In Love With The Quran #30 – How The Quran Transforms You

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The speaker discusses the importance of the Quran in memorizing the title of the book and how it is linked to a belief that everyone should not the title of the book. The speaker also discusses the history of the title and how it is linked to a belief that everyone should not the title of the book.

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How does the Quran treat people who don't respect it? There's a really interesting story that a sister had shared about her journey in connecting to the Quran and in fact starting to memorize the Quran. She was with this teacher who was very strict when it came to timelines when it came to punctuality. The students class time was right after the morning prayer after budget. So she left the house when it was dark sometimes, and she would basically run a few minutes late. She learned her lesson, the day she was driving in a rainstorm. She texted her teacher that she was running a few minutes late and her teacher told her to just go home. So she was frustrated because she spent

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the entire night preparing for a big board exam. And she got kind of maybe lost or delayed in the rain, and she made sure to never be late to class again, fast forward in her student journey in terms of connecting into the plan. She prepared what she was going to read one day from Salta Tober. She prepared them really well. Right before she left the house, her mother asked her for help. And she said please don't leave without doing the dishes. A student who is now terrified of being late, responded by asking her mother if she could please do them. When she returned home. She promised her mother and she basically told her Can I just please do them when I get home? I'm going to be late,

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her mother said please do them now. She asked her to do them before she left the house. She said you were supposed to do them last night. So please do them before you leave. Now the student's mother

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had not yet become Muslim.

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So she thought to herself, she doesn't understand the importance of the Quran. Because she's not most of the students thinking about her mother. She doesn't know how important this is because she's not Muslim. And she doesn't understand how much trouble I'll be in a family. I'm going to make this up to her later. And I'll do even extra things to make her extra happy. So she said I'm so sorry, Mom, I really can't be late. I promise I'll do that when I get back and she left the house.

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That students sat in front of her teacher ready to recite what she had prepared online. When her teacher asked her to start, she couldn't remember the first word of the the sower she was reciting Oh my. So this happened sometimes that's not a problem. Her teacher gave her the first word as a reminder. What Oh, so the first word she gave her the first word student is saying went out and that she's trying to remember. And she was repeating it thinking this will jog my memory. She's still blank. The teacher looked at her surprised her student came this unprepared for the first time. So she gave her more of the eye. And she added more to it. When our audio footage, student repeated

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that. But it was so odd. It's as though her memory of the entire first I was just completely white. Like she could not remember the eye at all. So the teacher told her the rest of the eye, she started to reach her the entire first eye which is very odd for a Quran student to prepare so well for a weekly program and come in and not be ready at all. The student was unable so the teacher asked her what's going on what happened.

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She said I think I need to go home and do the dishes.

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Allah subhanaw taala begins Swalot Rahman by telling us what man I love,

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the most merciful, who taught the Quran. It is the Sunnah of learning the Quran to have a teacher and not and this should not basically stop us from memorizing the Quran on our own, but we should try to take as much access as we can. And resources that we have around us are handled with the blessing of the internet. Many people are able to learn how to read Quran online. So people have teachers the prophets Allah Sam was taught by Sabrina the Sunnah, right? He would memorize the Quran he would review with him every single year and I'm Allah, Allah, Allah Mallanna of his life who reviewed it with him twice. So he had a teacher as well that was Angel Djibouti Valley, he said, um,

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so we should be looking for qualified teachers to study a Quran with and we recognize that Allah subhanaw taala is our ultimate teacher in terms of who we should be, and how to be successful. We cannot expect to be successful human beings in memorizing and developing a relationship with the Quran if we don't put in any effort into applying it. The Quran teaches respect and kindness and honor to one's parents. Whether or not they are Muslim. The Quran teaches us to be better people. And so when this students disrespected her mother by leaving the house even though she had been expecting to do it the night before the morning of she said the students said in her own words, it

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says No, Allah was teaching me that lesson, which is, don't think you're going to be successful memorizing the words of Allah while simultaneously intentionally doing the opposite of the words that Allah is teaching you. This is the lesson she took from it. Now through each of our individual journeys with the Quran, we'll find that when we put our heart into it, Allah subhanaw taala teaches us guides us and helps us to see our flaws. Why do you want to see your flaws so that you can work on it so that you can improve? When you take the Quran as a source of Tabea development, you can become the greatest human being in this world. You're great

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his potential is achieved through the Quran. My question to you is, what do you take of the Quran to help you with your tibia with your development as a believer