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The speaker discusses the concept of balance and how it is crucial for everyone to have a healthy

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Things like this because it's in balance. And then the other

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is, it doesn't, it's not a mean,

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it has an opposite. And the opposite is what

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Either justice is not in between anything, it's the opposite of both. Now what you can see there is when these are in balance your job, and when they're out of balance, you're

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you're oppressing yourself and others. In other words, if you completely indulge your appetites and soul, you become Rajamouli, nothing. You're oppressing your soul, because you're doing things that the soul was not created to do.

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Eat and drink, but not to access the middle

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to what you need, there's actually I mean, it's a science, now you can determine based on your body size, you can determine exactly, almost to the,

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you know, to the gram, how many calories you need every day. And if you eat more than that, or less than that you're

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out of his mercy to the human being has created a natural state, you're in a state when you're healthy. So you'll eat to where you feel satiated at a certain point. And it becomes to your soul when you go beyond that. And this is why the Prophet said

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the words that the human being son of Adam feels is his summary. It's a boon to your stomach, because the stomach has a heart. And the heart is that you leave one third for food, one third for water and one third for air, that's the half and nasty as Allah, if you go beyond that, then you've gone beyond the data of eating the same with your sexual appetite, human being has a sexual appetite that is expressed naturally, then you'll be in a healthy state, if he transgresses and, and goes beyond it. And this is part of this whole now Viagra society, right? Because for many people, as you get older, that aspect of the self should be diminishing, as you look more towards aka, anything.

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Right, and so it's very natural

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for that area. But for people who don't have as a concern, they still want to be engaging, and

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that really they should be moving away from and directing themselves towards the actor.

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And so they go out and they do all these things, in order to fulfill their Sarawak, which is now excessive.

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It's a mental sample, because the physical shell is no longer there.

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The physical stuff was not there, it's become a psychological show up.

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So these are these are the boundaries of a human being now, by the blessing of Allah according to Mr. Mehta, herati, the only human being that ever perfected tempt, the balance of these four was the Messenger of Allah. He's the only human being that was ever completely balanced in all three, which resulted in him being that most just as men. So his character is completely just his nature is our data. And this is why the more you emulate him in his behavior, the more you become closer to being this just human being.

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For this reason, the Messenger of Allah did not pass all the time, because that would have been,

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it would have been deficient in the Xbox, you're not giving yourself enough.

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Nor did he go to the other extreme, but he was in the middle. He said, Some days I fast and sometimes I eat, I forgot why I do.

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This a balance between the human being

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did not become angry. When it was inappropriate. He became angry when it was appropriate. And this was his.

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He became angry when the state needed a mocha.

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He says that the goal is to be angry in the right time in the right place, to the right person with the right amount.

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And how can you do that by looking at the Messenger of Allah and what he did when he became angry, because he never allowed his anger to get the best of him to where he played against people.

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He never allowed me to get the buzzer and while he struck people, right, he didn't. He controlled it and now it's ajar.

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The province also

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had more knowledge than any human being. And it's perfectly balanced knowledge.

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There's no there's nothing fullness in his behavior. He never displayed anything that would indicate that there was any

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thing that was imprudent that was incorrect for somebody to do at wisdom. Nor did he use his intellectual gifts for anything that was clever or trickery, trickery. He didn't use it to gain dunya. He didn't use it to do these things. He used it for the sake of a lot where it was appropriate. Now, one of the things and this is the UT Robbie line you said, sometimes in his book, he said lamea struck Elijah.

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He had

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nobody I didn't see anybody get this before me.

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I've never seen this in a book. But I actually I was reading called a worker of the line. And he mentioned about a worker He said, No one was more courageous than aboubaker

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of the oma after the Messenger of Allah and I started thinking about that quality of abubaker courageous, which resulted in a talk that I did called aboubaker. Encourage, and it was talking about this virtue, but then I realized something about the kunafa Rashidi, each one of them embodies one of these virtues as his dominant character.

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Right. So you can see, obviously, hikma

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because he's been in

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and out is our backup. And everybody knows all about the Jets. Now, the only one I was worried about was, oh, man, does it really work? And I looked up, the word is but to get the exact definition, and immediately after it in the comments of Feroz Abadi, he says, What

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is the assise medalla. And his name is?

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And that's what he was known for. And if you think about it, what was he doing on the day he was killed? He was fasting.

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So he thinks is complete

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control of his nuts.

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Right. And even the angels were shy before us, man, because he had so much fun. So each one of them embodies one of these four virtues as a dominant quality, but all of them. It was.

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It was either it was Hakeem it was I see that the dominant characteristic is sigma. That's what he was given. Say, now we're working was Ireland. He was sure he was, he was added, but you can see in his Milan shoe, because the the shoe jobs that we just want is the one that does not waver when other hearts waver, that's the definition of courage is

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under Masai, and if you look at all of these events that took place in the history of the of the Sierra, it was Abu Bakar who was Sabbath. He was the one that never wavered when everybody wavered. And that's why the proposal I sent him said, I presented Islam to everyone and the only one that didn't waver was Abu Bakar.

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His heart was to jack. He was he was nice. I mean, that's his nature to jack.

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So now

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there's another really interesting thing about this