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Al-Anam 141-150 Translation 141-150


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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sundiata Sudha Hill Karim Amar for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem of the SRA Ashley surgery where Sidley Emory, Washington melissani of coho coli openers in

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Lesson number 86 suitable anom is number 141 to 150.

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or whoever and he alizee is the one who unsure he created Jonathan gardens Marcia Tim, one strategist who available and other than model shirting, one stylist, one nakhla. And the date bomb was the era and the crops more fairly firm, different varying equally who its fruit was a tuna and the olives were women and the pomegranate, with a shell behind one similar resembling were viral and other than with the share base, when similar one resembling kulu you all eat main from summary he eats fruit is there when I Smirnoff it bears fruit

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will add to and you all give hepco who its do yolmer en de hacer de it's harvest Warner and do not to suffer you will exceed bounds you will be extravagant in there who indeed he left not your hibou he loves almost refund those who are extravagant women and from Al anon the grazing livestock her mu Latin one Zoo carry weight. Were forscher and ones who are close to ground corner you will eat midmar from what browser or chrome he provided you. Allahu Allah Werner and do not dare to be rude you all follow the footsteps of the shaitaan in the who indeed he locum for you are the one an enemy will be one open so many other eight as virgin pears men from abroad need the sheep is naini to

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women and from Alma Rosie the goats is mainly to say as the corradini did the two males had warmer he made unlawful or an insane the two females allow or what is it comprised? It consisted or lay upon it or how move wombs insane of the two females. There be only you all informed me bear in mind with knowledge in a quantum you were saw the clean ones who are truthful women and firm eligibile the camels, his name to women and from Albacore the cows his name to old say the corradini did the two males have warmer he made unlawful or an insane the two females a male or what is the mela It consisted? Or no he upon it or how warm and insane of the two females and or condone you were

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shuhada witnesses is when was soccom he ordered you all he enjoined you all Allahu Allah they have their with this Furman sir Who is more unjust man than who if there are he fabricated either against Allah He Allah Gibbon li li Avila so that he leads astray and nurser the people variety without him in any knowledge in the Indeed Allah Allah lair not yet the guides and karma the people of Wally mean those who do long

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old say less not edgy do I find fi in my wallet. Now here it was revealed in a year to me, we'll have Roman one made unlawful one prohibited I now upon to remain one who eats your time although he eats it Illa except on that Yokozuna, it is Mater then that bow or Berman blood must for one, one port force or less animal flesh twinsies of swine. So in the role so indeed it will disown

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our spawn a sin disobedience, or when it was invoked, it was called upon the variety for other than Allahu Allah

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He with it for a month so whoever October he was forced he was compelled later other than Berlin one rebelling when desiring or craving water and nor are they in one transgressing for English So indeed, Rob Becker, yo Rob for food on always all forgiving for a shaman all resolved merciful. While Allah and upon and Medina those who have to do they became Jews, however now we made unlawful criminal every the possessor referred in our fingernails, women and firm alberca the cows while on him and the goats However, now we made unlawful I lay him upon them sure Huma Huma sets of them to Illa except Melwood, Hamlet it carried Loomer their backs or backs of them do I owe a hair wire the

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intestines or ma what is tolerable? It was mixed it was mingled there are who were born there later that designer who we recompense them the probably him because of their rebellion we're in there and indeed we lasagna grown surely ones who are truthful

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for insert a skirt the bocce table ideal for cool then you say about bukom Europe do possessor rush mutton Have mercy, whereas there are 10 one infinitely vast. Weller and not euro do. It was turned back, but through His power, His punishment I'm from Elko, the people allegedly mean those who are criminals Serato loose soon he will say and Medina dazu ashinoko, the chick lo is Sherif. He will Allahu Allah man, not a short cleaner way to check whether and nor are the owner, our forefathers were there and nor how we'll know we made unlawful men from Shay in anything COVID Nika likewise, gazyva he beleid and levina those who made from probably him before then, Hector until they approve,

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they tested but center our punishment, our force. Don't say Hell is in the comb with you. Men from arraignment, any knowledge. So two, three julu beniwal take it out Lennar for us in large that to be earner you all follow in there except a one the supposition we're in and not until you all in there except the who soon you will speculate you all guess for your lie.

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And say, for Larry, so for Allah, Allah shojiro to the argument of valuable the one far reaching fellow so if Sherif he will luchador comb surely he guided you a Jew marine altogether?

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Old say Halima ubering. She had a chromium witnesses and levinas Ozu Yeshua Dona VEDA witness under that Indeed, Allah Allah how Roma he made unlawful hair that is for insert if shahidul de Boer witness testified Fela so do not fish hurt you bear witness Mara home with them. Whether and do not that the very you follow our desires and Medina of those who get the boot they denied the dinner with our verses. When levena and those who lead not you know that they believe they are here with the hereafter or home and they do not behave with their year or disease. They equate behold equal

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to now have

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in a

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Mr. Mallika Lee

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is on

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you should

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