Zakir Naik – Despite Striking Similarities between Concepts of God in Most Religions why is there Intolerance

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The importance of believing in scripture for profit is highlighted, along with the need for everyone to share their experiences and beliefs. Most religious leaders focus on achieving the message of God, and the holy concept of god's presence in the culture of the world is emphasized. The importance of giving references to scripture in English and Arabic is also emphasized. The need for everyone to share their experiences and beliefs is emphasized, along with commonalities in scripture.
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I'm Linda Gopal, I'm a journalist.

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My question is despite the striking similarity of the concept of God and most of the religions, why there is absolutely no compassion and increased intolerance between religions? How do you think this can be stopped it easy to tell to the world? Because we don't know where is the world. But you can tell us from the point how it can be stopped at the individual level, the brothers after good question, that in spite of the striking resemblance, commonality, similarities between the various small religions, why is the intolerance towards the different religions? Why? The basic reply found to me brother, it is

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the people

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who are the religious leaders. Therefore, I say that if you want to understand religion, go back to your scriptures. But unfortunately, the take it out of religion,

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they want to hold their flock together.

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And they don't want the masses to read the religious scriptures. Because if the masses, read the religious scriptures and follow the religious scripture directly, who will go to them?

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best ways to go back to your scriptures, understand the Scripture and follow it. What we realize that though we know very well, that all the major religions, they say, God is one, God has got no images, there is no idol worship, yet we find that most of the major religion beside Islam,

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they believe in any worship. Why? Because for example, if you ask a Hindu priest, that your Vedas absolutely crystal clear that God has got no image, he will tell me. Yes, Dr. night, I know it's absolutely clear, but

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the buck comes.

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God has got no images for the people of higher consciousness.

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For the people of low consciousness, they require idle to concentrate. I said, Where is that mission? The scripture said, No, no, that is our philosophy. For the religious leaders, they bring the philosophy and say that ideal is used for concentration. I do agree with you, they tell me not to like the Vedas against idol worship. The Vedas are against Almighty God having images, but that is for people of higher consciousness. So I tell them, that they are panditji Swamiji, we Muslims have already reached the higher consciousness.

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We don't require an image. So what we require in this way, most of the religious leaders or the priest, or the pundits of most of the religions, what they do, same way, I prove to you very clearly, that Jesus Christ peace be upon him, he never claimed divinity, yet, you find that the peace will tell you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins, and will get salvation. Now, where did Jesus say that peace be upon him? to what we realize that the reason I tell them to go back to your Vedas, I tell the Christian, go back to your scripture.

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I know there are differences, brother, I'm not saying that there are no differences in the religions, I can give a longer talk on the differences between Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. But what do I say, to all the human beings, at least believe that one scripture is 100%, the Word of God. Now most of the human beings won't have a problem accepting that, then they will say, I've got no problem accepting with as the Word of God. The Christian will say, I've got no problem accepting Bible to be 100%, the Word of God, the Muslim will say, I've got no problem accepting the Quran to be the Word of God, then I tell at least let us follow what is common in the scriptures. What is

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different? We'll discuss it tomorrow.

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Let us agree to follow what is common. And in my speeches, I try and get the commonalities and I prove that all the major scriptures whether it be Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Parsi ism, Sikhism, Islam, all of them say there is one God, he has got no images. He's not bigger than he has got no parents. Let's worship this one God.

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All the major scriptures, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Farsi them, they say, there is a messenger to come. His name is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I can give a talk on Mombasa la Salam in the Indian scriptures. I can give a talk on masala Solomon, the major world religions. So I say at least that I agree there's one God who's not bigger than has got no image I've got no idea. Second point. All the major scripture say there is a messenger to come. And this final messenger, his name is prophet moment. It's mentioned in the Bible. And the gospel of john chapter 16, verse 14, Jesus Christ peace be upon him says, I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot bear them

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now. For even the spirit of truth shall come. He shall guide

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All truth, he shall not speak of himself. All that year Shall we speak? He shall notify me New Testament talking about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Old Testament book of Deuteronomy chapter number 18 verse number 18 speaks about the coming of homosassa book of Deuteronomy chapter number 18 verse, Psalm 19 speaks upon masala salam, in the book of Isaiah chapter 29 verse 12 weeks about the coming of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Song of Solomon chapter number five verse number 16. In the Old Testament, talks about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the New Testament, gospel of john chapter number 14, verse number 16, gospel of john chapter number 15,

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verse number 26, gospel of john chapter number 16, verse number seven, gospel of john chapter number 16. was summer 2014. All these speak about coming up masala salam, I can only give references Hindu scripture. If we didn't do scriptures militia proper 303 a day three shlokas five to eight mahisha Parana, Parvati Kunda three a day 337 speak about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him throw away speaks about poverty masala solemn a speech about poverty masala salam, we can give a lecture and in the Kalki Parana it speaks about Kalki out to come. It says that the name of a father will be Vishnu yas means the servant of God. In Arabic Abdullah which was the name of Prophet masala son and

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father. His mother's name would be sumati which means serenity, calm peace in Arabic, it means Amina, which was the name of the mother of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It's mentioned he will be born on the 12th month of mother. That was Robbie Oh, well, it's mentioned that he will have four companions talking about the first focal for Russia. Then it says he will be born in the city of peace. He's talking about Mokhtar it says that it be born in the chief of the tribe of Makkah, on and on and on, talking about no one, but the last and final messenger. So I tend leave aside the differences. That is agree on the commonalities in Hinduism, in Christianity, and Judaism and

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pantheism and Buddhism and Islam. That is one God. He gets not he has got no images, worship Him and no one is the last and final messenger to come. His Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. If you agree with these commonalities, and you follow his message, all will be united. But the people who are taking care of religion, you know, together with the priest of religion, they don't want to lose their flock. So they prevent the followers to read the Scripture. Believe me, I have got no problem with Hindus, they love me they respect me. Believe me, people normally feel scared to speak about religion. I love it. And believe me the non Muslim respect me many a time more than the Muslims.

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When I walked through the customs, the non Muslim customers the doctors are good night. Joby gang is such a such good they work with me again.

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He will speak the truth nothing but the truth as I'm taking oath

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in the court of law, so what we realize we speak the truth. So I do agree with you brother, the difference of intolerance is because of the religious preached the religious leaders, therefore we have to make the scriptures common and come to common term and the whole humanity would be one brotherhood. I hope that answers the question.

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