S2E2 Hang On #2 – When Things Start To Look Up – Building A Strong Mind

Tarek Kareem Harris


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It's mental wealth with Dr. tk Harris. So what is that to look forward to?

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Is there hope. Indeed there is when this is over.

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And it will be if you hang on people who have been to the darkest places, appreciate life more. It may be that you feel very horrid and grim right now. But if you have ever recovered from this state, you will know that there is nothing like those days, when you feel you are back to your normal self,

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it will feel like you were born again,

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every bit of sunshine will feel like it has come directly from heaven.

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Even a drink of water feels like it was poured for you by God Himself.

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And why does this happen? It's because you have endured a pain that is unnatural. It's taken over your conscious mind. It really doesn't belong there. But seeing as it's there, you just have to wait it through. You might need to seek help. You might have the courage, but not the means. You might have the means but not the courage. If there's any chance you can find that help from a doctor or other professional, do it. But if you can't, it's fine. As a person of faith, you accept what you can and cannot achieve. And we are realistic about what's available. And we do the best with what we have.

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How do you know that you might be getting better, that you might be turning a corner? Here are some signs. Firstly, when you can laugh at what you're going through and laugh at yourself. I guarantee you this, that the darkest and funniest jokes come from people who've suffered mentally, being properly funny is not the business of so called shiny, happy, normal people.

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If you've been in the darkness, you will know that sometimes the darkest humor is what gets you through from one moment to the next.

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Secondly, when you can get a perspective on yourself, when you recognize that you're a person that God is well aware of, in everything that you do.

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And you know that you're part of a rich creation that is so vast, so beyond our ability to understand it, that it is easy to feel insignificant. And you're okay with that. There's a sign that you're getting better.

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Thirdly, when you're no longer frightened by what you're going through,

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when you think to yourself that you can face it down, like any problem in life, because that is the truth. When you're able to say, Well, what is life but a series of problems. You win some you lose some did God promised you a painless life? No. What does God say about suffering? Firstly, you're going to experience it. Secondly, good and righteous people suffer more, because they noticed the pain in the world more, they notice injustice more. And oddly enough, God gives more difficulties and stresses to those who he wants to polish up. You can grow, you can become more compassionate, more understanding, more determined to fight for the ones you love, and more focused on your goals

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than ever.

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No doubt, suffering can damage you. But it need not destroy you.

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And in increasing numbers of people, we know that they become mentally richer, because of this experience.

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This is what I'm here to tell you.

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A message is you can prime yourself to learn, understand, and put the suffering aside to get through it for now. And when you're ready, you can put the suffering to work in a life story that sees you emerging more successful and more determined than ever to have a renewed zest for life. That will come if you Hang Hang on.

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For those of you who felt you've lost faith.

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Remember this also that it is part of an exhausted brains condition to feel like it is lost faith or to feel that it has been forgotten by God that you think God wishes bad things upon you.

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All of these are symptoms. They're not facts. The technical word for them is externalization. Or another phrase is learned helplessness. You can look those up in Google. I've helped 1000s of people, both with Western medicine and spiritual guidance if they seek it. from Arab princes to homeless drug addicts. Nobody is immune

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To mental suffering, we are all creatures of God. We are creations of the universe, and we are part of its conscious assets. If you can't feel that love from God right now, don't despair. That's just a sign you're not fully yourself yet. Hang on.

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We need you to tell us your story. Somebody else might be suffering in future, and they will need to hear your story about how you got through. be reassured, the world has got a purpose for you yet, if you're still not sure, think in mathematical terms, the brain is only about 2% of your body weight.

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And that's the part that's suffering.

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So 98% of your body could potentially be perfectly fine. Let's check it out. Start at your toes. Yeah, that's right, your toes, wiggle them. How are they? Are they okay? Good. What about the feet? How are they? the shins, the knees, the hips, the belly, the lungs,

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you might have illnesses in different parts of your body. But if you are still here, and alive, then overall, you are more than 80%. Okay, the rest of your body is working to keep you alive.

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And if it's just your brain that suffering, it seems a bit strange to let that 2% hijack your day, except that your brain is struggling and waited out.

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Sometimes you might need to just tell yourself,

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it's just my brain, I must just hang on. It's just my head, I will just hang on. I've got a problem. But I'll handle it when I'm feeling better.

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Don't feel the pressure. And if you can't accept it right now, except that

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except that you will feel better when you just let go a little bit.

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As hard as that seems. If you just think about it gently, it will start to happen. You might be hung up on anything that you've lost your job, your career, your loved one, you might have been publicly shamed.

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In this universe, time is relative. God sees time, in hundreds of 1000s of years, he sees mountains rise and fall like you and I see waves on water.

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That job, the exam, the life of someone you love, who has more power over all of that than you. God has. Leave it to him. These things have always been in his hands anyway. Supposing you lost everything that mattered? Supposing you lost every one that mattered. So it's just you on the streets with nothing else.

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Do you think that's not enough? Because if you think so then you're wrong. All you need is just to be alive. Today out there. Somebody is getting their first paycheck from work. Somebody is becoming a father. Other people are getting promoted, married, others are walking for the first time after a terrible injury.

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Nobody knows what is going to happen.

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And you have no right to live so far into the future. As if you can see what's going on.

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If you feel that you, your world or your future are beyond hope, that's definitely a sign of you not being yourself. Because the truth is, nobody has got that kind of insight.

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Don't fight the reality. If you're having a hard time, don't fear it, it will pass.

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And when you get back into it, you will be refreshed and see it with better eyes. You'll be more appreciative. And you may not only recover, but you may find greater meaning for having suffered.

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Never doubt that everything has a reason

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is what you're going through painful show. That's fine. Pain need not become suffering. Accept the pain, but see it for what it is. It's temporary.

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If you're in a bad way, most of what I've said will be forgotten within a few minutes. If not already. You can concentrate. That's fine.

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Look at it again. pass it on to someone who's struggling. Ask someone who loves you to put it on for you. If you can't get around to doing it yourself. Do whatever it takes to get through your day. And I will see you on the other side.

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Be thankful for what you have because you know that that is precisely what God has intended for you.

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don't wish just to be merely happy. Being happy is not all that it's made out to be. There are millions of happy people today who are going to lose everything tomorrow through misfortune or accident or through a bad decision. Guess who's going to survive these things better?

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The people who realize that it doesn't matter what you lose or gain in life, what matters is just being the best that you can be on any given day.

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What matters is working with what you have, if you can, and if you can't, then what matters is just survive by just exist this

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see you on the other side, except that it was not your fate. To have a smooth and easy life. You are going to have a life of ups and downs of valleys and mountains. Well guess what? It might be more difficult to live your life but the scenery is more beautiful.

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thank you so much for watching. Watch it again. pass it on to someone. Use it in any way you like. This is for you.

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was alone