Prophesies of Prophet Muhammad (p) Mentioned in the Hindu Scriptures by Name as Ahmed & Narashansa

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unprofor masala Salam is also prophesied

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in agony month number 64. And it says that this Rishi he will not drink the milk of his mother, he will not be breastfed by his mother and Miro prophet Rama. Salah Salam was not breastfed by his own mother

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and baby Halima mela Lupita. She was the one who breastfed most of the solemn prophet masala Sanam is also prophesized as amod Manu praises in several places.

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And mantra number 1500

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in Indra chapter number two mantra 152 in graduate, chapter number 31 was number 18. In rig with book number eight, him number six month number 10 in atharvaveda, book number eight, him number five month number 16 in a term of a book number 20 him number 126 month number 14 Prophet Muhammad Salah Salam besides being prophesied as Ahmed is even prophesied in several places as Nara chanson. As I mentioned earlier, Nara Sansa is derived from Nara, which means a human being or a man and Sansa come from the word

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progenza which means praise a man who is praiseworthy

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prophet mama Salah Salaam is professors by name as Mohammed Salah Salem as Narayan Shah in several places in Hindu scriptures in rigveda. Book number one, him number 13 month number three in Paraguay book number one him number 18 month number nine in brick wait book number one, him number 106 months number four andric weight, book number one, him number 142 month number 300 weight book number two, him number three, month number two, and Drake weighed book number five, him number five month number two andric weight book number seven him number two month number two and Rick weighed book number 10. him number 64. month number three, Greg Wade, book number 10. him 982 mentor number two, graduate,

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chapter number 20 verse number 37 graduate chapter number 20 verse number 57 graduate chapter number 21 verse number 31 Jeremiah chapter number 21 verse number 55 graduate chapter number 28, verse number two Jeremiah chapter 28, verse number 19 yeah Jeremiah chapter 28 verse Psalm 42, you can go on only giving references of the Hindu scriptures where Prophet Muhammad Salah Salaam is mentioned by name.

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Time does not permit as you can give a lecture for a full day only on masala, some Hindu scriptures