Sajid Ahmed Umar – surah yusuf in the 21st Century #07 – Shaitan will falsely guarantee you these

Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to the use of negative language and the use of sham in Islam. They emphasize the importance of being aware of one's actions and not letting anyone know about their crimes. The use of "emaling blackmail" is discussed, along with the use of sham and the importance of staying true to Islam. The speakers also touch on the use of sham in parenting sessions and the potential for sham in the future.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill Karim or other early he or Sahibi he he Marin and mobotropolis. Recently uncle Emery looked at me Lisa and EF coli. We begin in the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. And we request praises and blessings upon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my dearest brothers and my sisters in Islam salam ala alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh formulas, peace, may you safety may His blessings may His mercy be upon you all. Al Hamdulillah Salam hamdulillah for being returned safely to you all. Indeed you will mist and in the same breath. I echo how much I miss the Muslim community of Brisbane, the community that hosted me over the past

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couple of days Subhanallah from my hosts to

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the trustees and committee of the masjid that was responsible for my visit. And also the team from the National Soccer foundation that traveled across to ensure that everything ran smoothly for this entire series is courtesy of the National Soccer foundation in their endeavor to uplift the community and Islamic knowledge within the community and also the standard application amongst the Muslim community. Everything about Brisbane Subhanallah was so heartwarming, Allah subhanaw taala except from them, and everyone involved as I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to accept from you all, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, together us together, us and them and the Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a different dose. I mean, my dearest brothers Brothers and Sisters in Islam

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i You can see I literally just arrived, I arrived, and I had enough time to freshen up and then there was Iftar. And then we were at the medina here, for for for Salah. So if I say anything that doesn't make sense, put up your hand and make sure that I repeated Insha Allah, I need you to help me so that we benefit those watching online as well.

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I welcome you all to another episode in our series Surah Yusuf.

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In the 21st century hamdullah we've been taking lessons in earnest. Our first lesson in Brisbane, the Friday night lesson Subhanallah had to be a summary or recap of everything that we we discussed with you all, it was only fair Subhanallah

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and I didn't realize how much we took I thought it would be a 10 minute recap but it lasted an hour Allah Who was that,

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but here with a clarifying that the kratom for many, for those who are watching from Melbourne, it's a reminder and for myself was teaching a reminder as well. And Allah says that in these reminders of benefits for the believers, and then the following night, we went deeper into the conversation between the brothers of use of Ira his Salem and the plan that they put into

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into action. And they did all of this under the guise of them being righteous people after they commit the crime Subhanallah and we did you several lessons from this and inshallah you've been following online Alhamdulillah The broadcast has been clean, I have it on good authority that will come to light was a clear clean, broadcast that hamdulillah so inshallah there's no need to repeat and if anyone missed it, then do

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check the online broadcast. And also follow the national soccer Foundation, social media pages and my own social media pages, the medina

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social media pages as well they broadcasting these sessions, so you can capture that lesson inshallah and catch the discussion then the benefits we took away from that sitting, there was so much to say subhanallah. But given the scope of these lessons, we can only extrapolate here or there. But no doubt the core extractions, for the verses that were discussed last night surrounded human endeavors especially towards each other, and how we feel towards each other and how we compete with each other and healthy competition versus unhealthy competition. And this idea of jealousy and the harms of jealousy and how Subhanallah jealousy can indeed break the bonds of blood. And in

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today's day and age, we see a sibling rivalry when it comes to parents attention, for example, and, and we see this here with the brothers of Yusuf Alayhi Salam. We see sibling rivalry when it comes to money, monetary matters how much of my parents given this child, this brother or this sister, as opposed to me and all of a sudden Subhanallah we become a self assumed accountants and auditors, La ilaha illAllah. All of a sudden the skills just develop and we have this ability

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have to count and then it gets worse because we go forward and engage our parents in a in a, in an accusation all the way accusing them of favoring one child over the other. Even though deep down we know they try their best never to do so. And deep down, we know that perhaps what they gave a one sibling was due to real need, and we don't have the same lead and so on and so forth. And this is from the pots of Shangela. Because when we look at the verses taken last night, these were brothers plotting to kill their own brother, because of the sibling rivalry, their competition for the Father's love and for the father's attention SubhanAllah. And also we discussed different matters

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pertaining to

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be adapted the manners, the morals, the etiquettes, with those who have done wrong, especially after they've been forgiven. And we extracted that from the verses last night, and I implore you, for those who missed it to please go back to it. And then we settled upon a series of

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prior crimes that were committed before the crime. And let's go back there because the brothers of use of allihies Salem, they, through a form of cognitive dissidence, and I explain what cognitive dissonance is last night, they found a way to justify

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their behavior, their sin, their crime, right, that we will do this, and we will be good people after that what we mean after that will become good people will become righteous people. And when we look at the verses Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed, we don't just see that you can't be a righteous person after a crime. Because

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once you commit a crime, there's many crimes that you forced to commit as well. But you also see Subhanallah, that even before you commit the crime, this crimes you have to commit as well. Or you will commit as well, almost probably you will commit as well. So it's from the tricks and deception of Shavon that you just doing one thing, and also from the deception of shaytan, that you will have life to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala after that one thing, who who guarantees you this life, that after you commit this crime, you'll have enough life to ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for forgiveness? Yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful and no

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one from the creation of Allah can say to another creation that you won't be forgiven. No one can do that. But what's real My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam is when you plan the crime, who gives you the guarantee, that you will have enough life that you will given be given the inspiration to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for forgiveness, to redeem yourself to take on the necessary means to right your wrongs? Who Who guarantees that for us? This is from the deception of Shavon. And also we discussed yesterday, this idea of taking upon as an enemy, as Yaakov taught his young son in the shaytaan allyl insanity I do a movie in in digital form to mankind is a key enemy and Allah says

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initiator and the Komodo

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initiate and use an enemy so take him as an enemy. Why do you behave as if he's a friend? Why you oblivion of his attacks, of his whispers of deception, and so on and so forth. And that's why we have to be alert. We have to be alert. We can't be like the one this

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be the one that falls under the description a nurse with em, will either not to stay calm. No, my dear brother and sister in Islam, we cannot afford to fit that particular description that the people are asleep, and when they die, they will wake up La Ilaha illa Allah, we don't want to be from amongst those people, that we finally wake up when death arrives No, we should be awake before death arrives so we can rest when after death arrives. May Allah subhanho wa Taala preserve us in His obedience. And when it's time to return to him then to bless us in our death and whatever he's after death. Ask Allah Bodycraft remote or whomever and then Mote Amin. So before the crime, they

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committed crimes by disrespecting the father household by employing emotional blackmail. And this will be discussed yesterday. They wanted to get us out of the grasp of their father. And they did this by employing emotional blackmail. Why don't you let him come with us? You don't trust us? We are older we are a bigger group. Didn't you raise us to be brothers to be together to look after each other? This is emotional blackmail. When a child reads the Bill of Rights back to the one who taught them the Bill of Rights. Pamela, you go back to the one who taught you to your father, you start teaching him right. And in his in his wisdom, he's doing something now this is from Chopin and

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also from the weakness of our mindset. Our hearts set our soul set. Sometimes we don't think things over. We unless Panatela forgive us for our wrongs to our parents, but then we go to them and we try and speak to them in a way that deep down. We know we're being sarcastic with them. We being

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conniving with them. There's ulterior

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motives in terms of our conversation with them we started, it's not a discussion at the micro level, there's a macro objective that we're trying to achieve, we plotting, this is sinful. This is from us disrespecting our parents, and they do this. And they push Jakob into a corner. And Jacoba. He's Salam responds by saying, No, you know, I feel wolf might eat him. And whilst you guys are playing, you know, you older, he's younger, and SubhanAllah. In this discussion, the scholars who've pondered over Surah, Yusuf, say, Yaqoob in that fleeting moment, he gave his sons the excuse to use against him. After they dealt with use of it, he sent him at the end, obviously, they decided not to kill

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him, but throw him into the bottom of a well, and you must watch yesterday's session to appreciate all of this, and the lessons extracted.

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But they didn't know how to come back to the Father. This wasn't discussed. There was no discussion that Okay, after we throw him down the well, what are we going to come home and say to our father, had no idea this wasn't part of the discussion. It probably wasn't even part of their thought process. But Subhanallah it was handed to them on a silver platter. And that's why

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scholars of the past will say that never ever give you enemy the excuse to use against you. Right, not that these were his enemies. And that's the excuse of Jacoba he Salam he was talking to his own children, his own children who naturally if we interact with the Surah, we appreciate he brought up because we see how he's how excellent he's been with use of Allah he set up. So no doubt, these people have the knowledge as well. So he's not talking to people who are ignorant, he's talking to his children. But Subhanallah eventually, they used this against him, they took use of the trim down the well, they took his shirt as the scholars of, of Tafseer mentioned, and they slaughtered an

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animal and they dip the shirt and they went to Jacoba Salem, with the shirt using the excuse, the fear that Jacoba he said, I've had this as if to go back to him and say, subhanAllah we were a big group of people. But you know, that fear that you had it came through?

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That's still the one thing you have here. And today we do that, isn't it? Somebody said, you know, subhanAllah Why did you say that? Why were you thinking about that, that one thing you could have had that Allah will guide you. And this is what they did. Right. And this is again, the crimes after the crime. They said after this crime will be good people. Now, as I mentioned to our brothers and sisters in Brisbane, that we're not judging the brothers of use of ALLAH forgive them, use it, forgive them, Allah forgive them. And for those who didn't catch yesterday's episode, some of the scholars have to see to say that they had the spot later on, they became prophets.

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And they became the heads of the tribes of Israel. Because according to a version, Israelis Jacoba himself haven't been to Israel at the children of Israel. And remember, he ended up in Egypt at the end of the story. For those who are familiar with the story, they end up in Egypt.

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So we're not judging them, but we are learning from history. The wisdom, one of the wisdoms where Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals to us this surah and the stories in the Quran today we we had recitations from Surah Hood Surah, who is a series of stories concise, precise, clinical, but again, nonfiction have to ponder over them. There's lessons for us lessons for how communities interact with the leaders, lessons for how leaders should be with their people, and so on and so forth. So they come to Jaco Valley he said and when Allah subhanho wa Taala says in his book or Jaya about whom Russia Yep, cool Subhanallah they decided to come back when it was dark back in the day there

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was no electricity. So you had lanterns, the lighting was poor, which means your ability to visualize and see was impaired was was was was

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dampened because of the darkness around you. They chose that time to come to their dad. Why? So that their real features they could hide to the best of their abilities. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says they came at night Isha time, during the darkness of the night, you have gone, you have gone. What are you crying for? This is crocodile tears. This is a form of crocodile tears where you pretend now this is an act. Now I asked you My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam? Is this righteousness? Or is this sinful? You see, they committed a crime and what did they say? How do they justify it, how they shape and help them justify it, do it and afterwards, firstly is guaranteeing for them life. This is

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a fake guarantee. And then he's guaranteeing for the righteousness Sufi guarantee as well. You see Chopin, you cannot listen to him in the list.

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You cannot listen to him in the list. And sometimes when we're dealing with marital problems or parental problems or community problems, and we you see shaitan prevalent in the discussions in the speech that is used in the tone that is used. And it's Subhanallah unfathomable that how can people not recognize your point in the

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that everyone's fighting for their rights and Bill, and they own egos. And that which is right. But they don't know at this moment, we are under the influence of shaytaan.

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They know, but they hipness about it. And we spoke about his business last night as well. I don't want to repeat too much. Otherwise, we'll, we'll have a Melbourne session summarizing the Brisbane session.

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And it's also important for you, for you all to follow and for you all to revise a little more with Tableau. So in sha Allah, this is a means for that. And he said about that as well during this great month.

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The point is my dearest brother and sister in Islam Surah Yusuf cannot be clear, in terms of height, in terms of social morality, sociology, and the impact of shape on on the social dynamics of the community.

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And this is where we need to take a step back, and we need to take a deep breath, and we need to say are all the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Seek refuge in Allah from Shavonda cast? And think about things, come down and actually see yourself in the mirror? How are you behaving? are you behaving as a person who fears Allah Subhana Allah to Allah know that Allah watches my behavior right now? Or am I behaving the behavior of a person that position? Is this the behavior of a person who pleases Allah? Or the behavior of a person who pleases shaper? If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was watching you from a corner? Would he smile at you a hoody frown at you? Would he be

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pleased with you? Or would he be upset with you?

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Sometimes we we cry crocodile tears. Sometimes we pretend we over exaggerate in our speech. We build a case that misrepresents the reality. But we were doing so because of the stomach or this desire, this egotistic nature to win, even if it's at any cost, we need to take these lessons from here are servant of Allah and no child of Adam. Right? So they come to the Father and they say to the Father, what they say to the Father.

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And don't forget, before this, they said to the Father, if a wolf comes in, it's useful when when

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with a big group of boys, your children.

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We old we're big. We're a large group and with the Arabs, they take pride in having lots of sons.

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This is a matter of praise. They said if this happens, we will be from the losers. But look,

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look, they don't come and blame themselves. They don't come and say we are from the losers. They don't point the finger to themselves. They say to their father, oh our dear father, we were racing. And we left us with with with with our Mattel with our goods with our no goods, nothing for sale, but meaning with our personal belongings, apologies personal belongings. He was looking after it was we were racing.

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And the wolf ate him

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Subhanallah blaming

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something far away, even if it was real. They told the father earlier who will be at fault if something happened to use of.

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And that was a false statement. It was not a statement of intent. They were saying what they could say to get us away from their father. This is sinful as well. These were lies as well. So you see before the crime, you committing crimes and after the crime, you committing crimes and they continue how by selling the Father and you know you won't believe us even if we truthful law however Lapworth 11 Some more emotional blackmail, another dose of emotional blackmail warmer and be macmini Lana Subhanallah Whoa, openness. You will not believe us and some of the scholars for those who study Arcada This is evidence for those who

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interpret Eman to be at the to be belief they use this format and to be movement because Allah uses the term Eman here and the meaning of it is tested.

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And Goma interview Musa Elana you will not consider us truthful in what we saying you will not believe us meaning you will consider us liars. Even if we telling you the truth Subhan Allah

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of seven sevens have Allah

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that children of a prophet, they grew up in a prophetic home.

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And I spoke to you earlier during the prophetic parenting session about ultimately Subhan Allah, our children's safety is based on Tofik from the heavens to pick from Allah subhanho wa taala. We heard about new hallelujah salaam today, the beginning of Surah Hood. And he said and how he told his son get onto the boat, get onto the ark, get onto the place that is receiving Allah's mercy and his son 950 years of the hour his own son Subhanallah denied his father and he died to disbelief. Right now we have these boys here Subhan Allah who had the upbringing that one can imagine

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And this is how the interacting with the Father. And I highlight this to remind our parents that sometimes you try your best and things don't work out, don't blame yourself. Blame yourself when there's need to be blamed. But don't blame yourself when there's no need to be pregnant. It's the nature, the nature of a parent, because you have so much love when your child, you only see them as innocent. And if something goes wrong, you rather blame something else, even if it's yourself than them. Because you always want to see them in the best light. But too much love is not a good thing. Too Much Love is not a good thing. When you love them to the extent that you justify the

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disobedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala on Okay, again, we tying lessons, because we're doing it nightly, and we see new faces. And as a teacher, it's just by default, I see a new face, I see someone who's trying to

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think about the story and I pick up that they don't have a backdrop to it. So I try and fill the gap. So for those who see me being a bit repetitive, please forgive me consolidate Assad data to our brothers and sisters who need the repetition.

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So this is what they do for their father. Now,

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we said Surah Yusuf is a school

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is to use if it's a school, here are Qubes D dealing with this disaster and calamity is a school in and of itself.

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the hardest thing for a parent is losing a child. Especially a young child,

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an innocent child, and especially if the child was kidnapped by

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my own children. I mean, this is talking about exacerbation talk about amplified wrong, amplified hurt. Yeah, houbara he Salam is dealing now with a child that was beloved to him that is gone, that is lost. And anyone who becomes a parent,

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I think you will say with confidence

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that losing other people is tough. Losing your parents is very tough, but it's something you expect will happen one day. Losing a sibling is tough. But perhaps you will be blessed with another sibling. But every parent will tell you losing a child is the hardest thing. Even if Allah gives you another child because a child doesn't replace another child, the journey during the nine months for that child to come into existence, then the unique journey thereafter, the unique memories thereafter. Allah creates every child in his own capacity with their own demeanors and so on and so forth, is just a human instinct. Subhanallah The hardest thing for a parent is losing a child and it

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is hard for a father cannot imagine how hard it is for a mother. Yeah, Kobani Salah has been hit water Tom

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has been hit with the calamity with the disaster and is listening to the disobedience in front of him. He's listening to the emotional blackmail before and after. And you don't hear His voice. You don't hear any voices being raised.

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Teaching us from the prophetic School How to deal with adult children. How to deal with adult children. What screaming going to do, what shouting going to do? The situation is what it is the test from Allah subhanho wa Taala have done everything as a parent. I've done everything as a father. I've done everything as a prophet, Allah is testing me and Allah is testing my son Yusuf. And what do you need to pass the test of Allah? Well, Bashir is sobbing. Does Allah tell us that in Surah Al Baqarah, in the first quarter of the second Jews will enable one conditional hope. Allah says indeed we will test you will test you with many things with fear will joueur and hunger are not

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similar or more than poverty will enforce and death with a mirage and loss of your agriculture and harvests.

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Law says then what

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overshare is Assad very glad tidings to the patients. The patient ones and let the NEDA Assa Tomasi but those when this calamity strikes either Assad but to whom most EBA when it strikes them, at the point of being struck, when you feel what you feel, and shaytan attacks you based on that weakness that you're experiencing, to make you deny Allah, you affirm Allah cardhu inand Allah who are in a in a hierarchy when you say in Allah indeed we are from Allah and to Allah we will return you affirm Allah at that moment you shun Shavonne you push back his attack, and you show him you're a believer. you present yourself to Allah as the believer This is why in an Allah he were in a Rajan is so

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powerful, it's not just terminology we just utter from the lips, not even from the tongue Subhanallah today is in Melilla, here in Delhi Raj will know when you say it at the time, that calamity strikes in the solid metal ruler.

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You hold yourself together the software is this idea of tying your soul tying your mind to

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Tying your body tying your heart so that you don't lose it.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:06

You don't become someone you not

00:25:08 --> 00:25:22

because you've been hit with something that's causing you to fall apart, but you tied you keep yourself together. And then you manifest to Allah, who you are or servant of Allah in that Allah who are in daily you you manifest ultimate sub

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ultimate savaria Kuba Allah He said of justice.

00:25:28 --> 00:25:46

He says for sub rule Jeremy for sub Arun Jameel so as to be sovereign Jamila for sovereign Jamelia Elisa, US Bureau sovereign Jamila, he says, so well at Lancome and fusuma this is what he says to his children, Carl Jacoba, he says to his to his children.

00:25:48 --> 00:25:58

Bell, so when the comment was Komamura, you are mentioning to me that a wolf ate my son, but rather, it is a matter that you plotted and planned.

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You're not speaking to a naive kid. You're speaking to an elder. You speak into a father, you speak into a prophet who is the son of a prophet who is the son of a prophet, you know, speaking to some naive and assuming and informed

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he calmly lets them know. Other scholars have to highlight that they brought the shirt with them with the blood on it from the animal that they cut. And by the way, when you slaughter without hack, this is a sin as well. Can you see the crimes that are happening after they got rid of use of more crimes slaughtering an animal in falsehood?

00:26:44 --> 00:26:57

Some of the scholars have said highlight and clearly this is from Judeo Christian narratives oh and Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows best. They say that the shed was the eye for Jacoba he said, because the shirt was not torn.

00:26:58 --> 00:27:07

How can a wolf devour you and the bloodstains on the shirt but the shirt is intact. With the bite marks with the teeth marks wisdom marks.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:15

They forgot to tear the shirt they got forgot to manipulate the shirt

00:27:16 --> 00:27:21

to make it look like a wolf attack. Yeah, the use of allihies Sarah

00:27:22 --> 00:27:29

and the scholars have deduced from the Subhanallah that never ever let shape and deceive you that you can commit a perfect crime.

00:27:30 --> 00:27:43

Never. There will always be something somewhere you will forget you are inside you will be found out some evidence some trail something will will will be left behind and Allah will inspire someone to pick up on it

00:27:45 --> 00:27:47

and your truth will come out

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so this is what happens. And he calmly was somebody says to them knowing that they're adults rather it's from your project and planning for sub rune Jamil I will exercise a beautiful patience not a patient but a beautiful patients. A beautiful patients meaning patients that is unprecedented. I will exercise a patient's that is unprecedented. That's how beautiful it will be. When people look at it they will say this is something out of this world. What Allah who Mr. Anwar lemma to see for and Allah subhanho wa Taala is enough for me for the lies that you brought to me for the description that you shared for me for the plotting that you have executed.

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And through it made me a victim as well. Use of VA is not the only victim Jacoba himself is a victim as well. It's what I used to when we do focus on use of but don't forget the father who is a victim here and he will be a victim for five decades or more Subhanallah

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because he never forgets his son, and he never has the closure.

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And he's waiting patiently. When you talk about a beautiful patients think about five decades of it. Conservatively five decades of it. At least five decades of it. La ilaha illa Allah La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala gathers with Yaqoob in order for those and bless us with a drop of the patience of Jacoba Allah He set up Subhanallah in our lives, how many times do we just start complaining about Allah? How many times do we start trying to change the Sharia for anything? We have Subhanallah such a low threshold to take on adversity. We don't have ask Allah for the test. But the nature of life Subhanallah is that it's filled with tests. But the

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question is, how many of us feel the tests of life? How many of us how many of us feel the test of the an Islamic trends that are drowning us?

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And if the answer is I don't feel it, you know why? It's because you are accepting of it. You accept

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Think of it the easiest way not to be patient is to treat that as normal.

00:30:05 --> 00:30:11

They say if you can't beat them, join them. When you're trying to beat them you need to be patient.

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But when you join them there's no need to be patient.

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May Allah grant us a drop from the universal patients of Yaqoob and he sent me here operand me.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala then softly takes us forward and this is from the eloquence of Surah Yusuf and writes the best of all stories we said there's a camera in Nome of Jakob suddenly the camera outside of the home and the brothers are conniving and meeting this private meeting to

00:30:38 --> 00:30:51

x to plan what they want to do and execute it. Then the camera comes back home and we see them with, with with with Yaqoob. And you can see this discussion that's taking place now the camera has gone elsewhere, the scene shifts,

00:30:52 --> 00:31:36

the image shifts, the storyboard has shifted, where to the well, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that use of Friday tsunamis, no well don't forget, right? But what happens Allah says jet car autumn, a caravan came for out of Salou worried the home for Adela della, they sent their buckets down the wall. And it was from the norms of those times, people would travel the deserts using routes that were well known for water sources. So sometimes your route would be longer. Because your route is dependent on having a water source you know, your animals can only last so long without water, you're you're cooking, your needs, you're drinking, you're washing etc, you you can only have

00:31:36 --> 00:32:07

so much that your animals will carry. So even though it's going to be a longer route, it's going to add weeks maybe to your route days, maybe to your route, you happily explore it, you know, it's not like the sat nav was a shortest distance, fastest distance, fastest time you choose your route tells you if you go this way, this is the scenic route this way, this is the fuel efficiency route. That way, it is the quickest route, right? You never had choice those days. Those days, the only satnav direction you have is this one routes. Even though you can see a direct line between you and your destination which will save you a lot of time.

00:32:09 --> 00:32:43

It's not going to save you a lot of time if you die on the way. So you're forced to take the long route go where the water sources. So this caravan comes knowing that there's a water while here and they send the bucket down. Now the scholars have to deduce from this study there's a shallow well that they threw us within and this is from the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon use of yesterday in Brisbane, we spoke about the Mercy of Allah upon use of during the calamity. And the lesson that we extracted was Allah's Mercy falls upon us even when the harm is is drowning us. Because at that time when they were talking about killing him, Allah inspired one of them to say,

00:32:43 --> 00:32:47

let's talk to the use of don't kill him. But I'll

00:32:48 --> 00:33:23

send him down the bottom of our this was a mercy to the untrained ear and the untrained eye you don't see this mercy, you read the surah. And you think, okay, that's what happened. That's Allah's mercy. And I gave them an example in Brisbane yesterday. It's like, for example, somebody has a job, and he's about to be fired from his job. And in that meeting, one of the directors say no, no, don't fire him to shift his department, demote him to another department. When the news gets to you, you say La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah. And this is harm and this is disaster and this is Doom and this is glue. But you don't know Subhanallah Allah's Mercy is already touching you. If it wasn't for

00:33:23 --> 00:33:27

Allah's mercy, forget about a reduced salary, you will have zero salary you out of a job.

00:33:29 --> 00:33:47

That even when calamity strikes this Allah's Mercy around you and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always taught us look at those who have less than you because your situation can be worse recognize Allah's Mercy still around you. Whatever Allah does, he does good. And also from the Mercy descending upon use of is that out of all the wells they threw him down as shallow.

00:33:49 --> 00:34:10

So there was no fear of him drowning and guess what he sees this bucket he gets he jumps onto the bucket. He mashallah Tabata kala Surah to Bettiah is clever in his mind in his ability to interpret events and this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala he jumps in it's a heavy bucket people feel this water they pull it up they find the boy yeah push Raja hula La Ilaha illa Allah immediately Allah tells us

00:34:11 --> 00:34:26

the nature of the hearts and minds of these people. These are thieves why are they excited that they found the boy they were looking for water? What's the natural conclusion you will get when the bucket comes without water but a boy inside

00:34:27 --> 00:34:45

will be like oh this is amazing. We found a boy oil it'd be like Swan Allah we need water. Who is the water? You came looking for water not for a boy. But they were excited. Yeah, Bucha Raha hula I'm glad tidings we found the boy why they found the opportunity to enslave him and sell him for money.

00:34:48 --> 00:35:00

You see the nature of life back then. And the nature of life today. SubhanAllah. thieves come in different shapes and forms. Right, Bushra nowadays. It's

00:35:00 --> 00:35:27

commonly a name of a girl. And Gollum in some communities is the name of a boy. No, it's not. This is not a marriage proposal here. Yeah Bucha Radha Holub No, it's not a Bushra This is Gollum this is not this is yeah. Some people misunderstand Bush This is Arabic language. This is Arabic language yeah Bucha rather well Bushra This is saying Bushra This is glad tidings had the hula we found the boy Allah tells us immediately well as a Ruby the other hit him immediately as merchandise.

00:35:29 --> 00:35:55

But Allah says Allah who will be my I'm alone. Allah was knowledgeable of that which they did. Who told us of Allah He said um that Allah is Knowledgeable of everything. When we discuss prophetic parenting Yaqoob in Rebecca Eileen will Heike in Arabic Hollywood Hakeem Yusuf comes out of the well we hear the speech of the people of the caravan. Do you hear use of voice? Do you hear him saying no, I'm not a slave. I'm afraid he's quiet.

00:35:56 --> 00:36:02

Why is he quiet? Because my father taught me that whilst no one may know where I am.

00:36:04 --> 00:36:23

Whilst no one may know where I am in rugby, Eileen will Hakeem Allah is my protector. He nurtures me to perfection. And he's literally me. He knows where I am. And he's Hakeem is wise as to why I'm here. And my father taught me this. So I'll be patient as well. This is from the patients of a father and

00:36:26 --> 00:36:59

a patients that is recognized in the heavens, a patient's that is observed by the load of the people observing this patients or patients that is pleasing to Rob Bell Alameen to the Lord of the worlds a patient's that entails their story remaining until the day of care, La ilaha illa. I leave you with this lesson today and inshallah tomorrow we'll begin discussing use of Ali Salam in the slave market, how the Allahu Alem or SallAllahu wasallam or Baraka, Anna being

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