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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of finding one's friend in Islam is discussed, along with the need to avoid harming others and finding good people in a culture. It is emphasized that one should not be mixed with others and be mindful of one's own actions. The segment also touches on the impact of Islam on people's health and well-being, including the idea that one should not be mixed with others.
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The sweetness of lie men, those who had this experience they are the only ones who know what happiness in this life means how to attain this beautiful and high status. We'll find out shortly inshallah, so stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non chemists guide and whomsoever Lamas guides, none can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. Day viewers, Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to a new episode of your show, for the sake of Allah. Today, inshallah, we will deal with a very important subject, which is the importance or the high position of brotherhood in Islam, as it has

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become clear to us in sha Allah now, the great reward Allah has prepared for those who have love for one another, for the sake of Allah, and Islam. Always whenever it comes to something it provides, with the guidance to achieve that goal and the means to protect it and enhance it. So today, we have inshallah with us brother Abdullah man and Brother Mohammed Salaam Alaikum. On

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today's subject in sha Allah, as we have come to know about the importance of brotherhood, in Islam, in terms of living in this life and in terms of attaining a lot of pleasure, and getting his reward on the Day of Judgment. Now, in order to achieve that, and achieve true Brotherhood in the way that Allah wanted us to have it,

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we can find in the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu Sallam means that would help us find or achieve the Brotherhood that Allah has prescribed for us. The first thing we would like to talk about is how to choose brothers. Because you know, your brothers, these are your friends, you're going to learn from them, you're going to be influenced by them. Well, you have to be at least you have to have something in common. There are different things that are related to this kind of friendship or this kind of brotherhood. A very important aspect, as I said, is who to take as your friend, as your close friend, as your brother. There are requirements that there's

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criteria, we have to know how this works out in Islam, a lot to ask Mohammed first.

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Normally, how would you choose your best friends or your brothers, what things you will look what kind of things that you look for in their character or their behavior, or anything else? Before you have them as brothers or close friends will certainly be like

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a practicing provincial on the right, manage.

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Naturally, it helps a lot

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pulling you upwards. So the first thing you're looking for in that person or the person that you take as a close friend, is that he has Amen. So that you help one another in the way leading to the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Do you have any other things that you would like to consider in that person that you take? Surely would be like, nice company hanging out together, having fun, doing some sports playing some football, things like that. Okay, so a person that you can get on with Yeah, get along with you Mashallah, that's a very good thing. So, you said the first thing that you would be looking for is a man and this is the criteria and Islam. Always look for a man What about you, man? What would you be considering in a person to take as a friend? Actually, first of all, I'll consider his his Islamic beliefs. Second of all, because I like doing sports,

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like like butter, my mom hammered out considering that he does sports so that we, you know, encourage each other.

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I'd like him to be an achiever, not someone who's just laying back and unambitious person and ambitious person, so that we we help each other to to move in life to move up not go down. Okay, Mashallah. So it's it seems to be a natural thing that human beings before they take someone as a friend or make a friendship with him or a brotherhood, we would consider what kind of person he is because there there are requirements in

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It's not the case that you get along with everyone in this world. People are different people have different inclinations, and different characters. Sometimes, they're just two people that can't be together. They can't agree on even one thing. So this is the way our last part Allah created us. This way the messengers, a lot of settlers.

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Stress the point or the importance of choosing your brother. And the first thing is about a man when he said, original Aladdin, Holly, this is narrated by Abu hurayrah. Aladdin is really the man is upon the same religion as his closest friend, Fernando hadoken, my new Harley, so let one of you consider who of whom he takes, as a close friend, or as a brother. So it's a very important issue, it means

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your friend, your closest friend, or the people you hang around with, usually, these are the ones who determine who you are. And it's been said, sometimes, in some languages, it's a proverb, they say, Tell me who your friends are, I tell you who you are. So it is about your friends, who your friends are, you will be the same. And in Arabic, we say, a Sahib said, The friend, your friend, he drags you to where he, wherever he is. So if he's a person who falls into sin, then he will take it to that if you drink alcohol, one day, you will fall into that, if he smokes, mainly people who smoke their friends are smokers as well. This is a natural thing. And this is one of the laws that

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Allah has made in this life. These laws govern this life. And this is one of them. People have people who we say that in English as well, birds of a feather flock together, okay, the birds holding the same they flock together. And this is likewise with human beings, people have the same inclination, the same disposition, the same interests, the same beliefs, the same character, the same culture, they hang around more with each other. This is what it is, is what the prophet SAW, Selim said,

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that be considered or consider everyone that you take as a friend, because you will be upon the same religion, you will be the same as his. So you should. And as we know, the reality of this life is it's a test. So we need someone to help us pass this test. We don't need someone to drag us behind, and make us may fail the test. No, we want to do and the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. So we look look for the people who will guide us towards that way. So he

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did what he said like morality, morality. So then we go through the martial law, which is the best man in the Oman show. That's it. That's it. And you can see many examples actually, in the lives of Muslims, how they implemented that fact. And they used to know the person, if a stranger came or someone they met a person for the first time to know Him, they would ask about the people he usually hangs around with. They are good, they know this person is good. If they have problems, are they okay? They are doubtful about them, then he has got a problem. He's just like his friends. So it is a it's a way that something that would help us in our lives. When you deal with people look at a

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person's friends, you know who he is, you know how to deal with him, you know what kind of belief he has in his heart. This is why Allah subhanaw taala warned us against taking the disbelievers as allies, as close friends as guardians and protectors. And he said you should take the believers, because if you have the same faith, then you will agree with them.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clarified it when he said that the example of the good friend, the evil friend, or the one that you hang around with, the good one is like the mask seller.

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If you come across him, at least you will find from him a good smell, or he would give you some perfume or you will buy from him. So in all cases, you will gain something beneficial. This is the same example as a person who has a man, you will either hear from him something beneficial, you will learn from them, or he will give you something good out of him because of the love the brotherly love that we have in Islam, that's good for him or you will benefit more and more from him. By maybe being more closer to him I can smell nice. Yeah, and other things. So the believer is always a good companion, you will get always something good from him. And he gives the example of the evil

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companion as the blacksmith the blacksmith he has bad smell because of the kind of work he does, will always find bad smell. So if you deal with a bad person, and you hang around with him, you will get some of his evil other the rude character he has or you would hear an insult from his mouth, or at least from the bad smell which is maybe your reputation will be affected because of that this person is notorious as a bad

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he has bad name and around people

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about him, his bad reputation will come to you because you hang around with him. What about someone who wants to do for example dour? Yeah, so he hangs out with all kinds of people, even bad, good. It gives them even though he has a strong personality. That's a good example. It's a good question as well, when you give that away, actually, you're giving these people that well, but you are not spending your time mainly with them, you sit with them, you mix with them, as long as you are giving them the power, okay, you have the upper hand here, you control the situation. But if they are going to spread their mischief and you are sitting around, now you are falling into error. So if you are

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hanging around with people who are not really practicing people who do fall into some sins, you have to control the situation, if you have no control over the situation, is going to be worse for you, it's going to affect you. Because we mentioned before, if you remember, we said that evil and sins are contagious, you can get the contamination, you can contaminate it, and you become affected by that. So the first principle is lamps, protect yourself, protect yourself first, then you enjoy the good and you forbid, the evil. So it is a very important aspect and principle in Islam, who you hang around with who your companions are, and was known by the people from the early generations, they

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said if a person hides his innovation, some people used to fall in some kind of innovation. If he hides his innovation and tries to look in a different shape, we would know about his reality from his closest friends. Because, okay, who he hangs around, he has hangs around with a person who hasn't innovation is a problem with his religion, his understanding of the religion of Islam, so, but when it comes to us, everything's okay. But his closest friend is someone who has this innovation, and they are very close to each other. This means he's hiding something. You can't hide it. Yeah, so they said anyone wise innovation from us, it would show and his friends, his

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companions. So it's a very important as some sometimes even people that feel that they has a mixture of dunya and religion of, of this life, material life, and you can find them as people that are attached to this life and you could find them with religious people. Well, when when you meet with people will being practiced in person doesn't mean that you do away with everything in this life. No, you take the * out of things. Allah said volitans. And I'll say become an engineer. Don't forget, or don't abandon what Allah has made Hello for you in this life, you can take it and enjoy it, but not without falling into sin. So the practicing person is a person whose main concern is

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about winning the pleasure of Allah. Because our objective is paradise. But it doesn't mean that we do away with a lot of things that Allah has given us. No. And the prophet SAW them said, I fast and the break my fast Some days are fast sometimes. Some days I don't do some and I marry women, it's Helen. And he said, I stand up in prayer some nights and some nights I don't do that. So we have seen and come across people who were very good they had very good character they started mixing with other people who have a bad character then started to go gradually gradually they became like those evil

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and opposite.

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Yeah, yeah, Islam is guiding us to that which improves our character and enhances our morality. So these are beautiful teachings it's all inshallah elaborate more or less, but we'll have to stop for a few minutes. And we say to our viewers, we'll come back shortly inshallah. So stay with us.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. Now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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showed us and demonstrated to us in a beautiful story that most of us know the importance of the people that you mix with.

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For example, we know the man who killed 99 people. And he asked, he wanted to repent a lot. And he asked about the most knowledgeable of people on earth, because he wanted him to guide him in his repentance. So he went to him, they took him to a priest, and the priest said to him, you have no Toba. No way you will accept your repentance. So he killed them and became 100 people that he killed. And then after that, he asked for the most knowledgeable of people and he was sent to a scholar. So this concept to him no one prevents you from Toba, Allah will accept that if you are sincere, but you are in a land of evil, you're in a town where people are evil, they are sinners. So

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there's another town move to that, where people are righteous, see the importance of the people around you. And if you want to repent and those around you, they are sinners, as long as you are you remain with them, you have to give them advice, as long as you remain with them. Then one day, definitely you will do away with your repentance, you will have to be inclined towards them. Because this is human nature, the people you hang around with, you have to follow their way. So you see the importance of Who are the people around you, you will follow their example definitely. So always try to surround yourself with righteous people, as Allah directed the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam when he said,

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Allah and the cleaner will

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turn away from anyone who turned away from our remembrance, and his own, his main concern, or his objective became what this life and its pleasures, how do you have something, this is the thing that's in every community, you find good people, and bad people practicing and non practicing. So it's a it's a good sign that you have to search for a practicing brother. And just to be to be around with them. Something good as always, it's a priority. Actually, it is a priority, because you need that. Without these friends, it's really hard and going to be really hard. And actually, when when someone gets to be more religious, for example, for instance, if he was in jail, he layer in a

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way, and he starts changing his friends, too. So that it helps him. It's a really hard period. So hang on. Yeah. And it's indication also for the parents to see whom the kid hangs around with. That's a very good point. It helps really the parent, the parents, yeah, cuz each one of us, someday inshallah would be a parent. So you get explained. Okay, we'll move now to talk about another beautiful aspect of brotherhood and its importance, which the profits or losses, I'm used to, today, that people don't know other people's names, when now acquaintances become only by face? Well, that person. Yeah, I know him. I know his face, but I don't know his name. Even if you come to the

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people's neighbors. If I asked you, do you know all your neighbors by name?

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Most likely, it's going to dance is going to be no. So why is that? This is from this is, this brings a sense of alienation amongst people. Because a person like to be called by his name. If I say Mohammed, if I say,

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brother or something or whatever name, he doesn't like it. But when you say Mohammed, he will hearken he will listen. It's more personal. Yes. brings you closer, so makes better brotherhood. What do you think the situation is? Do you think we have been affected by other cultures? Because that wasn't the case in the early time of Muslims. What do you think? I think

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we got affected in a way. And I think also, it's a disorganization, because there's more and more people the population grew up. Okay, so we're

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starting to even comb people with numbers. Yeah. Oh, 102. Even though people are increasing in number and there is more population, is what I mean. It's not. It's not

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news. Yeah. It is about people becoming more self centered. Exactly. But the prophet SAW Selim one day

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an invoice came to him I tried came as Muslims. So they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to announce that Islam. And when the messengers of Allah Islam saw them, he said, When will come? Who are the people? This is a way of honoring somebody who's coming. So it's good to ask you, brother about his name when you meet him for the first time. So they said, Robbie, I were the tribal robbia. So he said, Malcolm, what a good people you are. So this is the way the professor's and I'm used to dealing with the people. So it's from the sun. Now when you meet a brother for the first time you asked him about his name, you asked him where he comes from, this is good information. It

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makes it It opens a path or between two people so that they can have this mutual love amongst themselves. So it is from this honor to know the other person's name. Now, if you look at the status of the people, most of us we don't know our even our neighbors names. We don't know them we say Oh, I know that know that. My man by faith. I don't really know his name. This is quite common today. Did you notice any something like that, that

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It wasn't the case. By the way. During the early days of Islam, people used to know one another. The messages of love it was settled him. He used to recall people from the time of jelenia. And even sometimes he had heard of some people. So whenever they came, they said you are so and so. We had never met them before. This is from the good way of good character, good way of dealing with people. Have you noticed that today? And how can you see that this thing is going among the people that have been affected by other cultures? that regard Muhammad? It's quite new to notes will actually been mixing with the countryside people, and I've noticed this they stick to this soon inshallah. They

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know, everyone in town. Okay. The countryside. Yeah.

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Apart from the city.

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It's like away from the Sunnah and practicing this city is kind of more materialistic and capitalistic. Yes, that affects that concept. Yeah, people are more inclined to learn more numbers to mind their own business, and they don't have the spiritual love.

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Other ones? Yeah. God bless me. He used to have a lot of kids even used to forget some of the name of his kids.

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Okay, it's kind of affected by the media. I think a

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lot of Yes.

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Yeah. So inshallah, we will try to implement this soon. So that we have this brotherhood amongst our brothers and people, they feel happy when they see you after a long time, and you call them by their names. It leaves a very good feeling in the heart of that person. Another thing that Allah Allah, Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam guided us towards is to be moderate in your love, moderation, at tawassul is something very fundamental in Islam, to be moderate in everything you do. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam told us that, especially in terms of relationship, when you have brotherhood or friendship with someone, the professor soloists and said Abby, Becca honan, love your

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brother, in moderation, be moderate. I say akuna Barack Obama, maybe he will be someone that you will hate. So be moderate. What do you mean exactly, but we will come we'll explain this, let me just finish the Hadith. And then the professor Sam said, and he the one you hate moderately, don't be excessive in that, because one day, he may be someone you have love for someone you love. Now, this is from the wisdom that Allah has granted Mohammed Saleh. And this is a principle in human relationships. It's very important when you love to ask the question, How was that? Or what do you mean by that? You have a friend a close friend, do you love that friend and you have love for him?

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You don't you're not excessive in that? How is it for example, you have a good relationship with his brother. And he wants for example, to drink alcohol one day.

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And he says to you, let's let's try it. Let's try just wants to see how it feels. See how it feels. This how these things thought, okay, now he's inside of you is taking you to falling into a sin. Now, would you give precedence to your love, the old the love you have for him, or to the hospital to add on to religion, of course to Allah, that's it. So you don't be excessive with your love, you don't give it precedence over the love for Allah. So your module in that another aspect, you didn't open up completely your character to that person. So you tell him all your secrets, everything about your life, because he may get to be my enemy one day. That's it. So you are always the safe side. We

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are human beings. Sometimes, maybe if something wrong, something wrong will happen to him. And he will turn into an enemy. So he doesn't know everything about you all the secrets, things that you want, like your enemy to know about. And even when you hate the person that you hate, hate him and moderation be moderate, because one day maybe circumstances allowed through his decree will make you come together and love one another.

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So you account for everything before it happens. This is these are beautiful things, it really helps the relationship. So even when you mean sometimes we see that friends they get really very, very close to each other that it is almost they worship one another. The anything I tell my friend, he does that. No, this is not from Islam. Anything my friend tells me to do first of all, is it in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah?

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If it's okay 100 lossy, is it beneficial? Is it right to do it, then this is how we look at these things. This is how we consider them. So don't be excessive in your love. You be moderate, you'd be moderate. Have you come across an incident maybe or an example. Or you have been through an experience during your life that you love a person maybe excessively and then you regretted that

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Have you heard of a story? Something like that? Actually, once I had a friend of mine, it wasn't a really a friend. He and he we didn't used to get along. And they used to be like this kind of little hate between us. Yeah. Because of someone who backstab me. And, and then one day and he the truths handler came up. So he knew that that person is bad. So it became the whole opposite he became a good friend, we became good friends, because he knew who we really are. Yeah. And that person who lost we knew what about him. So hang on. So this happens. Yeah, well, the profits are lovely, we sell them. So Allah gave him wisdom. And this thing to be moderate in everything we do. This is what

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we call the middle. Of course, the middle. Of course, in Islam. This is a very important thing in everything we do. All the things we do, we need moderation in them. And there's a wisdom behind that as well. Sometimes you'll have a person and your relationship becomes strong. So

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about that. Sometimes you don't know what is inside the heart of this person. Maybe he pretends to love you, he pretends to be a good friend of yours or an interest. Yeah, you don't know. This is why you have to guard yourself, you have to account for even evil things when they happen. And as we said before that people change. So we can see that Islam through its teachings, it wants the relationship to be strong, and to be ideal sort of ideal. So, the Muslim community becomes stronger size becomes stronger and the individual himself, he, I mean, he looks after his own effort, and he does that which is good for himself and his family. So we can see now inshallah

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pays a lot of attention to this beautiful relationship of brotherhood, and it provides us with the guidance to maintain it and improve it. So inshallah we will benefit from these heads, they will try to implement them in our daily life. And by that we have a stronger brotherhood, and we have a better society. So ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us all. In fact, thank our guests brother Abdul Rahman.

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everytown kawaji viewers, for their patience and for staying with us. And at the end, I say, be in the protection of Allah.

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