What Will Women Get In Jannah

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You people, you know, you're 70 virgins in heaven. That's why you kill people, etc, etc. Does Karen mentioned beautiful spouses in paradise? Yes, he does. There's no hiding from it. And actually, when I was in my exploring religion phase, this is one of the things that I couldn't answer for myself. Why does God mention this? And actually, of course, none of you sisters have this question. But you know, sisters that have this question, brother, Quran talks about these spouses for men in paradise. What do women get? None of you have that question, of course, because you know, someone who does, right, so I'm just talking to someone you can tell them about their confusion when we're done with

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this discussion. Because

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cuz, never, never has a sister come to me and said, I have this problem. She says my cousin, my friend, there's a sister I know who was asking me, and I was wondering how I could answer her. Okay, we'll play along. That's

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no problem.

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So, but the question actually arose in my mind to what's the what's the deal with these kinds of like sensual rewards and beautiful women and all of this stuff. And they're physically being described to this what actually minimally describes them physically. But even then, why? And I was kind of seeking the answer. And rahima ly spoke with I had a I had very brief conversations with this man, Dr. Harmon, very briefly that I get to personally meet him, as one of those is very intimidating personality to him, and he passed away. And he was actually visiting New York, and he's sitting there and first time I saw him without his hat on, sitting on the couch, and one of my

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uncle's, is sitting there. And he's lost in thought. It's like, he's gay, like Pat Riley slicked hair back, and I was like, That's scary. So I'm just sitting next to him awkward silence. And of all the things that could have come, I had so many questions. I was like, so

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why does the let's talk about food and paradise.

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That's all he knew of me.

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So he tells me something. This is his own insight, but I found it profound.

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He said that, he added, he'd set it from one perspective, and then actually an elder that I love and respect a lot again in New York, and shared with me another perspective, piece of wisdom that I've it satisfied me at least I don't know if it'll satisfy you. But I'll share what I found to be satisfying to me.

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He said, Young men, in a society men in a society that are exposed to fashion all the time, the thing that the Prophet fears for his own bias shamelessness the most, and our religion compared to any other is the most conservative. And the most restricting when it comes to interactions between men and women, from dress code, to the kinds of conversations you can have, to the halwa to being alone with a non Muslim, to the settings and you know, gatherings and things like that. It has the most restrictions, after all, you guys haven't gone through. But if you get a chance, go back to the recordings and go through sort of North, so to know talks about even the code of people coming in

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knocking on your door that they shouldn't just walk into your house, that the women make the arrangements and be in a separate place and all of that, like there's like a proper coat and so much so that there are hours of the of the day where your children can't walk into the bedroom, they have to knock outside you have to have you have to have code put in your home. For gender interaction. It's pretty, pretty amazing stuff. How you know, boys after a certain age, or kids after a certain age can share a blanket. They can't even share a blanket with each other. There's so many incredible restrictions about this stuff. There's so many precautions about this stuff in our religion. It's

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kind of

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something to wonder about and then the exact opposite is described in Jana.

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Right? This young man he's got no restriction he's got beautiful spouses and this and that and they're this beautiful and that beautiful and they're you know, their their their attributes are being described. And and Dr. Saab Rahim Allah said this is precisely why this young man is going to go to college and he's going to keep his eyes low and there's going to be a girl barely dressed is going to say Hey, how you doing? And he's not going to look back he didn't say it that way. But he's not you know, he's not gonna look back and he's gonna say Allah is better for me. No, Allah is better for me Allah is better for him. And he's just gonna keep himself safe even though his raging

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hormones inside are asking him to his eyes are begging to look his curiosity is begging the opportunity is there the the freedom is there the you know, the youth is there the energy is there the looks are there, everything is there for him. But he says no, I'm gonna hold back I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to even take one step in that direction. Allah has better for me. All his friends are heading in that direction. He doesn't and then Allah it's only a matter of Allah's brilliant justice, that engender the drinks that we were forbidden. He offers the joys we denied ourselves, Allah offers and says, Look how you hold yourself back. Here you go. Enjoy. Go ahead.

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I've opened that door for you. So it's actually the reversal of this the same restrictions that was put on us and dystonia. That's why is so important here. You want to party in general, you better watch your hair here. I love doesn't deny that we have temptations, he doesn't deny that we have thoughts. He doesn't deny that, you know, what's what's that comes to us all the time. You know, there's read psychology on, you know, on how many times men think about these things in a day, the average man is you can deny this, you know, that it's there. And I'll put it inside as soon as enough hogwash out man and decide number one, but Allah will allow that to be exercised in general

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in this way. Now, the second issue is Allah describes this for men, how can we didn't describe this such a thing, equivalent for women, we get multiple wives, how come they don't have multiple husbands, etc, etc, if you want to be really crude about it. So this was another bit of wisdom. It was actually I was asked to do an experiment at Sunday school. I was asked to conduct an experiment, it was experiment with a bunch of teenage boys and a bunch of teenage girls. And to both the question to be asked was, so if you could have anything you want, as many times as you want, without any restrictions, nobody will find out you won't get any trouble. And it's not going to be you're

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not even religiously liable. You could have whatever you want right now, what would it be? Okay, what would it be? And so like about 100 boys are being asked that are teens and 100. Girls are being asked that our teens,

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the boys have an edge MA in the oma.

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There is no like variation. I mean, other than spelling errors, there. There are no

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there is no diversity in the answers. The interesting response actually comes from the girls. And by the way, the boys saying that it confirms what Allah Himself said. So what do you know that NASA Hubble chahatein men were programmed with desire for women?

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Allah beautified it in them done? And just proof of that? The girls will be interested that interesting answers give me a few more minutes.

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couple more minutes, just to just do four minutes. they hand you the paper, then we can have a back end. I just thought of something else.

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crossing it over, crossing it over again.

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And multiple answers. I can't think of one thing. My favorite answer that was given by multiple sisters. Not all of them but multiple. It depends.

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It's too good.

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It's too good. either. I just want to be with my mom. Some sort of pony. Some all kinds of answers. You know, the man I love I got all kinds of what wasn't one answer. The point is it wasn't one answer. Allah azza wa jal made us emotionally monochrome.

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We're just one way. Overwhelmingly, I mean, there are unique individuals that love books more than they love women or, you know, there are those.

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But overwhelmingly, he made us one way. And so Allah described it now, I don't want to appease two sisters. This is my own conviction. And I I'm not shy. Personally, I don't think I'm shy to explain what Allah azza wa jal does. We have to be true to Allah's word. We're not here to make anybody happy or upset. We're just here to explain what, to the best of my understanding what Allah says, Okay. In my personal opinion, the rewards of women described in gender are actually more eloquent

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and more eloquent. I'll share with you an Arabic expression you might be familiar with robus Rakuten

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Oba suku kuten I don't know the quizzes on Monday

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oblah hoomin kelemen. Perhaps silence speaks more loudly than speech. Allah azza wa jal is silent on this. Not to say that there are no rewards, but they're beyond words. And this happens in the Quran. As a matter of fact, there are awards for different kinds of deeds, but sometimes there are deeds that are so magnificent to Allah, that they can even be put in words. So what does Allah say about those kinds of deeds for a Jew who Allah, then the compensation of such a deed is on Allah, allowed to take care of it. He doesn't even say gardens and rivers and spells. It doesn't it's beyond description. So just as I'll take care of them, it's on me. That's the reward. By the way,

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incidentally, that indescribable reward is for someone who forgives somebody, even if they have had the power to take revenge and they still forgave. Then that person gets a reward that can't even be described. Elijah says I'll take care of him a little while it's on Allah, Allah to take care of him. So Pamela, now for women

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rewards not to be described as not to take away but to actually elaborate further leave to the imagination. And incidentally, no Muslim believer men or women should feel like they're going to be shortchanged. Get to Jannah you won't be disappointed.

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What am I going to get though? I don't know if I like it, you like it? What's the proof you like it soret facilite. So number 41 allows always access to all of humanity. What are comfy hamantashen e and fu SOCOM you will have whatever you desire you'll have that's open to men and women, whatever you want will be there. And then some and then some what to configure how much down and whatever you might come across later might pop in your head, or you place an order for something later on. We will be but I wanted that to find you can have that too. You can't just it's not like you already placed the order. It's non refundable. You're stuck with it. No, no, no, you can change your order.

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You can order something else great that that door is open to both men and to women. So