month, I will accept you

00:33:35--> 00:33:52

11 taba? Amira, amen inside of him for what he did a love and say yeah Tim has said that so first if you repent last month Oh forgive the sins. Secondly Allah smart Allah will grant you reward. Thirdly Allah smart Allah also will erase it from that.

00:33:55--> 00:33:57

Allah de la si hacer not

00:33:59--> 00:33:59

one la Vina

00:34:03--> 00:34:04

what is the next?

00:34:06--> 00:34:26

What kind of long before a woman terrible I mean aside I find her to be an ally. metabo one levena lash hadn't azura were either my Ruby Laguna Maru, Cara. And those people one of one of the attributes is slash Haruna zoo. She had it to zoo is to witness an event which you were not there when it happened.

00:34:28--> 00:34:39

I mean, unfortunately, in our time you have in front of the cords, you have people who are waiting. Their job is to look for somebody who's looking for for witnesses.

00:34:42--> 00:34:52

They never they don't even know you actually. But they just want you to hire them. They're willing to go to the judge and swear by Allah. That you are right.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

Allah says we're Latina nation in azura where Mr. Rue de la Maru Kira.

00:35:02--> 00:35:04

They are though. They don't do charity Zoo

00:35:06--> 00:35:17

ticket idea, and they don't also be with the evil ones. Whenever they pass a place, whether it was committed, they try to go away they didn't join at all.

00:35:19--> 00:35:54

is very dangerous to be with the people who are committing sin. Because when the punishment comes from a last point A to include you also the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, you got from Jimmy Alinea team, and then everyone's going to be resurrected according to his intention. But you include it is very dangerous to be with a person who is a sinner, you have two options, either to command him to do righteousness, or to change a position to change a place or cognizer Allah, completely Tabby, and it has admitted to Ayatollah Euphorbia when he says that will be half an attack or Luna had to hold up.

00:35:56--> 00:36:09

Allah says it's wrong for you to be with the people who are committing sin, who are engaged in something which is evil in Islam, but he didn't change it and you still live with them. When the punishment comes from Allah Sparta is going to include your soul.

00:36:11--> 00:36:13

That's why it's always necessary to deal with the good ones.

00:36:15--> 00:36:27

In the master himself coma first have fast have hero whenever you decide to be a partner to be a friend of a people to be in a company of a people be with the best ones.

00:36:30--> 00:36:36

Well, I just have an order of attack them already. If you go with the wrong one, you're going to go in the in the way also

00:36:37--> 00:36:43

the Prophet sallallahu sommerset Yoga kolibri Allah, Dini Khalili,

00:36:45--> 00:37:13

every slave of Allah is going to be resurrected according to the nature and the attitude of his friend. For the younger a hajikko man you Harley lets you guys let one of you be very selective and make sure that he choose the best one to be his friends. The professor love Solomon said laksa Macmillan will I acquista McCain letter? don't really ever be friend of somebody except somebody who fails a lot. And don't you ever let somebody eat your food except somebody who feels the last moment?

00:37:15--> 00:37:22

Because I'm telling you're going to regret Allah says oh my god, you're called a taco tomorrow. Susana,

00:37:23--> 00:37:39

the oppressor somebody who make a wrong choice of friends is going to bite his hands. You know when you regret to bite one finger, but the regret of choosing the wrong one to be in your company. Allah says it will cause you to bite What? The whole hand both of them

00:37:42--> 00:37:51

were either more rubella Maru kurama when Lavina Jaco Luna Rama Hamlin I mean as Virgina was the reaction of kurata in image and in the Sakina.

00:37:52--> 00:37:59

One of the attitudes they always say Rabbana Hamlin, I mean as Virgina Bovary Tina kurata Union, which are

00:38:01--> 00:38:06

the ones the last one to grant them, the coolness of an eye in what

00:38:07--> 00:38:15

Rob and I have done, I mean, his words, you know, the retina, in their spouse zone can take both husband and wife.

00:38:16--> 00:38:38

That's the best construction of the words the scholars have for it. They use the term at the end to make it different, because if you say martyrs origin watarrka would you so who is the one who that will know but they put the top to represent the wife and they keep the word in the way it is to represent the husband, martyrs odawara Castle soldiers to

00:38:39--> 00:38:47

hablan I mean as Virginia was the reaction of those people who are always asking a lot smarter to grind them from their spouses, coolness.

00:38:50--> 00:39:11

So this one needs some elaboration. And I don't think the time we have will permit us to do that. In sha Allah if Allah subhanaw taala wish next week BS in light Allah. We will continue from where we stopped and then move on to the next to the first How do you think Shabbat shalom Pico Subhana Allah morbihan dika Chateau La ilaha illa antistick Procore to be like