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Episode Notes

In this final episode of this inspiring series, Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury talks about a deed which will take us to Jannah without being punished in the hell-fire. May Allah make us of those who are firm on this deed and tune in to learn about the last deed of this series that will guarantee entrance to Jannah.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of enrolling in a course to ensure security in their professional career. They encourage individuals to take on the "has he not done anything?" challenge and strive for success in their career. The speaker also emphasizes the need to work hard and not let anyone steal opportunities.
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Finally, the one thing that will offer surety ensure you will enter Jannah no way are you going to be punished you will enter agenda is a promise of Allah and sudo yada yada Latina Armando Hala De Luca alati Jara Tintin je caminada bien Aleem Are you believe should I guide you to something that will save you from the terrible torment of the Fire? Yes, yeah Rob tell us to me no Nabila he was holy he first have Eman in Allah and His messenger. Do you know what is to have Emmanuel and His Messenger nothing the Hadith the Prophet Some said, he said Whoever says to Bella Robin wabi Muhammadan rasul Allah noble Islamic Deen and worshiping worshiping Allah Hill Jana authentic hadith

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Rasul Allah says Allah whoever says that I'm happy with Allah as my Lord and Mohammed Hassan is our Prophet and Islam is my religion. Gender is obligatory for him, Allahu Akbar.

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So be happy with Allah and be happy with Islam and be happy with Mohammed says Allah. We don't want any other gods. We don't want any other prophets. This is it. Yara Alhamdulillah cofina.

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This is enough for us. So have Eman

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two min una bella hora suli and number two, what Pooja he do nafeesa v. b amar likoma and fusi calm and that you should struggle and strive in the path of Allah with your wealth and your blood and your sweat and tears. Are you struggling in the path of Allah with your blood and sweat and tears?

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Or are you spending your time trying to earn money for this dunya your nine to five time if you're spending working for this dunya that this is not good enough brothers and sisters. You are smart people you must get out of the rat race. Because even if you win the rat race you're still a rat.

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You have to get out of the rat race brothers and sisters Islam find a way out, find an escape. Be happy with less. Be happy with less and give your time for the author of

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Allah University Rahim Allah He said in authentic narration from him is that you have Shabaab Oh young men and women. Imagine after work for the AFA. For verily I have found anyone who works for the ashra Allah also gives him the dounia.

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But I've never found in my life that anyone who works for the dunya gets anything from the Accra.

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So my brother's Islam time to work for Allah, time to do jihad for his class time to struggle and strife with this core jahi Jihad and Kabira struggle with this core and the greater Jihad that our that we have to do in this dunya and that was a comprehensive term. That means calling to the path of Allah in every way possible. So brothers and sisters in Islam, my final advice to all to save ourselves from Johanna is to take on the business transaction of Allah and so in the last verses suited to me no Nabila he was only he believed in Allah and His messenger. What to do he do not feasability la Hebei, Amala como and forsaken the Polycom highroller come in quantum tala mon you

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have to feel like Uber comm or you the hill comm Jannat integer remain tactical and har one Masaki nappy button fee Jannati the legal falsehood, Avi Masako Habana nurserymen Allah He will photron Karim Baba Sheila meaning three things Allah will give you if you listen to what I'm just told you to have faith in Allah and struggle and strive in His path. He will give you forgiveness. So he'll give you safety from jahannam he will enter you into Jannah which is what we want. And lastly he'll give us victory and ascendancy in this dunya which is what we crave for success in Palestine success in Syria. Success in Egypt success in this dunya

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so my brothers is Islam. We have those people who struggle and strive with the rest of your life to work for the Torah and make Jana obligatory upon you and jahannam haram upon you Zakouma