Twins of Faith Show – Day 2 – Showing Off

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In this episode, we tackle your fears of hypocrisy: Have you ever tried to do a good deed in public but then stopped because you fear you are “showing off”? Let’s clarify what you should actually be doing in such a case!


AI: Summary © The twins of faith show a video about shaytan and how to overcome it. They explain that shaytan is a fundamental problem in shaping one's behavior and that shaytan is a fundamental problem in shaping one's behavior. They also discuss the importance of not doing a deed for the sake of others and how shaytan is a fundamental problem in shaping one's behavior.
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Salam Alaikum Welcome back to The twins of faith show the show about knowledge and action. Now, before the break, we were talking about a class insincerity. Now, she was giving a beautiful, comprehensive definition of what is a class. And he was giving a beautiful, beautiful examples of what is a class and how to implement it. Now, Chef,

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before the break, you mentioned a little bit about we should hide our good deeds and to maintain that the class to attain that the class that we should hide the good deeds. Now a lot of people out there may think that I want to do something good. I want to let's say pray sunart solid in the masjid, but they feel they don't want to do it. Because because other people might be looking. And then if other people are looking, I'm not a class anymore. So how do how does somebody handle that? How does somebody overcome that?

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Well, you know, there's a lot of problems people have with the class. Yeah, the shutdown creates doubts in people's minds. One of the doubts that shaitan creates is to tell people that hey, you know what, you don't really have a class. Yeah, so so don't do that. Now, can you see how that can actually cause you to not do a good deed? Yeah. So to not do a good deed who actually benefits it's actually shaytan. First of all, isn't it? Number two, the second thing is that if last are the opposite of class, which is we are showing off, is to do a deed or to not do a deed for the sake of people as well. Both things are actually real, both things are showing off. Both things are classed

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as minor *, because you actually either doing a deed or not doing a deed because of people. Now, the easy way to get out of it is to first of all, take a moment. First rectify in your heart, and speak out to Allah azza wa jal, this is only for your security. That's number one. Number two, actually increase in your deed, actually do the deed but do it even better. Yeah, so So are you saying that once the whispers come in that some the shaytan instill doubt I should do even more? That's right, you should do it even more. How does that work? Oh, that's works exactly as I said. So if you're reciting Quran, yeah. And the shaitaan says, oh, you're resigning? Because there's that

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guy in the back, who's gonna think you're a big chef. So what you do in your heart, okay, Saudi lemonis shaytani r rajim. Okay, make sure in your heart that you're clear, this is only for the sake of Allah, and then even make it even more beautiful, even more beautiful, because what shaytan wants is for you to stop.

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But the opposite of Shatta Wale shaitaan wants is what you should do. As if this was a fan of him, Allah said, he said that whenever someone feels whispering of the shaytan, he should do exactly the opposite. So if the shaitan tells him that, oh, you're only doing it because of so and so then then you increase in your beauty of your citation. If the shutdown says, you know, you're only doing it because someone was looking, you only increase in the number of bad that you do, or the length of your Salah. And you watch it goes away. Well, I have tried this myself. hamdulillah I don't get with us anymore if I do. Because I know. And I know that I was gonna know that, hey, you whisper in my

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ears, you will spend my ears I'm only going to increase in the Bible. So you better whisper in my ears.

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I don't think he was too much in my ears. And so Elijah, but try it really seriously. Because you find that you know what? Initially whenever you do a deed,

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it's human nature to be all struck with people around you. I remember writing a book on the fear of travel. I will lie You know what I still remember, in my in the first year of travel to UK, my book my laptop on which I was writing my book was stolen for a year or two. I was like, the love of books gone. I don't have much of a, you know, updated copy of those notes that I had written regarding the book, that as I thought and thought and thought Alhamdulillah was stolen. Alhamdulillah Stoller hamdulillah never finished the book, because I don't think I had pure malice behind it. Perhaps I was doing it. And I was just too young. I was doing it too soon. I was doing it too quickly. Yeah,

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perhaps I was doing it because someone saw was writing a book. And so I wanted to also have my name on a book. Yeah. So as a person grows older and wiser perhaps Yeah, with time, that person truly realized what lie This is the most important thing you can do with your life is to make every deed purely for the sake of Allah. And no one can take what I'm saying here lightly because what Allah This is the most difficult thing. So if you are an authority or a Mullah, he said that to others to shape an eyeshadow la minniti I have not tried to fix something more difficult upon myself than my intention. Nothing else that is more difficult on somebody other than this.

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