Abdul Nasir Jangda – Head and Hands Raised #2 Prophet Ibrahim and the Fire

Abdul Nasir Jangda
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One of the most remarkable stories Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, something that has become really symbolic of the hope of Allah subhanaw taala and that when Allah comes to someone's aid and rescue, that Allah subhanaw taala makes the impossible possible. And Allah subhanaw taala this entire worldly system, the entire order of the universe that we live in, this is the creation of Allah, and Allah subhanaw taala can override it and overrule it at an instance. And that story is the story of Ibraheem Alehissalaam specifically revolving and involving the fire. What ended up happening is that Ibrahim Ali Salam was following and obeying the commandment of Allah subhanaw

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taala, Allah subhanaw taala commanded Ibrahim Ali salaam, to teach the people about the oneness of God, and to explain to them, to convince them to try to get them to understand that them worshipping all these idols that they worshipped was wrong, it was incorrect, and it was foolish. And so Ibraheem Alehissalaam employed all kinds of methods to try to get them to understand this fact, this truth is reality. But the people were stubborn, they were reluctant, they didn't want to understand. So Ibrahim Ali Salam took more drastic measures. And what did he do? He smashed him broke all the idols. And when the people returned back, and then he told them that why don't you ask the idols?

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What happened here? Illa Kabira le Hula, hula here at your own, he left a big idol. And he said, Why don't you ask him? Ask the idol. What ended up happening here and transpiring here. They were so furious, that they said, We need to make an example out of him. And we need to defend our idols, our gods, quote, unquote. And we need to make an example out of him. And so they built this fire, a huge fire. For days and days, people came from far and wide, and through whatever they had old clothes, old furniture, anything they could find. They came in, they threw it into the fire, to the point where the fire became so huge, that he couldn't contain it, they couldn't even go near it.

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And then they said, now we're gonna put Ibrahim inside of the fire and make an example out of him. But they couldn't even get close enough to put him push him into the fire. So what did we do? So they constructed a catapult like device that will launch them into the fire.

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And so they build this device, this contraption, they construct it, and they put it on him on a set, I'm in there, and they've tied his hands in his feet, so that he can't move.

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And they place him in there. Now again, anyone looking at this situation, would think look how helpless he is. He's tied up, restrained, he can't move. He's inside of this contraption that are about to launch him through the air into a fire to die certain death doom.

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But what happens Ibrahim Ali some turns to Allah in that moment, and he says, Oh Allah, you are the only one worthy of worship. And Oh Allah, I am your slave. I am your servant. I worship you as you deserve to be worshipped. Well Allah save me.

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And then they launch Ibrahim Ali salaam into the year. Sometimes I hope doesn't come directly, immediately. There needs to be some patience, some endurance.

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But the payoff is always worth the weight. The reward is always worth whatever you had to endure. They launched him. He's flying through the air and over in just helplessly in the air.

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But then the narration from our delivery Masuda the Allahu Terrano tells us it says if time freezes,

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and Djibouti rallies around comes to Ibrahim, Melissa, the Archangel Gabriel comes down

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and says that all of creation witnesses in this horror. What is happening to you? I let her harder.

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Is there anything that you need? He says a mighty Laker fella.

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Well, I'm not Ilahi phenom.

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I don't need anything from you. All I need is Allah has to be Allah when Yamawaki and he spoke those words that have been mortalized in the Quran, that Allah is all I need. And Allah is the best caretaker.

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And then at that time,

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Allah subhanaw taala exercised his mind in his power. So many ways Allah could have saved him.

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But Allah subhanaw taala saved him in the most miraculous way possible by changing the very nature of the fire Hakuna Jana Cooney Berdan wa salam and Allah if

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rocking, become cool and peaceful upon Ibrahim. And when Abraham Ali Salam landed in that fire, the fire would not burn him would not affect him. I'm delivering Masuda the Allahu taala. And who says even the ropes that were tied to his hands and his feet, they're against him, not for him. They're working against him. The ropes burned away from his hands and his feet without harming a single hair on his head, a single spot on his body.

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And this was the help from Allah subhanaw taala. This is example is given to us in the Quran, to be a symbol of hope, in the power of Allah. And as we witnessed our brothers and sisters all across the world, particularly in the Husain philosophy in dealing with this onslaught, of oppression and violence, let's not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in the hope of Allah, and keep praying, and keep talking about our brothers and sisters, and keep praying and asking Allah subhanaw taala to send his help and design to aid and to send his mercy to Zakum Allahu Qaeda was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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