Mohamad Baajour – Finding Pleasure in Salat #12 GET RID OF HIM

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of protecting from the enemy and being careful during hip hop parties is discussed. The shamsers use the "hamster" in shaping and protecting the universe, and the "hamster" in shaping and protecting the universe. The use of shelling and the "hamster" in shaping and protecting the universe is emphasized. The importance of reciting the Bible and finding the right way to avoid harm is also discussed.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here we're gonna get hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah melanoma and fauna when finally my lymph Anna was at nine min Yahama Rahimi, we ask Allah azza wa jal teach us what benefit us benefited from what he taught us and increase us in knowledge mean your anatomy and my dear beloved respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you from any harm Damini Allah

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Al Hamdulillah Bala mean,

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we are in the meeting, and we are about to recite the best surah in the Quran en declared by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best surah in the Quran Surah Al Fatiha, and we are about to recite it. And the more we understand Surah Al Fatiha, the more and the closer we are to achieving kashua. And not only that, the more we understand Surah Al Fatiha, the better is our life in general. This is a Suhler chosen by Allah to be recited minimum 17 times a day, Allahu Akbar, and I am about to recite that surah. But before I start, there is one thing we have to do. And that is to get rid of our enemy, the enemy, that extreme that is extremely envious when we are standing in

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solid. And thus he does everything possible to make us or to make the worshiper get distracted,

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and wander in the salad. So, unfortunately,

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many of us accept that invitation from the shaper.

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Many of us accept that invitation and we start getting distracted Subhanallah and the likeness of the shaytaan is the likeness of a flight. The more you get rid of it, the more comes back by

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we have been taught in general to say oh the bIllahi min ash shaytaan regime to seek refuge with Allah from the shaytaan before we start reading, reciting any Quran, Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran that before by the Quran, Quran faster it will when you start reading the Quran, seek refuge with Allah from the Shaitan regime.

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Now, the shaytans impact in the Salat is substantial. And we come to pray when we come to pray, things that previously escaped our memory, they come back. And sometimes he offered us solutions for our biggest problems right in this lab. Like we mentioned before Subhanallah, this just happens with everybody, we get distracted a lot in the salad. So before we start,

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we have to make sure that we get rid of that enemy. Allah told us that the shaitan is your enemy, that ducky do I do treat him as one treat him as your enemy? Now we know and we studied before that whatever I focus on in the Salah, and that is what is recorded Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is we narrated before, it's an absolute and the hadith is Hassan. A person may pray and have nothing recorded from the solid, except it's 10th. Then he said it's ninth, its eighth, its seventh, its sixth, its fifth, its quarter, its third or its half because of the destruction of the shaitan. The Shaitan wants

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to reduce and decrease the reward

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of our Salaat by stealing by stealing these rewards stealing as much as he can. What does that stealing mean? Getting us distracted, getting us distracted.

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Imagine that you have all your Hassan ad

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in a pot and you're holding them in your hands. These are the Hassan ad that you will get this is the reward that you will get after the Salah. And the more you concentrate, the more you will preserve this Hassan ad. So the more when you get distracted, he comes and steals. So you have to be very careful. You have to be very careful that you are protecting and guarding this Hassan ad during this 10 minute or whatever the duration of

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of the salad is type, what is the solution? What is the solution? Allah subhanaw taala in Surah facilite

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he told us how to get rid of the shayateen of humans. And he told us how to get rid of the shayateen of vision. Let's even though it's not our topic, but let's mention how to get rid of the shayateen of of objects of INS of humans. Allah subhanaw taala said that Surah later stone Hasina will say a disability here acid that either lady Bayonetta well, they you know who I can know where you're coming? Now if something happened with someone mistreated you someone did something wrong to you.

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How should we treat that person? Allah subhanaw taala told us infallibility here acid

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repel evil that evil that he did repelled by you doing something good to that person. I know I know. I know. It's very hard. This person said something bad about me. This this person cursed me. I go and I buy them a gift. Yes Subhanallah what happened? Allah azza wa jal, its viability here ACEN Repel evil with good, what happens there upon the one that you and him there are

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any kind of enmity, it will be switched, it will turn into friendship, not only friendship, he will become a devoted friend. Well, Ian Hueneme Allahu Akbar.

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So if someone did something bad to me from human beings

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in return, and return, this is a very high level, this is a very high level, I go and I do something good to them. Subhan Allah and Allah subhanaw taala. He said, If you do that sincerely for Allah's pleasure, that person will become a very close friend, Allahu Akbar, they do

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this to protect us from the human shayateen.

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I cannot do that with the jinn. How, what can I do to get rid of the enemy from the Shaitan from the jinn, the shaitan continue reading the ayat Allah subhanaw taala gave us the solution where Imam Enza zavon Kameena che thorniness is one the style of the biller in the who was semi olallie. And when the shaytaan comes to you, and start to whispering and start giving you evil suggestions, what should I do to seek refuge in hola from the Shaitan

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I will be learning in a shape on the road you

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will be lucky min ash shaytani R rajim. Any time any kind of evil thought comes to your mind. I will demonstrate on YouTube. Watch this. Listen to this. Back by that person I will be learning the Shakeology, I owe the level of Shakeology to now we are about to start reciting the best surah in the Quran. And I don't want to be distracted by the shaitan. So I start my after I read the opening dua that we took yesterday. And I hope that you are memorizing these doors in sha Allah to Allah, we start by saying who the Will he Mina shaytaan the regime to get rid of the shaitan and because we are reciting the Quran, how many times do I have to say it in every single regard? Our dear

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respected scholars, may Allah have mercy upon the different some said yeah, in every regard, and some said no, once is enough, because you are in the salon. And you said it one time that is sufficient for the whole salad. And but you say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim as we will, we will find that layer. But I will demonstrate ology one time is sufficient in the beginning of the solid, which is right now, after we said the stuff that

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we said that the stuff that Subhanallah Hamada Hamrick with America smoke with jet. But either way you look and I understand what I said, Please, please, please make sure your understanding what you're saying, this is the only way otherwise all these episodes would be waste. We have to understand what we're saying in at least these words that we are reciting. So we can achieve that for sure. That sweetness, sweetness have been being in the meeting with Allah as urgent. So now I finished to add stuff that will be later he mean a shape on your regime. I seek refuge with Allah from the shaytaan the regime from the cursed treyton Now Subhanallah one time there was a chef and

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he was talking to a student. He said, If you are a crossing a piece of land, you're going from here to here you're crossing that piece of land and while you are crossing the land, a dog came a start

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barking, what do you do? So the

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student said, I will kick him away. I will, you know, I will tell him to go away to do what if he comes back, he said, I will tell him to go away again.

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You know, if he comes back again, he said I'll tell him to go away. So the sheriff said, You know what, why don't you make it easier for you?

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Why don't you ask the owner to hold him back.

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So, this shaitan is coming to distract us from the salon. Let me ask the owner to get rid of him. How I will be Lehi min ash shaytaan rajim. Just like I promised you, we will go into details about every single statement every single word we say in the salon so we can understand so we can understand what we are saying in the Salah. And that would lead us to more who should be in the light and keep in mind that the shaitan

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in Surah Brahim is number 22. The Shaitan This is called the Hapa. The shaitaan will give the talk in jahannam. May Allah subhanaw taala make me and you and everyone we love, never hear that hot pot that hot pot that one hopper we don't want to hear the heartbeat of the shaitan in *. And he started telling the people you are did not distract you. Don't blame me blame yourselves. I had no control on you. All I said is do this and you followed me Subhanallah Okay, so now the shaytaan his main goal, his main goal is for me and youth. Number one, his main goal is for us to commit shirk, to commit shirk to commit kufra to leave this Dean to disbelieve in Allah azza wa jal that is his

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first goal. If he cannot achieve that goal, then he moves to the second goal, which is for me and you to start inventing something in the deen to start promoting Buddha to commit Buddha's innovations in the deen. Right. This is his second goal. And when he finds out that he cannot touch me, I will never become a mushrik I will never innovate in my deed. Then he comes to the third, third way third tool, which is convincing us to commit major sins. Imagine the bit that came before the major sin. Then if you find out that there's no way I would drink alcohol, I would commit adultery, I would deal with riba but I would kill anybody or I would do any kind of major sin, then

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he comes to me to through the minor sins to do a lot of minor sins. And then when he finds out that I cannot commit shirk, I will never do a bit, I will never do any major sin or I will never do any minor sin, then he comes to me and trying to make me waste my time with a lot of permissible stuff. Playing basketball is permissible playing soccer is permissible, right? He wants me to spend five, six hours doing that

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do waste a lot of time doing permissible stuff. And then when he cannot make it touch me, I'm very strong in my email and he cannot come to me in any of these doors. He come from the last door which may he makes me choose the lesser of two goods, the lesser of two goods SubhanAllah. So the shaytaan will never give up. He will he will constantly keep trying to distract us. Until he will take us with him to help me Allah save me and you from from the from the Hellfire SubhanAllah. So, this is the first thing we say after we we finish the artist if there will be Lehi min ash shaytaan regime, in sha Allah to Allah be in the letter Allah Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive. Tomorrow in sha

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Allah to Allah, we will officially start the Fatiha the best surah in the Quran, the only surah in the Quran. Listen carefully open your ears, the only surah in the Quran that Allah azza wa jal actually answers you back after every single Aya me and you recite Allah, Allah is answering me back after every single area. So we will go in depth understanding this best Surah of the Quran, the surah chosen by Allah to be recited over 17 times minimum 17 times a day. So inshallah Tada we will start tomorrow in the letter Allah, if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive. Please try to practice all the keys that we have to we have studied already so you can feel the difference in in your Salah

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in sha Allah Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all from any harm. May Allah protect our children, our parents, may Allah subhanaw taala save our next from the from the hellfire. May Allah azza wa jal gather us with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam Zakon we're lucky that Allah Subhana Allah may be handing this should Allah in a

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And the stuff here okay when I told my see all tomorrow Charla

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shall hold on Melbourne. Levy

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levy Lupo

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PHMSA Shahida

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Gomez Shahar fellow Hillsong woman again and Maddie one elewana sephats

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done don't

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you read on libido more you saw what you read to be low Serravalle to me low light that I wanted to be long

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