Tawfique Chowdhury – Twins of Faith Show – Day 4 – Conditions of Shahada

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of the Shahada, which is the key to gender and acceptance of Islam. The title provides three conditions for achieving a La ilaha illGeneration, including having knowledge and certainty, submitting to everything, and being sincere. The title also highlights the importance of not giving things like love or desire to others.
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Salam Alaikum Welcome back to the tunes of faith show. Now this episode we were talking about the Shahada. Now, before the break che you mentioned a very important Hadith where it says that just by one c'est la ilaha illa. Allah one is protected from the jahannam. Now, just based on this hadith is that enough is just just by saying La ilaha illa Allah, is that enough? Yeah, I mean, I think I think you just spoke about the biggest misconception and how people take it. I didn't say just by saying like, you know, if that was the case, then I hypocritical intergender, to true, because hypocrite also says, like, you know, it has to be miraculous and Nickleby. It has to be sincerely

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from the bottom of a person's heart. And, and that is why I mean, if it was that simple, and that easy to just say, Allah, Allah, Allah, then, you know, as you rightly said, a hypocrite could go into gender. And anyone you know, even a bad Muslim could just go into gender, just by saying, like, even if Islam was that simple, it would be, it would be almost illogical to have all of the shery and all of these rulings and regulations of Islam right now. So that cannot be the meaning of La ilaha illAllah, simply in that manner. And this is why one of the great scholars of Islam by the name of having the Mona Bay was asked about the fact that, you know, is La ilaha illAllah enough to

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go the agenda? And he said, Yes, it is. But the LA Illa Allah is the key to agenda and every key has as teeth. So law in a law has teeth, meaning there are conditions that must be felt that must be met along with the law life, we don't have that then your key to gender will simply not work right what's how what good is a key with that, that doesn't work. So ultimately, what are the conditions therefore Allah, Allah, Allah, and these are important because a person must witness these these things in order for them to, to truly have a proper La Ilaha Illa Shahada in his heart, the first thing the scholars mentioned is to first have knowledge about Allah azza wa jal, that knowledge that

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there is truly no deity worthy of worship, that that you have the knowledge of Allah azza wa jal that you recognize Allah through his Hulk through his creation, that you recognize Allah subhanho wa Taala, through his actions that you recognize a Lhasa widget in his cone in his creation. Yeah. So this is the first and most important thing, which is knowledge. Number two, is to have certainty upon this. So you're certain without any doubts, yeah, no doubt at all, that this is definitely true, that Allah is the only deity worthy of worship the moment you have doubts in your heart, right? And that, that that becomes a negative, that becomes a problem with this condition. Right? So

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if you you know, and people have whispers in their minds sometimes, right, as long as you don't act upon it, that as long as you don't entertain that in your heart, and don't let it grow. Yeah, that's what's important. The third point, after you have knowledge, and you have certainty, is then for you to accept it in your heart. So that's the action of the heart. So you have knowledge, you're certain about it, you accept it in your heart, and that is the acceptance above here, that you accept that that that La ilaha illAllah, the meaning of life in your heart. The fourth point is after accepting is that you submit to it. And this is really important submission to La ilaha illAllah. To say that

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there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah means you actually have to worship Him. And worship entails statements of the tongue and actions of the limb. How can you therefore not worship Allah azza wa jal and still say Allah, Allah Allah, it's like telling someone I love you, I love you but you don't spend time with that person. You don't give him any gifts. You don't want to do anything good with him every time enjoyment you want to spend away from him. So how is it therefore possible that you love Allah but you don't want to pray? You don't listen to anything he says. You don't want to go to Hajj and Umrah you're the furthest away from the Quran. You don't do anything of Islam you

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only a Friday Muslim or a Ramadan Muslim or a you know a Muslim and sometimes not even Muslim at all. He's just a Muslim by name hypocrite it's a that's it. That's what a hypocrite is. Because what else is his hypocrisy except that you say something with your tongue but that what you don't really mean? Yeah. And that is that exactly is what hypocrisy is. I feel carried. That's a fourth point and that is really critical that you must submit to it. Submit to everything that Allah subhanaw taala calls you towards it, right? So if you don't submit to it, say you know, Allah says gives a cut but you don't want to give the cut that Are you truly saying like, No, not at all. So that is in effect,

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a state that goes against La ilaha illAllah Yep. The fifth condition after the after you submitting to it is that you are truthful to it that you are that you hold on to and you truthfully hold on to it. Yeah. So that you truthful to it. Number six is to be sincere. Yeah. Is sincerity and a class meaning that you c'est la Ilaha and you mean it sincerely, not with any other hypocrisy and you mean it truthfully, not by

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associating that sort of worship with others as well. And lastly Of course after all of that is a you love it that you love La ilaha illa Allah subhanho wa Taala without love of Allah and without loving what Allah loves then your Shahada is not perfect is not is not perfectly there because how can how can you say that I I love a love but I don't love salah and I don't love the cat I don't love maka Medina don't love us all. So I don't really love Islam. You know what? All of these rulings or regulations just too much, you know, how can you truly, truly love Allah? How can you say that you truly taking the deity worthy of worship? Right, one minute nassima

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Blanca Bella, Valentina, Armando shadow Belinda, and for mankind of those who take deities, and they love them as they should love a lot but those who believe they are far more serious

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