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Episode Notes

Knowledge is not just to learn new things, but to make sure all things we previously know are correct too!

So how do you translate “Laa ilaaha illa #Allah”? It is the testimony of our faith & it is very important to know its correct meaning! Write your answer down, and then watch this episode.

Join me in this fresh episode of “Twins of Faith” as we discuss the basis of all our faith – the shahadah!

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to another twins of faith show the show where we equip ourselves with the knowledge that we can act upon every day of our lives. I'm your host, as always Dean, and with me is Chef tofik Tilbury. How are you doing? I'm doing good Alhamdulillah now, our topic for today is about the Shahada, La ilaha illAllah. Now share, can you give us an explanation and the definition of what is the Shahada? the Shahada linguistically, means to witness to something. So when a witness at the court of law, for example, gives his testimony, that's called witness that's called the Shahada, because he has given his testimony towards a particular case

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going on. So when a person is asked to give his Shahada that means is asked to give his witness towards two things, firstly, to witness that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only deity worthy of worship. And in the process of doing so he's actually testifying to his faith and belief in his heart as well. So the Shahada is called the Shahada. Because not only is it test testifying, that to Allah belongs this this,

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this, this object of worship that you are offering to Allah azza wa jal, but also that you testify to the fact that you have that faith and belief in your heart. And this this topic of Shahada is such an important critical topic that people really don't understand how critical it is. Some people sometimes unfortunately, think it is as simple as just a statement of the tongue. Actually, it is far more than that, from the essential linguistic many meaning itself, we understand that it's actually a little step beyond that. It's not just a statement by your mouth. It's also the belief in your heart and the action that must be that must accompany it, when you actually say the Shahada.

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Now, it's interesting that you mentioned La Ilaha Illa, has been translated as no deity worthy of worship of other than Allah. Now we've read translation where they said that there is no god but God are there is no God but Allah, is there a difference between what you have just said, it is, there is a difference? Muslims translate La Ilaha Illa in different ways. Some say la de la la means there is no god but God, no God, but Allah. Other c'est la la la la means there is no creator except Allah. Both are incorrect translations. Let's take the first one to say that there is no god but God is it? Is it actually correct reality is no, that's wrong. The reason why it's wrong is because

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there's multiple gods, there's not only one God is multiple Gods all but they are false, but they are still gods, because the people who are worshipping them have taken them as objects of worship. So someone who worships a tree has taken the tree as his God, someone who washes money has taken money as his God. Yeah. So someone who worships the sun is taking the sun as his God, the sun didn't want to accept that the moon is not accepting that, but people are taking it as their gods. So therefore, the question should be how many gods are there real in reality, there are millions of Gods because people have taken them as gods. I mean, I remember reading that one of the the scholars

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of Hinduism, noted in one of his books that Hinduism has, has no less than 230 million Gods 230 million gods. Yeah. So if that is the case, that there are so many gods, the meaning of law in law is that is not that there is no god but but but Allah, it is that there is no true God. That is worthy of worship, except Allah subhana wa Tada. Yeah. And that is a real meaning of La Isla de la. And exactly as you rightly pointed out, it is such a shame that Muslims don't know this, because they simply end up saying there is no god but but Allah, and therefore they actually miss the fact that when they're committing share with Allah, they're actually making so and so as a god. But they

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say, No, no, I'm not calling that as a god. I'm only paying respect. Like, for example, they might worship a grave, my prostate to a grave and they say, No, I haven't made that into God, that I'm just paying my respects to the to the grave, or I'm calling on Gaussian. For example, I'm calling God we'll call them Gilani or someone else. No, no, I'm only making the word to him, not worshiping Him. So what are you talking about the word worship, prayer. The Why is worship. prostration is worship. They're all elements of worship. You've actually taken up the

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causal Gilani as a god, you've taken that grave as a god. And so ultimately, what has allowed some of these people into these mistakes is because they have translated La ilaha illAllah. To me there is no God but Allah, rather the true meaning of it is that there is no true God worthy of worship except Allah. And you see Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, our it lady, have you seen the one monitor that Allahu Allah Who have you taken? Have you seen the one who was taken as his God, Allah, his, however his desire, so as we can see, Allah has called his desire a god. So if someone worships for example, money, that is desire, that's a god for him. So ultimately, we understand the

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multiple Gods but the true God that is only worthy of worship. That's only Allah azza wa jal. Another example is the La ilaha illAllah, which is translated as there is no creator except Allah. Another very, very important misconception. That's also wrong, very wrong. Why? Because although the meaning is right, there is no creator except Allah. But that is not the intended meaning of La Ilaha. Because if that was intended meaning, then the Arabs of the past of the Quran would never have thought Rasulullah Salah, but we find that they felt Rasool Allah, you see the Arabs of the past, they used to acknowledge that only Allah is the Creator. They say acknowledge that even

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shaitan acknowledges that in the Quran, we find shaytan Kala saying commercially shaitan if God Allah in Sonic for Fela, maka for a color in the body omenka in need of Allah Rajpal anime Take the example shaitan when he tells mankind to disbelieve in him, and when mankind is believes that shaitan says, in the body omenka so go away from me, indeed I am free of you, I feel Allah, Lord of mankind. So you see even shaitan witnesses that there is no creator except Allah. And he saw that he was in genom. And then he saw that, that Allah was there and he saw unless origin and he spoke out to allies, as it is in the Quran. So we find that therefore, even shaitan acknowledges that, that

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there is only one creator. In fact, if you ask the Arabs of the past, that's also what they said. Allah quotes them in the Quran saying, well, man holla sumati Well, Abdullah Kowloon, Allah, if you were to ask them who created the heavens to the earth, they would say Allah. So in the same way and even if you ask now, for example, a Hindu, you asked him who you know, they believe in three, three Gods as well they, they have the Brahma The, the Krishna, and then they have Shiva. So if you ask them, you know which God actually created heavens in the earth, that's, you know, the main one the batma. If you ask Christians as well, you've got Jesus Christ, you've got the you've got the Holy

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Spirit, and you've got got the father, which one created the heavens and the earth? They'll all say, no, it's the Father. So they all believe one of them is the creator, the one of the main one, right, but the others are not. So therefore to say la ilaha illAllah. To me, there is no creator except Allah is a true statement everyone would agree on why would Abu Jamal fight Rasulullah Salah if that was the meaning of Laila. Right, but the general thought process was Islam. And this is why this is why the scholars Islam say, Whoa to the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who Abu Jamal is more knowledgeable about La ilaha illAllah than them.

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Amazing, isn't it? He understands the true meaning of life. He understands it. That's why he fought it. He didn't accept it. He understood it. He knew the meaning of it. he disagreed with it and he fought it. But us we don't even understand the true meaning of it.

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So what is it true me