Jannah Guaranteed – EP 06

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Episode Notes

This being the sixth episode of this short-timed seven episode series, explains about constantly doing the dhikr of Allah. Tune in to learn more about the dhikr mentioned in the audio to earn Jannah. May Allah grants us Jannah and protect us from hell-fire.

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Number two.

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The second thing and I joined all of this together into one thing that will stop you from entering Ghana my entry to general definitely.

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And that is Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala is one thing that will enter into general definitely look at this hadrosaurs element of Iranian Assad in others, he said Whoever says ayatul kursi after every single for Salah you know when you make your door after for Salah Don't you dare Forget it. I had to sue said Whoever says I had to put it after every foot soldier. At the time of draft every foot soldier, there is nothing left between him and entering genma except death.

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Look at cool hula, hula had we all know it right? How easy is it to say it three times is reciting the whole Quran, say 10 times and you get one Palace in general. If you love to say hello, I had a lot. Do you know what the reward is? The reward is the death of Mali of the Moraga lithium Allah Do you know this hobby? There was this 100 with a name and Wagamama lithium Allah when he died 70,000 angels came down to pray over him they asked why did that happen? Then they found out later on the Malian wire later Allah was a Sahabi who loves to say cool Hello, all the time. Whenever anybody says hello.

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Yeah, one Surah mulk Luca Surah mulk A Surah 30 verses muslimah Mohammed authentic hadith states there is a surah in the Quran, which is Surah mulk. So it's Hadith reported Muslim Mohammed and also Abu Tao 30 verses Surah mulk. Whoever recites the surah will argue with Allah subhanho wa Taala under the throne of Allah to forgive you until you're forgiven. Is there no one here who is capable of reciting Surah mulk? A bit above what you allow us to say, teach your women and teach your children surah mulk and save them from jahannam.

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When did he say this? He used to say this when used to recite the verse qu unphysical Allah coonara who unphysical alikum Nara and the raven Abbas is to say how can you save your children from the fire? Teach them sudo molk teach them sooner?

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So they could have Allah

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Vicar of Allah